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Found 14 results


    [WOLF]Exile ChernarusRedux

    All gameplay styles allowed. Moderate to hard difficulty. Still tweaking and open to suggestions. - Random AI - Scavenging and loot spawns - AI Missions - Infection
  2. Chris780

    NightZ RP - Exile Role Playing

    We are an old community starting up again after 2 years since we closed our previous server [Survival Warfare Roleplay]. Yes, we do not have a big player base at the moment but this is normal procedure for every new server, we are looking for a comitted player base that can help contribute to an apocalyptic roleplay community by creating unique characters and adapting to the storyline as we venture out to find the cure. The outbreak began 10 Years, 3 Months, and 12 Days ago. At least that's when it hit the News. At the time the speculation was that a reaction from the Chernoybl disaster was causing a severe skin irritation. Obviously 10 years later we learn that is clearly not the case. The outbreak is thought to began in Ukraine then spread quickly into Chernogorsk, Russia, followed by the Middle East and Europe. Within 24 hours of the first news coverage of the illness, all flights coming into North and South America were grounded. The United Kingdom quickly called upon its Allies in the United States to supply assistance via the CDC and USAMRIID. The United States responded and agreed to assist it's fellow allies. It is believed that upon the transfer of data and culture samples the virus became active in the contental United States. After the epidemic reached an uncountable death toll of at least one million, the United States, United Kingdom(Canada), Russia, and China bounded the Collation of Emergent Resources to respond to the deadly attack. Throughout the short research the USAMRIID found Russian Resources and geography more suitable to fight and cure the disease. US, Chinese and UK forces began to spread across the Asian land in search of a cure.
  3. plozaq

    The Walking Dead

    It's been three years since the outbreak. The world is a very different place now, desolate and void of life with reanimated, decaying corpses serving as a ghostly reminder of those we once loved and of how things used to be. Humanity is a thing of the past and those who try to hold onto it usually die trying. It's kill or be killed, fight the dead ... fear the living. Will you survive ... The Walking Dead? Server is running : Exile Server 1.0.3f, DMS, Occupation, Ryan's Zombies (ExileZ 2), Claim Vehicles and Advanced Towing. Required addons client side : Ryan's Zombies, RZInfection and Femal3 (optional) AI survivors can be recruited to join you. Please do not try to join this server if you have any other mods loaded other than those stated above under client side. You will not be able to. We are stating this as many people keep attempting to join and then are being kicked because of having an incorrect mod list. (Rules on XM8 : Server restarts every 6hrs, game time is 8am to 8pm: Contact email - Discord name - plozaq)
  4. [Slay] Mr.Skrotum

    Guten Tag, Willkommen schön das sie es zu uns gefunden haben. Bevor ihr euch fragt was will ich den mit denen anfangen? Diese Frage ist berechtigt aber unfair. Jeder verdient eine Chance! Wir haben das ziel einem Exile Server zu Führen. ein kleines Anfänger Developer Team mit viel Potential und Script Kenntnisse versuchen sich an einen reibungslos laufendem Server mit dem ziel konstante Spieler zu halten und zu unterhalten. Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß! Good day, Welcome nice that they have found it to us. Before you ask what do I want to start with them? This question is justified but unfair. Everyone deserves a chance! We have the goal of running an Exile Server. A small beginner developer team with a lot of potential and script knowledge try to maintain and maintain a smooth running server with the goal constant player. Have fun! Donation Link PayPal.Me/KevinKowalik Wir Bedanken uns für jede Spende! We thank you for every donation!
  5. Pr1cK


    JOIN US JOIN US SmallBatchGaming presents it’s new Arma 3 Exile server. Appropriately named, SBG EXILE-Z|RZ-INFECTION|100K TABSTART|DMS AND OCCUPATION Map: Altis The server comes with just a two mods right now they are listed as below: Zombies and Demons A Workshop Mod for Arma 3 Author: Ryan This mod adds zombies and demons throughout the map mainly in the major cities, military infrastructures, and a handful of other locations. RZinfection_for_eXpoch A Workshop Mod for Arma 3 Author: MusTanG This mod adds infection that is spread through contact with zeds, it also adds cures for the infection a pill(temporary) and an injector(permanent) as exile consumables. The same server rules apply on here as they do on many other servers. No hacking. No exploiting. PvP is allowed and base raiding is encouraged. We have a 150 slot teamspeak available (hop in to ask questions We also have 7D2D, Arma 3 Life (in development), Conan Exile, Rust, as well as a Modded MC server up at this time. Hop in for some fun, looking for exp. staff join TS for info
  6. [GC] lutz!p0

    SOS Gaming Exile

    Server IP: Beschreibung: Wir bieten ein ausgiebiges Basebuilding, eine erweiterte Spielmechanik, ein vernünftiges Marktsystem und eine gute Performance. Alle 4 Stunden wechselt der Server nach dem Restart zwischen PVE und PVP. Während der PVP Phase erhalten Spieler mehr Respekt sowie Geld durch Missionen und erleiden weniger verluste durch Tote. Während der PVE Phasen ist der umgekehrte Faktor der Fall.
  7. GZRep

    Exile Customized

    PilgrimGaming™ - We're all just along for the ride! PilgrimGaming™ is an open gaming community that provides friendly, socially rewarding gaming experiences to the gaming public. We’re PC-focused, but our members play many different platforms and games together. We also operate our own dedicated servers. It’s hard to have a good social experience gaming online. On most public servers, few players use voice chat, and text chat only goes so far. Trolls and jerks are everywhere. PilgrimGaming™ offers an antidote! You’ll find our community active and friendly. Our team of volunteer admins actively keeps the trolls and cheaters out. Best of all, PilgrimGaming™ is open to everyone — there are no applications, prerequisites, or approval processes. You’re a member of the PilgrimGaming™ community from the moment you start playing with us. Missions & AI # Dynamic soldier missions spawned with different difficulty levels. # Radiation zone supply crates guarded by soldiers. # Zombies at the radiation zone. # Supply drops. # Heli Patrols & Heli Crashes. # All enemy soldiers are recognized by the blue soldier outfits. Click here to download Zombies & Demons Custom Map Additions # Custom spawn points, radiation zones, trader city. # Aircraft carriers spawn at sea. # Custom boat, airport, scuba and waste dumps traders. # All gas stations have a Fast Food, Vehicle Parts, Vehicle Customs trader and a locker. # Bridge added between the north-west and main island. # Radiation border trader. Vote Night or Day # You can vote for night or day by using one of the chat commands below. # You need to wait for 15 minutes between each vote. # A minimum of 51% of the online players will need to vote. # Chat Commands: “vote night” or “vote day”. Advanced Vehicle System # All locked vehicles owned by you in your own territory, is protected after restart. Protection is disabled when you log back in or someone unlocks it. # Advanced vehicle repair and salvage. Dark Zones # Capture Points that spawn in random selected cities. # You must be inside the inner colored circle constant for 10 minutes to capture. # There are 3 waves of Soldiers within the 10 minutes to capture. Militarized # Tanks, Armored and APC vehicles. # Regular and Anti Air Launchers. Vehicle Rearm # The rearm feature can be located in the trader city. # Armored Cars, Tanks, and Heli’s can be rearmed. # You need to be within 40 meters from the green military structure at the trader to see the option on the scrollwheel. # Vehicles can only be rearmed at the trader city to balance PVP. PilgrimGaming Headquarter # This area is used for testing and player support. # Locker and waste-dump traders. # Admin Events trader. # Fast Food trader. # Office trader. JSRS SOUNDMOD Support # JSRS SOUNDMOD is a sound modification for ArmA 3. # This modification is optional on our server, but really recommended. Click here to download JSRS Other Features # Option to steal territory flags are removed due to PVP balancing. # New players recieve 25k poptabs in their locker. # Advanced train simulator. # Advanced flight mode. # Extended loot search system. # Revive system. # Respect based loadouts. # Advanced towing. # Custom weather cycles. # Fog is turned off. # No nights, unless players vote for it. # Full moon nights when there is clear skyes. # Claim server and mission spawned vehicles. # Only wood structures can be breached. # Stamina and fatigue is turned off. # Fuel can only be purchased at gass stations or by draining other vehicles. # Territory protection-fee due date login notification. # Custom status bar and restart warnings. # Custom kill messages. Custom XM8 Apps # View Distance Tool. # Vehicle Check Tool. # Remote Security. # Recipes App. # Nearby Player Scanner. # Private Chat.
  8. dadirusso

    [NOD] PVP - 20K - AIRDROP - FPS

    [NOD] PVP - 20K - AIRDROP - FPS - REVIVE - AI - RHS - ZOMBIE It's a new survival server that needs new brave and hard players! Server mods: Exile RHS:AFRF RHS:USAF RHS:GREF Zombies and Demons RzInfection Extended Base mod Advanced Urban Rappelling Arma Enhanced Movement Optional : BlastcorePhoenix ------------------------------------------- On our server there are: -Hand gas grenade (green) -Vehicle rearm at gas stations(or buyable ammo truck) -Car towing -Box loading on offroad, trucks and some helis -Scary night -Zombie hordes -Infection -Drop at Airfields -Radzones and anti rad mask -Ground and Air patrools (NPC) -Missions -24hours day for one restart. Restart every 4 hours
  9. dadirusso


    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" width="560" height="95" alt=""/></a> [NODZ] PVP|20K|FPS++|REVIVE|ROPES|AEM|AI|24H|CRATES| It's a new survival server that needs new brave and hard players! Server mods: Exile RHS:AFRF RHS:USAF RHS:GREF Zombies and DemonsRzInfectionExtended Base mod Advanced Urban Rappelling Arma Enhanced MovementOptional :BlastcorePhoenix ------------------------------------------- On our server there are: -Hand gas grenade (green)-Vehicle rearm at gas stations(or buyable ammo truck)-Car towing-Box loading on offroad, trucks and some helis-Scary night-Zombie hordes-Infection-Drop at Airfields-Radzones and anti rad mask -Ground and Air patrools (NPC)-Missions-24hours day for one restart. Restart every 4 hours
  10. dadirusso

    [NODZ] SurvivalExile

    It's a new server based on the survival in the apocalyptic world. I've made it server just because between all servers I've doesn't found anything of interesting
  11. GZRep Exile Tanoa

  12. ALEEDI

    YoBrasil Exilez Altis

    Is a Exile Server based in altis Island, with a lot of any kind of weapons, vehicles and planes. It have zombies and when they atack you turn infected and you need antiviral or you will die. You are protected in all safe zones, where you can buy all stuff you need to survive.
  13. dadirusso


    [NODZ] PVP|20K|FPS++|REVIVE|ROPES|AEM|AI|24H|CRATES| Server mods: Exile RHS:AFRF RHS:USAF RHS:GREF Zombies and Demons RzInfection