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Found 4 results

  1. feak

    lights go out

    so ive noticed that when i start my server up the lights go out right after i get in these are the ones i put down as well as most from the map. how do i fix this so they come back to life and stay on when its dark? cheers for help in advance freak..
  2. StevieP

    Floodlights/base laptop issue

    Hello, i have noticed that after a server restart my base laptop no longer works, the open option doesn't work any more. I can fix this by just moving and putting it back down again until next restart then it's broken again, gets kind of annoying. Any simple solution out there for this one? Also, similar issue is with the floodlight after a restart, they work perfect until a server restart and then they are kind of dull when you turn the generator on, the light doesn't seem to be emitting in the right direction and the floodlight itself hasn't moved or changed position, this also can be fixed by moving it and putting it back down, then you turn on the gen and hey presto bright light in the correct direction. Any ideas?
  3. Z80CPU

    Problems With Concrete Floors

    hello, i noticed a 'weird' thing that could be a major issue in the works. 2 things: #1 - i noticed that flood lights shine thru concrete floors/walls. i have not 'tested' this with wood though. #2 - if i spawn a crate .1m -> .6m in height from my height, in front of me on a wood floor, it does what it supposed to do, it spawns in front of me, on the wood floor. HOWEVER, if i repeat this same 'action' on a concrete floor, the crate drops right thru is as if it was not even there. i have a room with a 3 concrete floors. if i spawn crate on floor 3, it drops lands on floor 2. if i spawn it on floor 2, it drops thru and spawns on floor1. i do not have this issue with wood floors. also, it APPEARS to happen ONLY if the concrete floors are 'normal distance' apart in height - ie, concrete wall between each floor. i suspect both issues are related to one another. and if needed, i have a test/locked private server where this can be demonstrated if need be! thought i would pass this along and as usual..yall are doing an OUTSTANDING JOB!!! thanks for your effort and good work!
  4. Diddl3s

    Chernarus: How to add ligthing ?

    Hey, Can anyone share with me how to light up the streetlights in Chernarus? They work correctly in the editor when it is night time but on the server, no lights work on Chernarus. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks