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Found 90 results

  1. General_Jacob

    Item Listed Twice

    Hey guys, After adding all the cup mods to my server I have about 5000 (no joke, actually 5,000) lines in mt rpt stating various items are listed twice. Its not an error per se but I can't imagine thats normal. Can someone weigh in on this for me and teach a noob a few things? I would be very appreciative as I've manage (with the help of this community) to iron most things out and I would really like my server to be as clean as efficient as possible. Thanks heres the relevant part of the RPT for reference Edit: OK NOW ITS A PROBLEM I TAKE IT ALL BACK PLEASE HELP --> These are in the RPT now and I'm mind blown. Is the directory wrong for everything, and what do I change?
  2. MiffedLyric559

    How To Use Zip Ties?

    How do i use Zipties in exile?
  3. Hi Guys, got some trouble here.....for some reason nothing of my stuff i put into a supply box or into a safe, stays in it. everything is gone after server restart. Also, persistent vehicles are not staying in place after restart, or to be precise.....not after the first restart. Does somebody have an idea where to look for it? I´m new to exile server setup and i´m sitting here for hours now trying to figure out where the problem seems to be a DB issue but i have no clue how sql works. if someone would have the spare time to show me 2-3 things involved and might be able to talk to me via TS....would be highly aprreciated......english or german no prob thx guys
  4. Eichi


    An old-fashioned tool used to chop wood. The axe is one of the few melee weapons in Exile and part of the imaginary tool brand Foolbox. It is mainly used to chop down trees to gather wood logs. It can also be used to hurt other players. Killing another player with the axe will result in a special frag type called humilitation to get extra respect. Even though it is a melee weapon, it requires the swing magazine to be used. Depending on the armor level of the opponent, it takes up to three hits to frag another player.
  5. Eichi

    Wood Log

  6. Hey guys, i noticed there is no function to check if a player can recieve a object he is buying right now or it is not working correct. So for instance you got your bag nearly ful and still buy ammuntion which is a bit bigger(lmg ammunition) , you pay, but not recieve! It's not that problem if you buy ammunition, but when it comes to bigger and more expensive objects it can give a faulty gameplay. Greets guys!
  7. Eichi

    Fuel Canister (Full)

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  8. Eichi

    Metal Wire

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  9. Eichi

    Can Opener

    The Can Opener can be used to open tinned foods to achieve greater replenishment.
  10. Eichi

    Box of Screws

  11. Eichi


    Because, Arma. The Swing magazine is a virtual magazine that is required to throw melee weapons like the Axe. It does not spawn in buildings and cannot be bought at traders. Once you equip an axe, it just magically appears. Weapons are only functional in Arma if they have some ammunition. If there is none, the player cannot "fire". Each melee weapon is basically a normal gun with a limited range. So they are kind of a work-around to implement melee weapons.
  12. Eichi

    Bag of Sand

    A portable do-it-yourself sand castle.
  13. Eichi

    Bag of Cement

    Perfect for making shoes that fits every size! Cement was inveted by the Romans 2000 years ago.
  14. Eichi


    The MasterTools screwdriver gives you the option to crack into cars. But be aware, you cant have enough screwdrivers, because there is a chance of 50% failing.
  15. Eichi

    Surströmming (Raw)

    Rotten fish in pickle. Nothing more, nothing less. Being one of the most succesful exports of Sweden, Surströmming is probably the most disgusting canned fish mankind ever made. During the dark and bloody ages of the feared Vikings, when refridgerators did not even exist as blue prints, the babaric nords tried to prevent fish from rotting by putting it into salt water. Since proper cooling was not a given, it was kind of a brilliant idea to catch fish - which were living in salty sea water - and put it into water that contained even more salt to keep the fish fresh. As the nordic settlers where literally swimming in fish, they somehow liked the smell that dead and rotten fish produces. To keep this smell and cold taste as close as possible to the original, the head, eyes and bones were not removed before conserving the fish in salt. As a positive side-effect, Surströmming turned out to be a perfect protection against any type of mosquitos. It is said that Surströmming can make one throw up only by its smell. As opening a can of Surströmming in public transport or inside airplanes is considered a criminal act, some of the Swedish players were sent to Exile because of Surströmming. Effects Hunger +30%/20s Thirst -10%/20s
  16. Eichi


    Your personal assistant in Exile. The XM8 - also known as "Ex-Mate" - is probably the most important item to have in your inventory as it provides access to critical in-game functions. The XM8 runs its own operating system, called the XM8 OS. Similar to a personal assistent in form of a mobile tablet, you can use it to connect with other players or friends using the mobile 8G network. When you start the XM8 in Exile for the very first time, the 8G network is disabled. You will then not be able to connect with your friends. To switch the 8G network on, open the settings app and toggle the respective option. Your XM8 will remember that setting, so you do not have to enable it again at a later point. Be aware that while your 8G network is online, other players will be able to see you in the 8G network tab and invite you to parties. If you do not want to expose your online status or receive invites from other players, you can simply disable the 8G network. Keep in mind that you cannot invite other players to your party or territory while the 8G network is disabled. Check the upper right corner of your XM8 display to check the signal strength of your 8G network connection. To use the XM8, press 6 to bring up the tablet, then press the power button to turn it on. Keep in mind that if you throw away your XM8, you will obviously not be able to use it. Also, the XM8 is one of the common spawn load-out items, so every player spawns in with an XM8 equipped. This is also the reason while you cannot sell it for pop tabs. Known Problems Since the XM8 is more or less a stand-alone operating system programmed into the Arma engine, it relies on correct Arma 3 display settings. If you run Arma 3 on a resolution that does not match your native display settings, you may have trouble using the XM8. The reason for that is unknown, but Arma 3 requires you to actually know the aspect ratio of your screen and set it up correct in the Arma 3 display options. With the patch 1.56 "EDEN" of Arma 3, Bohemia Interactive has introduced automatic detection of the display ratio of your display. Please ensure that this is correct if you run into problems.
  17. Eichi

    Box of Matches

    Kill it with fire! A box of matches has exactly one use: To light a fire. In Exile you can only do that if you have some matches with you. One box of matches contains ten single matches. Each time you light a fire, a single match is consumed. If you end up having multiple boxes with you that only have a couple of matches left, you can use the combine magazines function to put remaining matches into a single box, ending up in more inventory space. You can find a box of matches in civillian lower case and super market loot areas.
  18. Eichi

    BBQ Sandwich (Raw)

    Some things shouldn't be canned.
  19. Eichi

    BBQ Sandwich (Cooked)

    Some things shouldn't be canned.
  20. Eichi


    A small bandage to stop bleeding wounds.
  21. Eichi

    Beef Parts

    A vegetarians nightmare.
  22. Eichi


    The universal auto-injector to regenerate health and stop bleeding wounds.
  23. Eichi

    Better Prisoners #03

    Third edition of the Better Prisoners magazine.
  24. Eichi

    Better Prisoners #02

    Second edition of the Better Prisoners magazine.
  25. Eichi

    Better Prisoners #01

    First edition of the Better Prisoners magazine.