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Found 3 results

  1. DuckHunter

    Lost Island Exile

    Welcome to Lost Island Exile. Here we strive to provide you with a beautiful and diverse landscape using the ever wonderful Isla Abramia environment, filled to the brim with dangerous encounters. Whether it be a player looking to steal your booty, or a zombie wanting a piece of your brain, you're sure to always be on edge. We feature a full in-depth mission system, many handcrafted server events, and custom loot tables providing you with many opportunities to become the richest badass on the island. Most exile servers rely on generic copy paste add-ons and overused experiences. Here, with our active development team and dedicated staff, we aim to continue to make new and exciting content for the players. Each patch we release is dedicated to community feedback and desires. Although our server is fairly new, we have the infrastructure to sustain our users long term and plan on sticking around for a long time.
  2. kenzo47

    Tripwire Exile Lingor EU

    We're working on the website. Welcome to Tripwire Gaming's Lingor server. We're here to stay. Newly started server with active admins and loads of content. Unlike other Exile Lingor servers we use fair trader prices. Not pay to win crap. Teamspeak Password: tgc
  3. williamv1999

    DirtySouthGaming Exile

    Why waste your time in typical Exile servers with admins useless as tits on a bull, communities worse than than your bucktoothed in-laws, and lag slower than a truck stuck in four feet of mud? Grab a beer and join us at Dirty South Gaming Exile for PvP and PvE, bloody clan feuds and lone-wolf hunts, active admins and developers, no pay-to-win nonsense, and most of all - no damn hassle. Get ready for custom, lag-free features like: Exile Mod - currently the most popular PvP/survival Arma3 mod. CUP weapons/vehicles/units - brings back the Arma2 weapons and vehicles you know and love. Chop wood direct to vehicle - we've got better things for you to do than play with your wood. Extended Base Mod - more buildings for your personal Alamo. Custom admin-hosted events - flex nuts, win prizes. DMS missions & roaming AI with great loot - fight your way to the top instead of farming loot buildings for weeks. IgiLoad - haul your crates in vehicles and choppers. Vehicle towing and lifting - show off your horsepower, get babes. Virtual Garage - protects your Chevy from glitching troll-kids while you're logged out. Spawn with black suit and gun- Bambi's got teeth. 21 day plot protection - your base will still be here when you get back from the hog hunt. Spawn near great loot and vehicles - less running simulator, more action. CBA - enables many of our custom features. Much, much more - see for yourself.