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Found 13 results

  1. Cillo

    Immersive Zombie Survival

    IMMERSIVE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL The whole purpose of this server is to create an Exile experience with much more depth and a proper survival element. Since the start, it's also been important to enable genuinely terrifying zombies. The perspective is locked to first person to increase immersion. Loot spawns are severely limited, much more similar to those of DayZ. Vehicles are found infrequently, making them much more valuable to players and groups. The majority of items can't be bought at traders (except for at exorbitant prices), meaning you'll have to actually go out into Altis and find the items you need. Respect gains take longer and money is harder to come by. Base building is extended, allowing for more varied and interesting player bases. Virtual Vehicle Garage is disabled, meaning you have to actually build a safe place to store vehicles. Weather is totally random. The day/night cycle spans 24 hours across the four hours the server is active for. You can't vote to change the time, you won't spawn with any money, you won't spawn with a map and you won't be able to visit the trader every time you need ammo. It's all about survival. MODS RUNNING The server runs the following mods. Note that Advanced Towing and Advanced Sling Loading run server-side and shouldn't require client installation. ExileRyan's Zombies &DemonsCommunity Base AddonsCUP UnitsCUP WeaponsCUP VehiclesMr Sanchez' HeadlampsEnhanced MovementExtended Base ModExtended Survival ModAdvanced TowingAdvanced Sling Loading DownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload ADDITIONAL SCRIPTS Additional scripts include (but are not limited to) the following: ExileZ 2.0Defent's Mission SystemExile OccupationExileZ CrashesSuper Advanced Repair Tweaks zombie spawns and adds hordes. Random AI missions and bases. Roaming AI and random crates. Zombie-infested vehicle wrecks. Overhauls the vehicle repair system.
  2. bliskin

    Get Infected and Die DayZ

    Server Features: Direct connect or trough A3L Custom Loot Tables Wide selection of military vehicles to lay waste to your enemies roaming AI AI creates roadblocks Military vehicles spawn at roadblocks Zombies get crazy at night **soon** Custom built new military areas to discover **issues** ACE3 deletes player position marker *we are working on solution ^^solved with soldier tracker ALiVE messes up hud (group markers etc.) *fix relog deleting waypoints *fix put all in one spot then delete Server Mods: Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3) JSRS SOUNDMOD (optional) ADVANCED LIGHT INFANTRY VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT (ALiVE) CBA_A3 Exile Zombies and Demons RZ Infection
  3. David1197™

    Lost Chapters

    Hello Dudes, I want to informat about and show you our new Arma 3 Tanoa Exile Server. You can easily connect through A3 Launcher Also I would like to mention that I am the only scripter/developer of this server. There are only a few military buildings that were placed by a friend of mine. If you have some improvements it may take some time to realize it. (I work every day at the server to make everything nearly perfect :D) But if you need support, we have some more Admins who will help you out. (We are from germany but we have some competent supporters with good english skills.) A Website will follow in the future. We tested the mods in detail. If you encounter any bugs/glitches ingame please tell the admins and we will try to fix it. >You got some nice rewards if you inform us about heavy bugs/glitches!< I was inspired by the good old Arma 2 DayZ Mods ( Origins, Epoch, etc.)(I also had great Epoch and Origins servers there) where I especially liked the loot and the survival aspect and I want to bring the feeling back to Arma 3. This includes some survival features, logical loot, better crafting system, zombies and base building. As realistic as possible. Complete Servername: (for example for A3 Launcher) BRAND NEW Server - Lost Chapters - Exile|HVP|Vehiclecraft|Cargo transport|Missions|Rappeling|Enhanced Movement|Towing|Better Loot|Custom Mapparts|Zombies & Hordes|and much more (something coming soon...) IP with Port: TS3: currently in work SEARCH: I seach one guy which is well known about websites and have time to support us. Send me a messages if you interested. Which mods do you need? Mods: (need to download before) (Best way to join is A3 Launcher) Exile HVP Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Rappelling Advanced Towing Enhanced Movement CDAH Mod Pack Ryanzombies FFAA Mod Advanced Train Simulator (ATS) Other Addons: (included in Missionfile/Serverside, mission automatically download on every join) DMS Missions AntiCheat and Hack (Infistar) StatsbarR3F Vectorbuilding And some more But this is not all. We also join in different changes: Infistar: Many anti-dupe, anti cheat and so on Change rights of my supporters/admins they can not abuse their rights/decrease the rights hart and fair but supportable New mapparts Military Industrial Bot Base 1 New Bridge (2. Bridge will come nearly because we found some desynchronization with following dead) Custom additions Eastereggs Complete revised Loottables also new loot included logical loot with better chance Claim Vehicle You can add a codelock to vehicles with has not a codelock. R3F You can load crates in vehicles (logical). Also added new Trucks for loading Vehicles in there (logical). You can move crates and bikes. Sell Crates fix You can sell crates with content at Wastedump trader. CDAH Modpack With these you can craft the new vehicles (HVP) Nearly add recipes for crafting ammo and some other things XM8 Apps You can see the rules in there You can change your viewdistance Also includ a craftbook for easy look on recipes Repair Made //it´s up there but use will included later Statsbar It shows all important information about you new revised stats new icons and better look Zombies We have Hordes which spawn random near triggers if players in the near of the trigger. Zombies are balanced and they have different types and loot Missions All missions are revised Balance difficult (also Bots) Better and logical loot Some random settings about gear and vehicles Bot Base >>>The Restrikers<<< Alright, thats my own big project. The base is based on DMS missionssystem with my own settings and buildings. The difficult is everytime hardcore but the place and count of m2, patrol and !static bots are different. I get the idea like Sector B of Arma 2 DayZ Origins. Also the loot is every time custom and spawns of different places after kill the special Majors. Special lootspot to get highend weapons Attention: At this time some different kinds of botbase missions have some little bugs but nothing hard. Also I try some different values so far. You can enter the bot base but in the moment it is not finished. (Loot and Bots are ready but statics bots will move thats my problem) Gamebalance Trader prices was balanced and items revised. remove all overpowered weapons from trader, you only can get them in militarys, radiation military (high rates), some missions, Bot Base, eastereggs and some more Increase base options (price, objects to build, range). At spawncitys spawns every restart some bikes and motorbikes to get out there. Some overrides for Arma Update and Exile Balanced nonpersistent vehicle spawn New and better airdrops Put off earthquakes and overflying jets Custom settings for Basepay, remove, reset objects and so on. You found everything ingame in your XM8 under XM8 Apps -> Rules 3k on start High spawnrate for pistols and low weapons at spawn for protect against zombies and much more ... FFAA Mod some new Vehicles new choppers new planes new planes to transport vehicles new boats new boat to transport vehicles 6 new craftable cars some new clothings some new weapons Advanced Train Simulator (ATS) a funny update (at time for testing something) if good balance then come some more functions with it new trainroads will added Vectorbuilding Yeah this is what it is, Vectorbuilding Plans for the future: Revise BotBase, Add new Missions make a new second bridge some more map updates Extendet Base Mod DP build everything (with own settings, limitations and not everything of this objects) my own levelsystem (dont override humanity) (Will added much later if I finish this perfect) it will be a new second levelsystem with experience and anti boost protection to trade high end weapons, humanity, special/new vehicles, lockvalue dependent on level and some more replace some better sounds more functions with trains (transport, and so on) drilling rig (currently not perfect) Bugfixes <3 and some more Iam will regularly update this post Greetings David1197
  4. swizz_chris


    Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend liebe Community, Wir von New Order Gaming möchten euch unseren Server etwas näher bringen und euch diesen kurz und knackig vorstellen, was dieser beinhaltet und in wie fern wir diesen weiter ausbauen möchten. NOGaming exestiert schon seit ca. 3 Jahren und ist eine kleine Spielgemeinschaft aus erfahrenen Spielern. Wir haben uns entschlossen diesen Server zu erstellen um ein einmaliges Spielerlebnis sowie PvP-Erlebnis zu bieten, das ihr nicht so schnell vergessen werdet. Wir möchten euch deshalb herzlich dazu einladen unseren Server zu besuchen. Server Restarts: 01.00; 05.00; 09.00; 13.00; 17.00; 21.00 Server Features: Aktive Admins 25+ Dynamische AI Missions (ohne Attack Helicopter XD) Admin Events Snap Building Bike and Quad Deploy Extended Basemod Dynamic supply Crate spawn with AI defense Spec Ops Base Mission (Sector A ca. 60 AI) Custom Map Infistar AntiHack Zombies / Hordes Defibrillator & Anti Viral Agents (a cure is pricey during an Apocalypse ) Virtual Garage Safezone to Safezone Taxi Service Custom Vehicles Spawns Modable Statusbar Custom Map Locations CUP Terrains, Vehicles and Weapons Safe Hacking and Door Grinding und noch viel mehr... Wie kann ich auf spielen? Dazu müsst ihr einfach im A3Launcher probieren auf unserem Server zu Joinen, falls ihr nicht alle erforderlichen mods installiert habt, geduldet euch ein wenig bis der A3Launcher alle Mods heruntergeladen und installiert hat. (Man kann den Fortschritt im A3Launcher unter Mods verfolgen.) Vorraussetzung sind natürlich ARMA3 und das ihr den Exile sowie alle anderen erfroderlichen Mods mit hilfe des A3Launcher herunterlädt (zB. CUP Terrains, CUP core etc.) !! Manchmal muss der A3Launcher neu gestartet werden damit alle Mods richtig erkannt werden !! How can i play on We advice that you use the to download and install all the necessary Mods and add-on. !! Sometimes you will have to restart your A3launcher in order for the mods to be recognized properly !! If you should get the memory or divided by 0 errors just use this work around. 1. Connect as usual with the A3Launcher 2. When you see the Arma 3 logo press ESC 3. Go to Multiplayer > Quick Play > Direct Connect 4. Copy IP from A3Launcher with right mouse click on server 5. Paste IP Into Arma 3 direct connect 6. Press connect down on the right of the screen Here some videos of a YouTuber that is playing on our server..... Enjoy Server IP: Port: 2302
  5. GolovaRaoul

    PNG Exile Lingor

    PixelNationGaming is proud to announce the opening of the Arma 3 Exile Lingor Server! We've spend a whole lot of time into this server, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! With active admins and server being regulary updated, we hope you will enjoy your stay! Current server features on 22/4/2017 Current Server Features: 25+ Custom Made Dynamic Missions Occupation Missions Zupa Capture Point's Militarised (Tanks/Jets/Attack Heli/Armed Cessna's/Armed Vehicles) Zombies DayZ Style HUD Radiation Zone with High Zombie Spawn Custom High End Trader Citys which Sells Raid Kits/RPG's/Concrete Building Materials and Tanks/Jets/Armed Helicopters/Armed Vehicles. View Distance Revive Dead Players Improved Killfeed (show what gun/location) Homemade Trader Cities + Map Editions Respect Loadouts. Higher Respect --> better Loadout! Virtual Garage Halo Jump Custom Traders High Custom "Militarised" Loot Custom Map Content at all Trader Cities and Airfields Deploy Kart or Jetski Base Raiding (from cracking doors to hacking safes and virtual garages) Fully Configurable StatusBar Custom Day/Night Cycle Basespawn feature ( with a cooldown of 15min ) Bigger Lockers (5 million) BRAma Recipes App Anti-Theft in Safezones Reviving ServicePoints (rearm/repair/refuel) MarXet - Dynamic Player Market AntiHack Towing System Vector Building Anti Sky Base (max 20m) And much more little tweaks and additions! Come see for yourself
  6. Wuffy

    Tanoa Hardcore PVP

    Here on Tanoa Hardcore PVP, we are striving to create a highly modded mission that feels like a real survival with AI patrolling and zombies always on your trail you will need to fight every step of the way for even the simplest of things Fully customized configs for balanced long term game play.
  7. unrealedge

    Llama DayZ Exile

    Chernarus Winter map Zombies + random Hordes DMS Missions Roaming AI Helicopter taxi between traders Different snow effects (flurry, normal, blizzard, whiteout) CUP weapons and vehicles NIA weapons TRYK uniforms Extended base mod Advanced towing, rappelling, urban rappelling, sling loading Open Chernarus Project
  8. kakel_anders

    [SGU] Namalsk -HC- -1PP ONLY-

    Hello everyone! We are a group of mostly Swedish people who have hanged out together for a good couple of years. Usually we play MilSim-Arma but more and more of us have fallen for the survival-niche of the game. Thus we decided to put two Exile-servers to the world. This particular server offers alot of high-risk, high-reward. It's Hardcore as in 1st person only and no hud. To keep things interesting it offers no method of reviving neither is there any lockers for you poptabs We host all our servers on self-owned, top-notch rackservers with 1gb fibre. Features: - Roaming AI - Zombies - Hardcore difficulty - Namalsk Required mods: - Exile - Namalsk - Enhanced Arma Movement Come check us out at or speak to us at!
  9. T1bolus

    [I.Q.K] Hardcore Chernarus

    The server focus is on hardcore and as less rules as possible. Join the server and try to survive.
  10. papahyooie


    Battleborne Gaming Presents Battleborne Exile Namalsk - Zombie Survival Hordes A true hardcore zombie survival experience! Tired of deathmatch, Wasteland-wannabe servers? Want a deeper experience where endgame doesn't come without a price? ... Want to feel the pain of surviving in a harsh, deadly environment? Features Include: Zombie Hordes in towns, cities, and the wilderness Start with only the clothes on your back. Experience true fear! Traders only sell essentials. No high end weaponry, no vehicles, and no ammo. NO SAFE ZONES! Roaming "survivor" AI. No more aimbot AI who have better gear than you'll ever find. These AI are smart, but on the same playing field as you. More realistic and dangerous temperatures in the wild Modified loot tables. You won't find any high end weapons lying around in every house here. Low end civilian weapons only ... and even those are rare! Custom extended crafting: Craftable ammo, craftable territory flags, craftable bandages, and more! World-spawn vehicles save on restart! Rigid day/night cycle. NO DAY VOTES! Experience true old-school style zombie survival gameplay! Be sure to visit our forum Multiple Servers! Constant development!
  11. Darkpurge


    Looking for Zombies in HUGE amounts??!!! WE GOTEM Current ADDONS: Zombies & Demons DMS (AI MISSIONS) Status Bar CUP WEAPONS Community Base Add-ons (CBA) The only current coder is me :'( (which I'm fine with, don't have an issue coding) Currently looking for 2-4 more coders Please join HAVE FUN, KOS, and pvp, but don't forget about the zeds
  12. ArnieGAMES4U


    Frequent 60+ Hordes High Loot Missions Town Invasions Vehicle Patrols Revive Low Prices Tanks
  13. canuckbrian

    TFG Exile Namalsk

    FEATURES – CURRENTLY IMPLIMENTED Customized FuMS Mission System Uses a headless client Improves AI responsiveness Reduces load on the server for better player FPS Capture Missions Have to hold a position for a set amount of time Other players are notified of the capture attempt AI reinforcements Small Town Invasions Large Town Invasions Random Wilderness Missions Dynamic Roaming AI Customized Loot Table Customized Traders CUP Weapons NATO Rus Vehicles Custom Trader Cities Zombies & Demons Large hordes will spawn randomly on players Walkers only (no jumping zeds) Can throw cars around Won’t show up near your base Won’t show up in trader cities RZ Infection Players can become infected Will make coughing and vomiting sounds Will lose vision as infection progresses Use Pills to delay the infection Use an Injector to cure the infection Statusbar shows the infection amount Enigma Revive System Can revive a dead player Revived player has only 25% health Revived player cannot be revived again Gain respect for reviving a player Requires a defibrillator Helicopter Crashes AI Helicopter will spawn randomly off the coast Flies around to random waypoints Somewhere along the way it crashes spilling the loot it was carrying on the ground in crates Supply Drops AI Helicopter will spawn randomly off the coast Flies around to random waypoints Somewhere along the way it will drop a supply crate that will parachute to the ground Crate is full of useful items R3F Logistics Used for lifting and towing vehicles as well as transporting mission reward crates Little Birds cannot lift anything Ural’s, HEMMT, Zamak, Strider, Hunter, Ifrit cannot be lifted Every vehicle has a crate capacity separate from it’s real inventory Crates have different mass Larger crates can only fit in larger vehicles XM8 Apps Press 6 to turn on XM8. Click on “XM8 Apps”. Then select the App you want to use. Brings additional features to the XM8 Rules View Distance Settings Longer days, shorter nights Time is accelerated at night to keep it shorter 3:1 Day to night New players to the server that register an account on the website get a bonus 5000 tabs Has to be manually given by an admin COMING SOON Redeemable Items For Admin Rewards & Special Items More custom missions SERVER HARDWARE - Dedicated Physical Box Intel Xeon E3-1290v2 @ 4.1Ghz 16GB DDR3 SSD 1Gbps Dedicated Link Hosted in Vancouver, BC, Canada