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Found 7 results

  1. Looking for players in Exile Group, nothing serious, just trying to expand. Fill out this form if you wish to join, information is included. Playing on the SG Altis server (Type 'SG' into A3 Launcher). Hope to see you in game, thanks. -Zoomie
  2. Exzempt™ ♛

    Looking for Mature Group.

    Looking for a mature group of people to play with, i'm currently NA, haven't played in roughly 5 months and decided to give Exile another spin, although i'm not a fan of playing alone. Feel free to add me, always love playing in groups, have teamspeak and discord. i'm 21, preferably 18+.
  3. Zyreak

    Looking for group

    Hi I'm looking for some people to play arma 3 exile with, doesn't have to be insanely serious just someone to build a base with and pvp. Btw my timezone is central. add me on steam
  4. wesnawpunk44

    Looking for active Exile clan

    Looking for an active Exile group to play with and have a fun time
  5. Sicario Gaming Community is a small tight net international gaming community. We have a small yet very experienced player base with 1000+ hours on games ranging from Arma 3 Exile to DayZ standalone and Rust. Our players come from countries all across the world. We are currently looking to start an Arma 3 Exile Division. At the moment we play all sorts of different games. For the most part we are all here to have a good time and kick ass while doing so. **Rules** -Must be 18 or older -While in our discord be as mature and respectful as possible (of course there are times where we like to goof off but generally speaking we like to keep things calm and collected while still having a blast) -Must have a working Microphone -At least be familiar with Arma 3 in general **Contact Info** -Steam: [SGC] Divergent (Just shoot me a message saying who you are and that your interested) -Steam: Sin (if I'm not online you can also try contacting Sin) -Discord: or just leave a response down below with your steam url so I can add you! Look forward to meeting you all! - Divergent
  6. Ace Rimmer

    Looking for Players on PNG

    Hi there, are you already tired of doing missions to make some money? Are you tired of looting the whole city just to get killed on the way to Trader ? Are you tired of making own money ? Do you want a clan which provides you with a high end vehicles, guns and a lot of money and easy rollin' respect ? Are you looking for a team players which you could use just as a Taxi to get from point A to point B ? Are you looking for team which will clear out the mission for you so you can just come in and take the loot? Are you tired of sharing your vehicles and loot with your Teammates? Are you tired of helping out the guy in your Team who constantly asks for help? Are you tired of your Teammates killin' your targets ? Are you tired of giving the bearing of every single target you see ? Are you tired of being gunner in a Heli and all the respect for killing goin to Pilot ? "Yes ?", then go fuck yourself, we are looking for teamplayer ! If no, you can find mich unter steamname: Neserma, not the Nazi guy! The guy named Mário from Zilina
  7. My friends are taking a break from Exile and I'd like to find another high-skill group interested in expanding. The other members of my group do plan to return once the next Exile update is released, in which case we would either part ways, or potentially join forces if both parties are interested. For a good preview of how we like to play please head over to my YouTube channel and have a look at a few of my videos. About me: I use both a microphone and headphones for game comms. I agree to (and expect) a strict use of push-to-talk. I'm vocal - Calling out targets/reporting of position or intention. I'm calm and patient, and happy to stake out bases or missions for hours on end. I have a good, non-defeatist attitude; No ragequitting. If this sounds like you, please add me on Steam[3].