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Found 33 results

  1. SkellyKing

    MUG - Exile Chernarus Isles

    We highly value our players suggestions. If you need help, we got a admin team ready to help whenever you need one. If its either through Side Chat or on Discord, one admin will always take care of you. Join the discord for a extra 100k poptabs with 15k respect. We have the following features on our server: * Loot+ * FPS+ * 64-Bit * Virtual Garage * Missions * Custom Missions * Capture Points * Grinding (Requires 5 batteries per door) * Virtual Garage Hacking * Safe Hacking * Halo Jumping (Must be above 100m) * Adjustable View Distance Slider * High Value Traders * Missile Warnings for air vehicles * Vector Building * No Thermal * Revive * Deploy Quad through XM8 * Deploy Mozzie through XM8 * Re-Arming * Crate Loading & selling * Base Spawning (10 minute cooldown)
  2. Zach1212

    Pure Gaming

    Pure gaming is a brand new server, and we plan on increasing to a community based atmosphere. Our server has been being worked on for the past couple months, and the 2 owners are fairly new to the arma 3 server making community, but NOT to arma it's self. We've been playing arma for over 5 years, and we've decided to make our own server, we still have lots of work to do, but alot of work has been complete, and fun is on it's way Our Mod list includes: CBA CUP - Terrains, Core, CWA, Weapons, Units, Vehicles RHS- All 4 mods Exile Chernarus 2035 Extended base Mod Mozzie Mod TRYK Multi play uniforms NIA all in one SMA 2035 Russian Forces mod and finally advanced urban rappeling. But as stated before we are a brand new server, and are new to running arma 3 servers, but we do have past knowledge of servers we have played and seen there flaws and there pros. and we hope to make one masterful server
  3. FckingWoppa

    !NEW! Namalsk Redux Exile PvP

    GENERAL RULES Admins : FckingWoppa, skins, Silly Guy Respect admins. Admins decide. Do not argue with admins! All rules may change without notice! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *NEW*|Vanquish|NamalskRedux|PvP|100k|Loot+|Militarized|LoadOut|Convoy|Patrol|Artillery|CustomMissions|ZCP|Revive|Tanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are a custom server build to make every player welcome and help out as much as possible... Still room to add different MODs if want to... But we are a Militarized sever... Feel free to ask any question or anything on our Discord Page... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL NEW SERVER UP AND READY FOR ALL TO HAVE FUN.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Custom Traders... Custom Missions.... Convoy Missions... Patrol Missions... Artillery Missions... Hackers Mission... ZCP Missions... Paint... (Base Painting, Car Paint, Uniforms)... PopTabs In All Mission Boxes... Zombies... Wages... Radiation Zone (High Loot)... Base Building... Reviving Team Mates... Ship Wrecks... Hacking... (Safes & Containers)... Loot+.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come Along And Have Loads Of Fun! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MODS:- CBA A3 Extended Base Mod Advanced Urban Rappelling Enhanced Movement WY Snow Winter Effects and Retexture Pack NIArms RHSUSAF RHSAFRF Ryanzombies S.T.A.L.K.E.R.- Live Zone -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord:-
  4. peacemaker72


    Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend liebe Community, wir von DE888 möchten euch unseren Server etwas näher bringen und euch diesen vorstellen, was dieser beinhaltet und in wie fern wir diesen weiter ausbauen möchten. Ehemals [DE888] SZG exestierte schon vor ca. 5 Jahren und war eine Große Spielgemeinschaft aus erfahrenen Spielern. Wir haben uns entschlossen den [DE888] wieder zu beleben , nun aber nur als DE888 mit einer Geänderten Führungsstruktur um das einmaliges Spielerlebnis auf DE888 wieder zu erleben. Wie damals ist DE888 ein reiner PvP- Server, Ihr werdet das Spielerlebnis wie früher schon,nicht so schnell vergessen. Wir möchten euch deshalb herzlich dazu einladen unseren Server zu besuchen. TS IP = Server IP = Server Features: Ein Hardcore Spawnpoint High Loot Area Radioaktive Zone mit High Loot Aktive Admins Dynamische AI Missions Admin Events Snap Building Extended Basemod Custom Spots Infistar AntiHack Custom Vehicles Spawns Statusbar und noch viel mehr... Wie kann ich auf DE888 spielen? Dazu müsst ihr einfach im A3Launcher probieren auf unserem Server zu Joinen, falls ihr nicht alle erforderlichen mods installiert habt geduldet euch ein wenig, bis der A3Launcher alle Mods heruntergeladen und installiert hat. (Man kann den Fortschritt im A3Launcher unter Mods verfolgen.) Vorraussetzung sind natürlich ARMA3 und ARMA3:APEX und das ihr den Exile sowie alle anderen erfroderlichen Mods mit hilfe des A3Launcher herunterlädt.
  5. TrapGod

    {CY6}NEW-Exile-Custom Missions

    New Fully mill server.. Tanks Armed Choppers no jets.Thermal guns,scopes,Goggles and Thermals in vehicles. Starting poptabs. Custom loadouts-Random loadouts. DDOS protected.
  6. Jacobob

    Phantom Gaming Chernarus

    This is a non-Profit Exile server which will be here for a while. We have active and friendly staff who also enjoy playing exile as well as helping out players with problems they could have. Its 24hr, with very little down time for maintenance. Visit the website or join the teamspeak if you want anything adding or have any questions
  7. Orbitus

    [U-HQ]Chernarus Winter Exile

    Wir sind das Unicorn Headquarter, eine Community aus leidenschaftlichen Gamern, welche es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht haben Menschen zu vereinen welche gerne zocken und dies auch gerne in Gesellschaft tun oder sich auch gerne einfach nur austauschen. Angefangen hat das Ganze, in dem man mit dem einen oder anderen zusammen gezockt hat und sich Freundschaften geschlossen haben. Mit der Zeit wurden wir mehr Leute und es bildete sich eine kleine Gemeinschaft an Spielern welche täglich verschiedenste Spiele miteinander oder in Gruppen gespielt haben. Schlussendlich haben wir den Entschluss gefasst, das ganze auf eine neue Ebene zu heben und dem ganzen einen Namen zu geben. Damit ist das Unicorn Headquarter entstanden! Ihr braucht nur die benötigten Mods über den Steam Workshop abonnieren und zusätzlich noch den Exile Mod! Ganz bequem könnt ihr das ganze über den A3Launcher machen. Sucht dort einfach nach [U-HQ], oder ihr abonniert einfach unsere komplette Kollektion in Steam und ladet euch Exile und Chernarus Winter manuell herunter. Anschließend müsst ihr wenn ihr Arma 3 startet nur noch diese Mods auch aktivieren. IP+Port des Servers: Modlist: - Exile - CUP Terrains - Core - CUP Terrains - Maps - CUP Weapons - Hidden Ghillies - Chernarus Winter A3 - CBA_A3 - TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms] - Extended_Base_Mod Einen großteil der Mods können über den Steam Workshop abonniert werden. Wir haben hierzu auch eine Kollektion erstellt, in der ihr alle Mods bequem abonnieren könnt! Zusätzlich müssen folgende Mods manuell heruntergeladen werden Exile - Chernarus Winter - Scripts: - Revive - Towing - R3F Logistics - Virtual Garage - Halo Jump - Grinding / Hacking - Change View Distance - Statusbar
  8. LBO

    HKDW Bornholm

    Server IP: Hey dear Arma3 Players! Join us on our new Exile Server which is set up on Bornholm, a beautiful denmark map. All mods are downloadable over the steam workshop, just search for "HKDW" in the Arma3 launcher in the section "Servers". We also got a teamspeak server for you ( and a forum on our website. If you have problems concerning joining, join our website, the TS3 or the steamgroup and text us. We'll help you! See you on the server! HKDW Admin Team Things we got on our Server : Several static Missions which are highly militarized and expecially for the lategame, DMS Missions... and more coming The Server is militarized and contains tanks, helis, highloot and more XM8 Apps : Virtual Garage, Deploy Taxi, many recipes, view Distance regulator, privateChat, playerScan(cooldown), vehicle health bars and more Extended kill notifications InfistarAntiHack R3F Logistics Skript plus Towing BaseBuilding with many kind of parts like chairs, nettings, hangars and city buildings Strict rules and active admins Zero-tolerance-policy against hackers Ts3: Website: Mods: - Bornholm - Exile Mod - Extended Base Mod - CBA_A3 - CUP Weapons - CUP Units - CUP Vehicles - RHSUSAF - RHSAFRF - TAC Vests - TRYK [TRYK´S Multiplay Uniforms] Active admins
  9. Noonan


    Exiled2Paradise Exiled2Paradise is a PVE server group with a great community of players. E2P on TANOA | PVE | MISSION | ROAMING AI & RHS TANOA PVE And we are opening new server on new maps very soon


    Hey Survivors, are u looking for a brand new exile Server? With the Map Tanoa and not too many Mod´s? Then this is what you are looking for! I have Towing ZCP DMS VEMF Highloot and much mor activated! I am also creating my own DMS Missions! There are already two of them on the server! I hope we see us soon sincerely Jack Garcia Hallo Überlebende, sucht Ihr nach einem Neuen Server? Mit der Karte Tanoa und nicht zu vielen Mods? Dann seit ihr hier genau richtig! Ich habe Towing ZCP DMS VEMF sehr hoher Loot und vieles andere drauf! Und um euch das alles noch atraktiver zu machen, sind bereits 2 selbst erstellte DMS missionen auf dem Server! Ich hoffe wir sehen uns bald euer Jack Garcia
  11. LaFL4M[e | Joshua™

    [EX1L3 - COMPANY]

    Join and have Fun
  12. Flockeeey


    Hi Dudes, we relaunched our Altis Server, new MOD packs (rhs and tryk instead of cup), more vehicles (heavy machines) available at the traders, new loot and pricetable, custom map POIs Heres a short Description, for more Details please visit our Homepage! Have fun out there - hope to see you online :-) ********************************************** Live Server TIMEBANDIT PVP|500k$|HLOOT|MISSIONS+|TANKS&JETS|VG|BUILD600 Map Altis IP: Port:2302 60 Slot, 3 reserved Required Mods: - Arma 3 Apex DLC - NATO_Rus_Vehicle - RHSUSAF - TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms] - Extended Base Mod - Advanced Rappeling - Advanced Urban Rappeling - 500k poptabs startmoney MOD LINKS: NATO RHSUSAF TRYK EBM AR AUR Exile Kohlrabi ####################################################### DISCORD Server for Support Our Server is available on A3Launcher, just join and the MOD download starts automatic. Features: - Custom loottable - Custom Traders - Advanced Towing /Land - serverside - Advanced Slingloading /Air - serverside - Advanced Logistics (load crates and boxes in vehicles) - serverside R3F - Advanced Rappeling (Get your Raidcrew rappeled from a Heli, Rappel yourself from Roofs,..) - Roaming and static Missions (DMS) - Capture Points - Town Invasions by AI Forces (vemf) - loot crates with building materials inside protected by AI guards 4 on each Restart, marked on map - helicrashes with rare items 7 each Restart, not marked on map - Sell Cratecontent at once at the Wastedumptrader - parked cars in safezones are unlocked after each restart! Restarttimeline: 00:00, 04:00, 06:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 XM8 Apps - deploying bambi quad - changing your view distance settings - checking recipies/ crafting stuff - setting up your personal statsbar - personal Journal ####################################################### IMPORTANT INFORMATION: if a Admin/Support/Moderator has active rights their profiles will have tags (for example: "[ADMIN]Flockey"), if they are in Playermode their names will have no tags (for example "Flockey"). So we cant fight undercover with active admintools! We have 3 different admin levels #1: admin current players: Flockey dutys: server management, forum management rights: root #2: support current players: - dutys: ingame help for different situations, noting bugs or testing player errors, planning and organizing events, forum moderators rights: spectate, check player stats and equip, tempkick and tempban #3: moderator current players: unsane, LmPone dutys: server doorman rights: Request Steam Name,Kick ,TempBan
  13. OfficialMistyCS

    [SOC] Chernarus Winter Exile

    Welcome to SOC, Join Discord for all the latest info and help. The mods you will need are Exile - CBA_A3 - Chernarus Winter A3 v1.11 - CUP Terrains Core v1.2 - CUP Units - CUP Weapons - CUP Vehicles - Bloodlust - Head Gore Mod by MrSanchez - BlastCore Pheonix - Enhanced Movement - Advanced Rappelling - TAO Foldmap - Tactical Hand Signals We will be adding more in the future but this server is in Development.
  14. WeedKelly

    Shisha Oase

    New Chernarus Exile Server we are searching Players we are a german server but we can speak english NEEDED MODS: Exile Natorus Vehicles Natorus Weapons A2OP Tryks Multi-Play Uniforms FIR AWS Weapon System F14D Tomcat FEATURES: Deploy Quad/Bike Armed Vehicles Highloot HighFPS Contaminated Zones Active Admins 50k Start Missions Customized Virtual Garage Base hacking Short Trailer about the Server: Showcase about the Server: we hope you join and we can have fun!
  15. WeedKelly

    Shisha Oase

    New Chernarus Exile Server we are searching Players we are a german server but we can speak english short trailer about the server: we hope you join and we can have fun!
  16. DavieReid88

    SGG -ExilePanthera-

    Welcome To ScotsGuardGaming Server Details: Panthera Map 30K Locker Start CUP Weapons/Vehicles/Units High Loot Extended Base ExAd Virtual Garage ExAd Grinding Deploy Bike + Quad Advanced Towing/SlingLoading Advanced Rappelling/UrbanRappelling Flag Announcements Improved Kill Feed Load Crate Into All Vehicles Sell Crate DMS, ZCP, Exile Occupation Custom Missions Custom TradeZones And Setup Map Information: Panthera is an outstanding map, there is a good balance of cities and small villages with all building enterable, and with this server being high loot you will find guns fast, We have custom missions with CUP items added. Admins are fair and also supportive, Join our website for details and news about updates. We hope to provide a good and fair gaming experience.
  17. Forsvinna

    IGG-EXILE-Chernarus High FPS

    Come checkout our completely Custom Chernarus Map With New custom traders and MAS Weapons + vehicles
  19. ImThatGuyM8

    TSG EXILE|25K|XM8|++

    Complete server content list HERE!
  20. b3ck

    b3XILEd Vb|DMS|ExO|ExAd|APEX|5k

    Hello everyone in the Exile Mod world! I decided to start up my old exile server again due to old members asking it be revived. (Ghost, Irish, Vulcan and many others) Anyways, since then I have decided to move it from a Windows OS to a Linux OS, and let me tell you it was a real humdinger setting it all up.. good thing is I was able to finally get everything going. Connection Details: Host name: Port: 2302 IP Address: Port: 2302 So what does the server offer? What MODs does the server have? Which ones do I need? Serverside MODs (DON'T need to download) Exile Mod: The mod we all know and love of course (By the Exile Mod Dev Team) Vb: Vector Building (By MGT) DMS: Defent's mission system: AI Mission system (By Defent) ExO: Exile Occupation: Roaming AI and Dynamic Loot Crates +Helicopter Taxi Service (By secondcoming) ExAd: Exile Addon Client: Virtual Garage, Grinding Locks, Full Customization of the Status Bar +Much More (By Bjanski) Clientside MODs (NEED to download and enable/load into ArmA3 before joining the server) APEX: Using the Tanoa map, must have APEX installed (BiStudio DEVs) Purchase/Install >> ( ArmA3 DLC ) Advanced Rappelling: Adds support for helicopter rappelling. (by sethduda) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Advanced Urban Rappelling: Rappel off anything that's more than 4-5m high. This includes buildings, cliff, towers, etc. (by sethduda) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Advanced Towing: Adds support for towing vehicles using ropes. (by sethduda) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Advanced Sling Loading: Full replacement for in-game sling loading. (by sethduda) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Enhanced Movement: Allows you to parkour in ArmA3 (By badbenson) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) Enhanced Movement Compatible EXILE PBO: Fix that allows you to parkour on EXILE servers (By badbenson) Download/Subscribe >> ( Server Repo | Workshop ) I know it looks like a lot, but I just wanted to make sure I covered everything, please join our community as it is a great one! Kind Regards, -b3ck
  21. Phantom Snake


    bonjour a tous sur le serveur vous pourrez trouver des mission aléatoire mais aussi des occupation des villes qui rend la recherche de loot plus stressant et moins ennuyeux, ont commence avec 10000 pops tabs . possibilité de remorquer les véhicules , mettre les caisse des mission réussi dans sont véhicule , amuser vous
  22. [Crazy] MrPromo

    [DE]CMGC©|Tanoa|1.0.0 PVP

    [AT|DE]CMGC Tanoa 1.0.0 !!!!!!!------TS3 nur für Spieler auf unserem Server------!!!!!!! Mods: VemF Missions HVP Vehicles DMS Ocupation DMS Extended Base Mod RHS Vehicles RHS Units RHS Weapons CUP Weapons Scripts: XM8 Apps XM8 Scurity XM8 ViewDistance XM8 Recipes Enigma Revive Vehicle Towing StatusBar und vieles mehr wir sind täglich daran neues einzufügen! Unser ModPack für den Server findet ihr auf Steam zum Download einfach Abonnieren, Downloaden und ab geht die Party! Jeder ist Wilkommen
  23. DeeJay86

    [EU] Nequam Exile (Tanoa)

    New Server & Community Nequam Exile on Tanoa. Required mods: @CBA_A3 @CUP_Weapons @CUP_Units @CUP_Vehicles Current server addons: DMS - Defent's Mission System Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More The server will get updated frequently and players will be heard on special requests regarding the server specifics/addons/mods. Looking forward to see some of you. :-)
  24. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    [AUS] FYC

    A fun friendly server populated by grown ups, we have a few rules but the first rule is No Douche Bags and some of the time that works