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Found 8 results

  1. Fluffykoojo

    How to spawn on the ground?

    Just like title says, How do I make it to where ppl spawn on the ground and not parachute in? There is a topic about this but it is extremely vague. Any help would be greatly appreciated, ty.
  2. So, i have spent the last 5 hours creating a server that my friends can connect to, but are stuck in the ground upon joining. I would like to get this working soon so if you know of a fix it would love to hear it!
  3. General_Jacob

    Stuck in Ground; Multi Issue RPT

    Hi guys, I have a LOT of errors and I am not sure what is causing all of them. I added things to a map and launched it, eliminated all error popups one by one, but now my log is full of errors and anyone who joins the server is stuck in the ground upon joining. I am still a bit new at this so a good amount of explanation may be necessary, but you guys have been great answering my other few problems so thanks in advance. Literally so many errors and things that my RPT has to be split in two: 1: 2:
  4. When i start the server it loads "normally" up until it gives me this error. however i am able to connect to the server but i am stuck in the ground and unable to hit esc to bring the menu up to respawn until the server eventually crashes.
  5. aNNDREH

    Wolfsrudel Exile Al Rayak

    Wolfsrudel Arma 3 Exile Server Server Preview on Youtube Server Performance ● 8 Core CPU ● 64 GB Arbeitsspeicher ● 500 GB SSD Festplatte Server Slots ● vorerst 40 Restart Zeiten ● 0 Uhr ● 4 Uhr ● 8 Uhr ● 12 Uhr ● 16 Uhr ● 20 Uhr Map ● Al Rayak Mods ● Exile Mod 1.0.3 ● CBA_A3 ● Extended Base Mod ● CUP Vehicles ● CUP Weapons ● CUP Units ● Specialist Military Arms 2.7.1 ● Bundeswehr Mod ● G.O.S. Al Rayak ● CUP Terrains Core Features ● Reviven ● Fischen ● Virtuale Garage ● Kisten in Fahrzeugen laden ● Schiffswracks ● Gear Crates ● Schwarzmarkt ● Base Respawn ● Halo oder Ground Spawn ● Roaming Ai ● ZCP Missionen ● Login Bonus ● DMS Missionen ● Radioaktive Zone ● Airdrop ● Deploy Quad ● Suicide Animation ● Tiere schlachten & ausnehmen ● Statusbar veränderbar ● Claim Fahrzeuge Teamspeak ●
  6. Fin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Players Spawning in ground on join.

    Hi, recently i have been attempting to run a little 8 man exile server for my friends and i on my dedicated ubuntu 16.04 linux server. I followed this very helpful guide: (thanks Celmi!) And the whole installation went smoothly. I am also using a script developed by (again, very helpful, thanks) The problem is, whenever anyone joins the server, they spawn looking straight at a bush in the ground on the floor. All of their controls are also disabled, no buttons work, the only way to escape is using Alt+F4. I will attach the errors that seem to come up, if they help. Please bare in mind i'm reasonably new and i am using the mission provided with the exile mod. Thanks Any help is really appreciated, and i can provide more information, if you think it may help. P.S. - On a recent thread, MGTDB helpfully gave a solution, this did not work for me, however, thanks anyway though:
  7. I have spent the last 6 hours browsing the entire forum for a way to make this work and alas i am hoping some of you here have an answer i might have missed I can spawn in and i am always with parachute halo jumping in. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // PLAYER SPAWN CONFIGURATION /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class BambiSettings { loadOut[] = {"ItemCompass", "ItemMap", "Exile_Item_XM8", "ItemRadio", "Exile_Item_Energydrink", "Exile_Item_BBQSandwich"}; parachuteSpawning = 0; parachuteDropHeight = 0; protectionDuration = 10; spawnZoneRadius = 500; spawnZoneVehicles[] = {{3, "Exile_Bike_OldBike"}, {3, "Exile_Bike_MountainBike"}}; }; RPT has no errors and i can spawn in just fine. My goal was to disable the parachutes and allow players to choose a spawn location. Any and all help would be appreciated.
  8. Hello, my players say me every day the car is stucking in the ground (wheels)....can someone have the same Problem on Esseker???? I try to fix this with this Script here AVS - Advanced Vehicle System but the problem after the script is the same.... You are Buying a Car (its stuck)...Spawned cars (stuck) is not every time...but the Problem sucks...can anyone give me the fix for that?