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Found 5 results

  1. I use 3DEN Plugin for Items spawn(initServer.sqf) and SAVE similar but different code for the sqf... and not spawn! In Editor with 3DEN Plugin: IngameServer: I need to know in what way is correct... position coords = [14594.1,16751.6,19.0761] or with spaces [14594.1, 16751.6, 19.0761] turn coords = [[-0.707107,0.707107,0],[0,0,1]], or with spaces and without more square brackets: [-0.707107, 0.707107, 0], [0, 0, 1], , [false, false]], or , true], (and please explain what is this) Examples: OLD (initServer.sqf from last server files ) = ["Exile_Sign_Aircraft", [14594.1,16751.6,19.0761], [[-0.707107,0.707107,0],[0,0,1]], [false, false]], NEW (code generated from last 3DEN Plugin ) = ["Exile_Sign_Aircraft", [14594.1, 16751.6, 19.0761], [-0.707107, 0.707107, 0], [0, 0, 1], true], i need change to old style for work? i need only change true], to [false, false]], or what!? is very annoying... HELP!
  2. I'm looking for a way to import the objects and NPCs from my mission initServer.sqf and initPlayersqf files into EDEN so I can make some tweaks relative to those already in-game. I've tried a few things in the debug console but the parameters aren't translating correctly. Herre is an example of the format that my initServer.sqf contains: And initPlayer.sqf I only need to load them into EDEN, I will manually export and insert the new objects into their respective files. Any help here would be appreciated.
  3. Очень нуждаюсь в Ваших разъяснениях относительно МОДУЛЕЙ в РЕДАКТОРЕ. Изучив новые возможности редактора ARMA3, а именно "Модули редактирования местности", решил попробовать создать свою локацию для сервера Exilemod, в месте, где имеются другие (ненужные мне) объекты ландшафта. Работаю с помощью M3Editor и эксайловского плагина 3Den (с помощью которого делаю некоторые объекты симпл объектами). Ставлю модули (они скрывают объекты), настраиваю. Далее редактирую местность объектами ARMA. Сохраняю файлы в нотпад++ и переношу в initServer.sqf (в соответствующие разделы прайват и симпл объектов). А вот как модули сохранить я не знаю. Кто знает или кто поэкспериментирует сам и получит результат, прошу сообщить мне. Заранее вам спасибо. PS модуль позволяет убирать (скрывать) объекты карты и поверх них на чистое место ставить свои объекты. Можно изменить фигуру очищения с круга на квадрат, задать свои размеры, выбрать тип удаляемых объектов (здания, заборы, лес, прочее). Очень удобная фишка. Можно разместить миссию там где на карте лес или гражданские объекты заменить на военные. PS1 расположение модуля шаблоны/ системы/ модули / скрыть объекты ландшафта.
  4. I've been doing some map editing for my Tanoa server but have run into some roadblocks. I'm hoping to get steered in the right direction. What I was originally doing was importing the mission.sqm into Eden/M3Editor and placing buildings, copying and moving non-construction/safe zones, saving that file as mutiplayer and wrapping it back up into the .pbo. That's nice because I can see the objects as I manipulate the markers. The list of entities gets pretty long though. I had downloaded someone else's trader addition which consisted of adding include lines in the initPlayerLocal.sqf & initServer.sqf files pointing them to respective files in another folder. This seems like a nice way of compartmentalizing but I can't figure out how to generate the sqf's in Eden (they have the "Created with Exile Mod 3DEN Plugin" header). Tonight I made a trader in Eden and exported the objects, took that code, and pasted it into my mission.sqf and was stoked when everything loaded in... until I realized that everything was rotated in the wrong direction. I assume that Eden's rotation coordinates don't translate to the mission.sqf. So what is the best way to go about this? I'm not a coder and want a way that will allow me to easily differentiate the areas I'm creating. In the initServer.sqf I just ///commented the beginning and end of the objects and that would be fine. I keep finding partial information and introduction videos to several tools but nothing that really addresses these questions.
  5. ENG Hi, I want to share my Bridge, edited for Altis Map. *New LOOT ZONE added. *2 New Concrete Craft Zone. No lag, work fine. Easy to install. ITA Ciao, Voglio condividere il mio Ponte, editato per la mappa di Altis. *Nuova Zona di Loot nella Salina. *2 Nuove zone per Craftare Cemento. Non lagga, lavora bene. Facile da installare.