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Found 11 results

  1. I'm looking to start a Tanoa server with Ryan's ZnDs and need some help in the config reqs.
  2. hello community, im trying to host a test server on my computer, have followed the setup instruction but cant seem to get this to work, getting stuck at the loading screen and then the server shuts down. are there any helpfull soles there who woud take a night and some teamwiwer and help me set this up?
  3. General_Jacob

    Host a Cup Terrains Map?

    Hey guys, Pretty simply I wanted to know if anyone knows a good amount about hosting one of the Cup Terrains Maps. I specifically really liked Bukovina for a small project I wanted to do, but I got the no entry bin\config.bin/cfgWorlds error and a bunch of others regarding my map grid. I took the server apart at the moment, but when its back together and running tomorrow ill post the actual RPT. I was just hoping someone who knows more than I do could provide a bit of guidance on that issue as I am aware its not completely uncommon. From the searching I did it seems my issue is most likely due to the addons part of the mission.sqm but I couldnt get it to work. All help would be seriously appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Yung teriyaki

    Picking the right server hosts

    Hi guys ! After playing on tons of exile servers i cant seem to find a server that really has all the mods i want so ive decided, why not make my own ? But heres the first obstacle i need to find a server host i cant exactly run a dedicated server because i dont have the room or the money i just want a 30 or so slot server for me and my group with a good amount of mods (nlarms rhs etc) and some misc scripts theres a large number of server providers but which one is the best ? or the most reliable ive heard stuff about a couple but i really cant make my mind up any tips ?
  5. Hello ! So , me and my friend bought a hosted server on GamingDluxe for Exile ( KOHLRABI ), 30 player slots etc. But we seem to get stuck at the setup, we want to have Chernarus on our server but we wanted to first test Altis to see if the server works how it should. We ran into many problems, first we were getting ang BattleEye error, fixed it by re-installing BattleEye, 2nd problem is that when we join the server we get stuck in the ground, no HUD , nothing. We began from scratch and installed Exile mod but now we can't even join the server, we click on join, loading screen appears for 5 sec and then it gets us back to the server browser. (using normal arma 3 launcher.) If someone could please assist us via Skype (screensahre) and tell us what we did wrong , it would be very helpful. NOTE : This is our 1st try making an Arma III Exile server.
  6. Hey guys i hope some of you can help me out a little i have played Exile before and liked it alot and i did host 2 servers before but whitout any big success so my question to you guys that know ALOT about it all, what do i need on a new server? 1. what are the most common mods servers run ?, and what mod not to use ? and why 2. is it possible to adjust the serverfiles so to like low/low in drop and spawn or medium/medium ? does exile mod allow that 3. any good idears anything that you think i shoud know about Thank so much guys, i know i sound like a noob and maybe i am but im trying
  7. SpaceWeed

    I need help!

    Hey! I am new here, and i really need some help. I bought a gameserver at a danish host (Because i live in Denmark), and i want to get Exile mod on my arma 3 server. I don't know how. Can you guys guide me through it, so i can play
  8. SpaceWeed

    I need help!

    Hey! I am new here, and i really need some help. I bought a gameserver at a danish host (Because i live in Denmark), and i want to get Exile mod on my arma 3 server. I don't know how. Can you guys guide me through it, so i can play
  9. DNFK

    Long Load Time

    Usually the server was up in 2 til 3 minutes but recently it is getting slower and slower and also this is only being setup this server is not a live server yet. Here is the RPT can someone maybe help me pin point the problem. The part that uses up most time is this "Warn: Shape '???' contains water texture however it does not carry a special class name. Consider craeting one to speed up the detection"
  10. TBsThug


    I hope I posted this in the right place. If not let me know and I will move it. This is very important information. There are SERVER HOST out there that when you shut down your server, DO NOT DELETE YOUR FILES. Many times when I rent a new server I find other owners files. Like today, I just found JustChil!'s files. Everything from scripts to PASSWORDS, YES I SAID PASSWORDS. When I shut a server down, I DELETE ALL MY FILES i.e. @ExileServer, MPMissions, server/config.cfg and more. That is after I backup my files. This is not just an EXILE problem, I find this goes for other mods. Just thought I would put this out there.