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Found 369 results

  1. DieElite

    [Exile] (Malde) Server

    Ihr sucht einen interessanten Server? Dann seit ihr bei uns ganz richtig! Auf dem Server spielt ihr ums überleben. Sei es das ihr euch gegenseitig bekriegt oder einfach ein paar Zombies umhaut durch den Mod Exile Mod habt ihr die Möglichkeit Waffen, Rüstung, und vieles mehr zu finden um es auch zu verkaufen, um euch Geld zu beschaffen. durch den Mod Extended Base könnt ihr eure eigene Base bauen nur seit auf der hut sie könnter von anderen Spieler Überand werden . wie oben erwähnt könnt ihr in gewissen gebieten auch zombies töten die euch dann selbstverständlich auch Loot bringen dazu kommt das das wir Missionen haben das heist auf der karte wird euch einen Missions ort angezeitg, wenn ihr euch dort hinbegebt klatscht einfach alles um was ihr seht an Gegner dort bekommt ihr natürlich massig Loot und auch Autos die ihr im weiteren Spielverlauf gebrauchen könntet. , wenn euch das hier angesprochen hat schaut der gerne mal auf unserm Server vorbei. IP: Was ihr noch benötigt ist Arma3Sync arma sync link: oder Steam Workshop Dort findet ihr alle mods, die ihr benötigt um auf dem server spielen zu können. Gepsielt wird auf der Map Malden
  2. This is a guide geared for all server owners new and semi experienced. There is material dedicated just for hosting servers as well as more advance material for all server owners. There is also a detailed explanation of the infiSTAR AntiHack and Admin Tools installation. I made this guide to hopefully decrease the amount of "I'm Stuck" post on the forums. If you think I should change or add something let me know. There will be additions in the future. The instructions on installing infiSTAR AntiHack and AdminTools starts on page 17 of the guide. Server Owner Guide v2.0 READ THE GUIDE BEFORE CONTACTING ME. If you need help with something, I will provide assistance. However, don't contact me with a question that I covered in my guide. Also, set up a Altis server before you try to tackle a map like Chenarus. Note: The links that send you to pages inside of the guide itself don't work unless you download the guide. Future Updates: Customizing Exile Settings Chenarus Redux Setup CHANGE LOG:
  3. I was tired of people asking me one by one how to install infistar. I felt there was a better way to explain this so that anyone could not only DO the task but also understand WHAT they were doing. The instructions are a challenge and the reference to the @Folder in your start.bat is totally unneeded and very confusing to people. Rather than pasting calls and do this do that - I show people what "this and that" means. Here is my install video showing the easy way - Updated for the new additions in the Description.ext. (Version 90)
  4. MechSlayer

    Add new options to InfiSTAR

    Hey, we bought infistar and we'd like to add some new options, is it possible?
  5. XM8CustomDeployBike XM8CustomApps (InfiSTAR) Deploy Bike System by exceptionptr (0x2AFF) Want another feature? Just ask Have fun!
  6. Ndp1415

    FOG DayZ Chernarus 2035

    Failover Gaming has existed for about two years now. We are a growing community and are looking forward to continuing that growth! Why should you join our server? Well, this server is a highly militarized server, reminiscent of The gold old DayZ Epoch, you start with 50 thousand Poptabs, which is more than enough to get you into a decent load out, and a nice vehicle to get you into the fight almost immediately! You are capable of deploying your good old friend the Mozzie Helicopter to get you to the trader that much sooner after spawn! Roaming AI and copious amounts of missions will keep you entertained for Hours on END! Once you have entered the fight and established yourself, you will get respect, (duh), but with the implementation of respect based loadouts, you will always be ahead of the curve even if you are inevitably killed. New players will receive 5k respect, putting you into the second respect class, allowing you to buy even more powerful items!
  7. kidesh

    Where is Infistar??

    So, Where has @infiSTAR gone? Been trying to contact him but he gone Not seen any of his forum section been answered by him either?
  8. Otto Rosmarus

    [] DayZ Exile Napf

    Welcome to The International Gamers Federation It is a pleasure to have you join us. We are a growing community of friends, united by our love for gaming. We welcome you to our family. Our DayZ Exile server is one of a kind. While we may have some features that other servers do, it's our incredible attention to detail, awesome staff team, and experience in the industry that sets us apart from other communities. Our Management Team have been developing, administrating, and managing game servers and communities for more than 10 years combined. We at the International Gamers Federation create fun, memorable experiences and lay the foundation for life-long friendships. Play with us and you will find your second home. But enough about our awesome community, let's talk about the server... SERVER FEATURES [Required Addons + Connection Info Below]: Step back in time to those nostalgic moments of Arma 2 DayZ Overpoch and relive the glory days on Napf Island. Zombies. Lots of zombies (but not tooo many). We've brought back zombies to get that classic DayZ vibe. RHSAFRF and RHSUSAF are on the server. Play around with cold war and modern vehicles, weapons, and uniforms. Completely custom traders and trader cities. We have devoted a lot of time to ensure that our traders and trader cities have a realistic feel. After all, there's been a war and apocalypse, so expect some sketchy looking places. Completely custom DMS missions. Our AI missions are challenging but rewarding - with up to three running at a time, even during low population periods you will have no problem finding a fight (if you so desire). Custom survivor camps with loot spread across the map. Carry a radio on you near the north-east part of the map for a surprise - soon Random lootable heli and car crashes. Persistent vehicles across the map. Worry no longer about finding an awesome vehicle and putting all of your gear into it only to find it gone when you log in the next day. Non-persistent vehicles that spawn at missions can be claimed by using a codelock. Persistent time and weather. 4 hour days and two hour nights with varying weather. Let's just say you don't wanna be playing this alone at night. Revive scripts. Get chomped on by a zombie, or shot by a bandit? If one of your "friends" are carrying a CPR medkit, they can bring you back from the dead! If they're not carrying one, are they really your friend? Discord integration. You can manage your territory and get notifications from our Discord server. Link to join below. Getting chased by zombies or disgruntled survivors? Climb over a wall, or onto a roof and escape them using Enhanced Movement! Alternatively, if you're stuck on a roof and have rope, repel down! Escape never looked so easy. Spot a sweet vehicle but you're already in one? Tow it or lift it back to base and keep it. It's yours now. Hacking and grinding are viable options, but take a while to complete. Make sure you bring some friends to cover your derrière. Automatic restarts every six hours with warnings (All times EST: 12am, 6am, 12pm, 6pm) ensure everything is running like a well oiled machine. InfiSTAR antihack. To keep the experience fun and makes helping players much easier. Optional acceptable addons are available in our Workshop Collection [below] for an enhanced experience. Ambient DayZ music [currently being worked on, not yet available], advanced towing, airlifting, & repelling, Blastcore edited, and JSRS sound mod. Private, locked Teamspeak channels available for groups for discreet and instant communication. Restrictions apply, see our website [link below] for more info. PLUS MORE. We can't list everything here, you need to come check for yourself We're working on lots of new and exciting features, as well as improving current ones. Follow our progress on our website. OTHER NEED TO KNOW INFORMATION [ADDONS AND LINKS]: Download all the necessary addons to join our server through our collection on the Steam Workshop: Join us on Discord: At this time, our server is still in development. Some features are subject to change. You may experience some bugs while on our server. We have grand plans, and we hope that you can be there to witness them become reality. Expect slightly lower populations than usual, but rest assured that we are working hard to have everything finalized shortly. We have to start the ball rolling somewhere We encourage everyone to get involved in our community. You can learn more about how you can get involved by visiting and registering on our forum: Playing is more fun with friends! Use the discord link to invite your friends to our community - after all, we need your help to grow our family ALSO: We are actively developing a completely custom Arma 3 Zargabad Life server. Check out our Discord or website for more information on that! We hope this post has piqued your interest. We hope to see you on our server soon!
  9. bou_ray

    Infistar vs battleeye filter

    Hello I just installed infistar on my server and I was setting up its filters. Battleeye already has a list of filters that I have been editing, for the mods I have installed. Do I just overwrite my battleeye filters and only use Infistar's? Do I merge the Infistar filters into my Battleeye filters, so I have both? Do I go back through my mods and add Collective Uniqueness to the Infistar's Own? I've read the instructions and all I have to work on is Infistar to put its filters in the Battleeye folder, which will overwrite everything.
  10. Outlawedz

    immersive cigs

    Hey guys. trying to use the immersive cigs mod, everything is placed in game fine. get the lighter/matches/pack of smokes, but there is suppose to be a action on the action menu to use and its not there. think it may be somehting with infistar blocking it. anyone got any ideas?
  11. Jacobob

    Installing Infistar XM8 Apps

    Hi all, Im kinda new to developing been on and off for a while and can someone please give me some instructions on how to install the Infistar XM8 Apps it says to "(infiSTAR.de_xm8apps\@infiSTAR_customApps\addons\a3_infiSTAR_Exile_customApps\app_defines.hpp) in a text editor." which ive found and then where do you put the apps? it just says "It is self explaining :)" so my question is where do you put these? thank you all Jacobob
  12. Papo Neltelo

    Server Kick Admin

    I Tried to log in into the server but after I joined it says that there are no bad scripts and then it takes me to the server list main menu. Any idea on how to fix? @infiSTAR 8:58:39 "< FNC_AH_KICKLOGSPAWN> Papo Neltelo(76561198017217277) Token yqulf67duoua77 - objByNetID R Alpha 1-1:1 (Papo Neltelo) REMOTE" 8:58:39 "<>SL| 0h 39min 15s | Papo Neltelo(76561198017217277) | Player is BADTYPE (invisible hack?): Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer - 0.844971 false false (KICKED TO LOBBY)" 8:58:39 "<>KickLog| Papo Neltelo(76561198017217277)" 8:58:39 Successfull attempt to execute serverCommand '#kick Papo Neltelo' by server.
  13. KinqPac

    [GER] Team nexTic - Exile Altis

    Exile Altis Server - Informationen Der Server bietet folgendes an: Towing System (ermöglicht Fahrzeuge mit einem Seil zu transportieren) Revive System (ermöglicht Spieler innerhalb von 2 Minuten mit einem Defi wiederzubeleben) Extended Base Mod (ermöglicht viele Erweiterungen Basen zu bauen) Missionen und random Ais Raid Gruppe (Wer innerhalb einer gewissen Zeit immer noch an der gleichen Position steht, wird eine Gruppe mit Ais diese Person bekämpfen wollen) Helikopter-Taxi (Der Helikopter nimmt verschiede Positionen zur Landung an, damit Spieler von dort aus spielen können) Most Wanted Bounty System (ermöglicht euch ein Kopfgeld auszusetzen) Infistar XM8 Apps a3_dms, a3_exile_occupation, a3xai, enigma_exile_revive, AdvancedTowing, Extended_Base_Mod Um auf den Server connecten zu können benötigt ihr: Extended Base Mod (Im Workshop auf Steam verfügbar) Wir besitzen auch einen Teamspeak³ Server. Dort könnt ihr mit euren Freunden oder mit der Community entspannt zocken. Wir wünschen euch noch viel Spaß beim spielen. Euer nexTic Team
  14. Hello. When I try and load into the server I just get stuck on debug (side of a hill) for about 30 seconds then get kicked to the main menu of the game. I disable the antihack it loads right in and works. tried it two times to make sure it wasnt just the server. I get an error on my client rpt: ExileClient - Error: Session request timed out". and server rpt: No player found for channel 2567045312 - message ignored I'll post my server and client rpt. But like I said I take infistar off my launch perams the server works. Hopefully theres a fix for this haha -client -server
  15. Rabid Panda

    [SOLVED] Server crashing

    Anyone ever seen this? 19:29:08 "<> START ERROR: PROTECTION: Server IP (2604:6600:2000:2f:436:b5d0:bffc:ff0a) is not whitelisted for 2eb93a18d1290565b62a08fa8a9d8ea7 - please go to ( to manage the whitelist." Both my server's IPs are whitelisted... I was getting getting some random IP in the error. Now this....
  16. This is for admins to be able to click to spawn a DMS mission through infiSTAR. The files included reflect MY bandit missions (I may add static but I have bespoke ones just for Napf so included a demo for you to create your own). Download: Code All instructions on the repository readme. This is a start of adding custom stuff for missions and maybe some events etc which I will add over time for you to look through and use but this does show defining the functions, defining the menu name and linking the two together so be gentle as I haven't been in this direction before. Thanks to @infiSTAR for initial help with double quotes and for creating a great admin mod.
  17. Mike-Lee-Toris

    Donation Link in XM8 Apps

    If i try to set a donation link all i get is an empty page: XM8 app_defines.hpp class customapp_10 { submenu = 1; toggleable = 0; text = "Spenden"; tooltip = "Spenden für den Server"; fnc = "call apps_fnc_donate;"; pic = "\exile_assets\texture\item\Exile_Item_XmasPresent.paa"; fn_donate.sqf disableSerialization; ["server", 0] call ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide; _display = uiNamespace getVariable ["RscExileXM8", displayNull]; (_display displayCtrl 4004) ctrlSetStructuredText parseText '<t align="center" font="RobotoMedium">Spenden</t>'; (_display displayCtrl 4091) ctrlShow false; if(isNil "HTML_LOAD_URL_DONATE")then{HTML_LOAD_URL_DONATE = "";}; (_display displayCtrl 4092) htmlLoad HTML_LOAD_URL_DONATE; ESC-Menu EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp /* What ESCAPE Menu shows */ ESCMNUTOP = "AntiHack & AdminTools"; ESCMNUBOT = "by"; BRIEFING_MSG = "false"; HTML_LOAD_URL = ""; ENABLE_PRIVATE_CHAT_MENU = "true";PRIVATE_CHAT_MENU_8GNETWORK = "false"; Tryed to replace the Link whit this one: if(isNil "HTML_LOAD_URL_DONATE")then{HTML_LOAD_URL_DONATE = "";}; HTML_LOAD_URL = ""; dosent make a change Where is my mistake?

    ExileEU Free Beer:

    Exile EU host fun servers with admin that do not abuse their we are too old to even be bothered with that type shit we play for fun & have a laugh whilst doing so. Our servers are not home servers and have a true 1GBs upload & Download throughput as well as not being a shared box like with hosting companies, our servers are also powerful and located in Datacenters so your experience should be a good one.
  19. McQuade

    DMS/ Occupation Rpt error

    In setting up ChernarusRedux server with DMS/Occupation encountered error that I can’t find to fix. The server will start but can never join. We have infistar, cup weapons/vehicles/units, EXad. Changed some Occupation settings when error came up. I can post any logs I have, if some one can please help. Last portion of RPT below. 20:24:20 "[OCCUPATION MOD]:: Occupation V69 (21-07-2017) Loading Config at 16.798" 20:24:20 Error in expression <N")) then { [_fileName,_logDetail] call FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error position: <FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: fnc_a3_customlog 20:24:20 File x\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLog.sqf, line 10 20:24:20 Error in expression <N")) then { [_fileName,_logDetail] call FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error position: <FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: fnc_a3_customlog 20:24:20 File x\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLog.sqf, line 10 20:24:20 Error in expression <N")) then { [_fileName,_logDetail] call FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error position: <FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: fnc_a3_customlog 20:24:20 File x\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLog.sqf, line 10 20:24:20 Error in expression <N")) then { [_fileName,_logDetail] call FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error position: <FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: fnc_a3_customlog 20:24:20 File x\addons\a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLog.sqf, line 10 20:24:20 Error in expression <N")) then { [_fileName,_logDetail] call FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log > 20:24:20 Error position: <FNC_A3_CUSTOMLOG; } else { diag_log >
  20. Cookies2302

    Weird server bugs

    I have recently started a server. On it we have infistar, infistar xm8 apps and a custom statusbar. All of these 3 work fine for a little while but after some time, some people lose some functions in infistar (everyone have the same permissions) and some lose the xm8 apps while others can still see them. The custom statusbar also disapears for some people while others still have it. If I wipe the server database then it works perfectly normal for everyone and everyone can see and use everything. I could really use some help on this matter as we are not able to wipe the server everyday. This is the rpt file:
  21. DeadCrypt

    No Friends Exile

    No Friends is here to target the hardcore gamers of Exile who like the nitty gritty first person only game play with dark nights and hard to come by NVGs that drew us all to the original DayZ mod from ArmA II. We know you guys have No Friends so why not (not) have them here with us on the No Friends Exile server? ========Mods======== RHSUSAF RHSAFRF Cup Terrains Core Chernarus Redux Ryans Zombies and Demons Enhanced Movement ========Scripts/Features======== DMS Missions (Hard AI) Vcom AI Revive system First Person only Dark Nights Shipwrecks Helicopter crash sights ExileZ (Walkers) Jets! Attack helicopters! APCs! 6k Start And many more! ============================= Rules This is PVP server don't whine about dying just say GG. Duping, hacking, exploiting is Bannable. Combat logging is Bannable. Logging out inside a enemy base is Bannable. No compensations for lost vehicles, loot, forgotten pins and codes. Unaccessible flag/safes/containers are not allowed. Terrirory protection is due every 8 days. What you can do. Play the game. Wait outside of the trader for someone but camping will get you blown up by an admin. Kill bambies. Wipe bases. Have fun.
  22. EclipseGaming2021

    SilentDespair|Exile Chernarus

    New server looking for players, I have hosted many servers in the past and i am excited to launch my Arma 3 Exile Server It has high loot, slow zombies, towing 25K start and much more to offer! We look forward to seeing you on the server!!
  23. UndyingThrone

    InfiStar F1 admin menu not opening

    So I am stumped, i have recently installed infiSTAR onto my server but when i run the server I am not able to open the admin menu. I am able to open the key bind menu for infiSTAR. I have read my rpt files and when i had infiSTAR in the @ExileServer it was missing the dlls. But when I ran infiSTAR as a server add-on I did not even have the key bind menu. I have the dlls in the @infiSTAR_Exile folder but due to my server host being how they are I can not move or upload the dlls to the main directory. Also if you guys see any other issues in my rpt Please Let me know. Thanks! RPT: sorry that the rpt is in a paste bin, the forums was saying some error about wrong value for Emojis
  24. Khalcifer

    infistar admin flag mark

    Hello, how can i change in infistar display on map flag teritory lvl to owner + ExileTerritoryLevel
  25. R3T2RN

    Infistar Ban?

    Hello Guys, I've played with my friend a year ago Exile without cheating etc. But as I start an Exile server this days, everytime I join came the message "You were kicked off". Maybe it's an infistar ban? Can somebody help me? Thanks!