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Found 8 results

  1. AlexeiStukov

    Green Flag Exile Server

    MOD EDIT: Advert removed.
  2. Mraweshumsauce

    Multiple server issues

    I finally got my server working yesterday but there is no bullet impact (Like the bullet doesn't even shoot, Makes the sound but no bullet/impact) And when selling items to a trader, he'll take the items but won't give any poptabs. RPT LOG: Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey guys, I did a search and couldn't come up with anything, so I thought I'd make a post to ask if anyone knew about how to edit the specific type of mags that weapons spawn with in lootable locations. I have the RHS USAF and RHSAFRF addons running on our Exile server flawlessly, except for the fact that some guns ( 5.56 stuff like M4s, M16, M249 etc) can sometimes spawn in with a set of blanks instead of live rounds. Now, I don't have blanks specified in the loot tables, or buyable / sellable at traders, so there's obviously another file location that dictates where the blanks are being selected from ( alongside tracers, plain old Stanag etc) when a gun spawns. Has anyone had experience with resolving this, or could possibly tell me what file I need to look in to stop blanks spawning as a valid ammo type to accompany spawned in guns ? Thanks very much.
  4. Nathan

    [TAC] Exile Tanoa Militarized

    Server Mods Exile RHSUSAF RHSGREF RHSAFRF TRYK CPC_TRYK (TRYK patch) Features: Xeon, 16GB RAM, 3 x 120GB SSDs in RAID 1 for amazing server performance and stability Hourly database backups in the case of a hacker/server issue Fully militarized server, includes basically every weapon/vehicle in RHS (tanks, jets, IFVs, etc.) DMS missions with nice rewards Underwater stash sector mission from DMS with a massive payout Roaming AI Set View Distance in XM8 Rules on base locations to avoid trader/military zone camping Active admins with tons of experience in Exile + Arma 2/3 so we know what people want
  5. A server with Hard to find loot -high powered rifles(snipers, marksman, and some assault rifles) -meds (instadoc the rarest) -vest (military type best rarest, even police type vests rare) -clothing (only clothing you'll find will be civilian clothing and only find military type in military) Vehicles -I think the current spawns are good Traders don't sell -guns -equipment -specops -aircraft and vehicles should be very very expensive Zombies -uhm... ccg type shit... AI's -only roam with as good as a HMMV. Missions -the one involving zombies And allot i dont remember Anyway's I have been trying to find a server like this but to no avail. Please if you know any server close or even just remotely close to this description, suggest it D: THANKS!
  6. Chazypax

    VMG Gaming

    VMG Gaming was setup in March 2016 by a group of members from a highly successful 'flight sim' community. We, at VMG Gaming believe that a great community makes for an excellent gaming experience. We have stripped the Exile game mode back to basics by making sure the core features operate to their full potential. With only one small mod to download, this server caters for everyone. We aim to provide assistance and support to anyone that would like to join our gaming community. We aim to please each member by providing an accessible and efficient communication service through our dedicated forum. Us guys at Virtual Military Group have played the Exile mod ever since it launched. We understand the key components of military simulation such as close teamwork and communication when engaging in a mission. Because of this we wanted to focus on the fun and interesting side of the mod which is why you'll enjoy a fantastic and well maintained gaming server. Even if you just want to talk about the game, we would love to invite you to our community. You can check us out on our Forum: You can also check us out on our Facebook to see what kind of work we're doing on the server to make the experience effortless and more enjoyable for you: If you're looking to game with mature individuals that enjoy the experience for what it is, then this is your place to be. We've tried countless communities and found that the team in charge just simply don't commit or dedicate to their members. We want to change this type of atmosphere. This is the place to be.
  7. Freakylein

    Stationary Machine Guns

    Hey Guys, I got a little Problem with the restart. Just bought a Machinegun from the MAS mod and i mounted it inside my Base. (There is a possibility to lock the MG, just like the Taru pods.) I thought it would be still there after the restart. But somehow it disappeared. Any idea why? Freakylein
  8. Haven't seen a thread like this on this site so I would like to know, what are some of your favorite weapons in exile. Please feel free to include weapons in mods like MAS weapons.