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Found 10 results

  1. Wim / PlayingDW


    Ger: Hallo, wir sind ein Neuer Arma 3 Exile full militarized Server. Wir bieten euch viele verschiedene Scripts an z.b R3F, Revive System, ZCP und vieles mehr. Wir haben Aktive Admins und Supporter. Wenn ihr hilfe brauch kommt auf unseren Ts, dort wird euch immer jemand helfen. Unser Locker fasst 30mio. Auf der Map Spawnen Tanks und Gepanzerte Fahrzeuge aller art. Unsere Level 10 Flage hat einen Radius von 150m und 500 Bauteile. Kommt doch mal drauf. [IP:] Eng: Hello, we are a New Arma 3 Exile full militarized server. We offer many different scripts, for example, R3f, Revive system, ZCP and much more. We are Active Admins and Supporters. If your help is needed on our Ts, somebody will always help you there. Our locker is 30mio. On the map spawn tanks and all kinds of armored vehicles. Our level 10 flag has a radius of 150m and 500 components. Come on it. [IP:]
  2. Blain

    /////-PLAYBOX-\\\\\ Exile Altis

    Wir sind PLAYBOX! Playbox ist ein Arma 3 Exile Project, das von einem ehemaligen ServerTeam neu gegründet wurde. Nach langer Abstinenz aus der "Scene" sind wir nun wieder da, und wollen Euch ein tolles Spielerlebnis liefern, und unsere Leidenschaft wieder ausleben Das Gründerteam besteht aus dem Scripter Blain, so wie die Admins Leanas, Barcadi und m55m-Artemis. Nach dem wir als Scripter/supporter uns von einem anderen Server trennen mussten, haben wir uns als Spieler auf verschiedenen Servern herumgetrieben und haben einiges gesehen und erlebt.....aber nie fühlten wir uns richtig wohl, da doch irgendwie immer etwas fehlte oder uns einfach nicht gefallen hatte. Dieses Gefühl wollten wir nicht mehr und haben entschlossen uns wieder einem eigenen Server hinzugeben, der uns so wie hoffentlich Euch, all das bietet was Ihr sucht Wir haben viele bekannte Scripts auf unserem Server wie die Virtuelle Garage, ebase, AI- Base, R3F and IGILoad, AIMissions, Deploy Quad or jetsky ,High Loot, Revive, Bush Kit, Player stats, Lockpicking, Statusbar, paintshop, Baseraiding, Base hacking, Flag/virtuelle Garage hacking, usw. aber auch customs Scripts, customs Zone wie z.b District 9 und Sector B, Vehicle crafting und das ist erst der Anfang! Was macht uns besonders? Wir versuchen ein Spielgefühl zu liefern wie zu den DayZ zeiten, aber nicht Ohne die Gegenwart zu vernachlässigen. Den Spieler/ Das Spiel Gefühl im Vordergrund zu setzten. Die Leute schnellst möglich zu Supporten und Glitcher/Duppern keine Chance zu geben. + Arma enhanced movement (optional) + Urban rappeling (abseilen/optional) + exile...natürlich Wir wünschen Euch viel Spaß und guten loot auf unserem PlayBox Server. Euer PlayBox-Team Blain -(Scripter-/-Admin-/-Serverbesitzer) Leanas -(Map Designer-/-Admin) M55M -(Admin-/-Support-/-HP Erstellung-/-Verwaltung-/-TS-3 Erstellung/Verwaltung) BacardiM -(Admin-/-Support/- Map Designer-/-HP Designer) Tazz -(TS-3 Designer) English version! Server Info Playbox is an arma 3 Exile Project, that was founded by an former Serveradministration team. After a long time of abstinence from the scene we re finaly back, and want to provide you an awesome gameplay on our Server. The founder team consists of 4 people, our scripter Blain and 3 admins Leanas, m55m, BarcadiM. After we had to seperate from an other Server as Admin team, we played alot on different Servers, there we had all kind of different experience. But never we felt to be on the right place, everytime we though something was wrong or missing. This feeling we wouldnt want to go throug anymore, and made the decision to make an own sever again and we hope that this server is going to be awesome for us and hopfully for you We got a lot well known Scripts running on the server, like VirtualGarage, AirDrop, AI-Missions, igiload, r3f, deploy quad or jetski, high loot , revive, bush kit, player stats, BaseRaiding safe/garage/doors), statsbar, and many other scripts aswell as 2 huge custom zones (Sector B mission, Distirct 9 high loot zone) and soon yo will be able to craft vehicle. Rappeling from building and bases! What makes us special? We will try always to give you players the best playing experience possible, what does that mean? Blain is alway looking for new scripts, that he can do by him self that are fun to use ore make the game a bit more enjoyable We will ensure that the server is always stable, we take care of a lot of thinks, we cant be perfect but we try to be perfect We listen to our community, if you want something to change or new..have ideas of some new possibilities, we will listen. As for now, we got following Mods on our Server + Arma enhanced movement (optional) + rappeling (abseilen/optional) + exile... We wish you alot of fun and good loot on our Server. Your PlayBox-Team Blain -(Scripter-/-Admin-/-Serverowner) Leanas -(Map Designer-/-Admin-/PR) M55M -(Admin-/-Support-/HP Designer) BacardiM -(Admin-/-Support/HP Designer) Tazz -(TS-3 Designer) Server: Upcoming changes on Playbox-Exile, We finally introduce our rework of the hole map Altis on ExileMod It's not done yet, but here a liddel sneak peak...what it will be, to play on our Server. Playbox SaveZone Mit Freundlichen Grüßen DAS PLAYBOX TEAM
  3. manOwar_AFD

    AFD Exile Reborn Survival Sever

    Small community, completely custom survival server. This server is PVP and PVE, AI are custom coded, there are custom villages, towns, military locations and strongholds built into the map through out. If you are exiled to this Altis prison island you will be forced to survive against the odds of persistent world weather environments, zombies, bandits and other players. World spawned vehicles are persistent and normally need some type of repair. This is a high loot server so value your life to stay alive and collect a larger paycheck and loot and sell to build respect as you develop your character. Respect based paychecks every 10 minutes of game time played. Weather and temperature greatly effect your character and food and drink levels are determined by your activity. Looking for a tough survival server come take a peak!
  4. UltraExile

    [RU] Ultra Exile | PvE

    01. Лучший стартовый лут +30000 игровой валюты на банковском счете. 02. Индивидуальный стартовый лут ( игрок может выбрать сам). 03. Дополнительные точки спавна. 04. Спавн на базе. 05. Виртуальный гараж. 06. Миссии Ultima. 07. Миссии DMS. 08. Миссии VEMF. 09. Крафт техники на старте из скотча. 10. Разбор техники обратно в скотч. 11. Улучшенный спавн лута. 12. Функция реанимации (оживлялка). 13. Дополнительные постройки. 14. Функция десантирования. 15. Погрузка техники в кузов. 16. Сцепка стропами. 17. Сцепка буксировочными тросами. 18. Жесткая сцепка наземной техники. 19. Жесткая сцепка вертолётами. 20. Сцепка вертолетом нескольких единиц сразу. 21. Прыжки с парашютом. 22. Погрузка (выгрузка) ящиков в технику. 23. Самый широкий выбор техники в торговле. 24. Авио такси. 25. Инфо банер оплаты территории (базы). 26. Дополнительные мосты. 27. Авио, наземные, пешие патрули ботов. 28. Ремонт техники с помощью инструментов. 29. Военные сектора ОМОН и ВДВ. 30. Функция десантирования ботов. 31. Хеликраши. 32. Возможность доната. 33. Статус бар домага техники. 34. Расширенный крафт. 35. Дополнительные постройки в продаже. 36. Регулировка прорисовки сервера в планшете. 37. Дополнительные модули (PODS). 38. Автосервис на всех заправках. 39. Дополнительный информационный бар. 40. Расширение планшета xm8Apps. 41. Защита InfiStar и не только... 42. Свободная торговля между игроками. 43. Продажа ящиков с лутом. 44. Морские миссии. 45. Музыка при входе на сервер. 46. Телепорт техники на штрафстоянку. 47. Отображение ника игрока в прицеле. 48 Лутабельные сектора (охраняемые). 49. Возможность покупки личного торговца и банкомата 50. Векторное строительство. 51. Охота на животных. -English- 01. The best starting loot is +30000 game currency in the bank account. 02. Individual starting loot (the player can choose himself). 03. Additional points are spawned. 04. Spawn on the base. 05. Virtual garage. 06. Mission of Ultima. 07. DMS missions. 08. VEMF missions. 09. Crafting techniques at the start of scotch tape. 10. The analysis of the technique back to the scotch tape. 11. Improved spawn loot. 12. Resuscitation function (animating). 13. Additional buildings. 14. The function of landing. 15. Loading of equipment in the body. 16. Coupling with slings. 17. Coupling by towing cables. 18. Hard coupling of ground equipment. 19. Hard hitching by helicopters. 20. Hitching a helicopter several units at once. 21. Skydiving. 22. Loading (unloading) of boxes into equipment. 23. The widest choice of technology in trade. 24. Avio taxi. 25. Info banner of payment of territory (base). 26. Additional bridges. 27. Avio, ground, foot patrols of bots. 28. Repair of equipment with tools. 29. Military sectors of the OMON and the Airborne Forces. 30. The function of landing the bots. 31. Helicopter crash. 32. The possibility of donate. 33. Status bar of the housekeeping appliances. 34. Advanced crafting. 35. Additional buildings on sale. 36. Adjusting the drawing of the server in the tablet. 37. Additional modules (PODS). 38. Car service at all gas stations. 39. Additional information bar. 40. Expansion of the tablet xm8Apps. 41. Protection of InfiStar and not only ... 42. Free trade between players. 43. Sale of boxes with loot. 44. Naval missions. 45. Music at the entrance to the server. 46. Teleport of equipment to the parking lot. 47. Display of the player's nickname in the sight. 48. Lootable sectors (protected). 49. Possibility of buying a personal merchant and ATM 50. Vector construction. 51. Hunting for animals. I hope the translator translated everything correctly)
  5. =^AB^=Tuscania


    Abbiamo tirato su questo server in collaborazione con Armata Brancaleone (Gruppo che gioca prevalentemente ad ARMA3) Il server è una macchina ultrapotente con prestazioni eccezionali, abbiamo testato con 100 player e non dà un accenno di cedimento o drop fps.Per giocare occorre ARMA3 con DLC APEX e le seguenti mods: @exile ed @rayan Zombies and demons.Ovviamente il server è provvisto di tutte le protezioni anti hack e ddos, e durante il 90% della giornata vi sono all'interno admin che possono aiutarvi nelle missioni dandovi una mano. Server PVP/PVEOltre al trovare molte armi e cose interessanti girando per le strutture vi sono missioni random che vengono create in automatico dal server, in piu una volta a settimana programmeremo un evento con speciali premi. We pulled together on this server with Armata Brancaleone (Group Playing mainly to ARMA3) The server is an ultra-powerful machine with outstanding performance, we tested 100 players and does not give a hint of weakness or drop fps. To play you must ARMA3 DLC APEX and the following mods: @exile and @rayan Zombies and demons. Obviously the server is provided with all the anti hack and ddos protection, and 90% during the day you are in admin who can help you in missions giving you a hand. Server PVP / PVE In addition to finding many weapons and interesting things going around the structures you include random missions which are created automatically by the server, in more than once a week will plan an event with special prizes.
  6. SwApy Exile Exile with Garage Tanks Jets and much more
  7. could some one help me i was wanting to make high loot spawn on my server and i have changed the numbers next to each item but it i still keep getting little loot and the same gun called sdar its pissing me off help please thanks ash
  8. MannyAU

    Zero Remorse [AU]

    Zero Remorse is back! We are currently running in BETA Be sure to join our TeamSpeak and request your own private channel. We have plenty of custom map content that is based off of our Arma 2 Servers. PVP Compounds, barracks and protected traders. We give you a hight loot, militarised server with roaming Ai, ZCP Missions, DMS Missions, Zombies, Infections, Invasions, Open buildings and extended base mod. We will be adding more in the future going off the community input and if it's not going to effect anything we have running at the moment. for all necessary mods to join - with of course Exile itself Hope to see you there! - ZR Team


    GREAT SERVER!!! If you are looking for a server that DOES NOT cater to care-bears or crybabies.. this is the one for you. You will get your ass kicked by ZOMBIES every time you think you are safe. There is a WIDE range of vehicles available... We have the HVP, TRYK uniforms, Birds & Bees, Zombies & Demons, RZInfection addons not to mention it's on the best map in the world CHERNARUS! Custom map, customs spawn points custom rank & starting load out, Custom vendors.....Custom vehicles! Stop by and check us out. Free base building kit for all new comers, each player gets one..... Bring your crew and get 1 crate per person. Each crate already has a Base Flag in it so you have a great headstart.... Jump in our TS and chat it up or request you own private room for you and your crew in our 500 SLOT TS3 server.
  10. Dead Pool

    The Dirty Dozen's Exile Bornholm

    We here at The Dirty Dozen, offer a fun, intense, and competitive playing experience that will make you want to call this place your home. While a maintaining a user friendly environment, With maturity and respect to all players. The ability to build yourself a base to store hard earned loot. We offer high loot, roaming A.I. Do you have loot you want to sell? Hit up a Trader Camp and purchase yourself a wide range vehicles. Whether you need a small form of transportation, or a heavy tank to get your revenge. If you don’t have money, you can find a variety of land, air, and water vehicles throughout the maps. Admin Events do take place depending on the admins. Payout's for the winners vary in prizes. We hope to see you all out on the field. "As the server Owner, I try to bring the most to my servers with respect towards my players. I don't take BS from stupidity, I am a retired NCO and most of my staff are retired military as well. we are all here to have fun and enjoy our selves whilst drinking a beer and blowing shit up. Just remember, It's a game. " - Dead Pool MODS EXILE (A3 Launcher) CUP Core (A3 Launcher) CUP Terrain (A3 Launcher) Community Based Add-onn (A3 Launcher) Community Upgrade Project - Units (A3 Launcher) Community Upgrade Project - Vehicle (A3 Launcher) Community Upgrade Project - Weapons (A3 Launcher) RHS: US (A3 Launcher) RHS: Russian (A3 Launcher) TRYK Uniforms (A3 Launcher) ASDG JR (Joint Rail) HVP NIA Extended Base Mod