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Found 3 results

  1. DrRaccoon

    [CLOSED] InfiniSTAR Global Ban?

    Hey all, So Im posting here because I'm not getting any response on my Support case with InfiniSTAR. I've been playing on the EXILE servers without any issue for months (really been loving it, playing with a few friends). Though suddenly the last time I started up and connected to a server running InfiniSTAR, it booted me out and said "Global Ban". How? I've been playing just fine on other Exile servers running InifiSTAR when suddenly I'm global banned? I have no problem playing on other servers running only battle-eye. The only reasoning I can think of is I know back when DayZ mod was a huge craze, I got addicted to that. My account got compromised (there was some software on my system that extracted my game key out of my registry, not my steam account). As a result, It was banned on Arma 2 Battle-eye. I had to buy a new copy on a different steam account just to keep playing and it sucked ( I now use unique passwords everywhere now). Did the ban carry over? What can be done about this InfiniSTAR Ban? Did my GUID or something get compromised again? Any direction would be awesome as its killing me to be the one sitting out because of some sudden unexplainable ban. My GUID: 76561197974885606 My Steam Profile: A few of the others I've been playing with but are not banned(?): [EDIT] Those accounts listed at the end arent my accounts. Those are friends I play with frequently. I didnt know if there could be some cross checking to show that we have honest KDR's, and we dont do anything wrong on the servers.
  2. Skylusion

    [EU] Miri's Exile PVE | Tanoa |

    Mods required: Exile mod (1.0.2) RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation RHS: United States Armed Forces Extended Base Mod Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Sling Loading Arma Enhanced Movement Arma Enhanced Movement: Exile pbo Ryan's Zombies and Demons Addons and script: Every 3 hour Server restart Contaminated island -> PVP Island ( removed contamination ) PVE PVP Events + Loot AI missions Roaming AI Heli Crashes Lifting & Towing Hard AI Safe Zone Traded City's With and without Save Zone's Infistar Exile Custom Missions
  3. Hello Every time I join an Exile server everything works until I spawn in. I'm able to switch communication channels, see the GUI icons and see the area of the map that I'm spawned in except I can't walk and there's an error on my screen saying: "script welcome.sqf not found". When I click this I'm just booted back to the lobby. I have verified all the mods in the A3 launcher and they're all fine and I have verified ARMA 3 itself on Steam which is also fine. Here are the mods I have installed for ARMA 3: I have never been able to join an Exile server before and have always had this problem. I did some research and the ONLY thing I could find was this which just blames infinistar and a chat room where a person was told to make their own welcome.sqf but never said where to put it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have not tried reinstalling ARMA 3 and all my mods because that's around 30-40GB of data and I have extremely slow internet and it would take around 2 days. I will try this as a last resort. Thanks in advance, ~Space.