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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, if a new player comes to my server he must kill himself once because he has no interface and spawn in ground.. after that it is fixed... what can i do? REPORT
  2. Der Spieler wenn er Joint wird immer wieder gekickt, sowie ich es verstanden habe auch auf anderen Servern... im log selbst steht 19:25:38 NetServer: cannot find channel #1559501783, users.card=0 weiß da wer weiter?
  3. Benfoster123

    GODS Recruiting Members

    I have recently started playing Arma 3 Exile again. We are playing Altis Pvp Server. I'm playing with 2 other friends but we are looking to start a group. We already have a nice Base set up. We need a few members and ideally looking for 1 extra pilot. If you have any questions message me here and I'll post a link to my steam profile tonight.
  4. Supershirtx3

    Fehler beim Joinen eines Servers

    Hallo, ich versuche seit gestern diesen Server zu joinen ( [UK-pve-militarized]100k|15k|MAS|CUP|FMP|ZCP|DMS|EXAD|VG|Vector) Jedoch wenn ich über den A3 Launcher joinen möchte öffnet sichd das Spiel aber es lädt nichts. An dieser Stelle kommt bei mir eigentlich immer eine Fehlermeldung wo irgendwas steht mit Scope. Diese drücke ich dann immer weg und ich kann joinen. Bei oben gesagten Server jedoch, kommt diese Meldung nicht. Nach einiger Zeit in der sich nichts getan hat, hab ich auf ESC gedrückt. Dann schmeißt es mich ins Arma Hauptmenü und diese Fehlermeldung erscheint. Jemand evtl eine Idee was ich machen kann um den Server dennoch zu joinen? Hab bereits über den Arma Launcher probiert da ging auch nix. Danke schon mal für eure Hilfe. Fehlercode ist No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/Iteminfo.scope'
  5. first time posting, but i did a search and couldn't find anything to help me with my problem. so like the title states, i can't join any TANOA EXILE servers. when i join a server it goes to regular exile loading screen, but the Tanoa map panel is not displayed on the left and there is no red loading bar going across the top. after a few minutes i just get booted back to either main screen or server browser. no error message. Also, people in game in game only report me as "connecting" then "player disconnected" so far i have: -re-downloaded all mods i need for the servers i'm trying to join -verified integrity at least 5 times -fiddled around with my launch params -tried A3launcher, and steam launcher and adding mods in prameters -reinstalling arma all together i'm at a complete loss of what to do next if anyone can help it would most appreciated. below is a paste of my .rpt file from loading into a server from the Arma launcher to exiting arma. EDIT: this only happens with Tanoa maps, all others work fine
  6. Every time I try to join GG's tanoa exile server, or any tanoa exile server, I receive this error Error: creating weapon UGL_F with scope=private followed by me walking around in game for less than a minute to either get "Session lost" or "You've been kicked off the game." Please help.
  7. Hello! My name is Cuda, and I'd like to thank you for looking at our post! We are currently a smaller group of people looking to expand our ranks! Remixed Gaming curenty has an in development Exile Altis server, with Missions, strongholds, zombies, RHS, CUP, and TRYK, with many more scripts, put together and maintained by me, and our own Teamspeak 3 Server (IP address will be near the bottom). We are looking to expand mostly due to the new Exile mod server, as we want that to fill up as quickly as possible. We have a lot planned out for the clan and the server alike, and I hope that this can be a fun experience for everyone and anyone inside or outside of the clan! Any comments and suggestions are always welcome here as well. Anyone who decides to come on into the teamspeak will be spoken to by one of our fine administrators, and more than likely, if you decide you like the atmosphere of course, you will be accepted right away! Well, I hope to see a lot of new recruits in the coming days or weeks, I hope you have a great day!
  8. Branincline

    Cant join some servers

    I can join some servers with lower populations, but when i look at the bottom right hand corner, the only one green is "@exilemod" and when i try to join a server it loads for about 10 seconds, then takes me back to the server list screen. Someone help me please
  9. Hello Got ARMA3 a couple of weeks ago and finally decided to try out this mod. Unfortunately i can't join any server running Exile. I'm pretty sure this is my fault. When trying to get into any game through A3launcher the ARMA3 splash loads and i get this error: Follow by this error: i click OK on both and the game loads. Computery stuff happens and then i get this screen: I'm sure im messing something up with the mods. Any help would be appreciated. Let me know where i can find any error report to post here. Here are my installed mods: And here are the mods i downloaded before i started using A3launcher: Thank you for your help.
  10. Did a clean install, not a client problem. Does it with or without extra mods so it seems to be a bug with MySql or Exile. Characters do their thing, leave, then when they rejoin (From server list or lobby) they appear on Makrynisi Island as a player-modelless entity whos view is on the ground (as if they were proned even though they are standing). Also nothing is spawned in the inventory along with player. Video or specific files can be uploaded if requested I have no clue which ones to bring in.