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Found 40 results

  1. Looking for players in Exile Group, nothing serious, just trying to expand. Fill out this form if you wish to join, information is included. Playing on the SG Altis server (Type 'SG' into A3 Launcher). Hope to see you in game, thanks. -Zoomie
  2. Hey everybody, i experience the following problem: Im spawning an AI group of the side east. After they spawned, they immediately kill theirself like in a deathmatch. I search for a solution and tried evrything i found. Changing clothing etc. Than I tried to fix it by myself, first i disabled some mods(ryan zombies, extended survival pack) and shit like that, but looks like its a exile problem. next i thought its the map (cause im using esseker) but also on altis same. I tried it on my server AND in the editor directly, but in both cases, no change in behavior. So i started creating them of group independent and west and see, they no longer killing each other but also wont attack me, so i tried for the west side following: west setFriend [independent, 0]; in the hope, they will now attack me. But what happens: they started to deathmatch again... (same with procedure for independent) One interesting fact: when i try to get the side of the AIs, it says: side KI1 GUER this side is created by exile, i think cause its no normal arma 3 side. my script: _group = createGroup east; ki1 = _group createUnit ["O_V_Soldier_hex_F", [14679,16727,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; ki2 = _group createUnit ["O_V_Soldier_hex_F", [14671,16719,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; ki3 = _group createUnit ["O_V_Soldier_hex_F", [14667,16733,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; ki1 disableAI "PATH"; ki2 disableAI "PATH"; ki3 disableAI "PATH"; i created them on the alits airfield and on esseker at the military area. One last idea i had is, that the new arma 3 update and the exile version is a bit incompatible Exileversion: 1.0.4a and latest Arma 3 version
  3. Grass *

    Looking for a couple of battle buddies!

    Hi, my name is "Grass" otherwise known as "Grussi". I'm looking for someone to play Exile with as it tends to get boring solo, and none of my friends want to play it. I currently have around 300 hrs in ArmA 3 and 250 hrs in ArmA 2, but I want to get some more on the clock not being solo! Hmu:
  4. Tazhar - | Zombie Survival

    Hey folks! Over here at Metanix we've set up and custom built a brand new Exile Zombie Survival server. To keep the description short, Metanix is a community full of mature, 18+ gamers and our server reflects that! We offer exactly what you'd expect from a survival-based game mode and we are constantly developing the server, adding new features as well as bug fixes and improvements. Come and join us on Discord to find out what we're about! We look forward to seeing you in the wild.
  5. ItssTycho

    Looking for a Group

    Looking for a fun group to play exile with, got a good microphone and also good enough english.
  6. Good afternoon gentlemen, I am 21 years old active duty marine. I have experience in arma 3, coming back from my deployment and im in need of a exile group.The type of play style im looking for is pvp/base raiding, I dont play PVE only servers. Would like to play with adults,experienced players. Send me a pm or reply to my post if you think I would fit in your team.
  7. ItzXdestiny

    looking for 1-2 more casual players

    im 18, there is 2 of us rn, looking for 1-2 more casual players 16+ (add steam below) or respond here
  8. Im 18, in US (looking for US players only due to time issues) Im looking for 3-4 people who are 1. 16+ 2. have mics 3. live in US. add me on steam if your interested.
  9. Exzempt™ ♛

    Looking for Mature Group.

    Looking for a mature group of people to play with, i'm currently NA, haven't played in roughly 5 months and decided to give Exile another spin, although i'm not a fan of playing alone. Feel free to add me, always love playing in groups, have teamspeak and discord. i'm 21, preferably 18+.
  10. Hey Guys we are opening up for some guys to join us in our discord to join in with playing exile with us but we dont just play exile. We play Rust,Tarkov, ARMA 3 Life and many other games we are a community that just wants to find others to play with nothing special. What we do look for in a person is just that you speak clear english so that everyone can understand you thats all we have some US and many UK players already so if you want come say hello and see if we are what your looking for discord :
  11. Hello everyone, Since the new update I also had to update my loottable with the new loottable compiler obviously. After making sure that the old LootItemGroup and LootTables formatting has remained the same I just compiled my two old lists and didn't receive any errors doing so. But once I put the "#include CfgExileLootServer.hpp" in my exile_server_config config.cpp. Or even if I copy/paste the entire thing straight into the config.cpp, I get a default loot table inside of the game instead of the one I have created. Anyone has any clue on what I am doing wrong? PS: I have already posted my .RPT in the Discord and was read by RyanD and Hellstyrant and they couldn't find any problems in there Thanks in advance, Greetings, Frankloco
  12. MoJony

    Looking for a group/clan

    I play a lot of exile I have over 2000 hours in arma I am a great pilot gunner and sniper and my old group just kinda fell apart so I am looking for a replacement. I am looking for a mature group and friendly people feel free to add me if you have a group :).
  13. MoJony

    Looking for a group

    I am just a vetran Exile play I used to play with a big group but someone back stabbed us and everyone just kinda left and it fell apart since then I didnt really find any decent sized group to play with, If you have one i'd love to join. btw I currently play on a heavily modded exile servers, lots of fun.
  14. offline123

    Looking For a Group or Clan

    I am looking for a group, i am not good ad building base but i can loot and i can make money easly. I got 1300 hours on arma 3, i also play wasteland and koth. If you want me for teammate or clan member, feel free to add me on steam
  15. Looking for ppl to play exile zombies mod on NA servers add me on steam
  16. Hallöchen alle mit einander, wie im Titel beschrieben suche ich Anschluss an eine Gruppe von Spielern für die Mod Exile [Arma3]. Geistiges Alter sollte vorhanden sein. Zu mir : Ich bin 22Jahre alt, des Englischen mächtig, geduldig, gesprächig und bin für spontane Aktionen zuhaben.
  17. iKoE

    Looking for Exile Group

    Looking for some individuals to play Exile with. Atleast be decent at the game and if your main server is on the Altis map then please dont bother. I'm mostly looking for the "high loot militarized-pvp" servers. So if you're playing on a server like that on good custom maps then please add me. I use teamspeak. I'm EU.
  18. im new to exile and need another person or two to play with, i have a server that ive been enjoying and have a small setup.
  19. dub_Kris_step

    The Best Clan/Group to join.

    Hi, im Kris. Making a group of players to play Excile but not only. I play almost only ARMA 3 all of the mods. It's lonely running around alone. Aim of the group: Have fun, be silly when it's appropriate, and be dead serious when it is needed. No bullshit when it's not needed, and excellent radio discipline when needed. I want this not to be to official and stuff, just here to have fun right, if you want leave something like this. I'm Kris, around 30. from Latvia, I can English, yes sound a bit like Borat. I got like 3000 hours of ARMA 3, not a noob but can act like one sometimes. I like to play tactically (i play TacBF ) but most of the time I end up running towards the enemy like when i was defending Stalingrad. I heard this discord thing is good, i'm like new to IT, used to TS3. So as i understand just press this link and you are in. type something in chat and see if anyone else is playing something. This suppose to be kind of a chill post.
  20. Ace Rimmer

    Looking for Players on PNG

    Hi there, are you already tired of doing missions to make some money? Are you tired of looting the whole city just to get killed on the way to Trader ? Are you tired of making own money ? Do you want a clan which provides you with a high end vehicles, guns and a lot of money and easy rollin' respect ? Are you looking for a team players which you could use just as a Taxi to get from point A to point B ? Are you looking for team which will clear out the mission for you so you can just come in and take the loot? Are you tired of sharing your vehicles and loot with your Teammates? Are you tired of helping out the guy in your Team who constantly asks for help? Are you tired of your Teammates killin' your targets ? Are you tired of giving the bearing of every single target you see ? Are you tired of being gunner in a Heli and all the respect for killing goin to Pilot ? "Yes ?", then go fuck yourself, we are looking for teamplayer ! If no, you can find mich unter steamname: Neserma, not the Nazi guy! The guy named Mário from Zilina
  21. looking for people who are 16+ and are somewhat experienced with dayz (not required to be experienced with Arma 3). I am new to arma 3, but have been playing dayz since i was 12 (im 17 now). thsi is for chernarus only players. (may be open to different maps ltr.) requirements: 16+ (may make exceptions for some) mic discord and or ts3 atleast 100 hrs in dayz (arma 2, standalone, arma 3) can be a combined amount between those games. If interested add me on steam:
  22. Dylan_NL

    Looking for a Exile group

    Hi my name is Dylan, Iam 16 years old. Iam from The Netherlands, Europe. Got 1196 hours on arma III Hit me up on my steam:
  23. ExiledSpecialForces is recruiting! Exiled Special Forces is a highly organised European group that has been borne in July 2016 by splitting off of a old clan, into this new, organised group. We are a small group with a tight play style that has PvP and Fun as main goals. We generally operate with a disciplined comms system for when we’re in the field, just so we can actually know what's going on. But we also have a good laugh between times, or sometimes even while we have contact. One thing to accept is that from time to time team members die, and you should be prepared lose all your gear and run halfway across the map to rejoin us. The trait we look for most in a recruit is a good attitude and mentality that fits ours. You don’t have to be the best player right away, just have the ability to communicate, take orders when needed and be open to learning from the more experienced players and you should be as good as the rest of us in no time. When the current commandos feel that you are up to standard, you will be promoted to full membership and can then earn more badges and rewards furthering your own ability. Games we mainly play: - Arma 3 (Exile mod) - DayZ (standalone) What do we offer? - Active, organized and damn good Squad play - Dedicated TeamSpeak and Arma 3 Exile server - A modern Website at - Loads of gaming experience (average hours in DayZ/Arma around 500-2000) - No drama or ego-trips Requirements to join: - Correctly enter your Steam profile link (eg: - Understand and speak English (on a decent level) - TeamSpeak (with a decent mic) - Be Mature (18+) and respectful to others - Understand basic tactics & callouts - Be active regular - Have common sense - No hacking/cheating - Good attitude & willingness to learn - EU based (We are sorry but we are not currently accepting US or RU applicants) - Have fun! To join us, simply fill in our Application Form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Contact: ESF | VirtualMechanic™ Happy hunting! ESF | VirtualMechanic™ Our Exile server: ExiledSpecialForces|NEW|PvP|Exile Altis|5k|Tow|Miss+Cap|Occ AI
  24. Hi, I'm looking for a set of friends to play Arma 3 exile with. I started playing DayZ in 2014 beginning with Arma 2. I've had a half years break with gaming and looking for a group of gamers to get back into Arma with. I've played roughly 20 hours since i started gaming again last week, and my skill level is still fairly high. I can play all mods and maps except from Tanoa, I haven't came round to buying the DLC quite yet. I'm looking for a good laugh too, so folk that have no humour please leave me alone. 5pm - 2am is roughly the times i can play 16 years old, I'm mature though 980 hours on Arma 2. 165 hours on Arma 3
  25. Hey guys im currently looking for a teammate or two to play exile tanoa with. I'm wanting to eventually have a base and own some people! Requirements; Not a Squeaker Have a Clear Microphone Speak Clear English North America only (ping) be able to hold your own weight