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Found 355 results

  1. Всех поздравляю с прошедшим новым годом и рождеством. Накидал тут скрипт. Вроде работает. Подключаю его через init []execVM box.sqf. просто прошу профи глянуть все ли правильно. И ещё как тут же сделать ещё коробку? Или нужно дублировать скрипт? И ещё, у меня пока нет инфистара, но когда он будет игрока не будет кикать за взаимодействие с этой коробкой? Спасибо за ответы.
  2. Paloma_Twitch

    G-Portal - Chernarus

    Hallo, ich heiße iTzPepzii und bin ein kleiner Streamer (100 Followers). Nun habe ich ein Problem ich wollte ein Community server erstellen in Arma 3 Exile, ich möchte die Chernarus Map installieren und alles andere dazu gehörige auch sprich Loot,fahrzeuge,zombies usw wie kann ich was machen ich finde einfach keine guten tutorials.. bitte um schnelle hilfe LG
  3. TPG Apollo

    Arma 3 Server in development

    Hello, I am looking for some dedicated developers who would be interested in helping build an arma 3 exile mod chernarus server. I am mostly looking for scripters and map devs. Pm me through my discord if you are interested. SERIOUS inquiries only please.
  4. Здравствуйте. Заметил что у разбитой техники (например: на вертолете разбился) есть те же опции что и у целой, закрыть-открыть, починить, достать трос. Скриптов типа salvage vehicle нет. Пожалуйста, скажите как исправить. Заранее спасибо.
  5. moto7198712

    Altis high loot tables

    Hey, how's it going everyone? I downloaded all the tools can't get them working can anyone help me? Possibly give me the high loot tables for Altis thanks for your time
  6. Hello dear exile forum, I have the mods advanced sling loading, towing and more on my server. If I choose "deploy cargo ropes" at the taru or huron, he does not show me how many ropes and where to get them out. I see nothing. Except when I press the mouse click the ropes. In infistar I have already looked and tried. Unfortunately no success. Someone knows a solution for it? *SOLVED* look in your cfgremoteexec and add all lines and look in your description in showHUD set true by commanding menu
  7. hi guys one of my friends had problems adding custom billboards to his server but he figured it out then he gave me a guide on how to do it. he also said i should put it up on the exile forums to help people coz he knows how much of a pain it can be. So here it is: file_1 = name that will be given to billboard in admin menu file_2 = name of the image to be loaded in (EXAMPLE) just say that my image is in a folder called image_file and image_file is in a folder called billboards then: {"file_1","billboards\image_file\file_2.paa"} but remember if there is a space between words then use an underscore_ you will need to edit your infistar file aswell and all you need to do for that part is: download and unpack your infistar file then look for the file called EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp and then look for these {"Doggy","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_21dmd_co.paa"}, {"Spawny","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_spawny_co.paa"}, {"Dickbutt","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_misc_dickbutt_co.paa"}, {"Vish","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_vish_co.paa"} thats when you add {"file_1","billboards\image_file\file_2.paa"} to the preset ones like this: {"Doggy","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_21dmd_co.paa"}, {"Spawny","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_spawny_co.paa"}, {"Dickbutt","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_misc_dickbutt_co.paa"}, {"Vish","exile_assets\texture\flag\flag_mate_vish_co.paa"}, {"file_1","billboards\image_file\file_2.paa"} now repack your infistar file and upload to your server P.S you will need to upload the image to your server aswell thats why the top part of the guide is there your image will also need to be .paa
  8. Jacobob

    Installing Infistar XM8 Apps

    Hi all, Im kinda new to developing been on and off for a while and can someone please give me some instructions on how to install the Infistar XM8 Apps it says to "(infiSTAR.de_xm8apps\@infiSTAR_customApps\addons\a3_infiSTAR_Exile_customApps\app_defines.hpp) in a text editor." which ive found and then where do you put the apps? it just says "It is self explaining :)" so my question is where do you put these? thank you all Jacobob
  9. Hello everyone I want to introduce you great exile scripter and great exile master who can fix almost every bug in this great mod! His name is REMETO PLease visit his website and join discord if you want some amazing scripts
  10. ecortes

    Custom Mission.pbo from scratch.

    Greetings Exile Community, I've been trying to make a custom exile.mission, being a new empty folder in which I extract data from Exile M3Editor into initServer, initLocalPlayer, and mission.sqm. I get all the data, including my custom spawns etc...but what else do I need to add? PREFIX? Description txt? I'm really lost and would love help with this. Is there a guide on how to make it from scratch?
  11. Hello, I have a problem, I can not log in to the server arma 3 exile, my friend has a server and when I connect to the server I banned Battleye, I did not use cheats and I do not understand what's the matter. I do not know English well, since I'm Russian, I ask you understand me. Thanks! Here is my steam account: Vac a ban in my cs go.
  12. Mr.Raven

    [Solved]Extened survival pack problem

    Hello. First sorry for my english. I have server a few weeks, i use RHSrf, RHSus Extended base mod and extended survival pack and a3xai, VEMFr. Everything was ok and work fine. Last week i try to install dms and occupation and in my rpt i saw error "you cannot play edit this missionbecause.. bla bla bla extended survival pack was delet". With a3xai there is no such problem, only when i install dms and occupation. How can to fix this?
  13. Mr.Raven

    Помогите с occupation

    Приветствую. Братцы, нужна ваша помощь с occupation. Уже неделю никак не могу настроить спавн ботов в городах, деревнях и т.д. на алтисе. Вертолеты есть, машины есть. А вот пеших ну никак нет. Ткните носом что конкретно нужно включить в dms или occupation что бы боты спавнились. Очень надеюсь на вашу помощь. И ещё, как сделать что бы боты с вертолетов, когда заметили игрока, высаживали ботов, если конечно это возможно(видел на каком-то сервере)
  14. Im getting bambi timed out after new arma 3 update. I didn't change the sacript, it just stops to work. Could anyone help me, please? Im getting error with this line: ExileClientSpawnLocationSelectionDone = true; Error: 21:42:47 Suspending not allowed in this context 21:42:47 Error in expression <nRegistry pushBack [_baseName, time]; uiSleep 0.1; closeDialog 1; true> 21:42:47 Error position: <uiSleep 0.1; closeDialog 1; true> 21:42:47 Error Generic error in expression 21:42:47 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Tanoa\xs\spawn\Overwrites\ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onSpawnButtonClick.sqf, line 37 ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onSpawnButtonClick.sqf: ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf: Thank you!!!!
  15. I playing on server with Ai recruitment i spawn the AI they following me on foot not in car on Mod/ script page is how to use them to sit in car patrol and shit but i cannt do it by my self i followed every step but they not working so if some can help i will be happy Mod page :
  16. Hey all , i have followed crazy mikes guide for getting cherno onto an exile server using CUP (great tutorial) but my server just wont load , i am also seeing at the bottom right just before clicking join server the CUP terrains maps 1.2.0 is red not green like all the other things i have added , when trying to join the server its just an infinite loading screen and never loads you into the server , does anyone know how to fix this as i have spent the past 2 days trying and simply cant figure out how to do it , i shall include a link to pastebin of my server logs , Please can someone help me out as i cant play on my server at the minute. Thanks in advance
  17. ProPsychoMan

    Pay to set up my server

    Just wondering if there is anyone out there on the forums that would be willing to set up my Hosthavoc Arma 3 exile server for me. I'm willing to pay for the service. Feel free to message me or post here if you are interested. Thanks
  18. WolfkillArcadia

    [GUIDE] Trading Error Codes

    Hello everyone, I've seen a few posts about different error codes and not knowing what they mean. I looked through the code and compiled this list of error codes. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SUPPORT THREAD! Server Side Trader Error Codes Code 1: Player Object is non-existent Code 2: Player isn't alive Code 3: Item doesn't exist in CfgExileArsenal Code 4: Item/vehicle price listed in CfgExileArsenal is less than or equal to 0 Code 5: Sale price is greater than player's money Code 6: Vehicle Object is non-existent Code 7: Vehicles parent class doesn't exist in CfgVehicleCustoms Code 8: Error code doesn't exist Code 9: Error code doesn't exist Code 10: Error code doesn't exist Code 11: Pin code gathered from player has more than 4 digits Code 12: Player has MuteX applied (Meaning they are already trying to process a request) Code 13: Cannot find suitable position to spawn vehicle Code 14: Respect cost is greater than player's respect
  19. We have tried running several loot position tables, checked logs and nothing it appeared out the ordinary don't know what to do from here please help, Loot is only spawning in buildings i have placed on map (Barracks and hanngers (Arma 2)). we have tried adding classnames and loot positions to the ExileServer config and still no improvement List of our Mods: RHS (all), Exile, NiArms, Chernarus 2035, Cup maps, Cup terrains, TRYK uniforms, CBA, Extended Base Mod, Fox survival Cars
  20. Hi, I've recently tried adding extended base mod to my server but it just made it incredibly unstable, constant server crashes, disconnecting people etc. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. the mod is out for now to keep downtime to a minimum Cheers Rob
  21. Lazar

    [CLOSED] InfiStar ban Help

    I was banned without any reason from InfiStar can help me please one Player ID: 76561198141923878
  22. PazzHD

    ExileZ 2 / Ryan's Zombies

    I am getting this Warnings in the Console when I join the Server: This is my startparameter: ./arma3server -ip= -port=2320 -config=server.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg -mod="@Exile;@ryanzombies" -servermod="@ExileServer" -profiles=config -name=config And this is my mission.sqm: version=12; class Mission { addOns[]= { "exile_client", "Ryanzombies", "ryanzombiesfunctions", "a3_map_altis", "A3_Characters_F" }; Pls help me guys
  23. Yung teriyaki

    Need help with getting lootspawns to work

    Hey guys ! So recently i decided to start my own server and i chose that isla abramia would be a cool map to use so i used this mission file exactly the map should have lootspawns already working but theyre not .... all the files are there and in the config he has put include's to at the cfgbuildings and the cfgloottables bits these point out towards two files with the same name, this isnt working out on my server and loot is not spawning do i change something in any of the other files ? or did i forget something ? the help would be greatly appreciated ! Edit here are my config.cpp and latest log ! Im getting a completly new error now .... EDIT 2 Fixed the error but loot still isnt spawning
  24. NukeInMyPantz

    Contamination Item Spawns Help

    Hi I have a quick question about the Contamination Zones. If I go in to 3den and make a small to medium sized military base at the NW Airfield in Chernarus would the Items spawn normally when I start the server and log in ? If not what would I have to do.
  25. Hey modders, server owners, and anyone who might be able to help, Not sure if this is the right place to be venting my problems, however, I have tried everything in my power at this point, and I literally created this account to post this here because I have been trying to create a custom Exile map for a server and have encountered some issues. So where do I begin? Well, my friend and I want to start up our own Tanoa Exile server and I want to make the map for it. y'know with traders, static missions, pvp zones, loottables, mods included (like CUP) and all that good stuff. In essence, I'm trying to build this map from the ground up. I have all the required plugins and the up to date server that is the same version as my exile mod. I have familiarized myself with the EDEN editor, Notepad ++, .pbo unpackers, and where my mpmissions folders are located and all that. My problems started when I went to place a trader down. So here's my problem: Trader placed down- no problems there. Access the trader menu when testing in game- no issues. Trader is selling 0 items- big issue. Not glitched items, not unable to buy items, literally nothing shows up its just the trader menu and a blank dropdown box. attempted solutions: 1. Watching an ungodly amount of videos, reading a hefty amount of forum threads, googling till my fingers bled. It was all either too vague and not my exact problem, or outdated and no longer working as intended. 2. Saving and replacing my initPlayerlocal.sqf files and initServer.sqf files AFTER placing the trader. No luck 3. Using red_ned's "Easy Trader setup" which can be found here. - Did EVERYTHING that was detailed in the .txt instructions. Still no luck. (none of this was binarized) I feel like i'm missing something here? I'll link a mediafire to my unpacked .pbo mission file from C:\Users\USER\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Giant\mpmissions\Tanoatest.Tanoa so you can load it up and try it for yourself here. Feel free to move this thread if it's in the wrong spot. Could use a bit of help. I have discord and steam if anyone would prefer to convo about it. Thanks.