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Found 16 results

  1. Hey guys, you wanted it, I deliver it The Mosquito Series Steam Workshop Link Update 0.3 07.08.2018 Update 18.04.2018 Update 17.04.2018 Update 16.04.2018 Update 15.04.2018 It starts with the Mk I version. Specs. No payload max speed 90km/h fuelcapacity 35L Since it's a beta, I want to report bugs and issues in my discord so I can fix them.
  2. F. Underwood

    Advanced flight controls - HUD

    Hi, i activated the advanced flight controls on the server. It works, but there is no HUD that shows me the instruments. Any idea how to fix it? Greetings
  3. I collected some of my clips on this taviana server in to a small video, Hope you enjoy! hurraay for Taviana being back
  4. xcplnathan

    FragWithUs Hardcore Exile Malden

    FragWithUs Exile FragWithUs Exile Hardcore Malden Mods Exile (latest) Find these + a workshop collection that the server uses at Features Custom Vehicle Rearm w/Persistent Vehicle Ammo Persistent Time ZCP - Capture Points Extended Base Mod (without addon) AI Missions/Invasions Hardcore first-person Heli crashes R3F Logistics Military Vehicles/LAV And lots more! Tweaks We run various tweaks to some of the mechanics of exile for a more hardcore experience such as: 1. You require a GPS in order to see yourself, and your fellow group members on the map. They cant see you without it: To view waypoints you also require a GPS. 2. You are not able to see who killed you, what they killed you with and how far away they killed you. You may only see that you died to a player/AI We have lots of various QOL improvements that are not worth mentioning, but all add up for a better 'authentic' exile experience Support We have friendly active admins ready to help and give support when needed! If you need support/want to report a bug, or just some people to play with come join our teamspeak:
  5. Hi there! This is my first post on this forum. My name is Konni, and I've been trying so set up an exile server for about a month now. I actually never had any kind of experience with setting up a server, so I am basically a newb. So far I've been able to manage: DMS,ZCP,VEMF,R3F,ExAD,RoamingAI,EBM. Everything is working smooth-as, except the Heli-Taxi I've bee trying to set up. My goal is to set up a taxi which circles around the map to pick up new players etc.... The helis are to be marked by a map-marker. I've done this through the Eden Editor, by using the standard "MOVE" and "LAND" Commands. I set up 4 Hellcats, which are to patrol specific points around the map, all of which have their "DYNAMIC SIMULATION" turned "OFF". I even applied this for the whole map ("Attributes"-"Performance"-"....") and also added an "INIT"-Line to all of the choppers ("enableDynamicSimulationSystem = false;"). Yet still, as soon as a heli leaves someones view distance, the marker on the map starts spazzing out and the heli won't move until someone enters it's view distance. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with Exile, since it does work in Vanilla. Looking forward to your answers Konni
  6. I've added the a3_exile_occupation addon to my server. I changed the config file to only spawn 1 roaming heli on my entire server. Although when i play on my server i notice that there are 2 planes and 1 heli roaming about. In the config.sqf file it only says SC_HeliClassToUse, nothing about planes. Do planes also go under the category heli? If not how can i disable or simply configure that there is only 1 aircraft at once on my server?
  7. LBO

    HKDW Bornholm

    Server IP: Hey dear Arma3 Players! Join us on our new Exile Server which is set up on Bornholm, a beautiful denmark map. All mods are downloadable over the steam workshop, just search for "HKDW" in the Arma3 launcher in the section "Servers". We also got a teamspeak server for you ( and a forum on our website. If you have problems concerning joining, join our website, the TS3 or the steamgroup and text us. We'll help you! See you on the server! HKDW Admin Team Things we got on our Server : Several static Missions which are highly militarized and expecially for the lategame, DMS Missions... and more coming The Server is militarized and contains tanks, helis, highloot and more XM8 Apps : Virtual Garage, Deploy Taxi, many recipes, view Distance regulator, privateChat, playerScan(cooldown), vehicle health bars and more Extended kill notifications InfistarAntiHack R3F Logistics Skript plus Towing BaseBuilding with many kind of parts like chairs, nettings, hangars and city buildings Strict rules and active admins Zero-tolerance-policy against hackers Ts3: Website: Mods: - Bornholm - Exile Mod - Extended Base Mod - CBA_A3 - CUP Weapons - CUP Units - CUP Vehicles - RHSUSAF - RHSAFRF - TAC Vests - TRYK [TRYK´S Multiplay Uniforms] Active admins
  8. dadirusso

    [NODZ] SurvivalExile

    It's a new server based on the survival in the apocalyptic world. I've made it server just because between all servers I've doesn't found anything of interesting
  9. Bri

    Inaccurate fuel indicator

    Hey! I just bought a Tagu Heli and I've been flying it for some time. I noticed that it first read 2k/2k. Now, I'm at 1k/2k. Does this change to a more exact number once I hit a certain level of fuel? Or does it just jump from 1k to 0k when it's empty, leading to my burning death? Also, what's the fastest and most convenient way of refueling? Thanks guys!

    Community Ran Server

    We will be needing staff to help this project get up and rolling! Please read below for more info Hello and thank you all for taking your time to read this post. First i would like to start off by saying this is a "community ran exile server" this server will be established based on the survey you guys will take. A few friends and i had the idea of starting an exile server, we know that for the server to become popular it needs to be different from the hundreds of other servers. We do have the resources to start this community but before investing time/money we would like to hear your guys ideas. To make this the best server possible i will be posting a link below to a survey you can take to help us decide how we can make this server as popular as possible. The survery will also ask if you are planning on joining the server so that we can kinda get a "head count". Survey: The survey will ask: -What type of map you would like to see -What mods you would like to see -What scripts you would like to see -what the starting money should be -Should there be a respect system to buy certain vehicles/weapons -what the community name should be -any other info you would like to add -would you like to sign up for staff -would you join this server
  11. Eoden

    Infistar - Heli autokick

    Hi Guys, Im having an issue with Infistar kicking players randomly when traveling between trade zones in the Taxi system (part of DMS Occupation addon). What I'm seeing is that randomly players are kicked by infistar and the following is logged in the server logs: Has anyone had experienced on this and figured out a way to have the player's speed report properly?
  12. This may not be the proper "Topic" place to ask but hopefully I can get an answer either way. So yesterday, I was going through the grind of farming items so that I could get myself a shiny new Black Hawk (100k Caps) on the server I play on. Finally achieved the 100k balance I needed and went to buy my heli. I parked it in its place on top of my base and drove a vehicle to the trader for some other little things I needed. When I got back someone had flew by, seen it, and blew it up. I admit I was a bit salty just for the simple fact that I wasn't even around to protect it. I wouldn't have been upset if I got shot out of the sky, it's just different. When I challenged whether or not that was against the rules I was told, "that's just a part of the game". So that leads me to the question. Is there anyway that I can build some sort of protection for my helicopter on top of my base?
  13. ArnieGAMES4U


    Frequent 60+ Hordes High Loot Missions Town Invasions Vehicle Patrols Revive Low Prices Tanks
  14. M6mal

    Heli.s not Hooking

    My problem is i bought a taru transporter for lifting vehicles. It will lift a quad bike no problem but it wont lift a car or a strider with a hmg , only a quad bike . All i get when i want to lift other than a quad bike is a click and not the hoisting sound. I got a Huron and same problem . I got a mohawk and no hook option at all . If someone can help i would be grateful , do i need to alter a file or something and if so how do i do it........ using latest exile mod 9.4.1 and no other mods
  15. Omen

    Some helis can no longer lift?

    I have noticed that our Huron (black) cannot deploy its hook anymore. I also noticed that our black taru can deploy its hook, but the camo painted one cannot. Can someone direct me to the location of the code that would control this? I want to double check to make sure mine matched the vanilla Exile code. Or has anyone else had this problem and was able to resolve it?
  16. 1) Since 0.9.35 vehicules exploding on construct floors (wood floors), and some times you died or damage your vehicle (heli) when you landing on wood floor. 2) When you're killed by an A.I. in an armed vehicule (like an armed chopper), you loosing all your respect and pop tabs. (It's an old problem but still there in 0.9.35)