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Found 28 results

  1. sceneraider

    exile server when connect spawn in ground

    i set up an exile server to play on and it seems to launch ok but when i connect it loads like normal then the screen turns red with the red box as my cursor as if im going to select a spawn location then a second later it starts to load again then i am starring at the grass. if you know how to fix this or send me in the right direction that would be awesome. ive been stuck at this for a few days now. pictures below thanks you cant see it but i have a red squire cursor as if i was going to select a spawn point on the white screen
  2. Hello dear exile forum, I have the mods advanced sling loading, towing and more on my server. If I choose "deploy cargo ropes" at the taru or huron, he does not show me how many ropes and where to get them out. I see nothing. Except when I press the mouse click the ropes. In infistar I have already looked and tried. Unfortunately no success. Someone knows a solution for it? *SOLVED* look in your cfgremoteexec and add all lines and look in your description in showHUD set true by commanding menu
  3. General_Jacob

    Infistar Apps and Loading Times

    Hey guys, So I have infistar and exad both running xm8 apps on my server, and they both work, but the problem is if you join the server in the first three minutes infistar's wont appear. Because of this, when they do appear they overlap with exad's apps making infistar's still unusable. At this point users need to reconnect for the xm8 to reconfigure properly. Does anyone have a fix for infistar's apps to load in immediately at the server start or I suppose a way to keep the server locked for the first two-ish minutes of a restart? That second option isnt preferable, but it would allow things to load in and run properly before players come online. I already use infistar's auto-lock function which is supposed to accomplish this goal, but it only locks the server for a few seconds usually. Maybe that's where I've gone wrong and could use help. Thanks in advance
  4. Hey @infiSTAR i really like your work, but i got the following problem: i updated my rootserver (including the Database changes and exile.ini changes.) but my server is now looping with (out of .rpt) and i use infistar like a servermod. (not inside @ExileServer) 15:43:51 CallExtension loaded: armalog (C:\Arma\Server\@infiSTAR_Exile\armalog.dll) [͂<] 15:43:51 "<> infiSTAR dll loaded successfully" 15:43:51 "<> [GER]Windelflitzer|PvP|Sarge AI|Vector|Tanks|Custom Missions|EBM" 15:43:51 "<> License accepted!" 15:43:51 "<> Loading infiSTAR code.." and then it shuts down. When i remove the infiSTAR dll s it is starting normally but without infiSTAR. I checked the passwords for the servercommands and everything seems to be ok. Pls help
  5. Okay, i have my server temporarily on a VM (Virtual Machine) under Linux with the operating system as Ubuntu 64bit, until i set the server up with all of the mods and trader things i want, then i will send it over to a 24/7 host server The server has the exile client and exile server missions.. Its a arma 3 exile server on the tanoa map, completly stock, no mods at all. I got the server to show up and im able to log in, and then the first problem.... "SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features wont be accessible!" .....Then after the server loads up and i join, after a while i get the error.... "No more slot to add connection at... " it use to freeze right there, but i gave the VM more memory and it could pass past the error. But then it loads me into the server, as one of the ghost characters half into the ground, my screen is covered with grass. And then it kicks me to the multiplayer list again... so i join back, and then im stuck at connecting, so i disconnect by pressing the Esc button. But when i do that... a error is thrown up on the screen where i launch the server... "NetServer : : finishDestroyPlayer : DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled" ....Any idea what those errors are? if they effect anything? and how to fix the errors or atleast help fix the destroy player error so i can play on my server? Thank you. Im new to this server running, and new to programming, so if at all possible, please include the commands to the fix or the help you suggest if you can.. if not thats alright also.
  6. Monkeynutz

    GADD Exile Malden

    Fun-filled Exile Malden with a few extras... Militarized High Loot Easy Loot Heli Crashes Gear Crates Missions PvP PvE Hacking Grinding Customizable Status Bar Customizable View Distance Virtual Garage Active Admins Constant changes to keep it balanced and fun Thermals Anti-Thermal gear Loads of explosions 64-Bit Extended Base Mod Custom messages Sniper Towers 20Mil locker limit!
  7. SaintADW

    Saint's Exile PvE/PvP

    Just a fun server aiming at combining PvP and PvE elements with the normal Exile gameplay. Plus zombies and some military style vehicles allowed.
  8. Hickeryjack

    Stuck on loading screen

    Stuck on loading screen while my friends load in just fine have no idea what to do or why it won't let me join I have verified all the mods of the server and manually downloaded all the mods my friends have and it still has not let me in. RPT file -

    [UK] WWCY |Altis|Exile

    WWCY - We Will Cut You - a gaming community started in 2015 by a group of like minded gaming friends, We have 2 Arma3 servers, this and Tanoa. We have 2 Ark Survial Evolved servers, The Island and The Centre. Why not join with us and enjoy the fun and frolics of this gaming family. This server is PVE only.
  10. JakoI3

    Loading Exile.Altis [Ger]

    Hallo ich habe ein Windows server von wo ich aus ein Arma 3 Exile server starten will alles gut vanilla missionen laufen server läuft einziges problem sobald ich exile drauf auen will und hab exile und exilesevrer auf dem server und wenn ich den server anschalte und connecte den steht da die ganze zeit "Mission Exile.Altis read from bank" und das die ganze zeit und ich weiß nicht weiter hab gegoogelt und nichts gefunden wäre geil wen einer von euch mir helfen könnte den ich weiß nicht weiter und will den server gerne bald starten?? danke schon mal für jede antwort.
  11. It seems this has been asked a few times and not had a "real" answer, so I'm going to try and see if we can figure out a solution. Hollows Vehicle Pack seems to trigger Birds and the Bees to be installed / subscribed when using regular Arma 3 Launcher (not A3 Launcher). As a result, a lot of players are incorrectly downloading Birds and the Bees and being kicked. I'm assuming this is because a lot of the vehicles in HVP are repacked from other mods. The keys are different however. I want to try and figure out what exactly is causing the mismatch and how to adjust it. Otherwise this makes HVP completely unusable unless you have a way to communicate with players beforehand (and advise them not to load BATB). This was addressed in this thread as well: But was not answered. The "answer" was "go talk to A3 launcher", despite the problem not being with A3 launcher. There was an additional thread before that one which was closed, which also didn't have a solution. I'm hoping we can come up with a solution, or at least get me pointed in the right direction so BATB isn't flagged for download. Thanks in advance.
  12. I have a few mods on my server that are not being recognized as required by A3Launcher and aren't being loaded by the client. I have check signatures set to 2 in both the Arma3 and the Exile server configs. The keys are all present. I've queried the server on the A3Launcher site a couple of times over 24 hours hoping it would update. The mods in question are MAS, CUP Maps/Terrains, & United States Air Force. The list of mods on the server are: They are all currently loaded as client-side in the command line and none of them are listed in the mission.sqm. I experimented with placing the mass stuff ("mas_nw_rifle","mas_ru_rifle",etc...) in the mission file in addOns[]={"exile_client","a3_map_altis"}, but got an error in the RTP (unable to play due to missing content - paraphrased obviously) and the server went into a loop. This is an area that I need to know more about. I'm not sure which, if any, of the above mods should be on the server-side in the command line. I have a test server with "verify signatures" off. I can load them in manually and they show up in the trader lists but when I try to buy one I get error 13 (Cannot find suitable position to spawn vehicle). If I try to spawn them in via admin console nothing happens. Any ideas?
  13. Hey there guy's First of all im going to be perfectly honest... I am new to all this Arma 3 Stuff, but I still am very educated in terms of having servers and configuration so Im not a noob. So the day before yesterday I bought infiSTAR for Exile to be abled to administrate my server a bit better. BUT I cannot get it to work. Ive already reinstalled it like 30 times ( No Joke ) and it still does not load ingame (I dont get the message, that its loaded). I've got to add that I'm using TADST v.3.0.0 - Tophe's Arma Dedicated Server Tool, but it still does not work. Ive included the two lines in the description, ive configured and added the files into the a3_infiSTAR_Exile.pbo and ive also included the .dll's into my main Arma 3 Server directory. STILL IT WONT WORK. Now I am asking you for help.... Why does it not load? My Startup parameters: -port=2302 "-config=C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_config.cfg" "-cfg=C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default" -name=default -filePatching "-mod=@Exile;@ExileServer" -servermod=@a3_infiSTAR_Exile;@a3_infiSTAR_Exile My Extra Parameters: -servermod=@a3_infiSTAR_Exile;@a3_infiSTAR_Exile ( this was only to test, to see if it would load with those parameters tbh) Battleye is also enabled. It is loaded though Also it is under the List of mods (I think its the wrong one though) Im looking forward to your help Also I would like to tag @infiSTAR because he maybe abled to help me aswell Additional information will be posted if requested. (As said before im new to all this stuff)= Have a nice day.
  14. TechnoHair

    Frozen loading screen

    Hello i've put my exile server to run with esseker, cup terrains core, and it doesnt not work. I've tried to make it work so many times now, i really need some help finding this problem. When i join the server it shows the random message two or three times, then it freezes. Please help someone, would be really appreciated.
  15. Promods

    Most EXILE Servers Refuse to Load

    Whenever I try joining an exile server it has me connect and begins loading but doesnt get past this load screen (load screen varies) Image. I've tried joining various servers and they all have the same issue. I use A3 Launcher to manage my mods and launch servers. I have verifyed several mods and my arma 3 files, but proved to solve nothing. Another bit of information that may prove useful, I see every exile server on A3 Launcher but when I type in the same filters in the Internet server browser in the Arma 3 server browser I do not see the very same servers. If other information is needed I would be happy to provide. Steam Page
  16. jjvaardt


    Hi Guys I keep getting this when my game begins to download the mission file. It worked 100% fine with version 0.961 I've redownloaded exile, verified arma 3 files, tried different servers It only happens with exile ---------------------- Process exit ---------------------- Exit code: 0xC0000094 - STATUS_INTEGER_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO Running time: 00:01:01.8198732
  17. dilwhop


  18. DerpNL

    Loading clans error

    Hello, I am trying to change the map of my server but i am bit stuck:( I reseted my server completly and reuploaded the necessary mods for the map to run and put em in the comandline. Now i got the following issue with my @ExileServer folder that basicly keeps saying in console: *i currently cant reach the server cause of issues with host as soon as i can reach it i'll send the logs:) I do know ther following files got the issue: ExileServer_world_loadAllClans (exile_server\code), in this one is the following: 2nd file is: ExileServer_system_database_query_selectFull (same location), in this the following is writen: I've looked into this post but i can get it to work:( Thanks for replaying in advance:)
  19. Hello, I'm having trouble installing extended base mod and was hoping someone could help me figure out what is wrong. I followed the information in the readme as closely as I could. When I try to join the server I get stuck on the loading map screen. My gamepanel shows that there is one person on the server, but thats just me stuck on the loading map screen. I have tried the following lines of code both inside and outside of brackets. Can anyone help me? class CfgExileArsenal class CfgTraderCategories class CfgCraftingRecipes class CfgExileArsenal class Exile_Trader_Hardware
  20. Rollo96

    Exile Esseker Problem

    Hey guys, I hope this is the right place to write this. I just set up a new Exile Server. It ran fine on Altis, but I now tried to install Esseker on it and now nothing works... So the server starts fine. No Problems here so far (at least nothing shows up). But in the Server List in the A3Launcher only the mod Exile shows up and not the other mods (CUP Terrains Core, Esseker,...). If I try to join now, I get to the loading screen but then it says: "You can not play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. Esseker" But I have Esseker installed and can join other Esseker Servers. These are my log files, my start batch and my mission.sqm: I hope you can help me

    Problem with vanilla Exile server

    ive been trying to set up an exile server, i followed the guide created by S. and after all was said and done, i get the load in stuck in ground with no control problem, i cannot find a solid fix for it, any help would be greatly appreciated! Note: this is a fresh install of everything from windows to exile and arma 3 themselves.
  22. Baldy

    VMC Exile (Altis)

    VMC Exile | 10k Start | Ai Missions |Random AI | Highloot | Exile Mod A new UK-based Exile server running on a dedicated system and promising high performance. Running a few server-side scripts and have added a handful of additional vehicles into the mix. Missions – a good selection, nothing over the top. Loading, towing and ‘igiload’ mod (allows airdrops and advanced loading). Roaming AI – handful of AI running around the map and a good selection of AI teams. Dedicated Server – monitored and maintained to ensure high performance. Active admins – with Infistar you know when they’re in admin mode and they are answerable to the server owner and community. PvP encouraged! Come join in on the action today!
  23. JokerJ

    Stuck on Loading Map

    Every server i try joining i get into the exile loading, but then it freezes on Loading map. I check my task manager and say that its still running so its not frozen. Any info or help would be great
  24. Hi friends, just want to ask you, when im trying to load vehicle into BlackFish heli im getting BattleEye error #0. attachto.log Is there some filter like BattleEye filter tool so i will be able to edit and add it to attachto.txt? Or can u give me some tip? my attachto.txt Thank you, Acer
  25. So I rented a server, and I am getting issues, the game is loading into a black loading screen. Simply put? I have not got a clue with startup parameters. Yes I have searched these forums, but none have been answered. I know it is a database error, I just do not know how to correct it. Appreciate the help! RPT: Screens of start up parameters: