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Found 16 results

  1. Extended Survival Pack (Mod) This mod is an expansion pack for the exile mod. This expansion pack is only for EXILE MOD! Exile mod 1.0.4 'Pineapple' Compatible It contains 165 items, 4 objects, mapmarkers, vehicles, base textures and many vehicle skins a fishing script and farming scripts. There are lists for all items classnames, objects classnames, mapmarkers classnames, base paint path (textures), vehicle classnames, crafting recipes, flaggen classnames, and vehicles skin path (textures) in the mod file. (scripts and lists) Feel free to use the Mod. But do not split it in parts or take pieces out of the Mod and change them. Please do not use these textures and models in any other mod pack unless you get my permission. Copyright [ServerAtze] ARMA PUBLIC LICENSE SHARE ALIKE (APL-SA) Support the Creator DONATE You want to test this mod, here is a server IP: Download Steam Workshop Download Armaholic Listed in A3 Launcher crafting recipes list preview images item classnames list objects classnames list marker classnames list flaggen classnames list vehicles classnames list vehicles skin path list base paint path list trader item prices list Super Advanced Repair System very to recommend. If you do not like the Exile standard repair system. Events and scripts Farming scripts: DOWNLOAD Weed farming Mushrooms farming Mining Fishing script: DOWNLOAD Have Fun
  2. Mattmad1234

    Adding new Gas Masks

    I have the mod STALKER Equipment loaded on my server and I was wondering if there was anyway to get the gas masks included in this mod to work like the base Exile gas mask in radiation zones? If there is anyway to accomplish this please let me know, thanks!
  3. Syntace'HD+

    Set sell respect

    Hi guys, is there a option to set the respct for a specific item to sell? I added Gold and Silver to the Trader "Buy" and "Sellprice" are the same. You have to store Gold or Silver in your base because locker amount isnt that high. But atm players can buy gold for 500k and sell it for 500k and also get 50k respect. So how do I make that they dont get any respect for selling these items? Thy
  4. Greetings all, I would like to try limiting the amount of ammo/guns ... actually everything sold at traders.... thus forcing players to scrounge/kill and be more resourceful. I know how to add/remove items however adding the code to set quantities is another matter. Help Please.
  5. StonedReality

    SR Price Balancing and Loot Table Assistant

    SR Price Balancing and Loot Table Assistant. You are welcome to edit this spreadsheet as you see fit, but if you break it, you fix it. Make sure you download and go through the read me file before using the Price Balancing spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is designed to help take the sting out of price balancing and loot table compiling for server creators and admins, it has also been designed to allow you to add an infinite number of items to the existing lists as well as adding your own sub-categories. As well as helping to balance and keep track of prices for items, the spreadsheet will output item text in the correct format for loot tables (ready for use with Loot Compiler) and the trader lists in config.cpp in your mission file. This file is already populated with all the Exile 'vanilla' items and a lot, but not all, of @mas (weapons) and @Nato_Rus_Vehicle (Vehicles) Thanks to Spartan on the Exile forums for posting his balancing sheet, he was the inspiration for this work. This Price Balancing sheet contains Spartan’s formula for calculating the ‘Loot Chance %’. To get your Google Docs copy use the links below, it will automatically ask you to make a copy which you are free to edit straight away. SR Price Balancing and Loot Table Assistant SR Price Balancing READ ME If you have any questions or comments not covered by the read me please reply here, do not pm me, then everyone can get the benefit of the discussion. Stoned Reality p.s. Don't judge my server on these numbers, it's still a work in progress.
  6. TBsThug

    Trader Items

    class Exile_item_WoodWindowKit { quality = 1; price = 500; }; Can someone tell or point me in the right direction what the quality = 1 stands for? I see some that have quality = 4. to me that means when you buy it for 500tabs you get 4 of that item. Not clear on this.
  7. MiffedLyric559

    How To Use Zip Ties?

    How do i use Zipties in exile?
  8. Gamepixel13

    Starting items?

    how to you add starting gear/items to Bambi players i know how to add items to the overalls but how to i make so the items i add are equipped?
  9. [HG]RaVeN103

    RwG Items WIP

    Texture/RVMAT/LOD - Update LOD - Update
  10. Special Ed

    Unknown RPT Errors

    Hi Guys, I have a series of errors in my rpt that i've added below. As you can see they start when my server begins spawning in cars. I'm not sure what these errors mean or if they are common or uncommon so I was hoping to get some feedback about what they probably mean and if/how/whether I should fix them. Thanks in advance.
  11. Fl3tchi

    Improvised Items

    Hey everyone Does anyone know of a few nice Improvised Items that can be added to exile. I am looking for something like: Improvised suppressor = duct tape + empty plastic bottle (attach to any weapon) Improvised Knife = duct tape + scrap metal Improvised Backpack Improvised Bow And anything else that looks nice. Let me know please.
  12. dayzgreywolf

    Base items dissappear

    It appears when I build a base, each time I reboot parts of the base vanish until it's all gone. No errors in game, but something is deleting these items from MySQL. I recall in Arma 2 DayZ mod there was a day counter, after X days items were deleted. Is this the same in Exile? Any idea where I should start looking?
  13. So i recently started my new exile server with some mods, evrything is working fine. I know how to add new items in the game/shops etc. But is it possible to add a lot of stuff faster? let's say that i want to add cup weapons to the armory trader do i really have to type in all those classes by hand? and that's only the weapons.. i would like the mags/equipment etc also.. So i was just wondering how you guys so it? do you type everything or use some tool? cheers!!!
  14. hey there anyone able to tell me some item classnames of the kits for constructions like Exile_Construction_PortableGenerator_Static ? as far as i can tell those are only for the crafted item,but i need the names of the kits for my trader config. want to add flood lights and generators to the traders thanks in advance
  15. With the last update to 0.9.46, I decided that I wanted to keep the inventory for my traders in a separate file, outside of the mpmission config.cpp. This would allow me to simply move the file after Exile updates, and remove the unneeded code (or comment it out and/or copy any newly added items) from the CfgExileArsenal class in the config.cpp. Since I use MAS weapons/vehicles, I figured this would be handy and prevent a large copy/paste job from old mission file to new mission file. I created a new .hpp file named arsenal.hpp. By all means, name it whatever you want. In the mpmission folder, after unpacking your mission pbo, open the config.cpp file (notepad++). Between the two classes, as shown below: class CfgExileArsenal { // custom arsenal #include "arsenal.hpp" // end }; class CfgExileCustomCode ...There is a bunch of trader inventory/items listed out line by line. You'd need to remove, by cutting or copying first, all those lines of items between the opening and closing braces. It's really a simple process. Paste what you copied/cut into the new .hpp file you created. Now save. Between the opening and closing braces in the config.cpp, simple add: // custom arsenal #include "YourFileNameHere.hpp" // end Save the config.cpp, and repack you mission pbo. Not a hard process, but requires paying attention to detail...and being able to read. I found this to be handy and figured I'd share. Maybe others will find it handy too.
  16. Hi, I am searching for an example on how to create custom items being able to insert into inventory (like backpack for instance) and on how to interacte with "consume", "use" and "double click" Anyone who can help me out with this thank you in advance