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Found 7 results

  1. Nofame


    UK111-Reborn The server is has the best features from UK111 and some new We have created the server as close as UK111 we could, as we were huge fans of the old server. If anyone feel like something is missing or is wrong, feel free to go to the forums on our website and post your idea or thoughts. We will aslo increase the number of slots as we get more players. I truly hope you enjoy the server and that you will play on it, even though it might not be crowded at first
  2. andreaortoleva89

    [ITA] Dead or Alive Zombie

    Nuovo server appena lanciato, vieni un gran parte di noi per un nuovo inizio! Non esitate a fare domande. Saremo alla ricerca di più personale per gestire il server una volta che diventi più popolato Vi offriamo un server stabile per un'esperienza di gioco fluida, un simpatico supporto e un aiuto burocratico quando qualcosa va completamente sbagliata. Abbiamo la variante PVE / PVP con elenti RP in modo da venire in contro alle esigenze di tutti. Ti offriamo gameplay equilibrato senza armi o veicoli sovrastanti. Non abbiamo pacchetti di donatori, I nostri amministratori non ti trollano o interferiranno con il tuo gioco se non hai richiesto aiuto. Essi non ti aiuteranno a meno che tu non sia soggetto ad un vero e proprio glitch per non darti un vantaggio ingiusto rispetto agli altri giocatori. Il server attualmente esegue BattlEye & infiSTAR anti-hack. Gli Amministratori sono innamorati di questo gioco, sappiamo anche di molti bu g di questo gioco. Se hai problemi con arma puoi chiederci o contattarci direttamente sul teampeck Qui puoi trovare il nostro server TS3: Le nostre sole regole; Nessun Hacking, Cheating, Voce Laterale, Razzismo o Commenti Personali! pena: sarai allontanato immediatamente dal sever p er abusato di questi regole. Abbiamo anche eventi settimanali. Facci un salto FUNZIONI DEL SERVER - antifurto, anti-furto e altro titolo che è necessario per zona sicura - le missioni di sistema DMS, Exile Professione (ronde) Revival defibrillatore funzi onante -Possibilita di scelta punto di Respawns -Si puo 'raidare la base, cassaforte tramite Lock Scanner (presente in bottino, non presente nel negozio) - Possibilità di rimorchio veicoli -Possibilit à di calarsi con la fune dalle costruzioni - Parkour aggiunto, possono essere scavalcati recinzioni muri e correre sui tetti - Aggiunti unità scanner in un tablet. Raggio di 120 m 1. TABLET TASTO 6: - Telecamera remota CCTV -P Rivate chat - Scansione del lettore-Vehicle HPbars -vista distanza (togliere la nebbia) - Apri BIS Arsenal -Brama Cookbook Scanner di salute e molti altri ancora in aggiornamento ..
  3. (OSG) Owens

    HEG |10k|Missions|Roaming AI|New

    Welcome to Highly Entitled Gaming - Altis Server features: -Custom DMS missions -Roaming AI -ZCP capture points -CUP weapons ~ Adding Soon -NIarms/HLC weapons ~ Adding Soon -Enhanced movement -TRYK clothing ~ Adding Soon -NATO RUS vehicles ~ Adding Soon -Active admins & TS support! This and much more! Our goal was to create a place where people could enjoy playing Exilemod. We have added many custom features on our server to provide the best experience possible, and we are working hard to improve our server each and every day! We have mods that have experience in both Exilemod and Altis, to provide you the best help possible, at any time of the day (US and EU times). Our server runs on a single dedicated server, this together with carefully selected mods, and optimisations, which ensures the best possible performance both for the client and the server. The server is NOT monetized and will be soon! Feel free to visit our website, join ts for a chat or join us on the field!
  4. DmG_Foxy

    [EU] Dirty Money Gang

    We are a brand new community with a lot of experience within gaming,hardware,stream and so on. Most of us have managed several communities from samp,mta,rust,arma,bf series,minecraft,cs and so on. Our main goal is to have a community for everyone to meet and greet. Making friends, and not least having fun. Foxy our community owner is a 26 year old guy from Norway, who has past experience in several communities like FFgaming, Universal Roleplay, DayZ Outlaws. These communities had over 5000 members and were really active, Foxy devote himself a lot to the community and listen to the members of the community if there is something wrong, or something that is needed to do. FFgaming were sold to a Canadian guy named Kelly in 2012, Foxy had managed that community for three years and decided to pass it over to someone that could take care of it. In 2008 Foxy opened something called Fox MineCraft Garage, which were a huge succes, he had 100 active players on his server on average everyday. This community were merged with something called Universal Roleplay and Foxy started too manage a samp server as well. after 2 years of that they hosted a MTA server and they hit 1000 members on their forum. A word from Foxy: The community is not about me making money but about me making the community happy. I am also really neutral when it comes to selecting new admins to the community due to abuse. I've had the clan DmG since '11 with a friend from Canada, we started out as a faction on samp and moved over to different games. Last year I kinda wanted to bring back the Dmgclan Also know as Dirty Money Gang, we did so and the clan has around 30 members in total from around the world. We do truly want everyone to at least consider us and just have fun. do give away's every month from games to giftcards. The value of the games and cards are betweel 20-100 dollars every time. I hope to see you guys at Kind regards, Foxy.
  5. MaxGamingFPS

    MG Tanoa Exile

    Welcome to the Maximum Gaming Tanoa Exile Server, We offer a server that is hardcore with many PVE and PVP aspects to it. The server has got many different addons to help you with certain tasks that you may want to do such as rappelling and towing. There are zombies on the server which adds a bit more of a challenge / fun to the game. We have got 50k start money and have got tanks, attack jets and helicopters on the server for reasonable low prices so if you team up then you can buy them fairly quickly. We hope to see you on the server
  6. [MG] Dolphin Exile

    Welcome to Exile. We're an Exile server attempting to be the best we can be. We started on the 15th of July, 2016. Our goal is to have quite a lot of players who are happy and active staff. Enjoy your stay, here's some of our features: Random Missions (DMS) Contaminated Zombie Island (Gas Mask Needed, Higher loot here) [Ryan's Zombies] Checkpoint at Zombie Island with passive AI. Tanoa Map. Bridge to Zombie Island. (Marked with three Xs on the map) Custom Build for trader at Airporte Dé Tanoa. No mixers - replaced with crafting benches. Active staff. Website support. Lock picker. 4-hour auto restart. infiSTAR Admin tools & AntiHack. Status bar. And much more!