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Found 6 results

  1. ItsDutch

    People Of Random Nations 1

    Server-side mod/settings: TRADERS: * Custom Traders / trader menu’s * Anti-theft [inside Safe zone MAP: * Custom Loot-table * Custom Loot-positions * Custom Race Circuit [Safezone + trader] * Custom Radiation zones [no yellow screen effects] * Custom Military [Marked Green No AI on location] * PVP Zone NW Airfield Handheld Weapons only! * Spawn vehicle’s on every restart BASE: * 450 items on lvl 10 flag. [lvl 11 is for admins only!] * Maintain you base every 7 days. base decay is on 8 days * If your flag is stolen restore it after 2 days codes go to 0000 3 days will despawn the base * Vector-build * Instant-build * Base paint * Claim crates BASE RAID: * Thermal Scanner * Hack doors * Hacking Safes/container * Steal/Hacking Flags. MISSION: * DMS Dynamic Missions, [Keep your distance the know how to shoot;) * ZCP – Capture points will be in Balota, Berezino, Chernogorsk, Electro, Stary Sobor, Zelenogorsk and NW Airfield on 3 locations * Gear crates at restart * Helicopter crashes * Airdrops [Building Materials/Grenade launchers/Food&Drinks]s * Harvest weed from mission[knife needed] * Shipwrecks, you will need diving clothing and a submarine to mount the box on. * Red Circle: Military Drop * Yellow Circle: Money Drop * Blue Circle: Building Supply Drop * Green Circle: Weed Drop. in order to get the option to harvest the weed, you will need a knife VEHICLE: * Ducttape repair * Repair/refuel at fuel station/service building. * Rearm on rearm vehicles like “Bobcat”. * Rearm on virtual Garage. * Claim vehicle’s [lock needed] * Salvage vehicle wreck for dead body * Load crates in 90% of the vehicle’s * Radar [Left Ctrl+r] * Mini Map [Right Ctrl+m or right ctrl +[ ] ] XM8: * View-distance 3000 meters * Virtual Garage on territory [use a unique name for your vehicle] * Vehicle HP Bars * Deploy vehicle/Bikes[Ducttape] * Player Scanner * Remote CCTV Acces * Building Recipes EXTRA: * Halo / Ground spawn selection * Custom kill messages * Revive * 12 Mil storage on bank * Rangefinders [ use “t” or “|” to see range] * Vote day/night * Bury Body * Custom loadouts * NO acces to UAV in traders. * R3F Logistics Pick up and walk with boxes. towing and lifting script MORE INFO: You are able to find high class weapons, launchers and rockets on the map and they aren’t sold at the traders. We do sell tanks, jets and armed helicopters. Do you like to see something getting changed on our server, post your suggestions on website. Enjoy your time on our server and don’t cry if people kill you, its a pvp server!
  2. Tazhar - | Zombie Survival

    Hey folks! Over here at Metanix we've set up and custom built a brand new Exile Zombie Survival server. To keep the description short, Metanix is a community full of mature, 18+ gamers and our server reflects that! We offer exactly what you'd expect from a survival-based game mode and we are constantly developing the server, adding new features as well as bug fixes and improvements. Come and join us on Discord to find out what we're about! We look forward to seeing you in the wild.
  3. hello Other inmates, Just wounded before I invest a in a helicopter ,....which can airlift vehicles? Click 949
  4. Hello, I've got my first Exile server finally running (my own box, ubuntu server) and Having a blast. Few questions, I realize it may not be good to roll without a password, but I'm curious if its possible. I'm mostly playing, my configuration is backed up, and I know how to work the db when something goes wonky (it has a couple times playing namalsk, I'm back on atlis now) So I dont see too much danger in swinging the doors open for a 'internet random crazies' test. Right now, I've got the pass set to 'arma' and I'm just saying so in the server info, but only because when I set it blank, I cant login, is rolling with no password set a no-no? Ofc, I still have my rcon, server passes set to properly complex passes, not opening that up to public obviously. 2nd Question. I've got all the DLC (exile actually prompted me to buy it, so I could fly for our crew), and it looks like the ExileServer has it enabled too (steam account is GeekprojexGameHosting (I think)). When I log in with a3launcher to my server however, it shows Exile Mod with a green dot (ie: I have it on client) but the 3 DLC (Karts,MarksMen and Helos) are showing RED Dots. Does that mean what I think it means? Have I forgot to include this support somewhere on server? Or is it how I'm launching it, causing client to think its not available? more questions! I set up a3Xai before realizing DMS was what I needed to get some action going (missions, dynamic spawning of missions, etc), but a3xai was still neat, so I left it in when I configured,packed and installed DMS. I saw a bit of the DMS log seemed to notice a3xai was there, the text output seemed to indicate it would be either taking over its role entirely, or forcing it to use DMS as a proxy, not sure which, just guessing here, is that how that works? Is DMS better than a3xai? Should I remove a3xai or just let DMS handle its presence as it seems to be doing...? Further inquiry (ikr) Vehicles, previously, I played on a server not run by myself, was following some friends, and it seems like vehicles like cars, were more frequently *found* everywhere. I havent found one on my server yet (found a load of bikes!). Have I missed something here that I need to configure? Or is this simply a side effect of the server being brand new? Any other tips for people who've got things running fine, but dont know what needs fine tuning (like myself) are greatly appreciated. Its been awhile since I sat down and dedicated time to running a complex server, I'm enjoying it and I'd like to make mine a good one. Thanks in advance, Neurosys
  5. PondScum101

    Zeus, Karts, Marksmen, Helicopters

    I know there have been a few posts on this (I have searched through forums), however, I have not found a solution that works. Any help on getting the DLC mods to green light in vanilla arma would be appreciated. MY START LINE: start "Arma3" /min /wait arma3server.exe -mod=C:\Arma\Server\@exile;C:\Arma\Server\kart;C:\Arma\Server\mark;C:\Arma\Server\heli;C:\Arma\Server\@RHSAFRF;C:\Arma\Server\@RHSUSAF;C:\Arma\Server\@TRYK -servermod=C:\Arma\Server\@exileserver;C:\Arma\Server\@A3XAI; -config=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\config.cfg -port=2302 -profiles=SC -cfg=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\basic.cfg -name=SC -autoinit Regards, Pond
  6. Have you had a player get kicked while riding in a helicopter, only to spawn falling to his death? Or maybe the server crashed, and the player was in a heli. In any case, it ends the same way: "ADMIN, I spawned in the air and fell to my death". The easy "fix" would be to spawn everybody at ground level, but there are several "Side Effects" to that. As a result, I edited "ExileServer_object_player_database_load" so that players will always spawn on the highest solid surface on login. That can be the ground, a building, or a base. No more falling to your death. How to install: Replace "exile_server\code\ExileServer_object_player_database_load.sqf" with this pastebin or copy from the following spoiler: