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Found 2 results

  1. shadow_99166


    It all started with the idea of a Arma III server were everyone is equal. We wanted to create a server were people can enjoy the Arma III game with some mods to make the game a little bit better. We started the server around 5 April 2017. We decided to name our creation Poseidon Warfare. Poseidon Warfare is a server that wants to "Make Arma Great Again". Our Admins are very mature and friendly helping you with any problem you have to do with Arma bugs. We are very proud of what we placed online and hope that more players will join the community! MODS : CBA_A3 CUP Units CUP Vehicles CUP Weapons Exile Mod TRYK(ver 0.96 fix) [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms] Extended_Base_mod SERVER RULES - SERVER CHANGELOG - SERVER FEATURES Virtual Garage Virtual Garage Hacking Base Raiding Safe Hacking 30 Player Slots 3 Hour Restarts 100K Pop Tabs Start Custom Spawn Points Mature Active Admins High FPS High Loot High Quality Custom Map Content Custom Capture Missions Custom AI Missions Custom Static mission on Skalisty with big reward! 25+ AI Custom Trade-Zones Rocket & Grenade Launchers Armed & Armored Vehicles Deployable Bicycle (Only as Bambi) Deployable Quad Bike (Only as Bambi)
  2. dashi.gamer

    Battle Of Takistan

    Hey Every one, we have started our own Takistan Server after checking loads of server that there are too many Rules, and Admin are abusing Power, deleting player bases etc, if ur tired of all the shit then this server is for you, ther are no rules bcoz its takistan, and they dnt like Rules, Remeber we have only 3 Rules, Fuck, Dnt Give a Fuck, and Dnt get Fucked Over. Battle of Takistan |CUP|ZCP|Missions|20K |Planes |Tanks |Anti Aircraft Server IP: Mods required: CBA_A3, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons, CUP Terrains - Maps, CUP Terrains - Core, Exile Mod and TRYK Server Features: Virtual Garage Low Prices for Armed Hali and Planes Planes & Tanks Anti Aircraft Guns for Base Virtual Garage Hacking Base Raiding Safe Hacking 60 Players Slots 4 Hour Restarts 20,000 Pop tabs Spawn Points High FPS High Loot Capture Missions AI Missions Trade-Zones Market Traders Building Supplies Trader Anti Aircraft Guns Armed & Armored Vehicles Deployable Bicycle Vehicle Loading IGI Server Story: This is War Between Russans Forces VS USA Forces but dnt forget its takistan and there are Takistani Freedom Fighters, Choice is you which side you, want to be with, all of forces have established bases and created their own tradesystem and economy. website Teamspeak: Servers: Takistan: :2308 Tanoa: :2302