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Found 8 results

  1. Kellojo

    ETG Helicrash and Drop Script

    ETG Heli Crash And Drop Script by Kellojo Description: This script allows you to add helicopter crashes and supply drops to your mission. Features: - cargo drops - heli crashes - random loot - adjustable loot tables - time between drops is configurable - toggable markers - 'easy configuration' - toggable fire at crashsites - toggable AI - debug function Installation: Add this to your init.sqf: //ETG Heli Crash And Drop Script if (isServer) then { fn_crashdrop = compile preprocessFile "fn_crashdrop.sqf"; [2] call fn_crashdrop; }; Included Files: - 4 Screenshots - The script itself - All Exile classnames (old...) Notes: If you have any questions, ideas and/or have problem with the script itself, feel free to add me on Steam (Kellojo). Problems with BattleEye Filters???: This link might help you, its a collection of restrictions/filters created by Cen, ST4RFi and Harard. Thank you very much for creating this! Credits&Thanks: - Special thanks to Galgenjunge(X) for suggesting to add a debug function - Special thanks to everyony else who reported bugs - Special thanks to CEN ( ) for creating the BE Filter list - Special thanks to ST4RFi ( ) for creating the BE Filter list - Special thanks to Hazard ( ) for creating the BE Filter list License/Disclaimer: You can use this script on you servers and missons and are allowed to modify it however you want. Its not necessary to give credit to me but it would be appreciated. Screenshots: Can be found on the Armaholic thread ^^ Download/Changelog: The download and changelog can be found over at Armaholic:

    DayZ ExileEU

    [BST] Black Squad Tactical brings you.... Chernarus 2016: Chernarus was a thriving coastal region back in 2016. Following its breakaway from the former eastern block the economy was back on track, its citizens were able to live without the fear of the overpowering big brother of its former masters, newly found capitalism made a good few wealthy, and as a state its military might was developing well. Then the outbreak took hold, the virus from an unknown source wiped out 70% of the population within 2 weeks. The world encountered what we now know to be zombies for the first time! The undead, feeding off the living. The well heeled of Chernarus acted quickly, seeing their fate before them, approached the military for help and those old eastern block mentalities returned quickly. Using all resources available, the security forces developed a biological agent, with a vaccine (rumour is, this wasn't just developed, but the military already had this "agent" in numbers). To say they moved quickly would be an understatement, within 5 days and 19 days from the initial outbreak the Security forces had located and secured an Island off the shore of Chernarus, setup home for themselves and the wealthy who were now paying them for protection, taking most of the equipment Chernarus had built up with them. To protect themselves against the growing zombie apocalypse that ensued they flooded their new home with "AnthrusC" and issued vaccines to all that dwell on "SALVATION ISLAND" leaving the surviving citizens of Chernarus to fend for themselves. "Survival of the fittest" "Take what is yours"......... "Salvation Island" as the rich call it, is the only safe place left now! Survival?? the citizens have to loot what remains or take on what they call...."SECTOR"....but be warned it's heavily guarded and protected with the "AnthrusC" agent so you wont last long without the appropriate equipment. A group of survivors have established a small Outpost situated near guglovo, trying to make contact with the outside world and help any that ask for it, but supplies are very limited, they have barely enough to keep themselves alive! The server has been developed by experienced players with over 25000 hours in Arma with the overwhelming majority of these hours played in DayZ styled servers. BST’s Dayz ExileEU is a hardcore survival for hardcore player, there will be no hand-holding as 90% of Exiles player aids have been removed for a more authentic and immersive experience. Using a reduced HUD and no kill message when assassinating foes contributes to a more realistic game-play. With an advanced crafting system in place make sure you’re checking the recipes when you are trying to craft items! Although. You won’t want to spend too long checking your shopping lists as zombies in this server are a genuine threat to anyone, bambi to full geared. If you’re looking to find military loots don’t pass by a crashed heli, you might find something decent lying amongst the wreckage. The experience of the developers is reflected throughout the gameplay and atmosphere of the server. Using the Chernarus Redux map with custom built military compounds (Stary Sobor, NWAF Tents, Myshkino Tents, Veresnik. Plus, a couple more locations for survivors to discover themselves) is an integral part of providing a post-apocalyptic feel. A custom designed loot table in line with the apocalyptic theme is fully implemented meaning survivors will have to travel around the map to ensure they are able to find the correct materials for building bases and repairing vehicles, not to mention high tier military loots which will be few and far between and only found in militarised locations. If you don’t feel like you can handle the trek to NWAF there are a range of persistent vehicles which spawn all over the map and when you inevitably crash one, or a bush jumps out at you there are advanced repair mechanics fully implemented into the server! The outpost is the only safe-zone on the map in which you will be able to find a number of NPC’s willing to trade their limited supplies of tools for poptabs. Survivors will be able to store a limited amount of poptabs within The Outpost. The Wastedump will buy any unwanted equipment from survivors for poptabs also. A player to player market with a limit on the number of items able to be listed by one player to ensure that this facility is not used to store items. Items will belong to the market after 5 days unsold and once listed will not be allowed to be bought back by the seller (these features are to encourage a stable economy and fair prices). A lot of time and effort has gone into building this server, check out our short preview below -50 player server (will scale up whenever we need too) Discord = Required Mods: -NATO SF & SPETSNAZ Vehicles - NIArsenal -Enhanced Movement -SMA -Extended_Items_Exile- -Chernarus Redux -CUP Terrains – Core 1.4.2 -Ryan’s Zombies & Demons -Exilee Mod -Community Base Addons v3.6.1 -NIArms All in One Good luck out there survivors!
  3. BadBullet

    Wacky Warriors Dayz/Exile

    We are a new server on the lovely map of chernarus redux , We have many features already implemented and are looking to add more in the near future , Please come along and spend a few relaxed hours getting chased by zombies around the streets of cherno . Join us via A3L by clicking the RED button in the top right . We are trying to make the server a hard yet rewarding experience that hopefully players will enjoy . We have active admins and are always open to ideas and suggestions that will improve everyone experience of these greats mods .
  4. GolovaRaoul

    PNG Exile Chernarus

    PixelNationGaming is proud to announce the opening of the Arma 3 Exile Chernarus Server! We've spend a whole lot of time into this server, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! With active admins and server being regulary updated, we hope you will enjoy your stay! Current server features on 13/9/2017 Mods we are currently running: · Exile · CUP – Core · CUP – Vehicles · CUP – Weapons · CUP – Units · NiArms – Complete · TRYK MultiPlay Uniforms · CBA · Extended Base Mod · Enhanced Movement · South Zagoria Mod (!) Current Server Features: · 64 Bit Server · 27+ Custom Made Dynamic Missions, 6 Custom Made Static Missions with more to come! · Sector X (Huge Ai Island with Big Rewards!) · Zupa Capture Point's · Militarised (Tanks/Jets/Attack Heli/Armed Vehicles) · Custom High End Traders which Sells Raid Kits/RPG's/Concrete Building Materials and Tanks/Jets/Armed Helicopters/Armed Vehicles which do not have a Safezone · Harvest Weed Script · Vector Building · Base Painting · Extended Base Mod · Revive Dead Players · Random DayZ Style Heli Crashes (no marker on map) · Random Gear Crates protected by Ai (no marker on map) · Improved Killfeed in Chat · Custom Trader Cities · Custom Map Content · Respect Loadouts · 3D Preview at Traders · Search Function at Traders · Virtual Garage at your Base (Flag Pole) · Lone Virtual Garage for the Lone Wolfs, available at Vehicle Trader · 4 Types of Side Events · Crate Drops · Enhanced Movement · Halo/Ground Spawn · Custom Traders · High Custom "Militarised" Loot · Automatically Eject Body’s when it’s stuck in exploded vehicle · Deploy Quad (1x DuctTape) or LittleBird (2x DuctTape, 1 Junk Metal, 1 Metal Board, 2 Light Bulbs) · Base Raiding (from cracking doors to hacking safes and virtual garages) · Fully Configurable StatusBar · Basespawn feature (15min Cooldown) · Lockers which hold 3 Million Poptabs · Safes hold 500k Poptabs · Anti-Theft in Safezones · Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles with a CodeLock · ServicePoints at Gas Stations (Repair/Rearm/Refuel) · BRAma Recipes XM8 App · View Distance XM8 App · Player Scan XM8 App · Journal XM8 App · Private Chat XM8 app · AirDrop XM8 App · Toggle Sidechat XM8 App · AntiHack by BattlEye and infiSTAR · Towing System · Anti Sky Base (max 20m) · Nice Weather · And much more little tweaks and additions! Come see for yourself
  5. KKH

    North Star Groups

    NordStarGroup с гордостью объявляет об открытии Arma 3 Exile Chernarus сервер! У нас тратить много времени на этот сервер, и мы надеемся , что вы будете наслаждаться этим столько , сколько мы делаем! С активными админами и сервером будучи регулярно обновляются, мы надеемся , что вы будете наслаждаться вашим пребыванием! Текущие возможности сервера обновляются на 07/5/2017 Текущие возможности сервера: 33+ выполненные на заказ динамических миссий. Zupa Capture Point, Строительные материалы / Вооруженные вертолеты / бронетехника. Случайные DayZ Стиль Heli Сбои (не маркер на карте) Случайные Зубчатые Crates защищенных Ai (не маркер на карте) Улучшенная Killfeed (показать, что пистолет / место) Самодельные Трейдера Города + Карта Editions Уважайте Loadouts. Высшее Респект -> лучше Loadout! Виртуальный гараж Extended Base Mod Halo Перейти Пользовательские Traders High Custom "Военизированная" Loot Пользовательские карты контента на всех трейдеров города и аэродромы Развертывание Quad велосипед или велосипед База Рейдерство (от взлома двери для взлома сейфов и виртуальных гаражей) Полностью Настраиваемый StatusBar Пользовательский день / ночь цикл функция Basespawn Bigger Lockers (100 к) Брама Рецепты XM8 App Анти-Вор в Safezones Просмотр Расстояние XM8 App Сканирование игрока XM8 App Журнал XM8 App ПриватЧате XM8 приложение Переключить Sidechat XM8 App antihack буксировка системы Вектор Строительство И гораздо более маленькие хитрости и дополнения! Приходите посмотреть на себя
  6. MAW3Y

    Exiled UK

    Welcome to Exiled UK Server Info Map: Tanoa The Server is currently hosted by QGS in Manchester and is limited to 24 slots to keep costs down, if the popularity of the server increases so will the slot numbers, teamspeak etc. Server Features DMS Missions Occupation Mod (Missions, roaming Ai, heli crashes etc.) ExAdClient - Hacking, Grinding, Virtual Garage and Halo Parachute SA Advanced Towing & igiload Status Bar +Loot 10k Poptabs start x2 High Value Hidden vehicles Crates spawn each restart containing a base starter pack and some goodies. You still need to purchase a flag! Vote for day/night. Server Rules You can build where it lets you, please don't block roads. No speaking in side chat and English only text. You can kill, steal, raid whatever you like, but don't be a dick about it. No cheating, exploiting glitches, duping etc.. you get the drift. We don't babysit! ** Updated 16/07/16 ** Additional mods installed (additional items added to traders) TRYK CUP - Vehicles, Units & Weapons Extended Base Mod (selected) Vehicles from HVP Mod ACiDy Tanoa Bridges ** Updated 21/07/16 ** igiload added to server ** Updated 24/07/16 ** ExAdClient added to server - Hacking, Grinding, Virtual Garage and Halo Parachute now added Occupation Mod & DMS tweaked and missions improved
  7. derspecht84


    Unser Arma III Exile Server alle 4 stunden Startet der Server neu Installierte Scripts + Missons DMS New Missons + HeliCrashes Random auf der Karte mit loot + Lift and Tow abschleppen + HOLLOW'S VEHICLE PACK viele neue Fahrzeuge können bei den traider gekauft werden
  8. dbw

    HUN - RR Chernarus Exile

    Szívesen várunk minden játékost az RR Gaming Exile szerverére! Csapatunk nagy játékos múlttal rendelkezik, korábban dayz szervereket üzemeltettünk. A szerveren folyamatosan aktív adminok biztosítják a játékélményt, a szerver folyamatos fejlesztés alatt áll, teamspeak szerverünkön pedig szinte azonnal segítséget kapsz ha problémád akad. Az addonokat A3Launcher segítségével tudjátok letölteni a legegyszerűbben.