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Found 4 results

  1. Thought I would share this simple script for the Improved XM8 Apps. It is very easy to make apps using this framework and I suggest everyone use it Be sure to open the ReadMe file for installation instructions. GitHub: Sneak Preview of what XM8 Apps Improved helped me do:
  2. vitalymind

    [Release] XM8 Repair Mate

    XM8 REPAIR MATE SCRIPT FOR EXILE MOD This script adds more advanced repair mechanics to Exile. Different items can be used to perform repair, some will be consumed as materials others are used as tools. There are 5 types of repairs for cars. They are engine, wheels, glasses, fuel and body. Script is highly configurable, and allows to set exact material costs and required tools for different types of repair. It is allowed to have materials and tools inside vehicle being repaired. Script requires improved XM8 apps to work. AUTHORS art and design - z3ro code - vitaly 'mind' chizhikov VIDEO FUTURE PLANS 1. Support for helicopters (mostly done, will be added soon) 2. Support for boats (WIP) DOWNLOADGet script from GoogleDriveSee open source at GitHub INSTALLATION
  3. vitalymind

    [Release] Improved XM8 apps

    Improved XM8 apps for Exile mod This script adds "apps" button to XM8. This allow use of custom scripts and slides in Exile This script doing essentially same thing as Shix xm8Apps, however, there are following deference: - Sliding functionality of Exile is used in natural way. - Go back button is there. - Script allow creating custom slides and use them naturally via exile`s functions. - Script does not take away any buttons, "Territory" button is shrinked to half size instead. - When XM8 is closed and opened last opened slide will be on, same way as Exile`s slides. - Whole system is very native to Exile, devs can easily integrate into exile any app, made for this system. - Detailed step by step guide, how to make own apps. Visit THIS thread for more info. - Support for legacy apps, those made for Shix`s xm8Apps. WARNING!!! This script MAY have problems with some existing apps. Old (legacy) apps SHOULD work. "GO BACK" button may be broken, how to fix it, read in legacy\legacyAppInstall.txt If you are author of app, and you would like to adapt it to new system, please read legacy\legacyAppAdapt.txt, there you will find instructions and examples. AUTHORS code - vitaly 'mind' chizhikov art - z3ro and DaCoon original idea - Shix AVAILABLE APPS Here is a list of apps made for Improved XM8 apps. PM me to add your app to this list. - XM8_Apps_IGURules by @Jamie - XM8_Apps_ViewDistance by @Jamie VIDEO See how this script works, on example of Repair Mate, along released vehicle repair script FUTURE PLANS 1) Get feedback on forum 2) Make requested features 3) Conquer the galaxy DOWNLOAD Get script from GoogleDrive See open source at GitHub INSTALLATION MAKING OWN APP See this thread to find out how to make own apps for this framework. Feel free to ask questions there!
  4. MAKING OWN APP FOR IMPROVED XM8 APPS Feel free to ask questions and leave comments here. In this thread i will try to help you out in creating your app with improved XM8 apps framework. Disclaimer This guide assumes you have lesser scripting skills, i will try go step by step and keep things simple. However some scripting knowledge still required. Overview This guide will help you create your app in such a way that it will be compatible with Improved XM8 apps. Before reading this guide, download Improved XM8 apps from HERE. There you will find empty app and example app. First can be used as blank project, second as "how to" reference. Don`t hesitate to read through Example app, it is HEAVILY commented and should have all needed info to make your apps even without reading this guide, given you have enough skills and understanding of sqf. This guide is useless without example app, as example app have alot of comments and explanations, Also see repairMate for numerous GUI elements examples. Structure of both apps is identical to structure of emtpyApp. Also see example mission. Open mission in editor with Exile mod enabled. Preview mission. From scroll menu press "open XM8". This will simulate XM8, and you will be able to test your app FAST. There are no "server side" staff of course, but user interface is essentially same as on real server. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 This actions will give you slideable app, to which you can add controls, effects and mechanics. The rest is up to you, figure out what GUI elements you need and create them. Use example app as reference, see functions.txt for GUI making functions. Please don`t hesitate to ask for help! BUT do not ask to do it for you!