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Found 5 results

  1. i know there are instructions already but ppl are saying they are outdated and i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to ?
  2. MiffedLyric559

    How To Use Zip Ties?

    How do i use Zipties in exile?
  3. rentiger1112

    0.9.6 Snow Config Tutorial.

    So your running a Namalsk server and have seen on the forums there is now configurable snow right? Well how do I add said snow? Here is how. Around roughly 750 ish you will find: class Snow { // 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled enable = 0; // surfaces[] = {}; }; okay @rentiger1112 whats the next step?: Seriously click this link its there for a reason: scroll down to the bottom of the page there and its gonna give you a list of surface types: "#GdtStratisConcrete" "#GdtStratisDryGrass" "#GdtStratisGreenGrass" "#GdtStratisRocky" "#GdtStratisForestPine" "#GdtStratisBeach" "#GdtStratisDirt" "#GdtVRsurface01" "#GdtDirt" "#GdtGrassGreen" "#GdtGrassDry" "#GdtSoil" "#GdtThorn" "#GdtStony" "#GdtConcrete" "#GdtMarsh" "#GdtBeach" "#GdtSeabed" "#GdtDead" jasdhjkahdkj How to do this @rentiger1112? Are you stupid?!?! literally copy and paste man!: class Snow { // 1 = enabled, 0 = disabled enable = 1; // surfaces[] = { "#GdtStratisConcrete", "#GdtStratisDryGrass", "#GdtStratisGreenGrass", "#GdtStratisRocky", "#GdtStratisForestPine", "#GdtStratisBeach", "#GdtStratisDirt", "#GdtVRsurface01", "#GdtDirt", "#GdtGrassGreen", "#GdtGrassDry", "#GdtSoil", "#GdtThorn", "#GdtStony", "#GdtConcrete", "#GdtMarsh", "#GdtBeach", "#GdtSeabed", "#GdtDead" }; }; change the 0 to 1 to enable it and add your commas, there you made an array im glad I could hold your hand through the process.
  4. Vurama

    BE exception

    hello i have tried so far alot to try to add this restriction to my filter script.txt but it seems not working i need some help, restriction: #40 "ir; _section setpos _shipPos; }foreach _shipParts; _ship hideobject true; _ship hideobjectglobal true; { _x enablesimulation" my filter: #42 !="ir;\n_section setpos _shipPos;\n}foreach _shipParts;\n\n\n_ship hideobject true;\n_ship hideobjectglobal true;\n\n\n{\n_x enablesimulation" and i still get the same kick from battle eye appearing in the log again. would appreciate some help to solve it thx EDIT: Solved it thx
  5. c я ι м ᴱ★

    Hvordan får jeg spilt?

    Hvor skal jeg laste filene inn henne? Forstår faktisk ingenting..