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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there all, Since a week ago I have been experiencing a problem with what I think is the exile health system. I tried to alter character health on the database as a last resort attemp (when the character was log-off) but it keeps loosing health, even inside a safe zone. At first I though it was an ExileZ add-on problem (as I though the infection system wasn't disabled, although it was in the files config) , but since that I disabled the add-on and the character keeps loosing health so in my short and really limited knowledge of this mod it seems there could be related with the health system. Here is the server's rpt: Server's RPT Also, in case it is needed, here's the link to the post I initially made on ExileZ topic: ExileZ's Post Thanks in advance.
  2. Steelius

    Damage handling

    How do you reduce the amount of damage an AI unit takes or as some say "increase their health" previously you'd just create a handle damage event handler but this method doesn't seem to work any more since Apex, I understand they created a new system. Oooor... I'm just missing something. Who knows
  3. hieve

    Vehicle Damage/Healthbar

    Hey there, I'm asking here why you need to go a that complex way over the ExileOS device and check the health scanner to get the Status of the car. The way Arma 3 had built in their Vehicle Status was pretty good. SO... Any way to get back the Vanilla Vehicle Status Bar or Any way to implement something ? Like the Statusbar posted here in the forums just for Vehicles(or maybe combine both)
  4. Eichi


    A small bandage to stop bleeding wounds.
  5. Eichi


    The universal auto-injector to regenerate health and stop bleeding wounds.
  6. i would be nice if bleeding could be put back in like in the dayz same for being knocked out it made it more fun realy than just dieing straight off..
  7. Eichi


  8. JudoBear

    Proper medical system.

    Iv seen voting for random features but non for this one. Hope there is more players that want to get proper health system build in to exile. I love this project and I belive devs can make it better than random add ons added to this mod. Nothing fancy but stuff like arma 2 epoch was epic Pls vote or make comment what u think. Thx