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Found 9 results

  1. Dr3aDnAuGhTz

    All sorted don't worry :)

    All sorted, I just created a VM and did it again and all worked :)
  2. sh22ter

    Loot spawn issues on server

    I am trying to get the lootspawns of my server to work. Joinable. you are able to join but some mods appear to be "red" in the arma 3 server browser. And you are practically unable to find Any loot at all. and if you do its crap mod @Exile;@CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Complete;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Units server @ExileServer;@AdvancedTowing;@marma
  3. VintageApparel

    No Loot Spawning In Chernarus?

    my server is working fine, only issue i ran into is there is not loot spawning at all on the map. I tried changing the loot tables but it still will not spawn? Any idea what is going on? Nothing is coming up on the logs.
  4. I am getting a black screen after i the loading screen on the server? here is my RTP - I am so lost
  5. [TSG]Madros55

    Launch Paramaters

    Can anyone help me with these paramaters @Exile;@ExileServer;@CBA_A3;@CUPUnits;@CUPVehicles;@CUPWeapons;@HAP;@HVP;@HWP;@extendedbase;@Ryanzombies -servermod=@infiSTAR_Exile; Not all the mods are showing up in the mod on arma 3 server browser and a3 launcher
  6. (Second post about this, not sure which section it really belongs in. Original - I'm looking for some assistance with some odd server issues and with finding a location to change the type of difficulty settings exile will use instead of just presets. 1: My server seems to be experiencing selective config.cfg syndrome? Changes I make to the hostname, passwordAdmin, ServerCommandPassword, maxPlayers, etc, will have an actual effect and change the way the server runs. Specifically, my MOTD outright refuses to play for anyone. *CURRENT FORMAT* motdInterval = 5; motd[] = {"Welcome to Gaming Allstars", "Read the server rules in your XM8" }; 2: I've been having to manually restart my server for the past several days, looking for more information on how automatic restarting is supposed to work via the config.cpp from server_config.pbo. Using the format below, my server also refuses to play any kind of restart warning for the server. Not sure if I've done something wrong here... --- This is another "selective syndrome" type file. Changes to time, weather, autolock, VehicleSpawn, etc, all work perfectly fine. Anything related to autokick, autorestart, and warning messages is 100% broken. *CURRENT FORMAT* serverPassword = "x-x-x"; (censored, same as in config.cfg serverCommandPassword) useAutoLock = 0; restartAutoLock = 3; restartTimer[] = {8, 0}; useAutoKick = 1; kickTime = 2; useRestartMessages = 1; restartWarrningTime[] = {30, 20, 10, 5}; 3: Looking for where exile actually stores its difficulty presets, "ExileRegular, ExileHardcore", and if they're editable.
  7. ViperLune

    Joining Servers Problem

    Hi, I am having some really bad issues trying to join server on Arma 3 Multiplayer. When i try join a server on any mod e.g Exile or Altis Life i get kicked in the lobby or either i get into the game start running around and within a minute or so i get kicked from the game on every single server i have tried which has been 10-15 servers. I have tried every trick in the book from uninstalling arma 3, the mods, verifying game cache on steam... Everything that could possible be wrong! I really hope you guys can help me out as its very frustrating and i only bought the game recently and haven't been able to get much use out of the game at all! I please hope you guys can help me Thanks for reading!
  8. hi, the mod at the moment does not let us craft more than 5 planks, also does not let us craft more than one floor or wall, as they disapper
  9. Bobsponge Trianglepants

    Raiding opinions

    Hello i have a very strong opinion about how base raiding should work. 1. The only parts of the base that can be breached would be doors and gates. Why? Because then it would make griefing sow easy and people can loose alot of progress and hours invested into the game in an istant. 2. Because of the statement i made above, if people could destroy the entire base, then it would make basebuilding pointless because the most logical thing would be to leave crates and safes in the midle of nowwhere very well hiden. What does everyone think about the points i made above?