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Found 1 result

  1. Nerexis

    MilSim Exile Borders Chernarus

    Thanks, please read server information: **Server was recently wiped! 15.02.2018 **Server IP:** **Server Name in game:** *[ MilSim ]* ExileBorders Chernarus PvP|Missions|Tanks|Tow|Revive|Rearm|Raid|ZCP|DMS|Realism by Nerexis **Website:** **Map:** Chernarus Redux **Required mods:** (all are on Steam Workshop) **How to connect:** recommended to use A3Launcher **Exile Borders Mod:** This server is using unique mod created by server owner. It changes gameplay and adds territory capture system. Players claim territory (1x1 km square on map), by placing flag or capturing enemy flag (Capture flag action on flag). For territories you get money every 15 minutes, even if you are offline! **Description:** This server is aimed to provide realistic style of gameplay, with RPG additions to it. We focus on both infantry and vehicle based combat + balanced economy. Thanks to server economy, we will be able to provide situation, where you will be able to engage in PVP activities – conquer enemy base, fight for resources/missions etc. To increase default Exile realism, server will use 3rd party scripts, and self developed modifications. For example, I have currently implemented realistic ‘fall down’ behavior after unit is hit with bullet. **Server features:** * Missions: Dynamic (DMS) and Capture Points (ZCP) Missions * MANY custom missions by server devs, unique for this server! * Unique mod Exile Borders, created by server owner * Active server-unique script development since 1 year! * Destroyable base buildings by 'normal' ammo instead 'Breaching Charges' * Stable - online since at least half of year+ * Improved tactical AI - they flank, suppress etc. * Military vehicles, with balanced prices adjusted to real world price (in proportions) and rearming cost * Realistic AI fall down after being hit * Extended Base building * Revive using defibrillator (available in shop) * Active development and admins * Towing of vehicles by rope * Loading crates on vehicles * Selling crates at traders * Status Bar * Rearming and refueling at fuel stations usin * In game PVP Ranking * Roaming AI (more players online = less ai) * Revive time is set to full brain death time (after heart failure) * HighEnd sniper rifles aren't available in shops * HighEnd sniper rifles only available from missions/npcs/military * Limited silencers for weapons * Launchers and rockets available from spec ops shop (both AT, AA, semi-high cost, as in real world) * No virtual garage * Flag stealing enabled * Faster charges planting * In game notifications by E-Mail * Game Panel for players * Balance * Building height limit * Base respawn * Pay due notifications * Kill messages * XM8 apps * View distance settings * Adjustable terrain grids * Faster nights * Server restart every 3 hours, with notification * Many fixed bugs, we fix bugs very fast * Anti-theft safe zone * infiStar antihack