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Found 4 results

  1. hawkstride

    BlackHarez Exile

    BlackHarez Exile is a fairly new server. The Server is on the map Chernarus The server has the following: DMS (AI Missions), Roaming AI (Groups of AI, vehicle patrols and heli patrols around the map) Do not expect it to be easy. InfiStar (Admin tool/AntiHack) Status Bar (located at the bottom of the screen, displays health, hunger and water ETC) The server has nothing too over the top vehicle wise No attack helicopters or jets, the most over the top thing is perhaps a t34/85m (very easy to take out single Rocket does the job) IP: Port (if needed): 2302 Server name: BlackHarez Exile you can find the server in A3Launcher, Server uses Exile mod, Cup units, Vehicles, weapons, map, terrain and CBA.
  2. [MG] Dolphin Exile

    Welcome to Exile. We're an Exile server attempting to be the best we can be. We started on the 15th of July, 2016. Our goal is to have quite a lot of players who are happy and active staff. Enjoy your stay, here's some of our features: Random Missions (DMS) Contaminated Zombie Island (Gas Mask Needed, Higher loot here) [Ryan's Zombies] Checkpoint at Zombie Island with passive AI. Tanoa Map. Bridge to Zombie Island. (Marked with three Xs on the map) Custom Build for trader at Airporte Dé Tanoa. No mixers - replaced with crafting benches. Active staff. Website support. Lock picker. 4-hour auto restart. infiSTAR Admin tools & AntiHack. Status bar. And much more!
  3. Morpheus -


    A new idea to Exile Hey Guys, we offer many similar features to the majority of Exile Servers. However, we have decided to add a new approach. We understand you need a safe place within the first few days of exile. This is why we now have a Bambi Hotel and a Bambi Bus. The Bambi bus travels regularly from Kavala to Pyrgos with a real driver (not ai). In addition, the Bambi Hotel provides you with a room for 3 days. Within the room is 2 storage crates for you to take advantage of. Each room has a unique code that only you will know for the duration of your stay. After that, we hope you gain enough resources to be successful on our server.
  4. Vercetti

    AGN Namalsk Exile 0.9.6/1.56

    BASED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM Are you looking for a quick and simple server to join? Then this might be the server for you! Specifically based around PVP, we do have AI Missions, Cap Points and Increased loot spots for you entertainment. Please make sure you have the following add on's installed in your Arma 3 directory Exile & Namalsk (You can find these mods on the Exile Download Page or A3Launcher) It is highly recommended that you verify your downloads otherwise you might not be able to join! DOWNLOAD THE LATEST EXILE AND NAMALSK! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY PLAYERS JOIN WITH THE WRONG VERSION! Scripts / Add on's DMS AI Missions Zupa Cap Points Additional scripts and add on's will be added soon! Features Stable FPS: 60+ Increased Range Status Bar 5,000 Pop Tab Start 200 Respect Start 10,000 Pop Tabs when you join our Teamspeak x1 Builders Box when you sign up to our forums Connect See you there!