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Found 13 results

  1. Hello Everybody! Ever notice how your profile folder gets full of those silly RPT files? And that you have to spend time doing something with them? Have you also ever notice that the RPT file itself is full of entries that you could care less about? Say goodbye to housekeeping and cluttered RPT files! Your maid is here! This package contains two batch files which can be installed anywhere on your server, with one of them even being able to be installed on a remote computer. #1: CleanUp.Bat This will read in your RPT file and ‘strip out’ garbage that you do not wish to see. For example, let’s say the RPT has about 1000 lines of “Missing CUP_Saucer”. Normally, you would have to skip over this and be ‘pestered’ by looking at them. Not anymore! Just put in the word ‘CUP_Saucer’ and ANY line that has this...well...say BYE-BYE! All 1000 lines will be removed from the RPT file! You can use this to remove many words/phrase at the same time. Do note, the ORIGINAL RPT is NOT modified, rather the ‘stripped’ version is what you see. So you do not have to worry about losing data that you might need at a later date. #2: Log-BackUp.Bat This program, which should be run BEFORE the ARMA server starts, will backup your log files AND any InfiSTAR logs too! It will create a folder within your profile folder and then create a ‘time/date’ based folder in which these logs are copied into. Example: 2018-23-08-09-00 folder (0900’s logs) 2018-23-08-13-00 folder (1300’s logs) ... ... ... 2018-24-08-09-00 folder (0900’s logs) 2018-24-08-13-00 folder (1300’s logs) ... ... This way, in your profile folder will be ONLY TWO LOGS! Not hundreds! And those log files will be the CURRENT SESSION’S LOG FILES! ‘CleanUp’ can be run at anytime and IF you have mapped drives (DRIVE LETTER ASSIGNED) to your server, you can run this program from home. ‘Log-BackUp’, as stated, should be run BEFORE your ARMA server starts back up. Both these batch files have been in use for 2+ years with no issues. Both of these will run on any version of Windows from Win98 –> Win10 and both are < 4kb in size. ---> Make SURE YOU READ THE ‘READ ME’ BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! <--- Also, in the ‘READ ME’, is a link to YouTube showing you how to use these. If you like this and wish to show your appreciation in a more tangible manner, please donate to me at: PayPal.Me/SuperChickenProduct If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know! DropBox Link


    Hello, Everyone When making a post or providing someone with a log file of any type please use the following sites below. This will allow people to assist you better and reduce clutter within our forums. Also prevent a ton of scrolling, we want to be able to help you all as easily as possible and in a friendly timely fasion. Sites: 1) Hastebin - 2) Pastebin - Sincerely, ~ucjohn
  3. Hey all. If anyone has working exile servers, it would help me and im sure others trying to get their servers up for the first time if we had some logs to compare. i found a log of someones working server on another forum but lost it in history.
  4. Hey all. If anyone has working exile servers, it would help me and im sure others trying to get their servers up for the first time if we had some logs to compare. i found a log of someones working server on another forum but lost it in history.
  5. Exolence

    ExAd Log Error

    I installed ExAd exactly the way it instructed. Ive checked the code its talking about and i still get an error in my rpt. RPT log: ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Chernarus\config.cpp, line 15: '/CfgXM8.': '{' encountered instead of '=' Here's the area its telling me the error is in: ---------------------- class CfgXM8 { extraApps[] = {"ExAd_VG"}; class ExAd_VG { title = "Virtual Garage"; controlID = 50000; //IDC:50000 -> 50014 onLoad = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\VG\onLoad.sqf"; onOpen = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\VG\onOpen.sqf"; onClose = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\VG\onClose.sqf"; }; { extraApps[] = {"ExAd_SB"}; class ExAd_SB { title = "Statsbar Settings"; controlID = 50400; //IDC:50400 -> 50475 || These need to be unique and out of range from each other logo = "exile_assets\texture\ui\xm8_app_settings_ca.paa"; onLoad = "ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\SB_Settings\onLoad.sqf"; }; ----------------------
  6. Monkeynutz

    HackLog kick

    Hey @infiSTAR I got a new one for you buddy, posting it here for others having the issue. When people are flying the C130J from RHS class: RHS_C130J they scroll wheel to "move inside" they are supposed to be able to walk around inside but after the latests AH updates, they get kicked for it. Kick message is: 14:55:48 "<>HACKLOG| PLAYERNAME| PLAYERNAME(01234567898765432) | player attached to x: RHS_C130J - [R Bravo 1-2:1 (PLAYERNAME)] @[4377.5,3955.72,397.761] 043039 | 0h 52min 60s [18-Nov-2016 23-21-06 - v0066]" Thought i'd let you know I'm not going to turn off attach_to_check for obvious reasons so until there is a resolution i will remove it from trader Thank you
  7. dilwhop


  8. Monkeynutz

    Server Crash

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. Recently my server has been crashing, i solved one of the problems which was that a helicopter was trying to spawn but it didn't exist due to mod updates so i changed that but the server crashed again this morning and i cannot figure out the reason for it as i don't really understand the RPT. Could somebody please help me and tell me what the problem is so i can fix it? Part 1 of the crash logs: Part 2 of the crash logs: Thank you
  9. Steelius

    No logs from trees?

    Am I missing something, or is there a reason chopping trees with my axe doesn't produce logs on Chernarus? class WoodSource { name = "Trees"; models[] = { " t_", " bo_t_", // A2 trees " str_", " Smrk_", " les_", " brg_", "jablon" }; }; Edit: I'm using A2OP as my map, are the tree classnames different and does anybody have them?
  10. xaux

    Gathering logs

    Hi, I have searched alot for a fix but nothing workes for me, now I wondering if anyone else have the same problem as me or (had). I have a tanoa exile server and I cant get any logs from the trees, have tryed so many class WoodSource, but none of them work. I really need some help with this, or how do I find the right tree codes? for example: thx and have a great day!
  11. tinboye

    Log rotator?

    does anyone have a working log rotator? I have tried the one from epochmod but i get errors in the file it * all the log files arma3server_*.rpt server_*.log A3Master_*.log but when executed i get The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. id appreciate help thanks
  12. kidesh

    Tree logs broken

    Hi So on my server when player chop down trees they can only place one log at a time in their backpack and the logs do not stack. Is this my server ? if so any fixes out there?
  13. Bloodshot_pico

    Help with Esseker? Please? :)

    I am trying to get Esseker to work on my server but it currently is sitting between 'creating' and 'setting up' I was wondering if anyone can help me with this? RTP: Server RTP (FULL): Here Thank you for looking.