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Found 8 results

  1. LeaveItToBeevers

    O3R | Exile Server

    NEW O3R | Exile Server! Website: Server IP: TeamSpeak: Discord: Active Staff and Development Active Mods: CUP_Terrains_Core ChernarusRedux Enhanced_Movement CBA_A3 NIArms_All_in_One Extended_Base_Mod TRYK_[TRYK's_Multi-play_Uniforms] Fox_SurvivalCars Zombies_and_Demons KA_Weapons_Pack_NEW Complementary_Special_Weapons Server Features: 20k Starting Poptabs Roaming AI Zombies Enhanced Movement DMS Missions Towing and Lifting Vector Building And Much More! Works with A3L!
  2. MrFreeTrax

    A3ProjectGaming ACE3

    We want to introduce you a custom Exile server running on Chernarus Redux currently, and we are the first Server including the full ACE3 System (Currently only in Steam Workshop)! To see more and how to join us visit our Website at: Features: - Towing - Lifting - Crate in Vehicles - 64bit server framework (Normal 32bit for exile) - Zombies dropping Pop Tabs - CUP Mods - Crafting Recipes shown in the XM8 - Extended Base Mod - JSRS Soundmod Support - Airdrops - Statsbar - Rearm pods for Helicopters/Ground Vehicles/Planes - Nice Admins - Custom Safe Zones/Trader Citys - Many XM8 Apps - High Performance - TRYK Uniforms - New Spawn Screen - Tanks/Attack Chopper for endgame content - Daily login Reward - 10k Start Money - The only Exile Server with Custom ACE Mod and many more!

    [UK] WWCY |Altis|Exile

    WWCY - We Will Cut You - a gaming community started in 2015 by a group of like minded gaming friends, We have 2 Arma3 servers, this and Tanoa. We have 2 Ark Survial Evolved servers, The Island and The Centre. Why not join with us and enjoy the fun and frolics of this gaming family. This server is PVE only.
  4. dragoragoda


    We are a gaming community designed and created around the purpose of enjoying quality gaming in a mature environment. We prefer to give back to our players in different and unique ways. We aim to be unique in small but impressive ways. Some of these ways are people can earn ingame currency for helping find bugs and glitches and helping us reproduce them in a manner the helps our admin team remove or patch them. We listen to and build our server around our players and not what we want because what we want is players who enjoy our server. Now our server is an exile variant running on chernarus we run advanced banking xld towing/lifting. we use ryans zombies and exilez. we have incorporated view distance and few other xm8 apps to give players a better experience. We have almost 8 years of hosting experience with a solid admin team who is mature and friendly. So even if your just passing through or coming to stay check us out and let us know what you think.
  5. Skylusion

    [EU] Miri's Exile PVE | Tanoa |

    Mods required: Exile mod (1.0.2) RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation RHS: United States Armed Forces Extended Base Mod Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Sling Loading Arma Enhanced Movement Arma Enhanced Movement: Exile pbo Ryan's Zombies and Demons Addons and script: Every 3 hour Server restart Contaminated island -> PVP Island ( removed contamination ) PVE PVP Events + Loot AI missions Roaming AI Heli Crashes Lifting & Towing Hard AI Safe Zone Traded City's With and without Save Zone's Infistar Exile Custom Missions
  6. IcyAxe


    We are small community looking for new players. Server features: DMS Occupation missions, Zombie infested areas, hordes, radiation zone, custom traders, lifting, towing, underwater missions, high object count bases, Admin events, active admins. Extra Installed Mods: RHS: AFRF 0.4.1 RHS: USAF 0.4.1 Zombie and Demons Extended Base Mod
  7. williamv1999

    DirtySouthGaming Exile

    Why waste your time in typical Exile servers with admins useless as tits on a bull, communities worse than than your bucktoothed in-laws, and lag slower than a truck stuck in four feet of mud? Grab a beer and join us at Dirty South Gaming Exile for PvP and PvE, bloody clan feuds and lone-wolf hunts, active admins and developers, no pay-to-win nonsense, and most of all - no damn hassle. Get ready for custom, lag-free features like: Exile Mod - currently the most popular PvP/survival Arma3 mod. CUP weapons/vehicles/units - brings back the Arma2 weapons and vehicles you know and love. Chop wood direct to vehicle - we've got better things for you to do than play with your wood. Extended Base Mod - more buildings for your personal Alamo. Custom admin-hosted events - flex nuts, win prizes. DMS missions & roaming AI with great loot - fight your way to the top instead of farming loot buildings for weeks. IgiLoad - haul your crates in vehicles and choppers. Vehicle towing and lifting - show off your horsepower, get babes. Virtual Garage - protects your Chevy from glitching troll-kids while you're logged out. Spawn with black suit and gun- Bambi's got teeth. 21 day plot protection - your base will still be here when you get back from the hog hunt. Spawn near great loot and vehicles - less running simulator, more action. CBA - enables many of our custom features. Much, much more - see for yourself.
  8. Omen

    Some helis can no longer lift?

    I have noticed that our Huron (black) cannot deploy its hook anymore. I also noticed that our black taru can deploy its hook, but the camo painted one cannot. Can someone direct me to the location of the code that would control this? I want to double check to make sure mine matched the vanilla Exile code. Or has anyone else had this problem and was able to resolve it?