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Found 12 results

  1. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Thought I should give back to this community so here goes, please be gentle with criticism but I will attempt to keep updating, especially with your help. I wanted and easier way to deal with mods and items in the traders, all happened when we decided to change our server from CUP and MAS to RHS/MAS/HLC and the mission config became a nightmare. I had come across this technique before in A2 using the flat-file system and something almost identical in A3 Epoch so thought it was possible. The basic idea is to have separate trader files for each mod you use, each mod has classes unique to it, and each class has that mods items, this allows you to turn off classes quickly. I have included: CUP vehicles, CUP weapons, HLC, RHS vehicles (US and RUS 0.4.1), MAS vehicles, MAS weapons, RHS weapons (US and RUS 0.4.1), TRYK, PODS, Arma 3 base vehicles, HVP v2.1, R3F Weapons, Extended Building Mod, Apex, Fox Vehicles, HAP, Jonzie, RHSGREF and NIArms - as I said we did a whole mod change on the server so I had most of the trader files already, but as always there are things I will have missed although everything seems to be working without issue on my current server (except we aren't using clothes outside of the Exile mod and no longer use CUP/TRYK + I don't use loads of the other mods any more). To keep the theme running I also made and Exile file-set so you can call those too and it keeps it all in the same structure (plus made the recent update really easy to update my files). This trader system is offered free without any guarantee or promise and users should back up their files before proceeding. All the folders and files are included in the download, I have also included full instructions and mod class list and trader list and have updated to recent update prices and structure but have mainly updated prices of mods we currently use (as I don't know when TRYK etc. will fix issues with clothes). Download the scripts from GiTHub - *** Update v7.2 *** Added : TankDLC Thanks to @ItsDutch for the files *** Update v7.1 *** Added : HAFM Added : MASWW2 Added : NLD Added : POOK Thanks to @ItsDutch and his contributors *** Update v7.0*** Updated for Exile Pineapple *************************************************** ****** Thanks to all the following for help *************** ****** XxFri3ndlyxX, [RG] Salutesh, SE7EN *************** ****** Tobias Solem, pomp4h, Bob_the_K ************** ****** Razor77, jmayr2000, C][G GhostTown™ *********** ****** ElShotte, Killerpoodezz *********************** *************************************************** Installation is in the text files but basically you unzip, copy the TRADERS folder into your mission PBO, then delete whatever you don't use. In your mission folder you remove all the pricing, replacing with file calls, and then remove item classes, again replacing with file calls (again its in the zip with more detailed instructions) and finally copy in the traders over the top of what's in the file (or replace with external file call) removing any unused classes or mods. There are 2 files in each folder one contains prices, the other makes items into classes (a full list of the classes I used is in the zip), this method seems pretty good at helping to change over mods on your server or controlling what parts of each mods are in the server traders (we only have guns and vehicles from any of the mods till all of them are fixed so we just leave out the clothing classes). I have tried to balance the prices but I am sure you can change it to suit (you can copy items straight out of your config file as long as the formatting remains the same) and also I have tried to add all the items from each of the mods I have included but some are harder to track down every possible item. I don't claim to have invented this script as there are many out there like it (probably), but I have compiled everything I have found or information/knowledge I have got from making games servers for 16 years so please don't shout "you ripped me off" as I am sure to have done just that in some way as we all have when we "borrowed" other servers trader prices etc but as ever I will take down anything which people say is 100% theirs (but I am pretty sure I haven't done that). I hope this just makes it easier with trader lists. cheers ****** You may not use my script on a server which takes real money for items in game ******
  2. mikekozowsky

    Added mod loot not spawning

    Hi there, im a having some issues whit loot spawns, specificly mod loot. the rest spawns just fine. If added NiArms and CUP Weapons and both never spawn. Here are my files: If you know anyway of getting it to spawn i will be very gratefull!
  3. SadBoy1981

    Stay Alive Project

    Stay Alive is all about surviving. Collect loot, make a base and do missions rinse, repeat. Watch out for the NPC patrols on the road, and in the air. The AI is armed to the teeth with LMGs/snipers and rocket launchers. To make things really interesting we also introduced radiation and blowouts to the server, so the gameplay is really dynamic. Ofcourse we use our fair share of mods which you can find in the loot tables and on the NPC's. Like RHS vehicles/equipment (Russian+NATO) and HLC weaponary. Happy hunting and good luck!
  4. Coppershot

    UW-Exile Chernarus

    UW-Exile Chernarus is a highly customized gaming enviorment on the globaly beloved Exile mod. We run the map chernarus from the CUP Terainpack as the AIA-Pack is out of date and no more supported. Also are our custom Map-Addons proper designed wich AIA can not support. We rebuild all 3 Airfields completly, have added custom tradercities in Stary, Cherno and Klen. Added extra Aircraft-Traders on the N/E -Airfield and in Kamenka. Also do we have a few nicely designed extra Military bases all over the map. We run the Server in a good mixture between PVP and PVE. We have light militarized stuff available, where "light" means that there are no OP GMG´s, Rockets , thermal visions and such. Our custom scripts, Capture Points and AI-missions ensure an intresting gaming enviorment wich will always give you something to do if you not in for looting out the highloot, building your base or fighting other players. Nuff said, just visit the Server and see for yourselfe. You won´t regret it.
  5. FG.Highlander

    Fractal Gaming Napf | Humanity

    Hello all, We have recently launched our new Napf server! We have been working on this for quite some time now and have finally got it live. We have many custom features including our own humanity system which is fully described and can be seen here: This implements the "hero and bandit" system into the server, but on our case we have removed the exile respect function completely and replaced it with this more in depth and developed function/feature. We also have custom features such as air drops, logistics, custom traders and our AI Islands. The mods required to join the server can also be found here: If you require any more information please feel free to register on our website and contact a member of staff or join our TeamSpeak at: and a member of staff will be with you shortly. We hope that we will see you playing on our server in the future and also feel free to comment on this post with things you like or dislike, also if you would like to suggests improvements then please do! Kind Regards Highlander
  6. EZGMichael

    EZG Winter Cherno PVP

    Winter Cherno complete with snow, rain, and wind. We are only using weapons mods like Mas Weapons and HLC for the added weapons , which both are also in spawn loot. Running DMS, FuMs and A3AI mission systems along with Zupa capture points. Recently added extended base mod for more build options. Spawn bike with radio and Advanced Banking system.
  7. RULE

    Neptune Tactical Team Exile

    Custom gaming on Altis Exile. We have extra spawn points and traders, A.I patrols with cars, helicopters and UAV's which look for players and A.I. missions and invasions. We also have customs scripts for a status bar, tow, lift and loading up into a vehicle.
  8. C][G GhostTown™

    Chemical|Gamers ExileZ

    Hosted in the US - Great pings anywhere! Chemical|Gamers aim to provide a great atmosphere and a fun experience to each individual. Our server is brand new and waiting for awesome people like you! So what you waiting for? Server is powered 24/7 with automated 3 Hour restarts with crash detection to bring the server right back online! Server is powered by a Xeon X5670 Processor with 32GB of RAM(Upgraded Constantly), Windows Server 2012, PCIe SSD Storage with a gigabit connection. All mods can be downloaded via A3 Launcher and will also allow you to connect to our server easily. Server name: C][G ExileZ|AI+|MISSIONS|ZOMBIES|HIGHLOOT+FULLTRADERS|REVIVE|HLC/MAS/CUP/HVP| Server Features: HIGH FPS HIGH Loot Arma 2 vehicles and weapons Custom Ai missions/ Roaming Ai Custom map additions and traders Traders are stocked with everything Balanced ZOMBIES!! Lots of vehicles and gear! New player friendly Heli Crashes & more! I am always looking to add and improve Mods: CUP Core MAS Weapons/Vehicles RHS Weapons/Vehicles Ryan's Zombies RZ Infection Exile Napf ASDG_JR HVP HWP HLC TRYK Hope to see you there soon! - Thank you
  9. Jaeger

    This is a dedicated Linux server running in NY. It runs the amazing ASR AI mod so you'll never be sure if it's roaming AI or players - they're smart, and vicious! Also watch out for wandering zombie hoards. All you need is Exile and these mods. Tons of vics and guns. Good luck, convicts!
  10. sideshowfreak

    [SSG] Side Show Gaming PVE

    SSG PVE Altis Friendly PVE Server with active admins. - Ai missions - Roaming Ai and Vehicle Patrols - Town Invasions - Lift, Tow, Load -Taru Pods: Buyable, attachable, lockable, repairable - Revive: Revive a fallen comrade with a Defibrilator - Donkey Punched Extras:Tons of Custom Craftables. DP Food, Drink, Meds,Storage and Lighting available at Traders - XM8Apps: Scan for Players, Crafting Recipes, Attach Chemlight, Server Rules, ChangeLogs, Scan if Building is allowed, - Chop Wood into Cars and Trucks - Tons More, Check Us Out!
  11. Nous vous attendons nombreux sur notre nouveau serveur 78 slots performant fourni par NITRADO: port 2302 Vous recevrez 10 000 pop tabs comme argent de bienvenue. Vous trouverez sur notre serveur, des prix rééquilibrés aux différentes safe zone. L'ajout de véhicules d'arma 2 armés et non armés. Les mods nécessaires sont, Cup Units+Cup Weapons+Cup Vehicles + HLC mod (half-life Creations Mod Set) +ASDG Joint Rails. Vous pouvez utiliser A3launcher pour plus de facilité à retrouver tout ces mods. Vous pouvez faire spawn un quad qd vous êtes Bambi pour 500 pop tabs. Missions I.A nombreuses, pack de missions DMS(missions moyennes à difficiles en dehors des villes) + A3XAI (Patrouilles véhicules terrestres). Notre serveur est configuré pour des missions DMS dont 2 énormes fixes + plusieurs patrouilles A3XAI en même temps. Igiload et taru pod mod, vous pourrez donc charger vos véhicules prévus pour avec d'autres véhicules ou objets divers, et vous pourrez également utiliser et accrocher les différentes nacelles du Taru, ainsi que les parachuter. Le serveur est configuré pour du beau temps, avec 3H de jour et 1H de nuit avec pleine lune (restart toutes les 4h). *6/11: events 2 à 3 fois par semaine vers 22h (sauf le lundi); cash prices ou véhicules à gagner, cash prices pour les participants. Changelog 19/12 Ajout des différents points armuries, blackmarket, aricraft dealer, tank dealer, possibilité d'acheter à certaine station service de quoi réparer, boat dealer, nouvelles safes. Les armes seront différentes selon safe ou blackmarket ou armurie (plus de choix en blackmarket et armurie) -Ajout de nouveaux pack d'armes, HLC mod + CUP weapon -Ajout des tenues TRYK. -Ajout du pack CUP véhicule, pour retirer des véhicules arma 3 de base. -Ajout la possibilité de tow -Ajout de crash d'hélico Changelog 28/12: Mise à jour de tous les MOD CUP Ajout du mod CPC TRYK Patch pour regler les problèmes lié au mod Tryk's uniform Ajout outils log admin, pour surveiller les duplications et tout autre bug glitch utilisé par les joueurs. Changelog 29/12: *EDIT: Après plusieurs test nous allons devoir enlever le Mod Tryk's uniform qui cause encore des crash serveurs,. Donc nous ferons une mise à jour dans la journée du 29/12 et les mods CPC tryk patch et TRYK's uniform ne seront plus nécessaires. Nous ajouterons également une autres grosse mission fixe style military base dans la journée. A bientôt. N'hésiter pas à venir sur notre TS pour plus d'info; et pokez un admin Arma 3 Exile. Nos admins sont très actifs, et très souvent présents. Seulement 2 Admins avec les pleins droits (Pr3datorSAM & Dams) avec activation de différents bloquages lorsque les droits admins sont utilisés pour éviter tout abus ou toute suspicion de la part des joueurs. Les Delta Force sont des joueurs avant tout. Website team: Website Exile de notre team: Notre super sponsor, et si vous cherchez des serveurs performants:
  12. »Tr0picanA«

    Esseker-Survivalist Server

    Hey Pals, I am searching for a Exile-Esseker-Server without AI-Missions to get the survival feeling i need. A Server where the only way to get money is to farm some stuff by your own and take all you need from other players. (Yes, PvP is what i like). As i said, the Map should be Esseker (Australia is OK, too). The Server should have TRYKs and at least one Weapon-pack (prefer HLC & CUP). No AI-Missions(!!). Preferred language: German but I'll be okay with english, too. AI-Patrols are OK if not wished. Server should be visited, don't drag me on a empty Server. Pls write me some IP's here, don't forget the Ports and write me a short description of the server if possible. Aprecciate it, see you on the Exile.