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Found 9 results

  1. wetNreckless

    Chernarus Redux Loot Spawns

    So after switching over to the Chernarus Redux map, I was having problems with loot spawning in the new buildings that where opened up. I used the Exilemod Loot Position Creator mod to manually add positions but was still having no luck. Luckily for me, I was able to get a fix to this after working with NiiRoZz from the Chernarus Redux team. This is a override that needs to be added to your custom code in your configs in your mission folder: class CfgExileCustomCode { //Loot Manager ExileClient_system_lootManager_thread_spawn = "Overrides\ExileClient_system_lootManager_thread_spawn.sqf"; }; Here is the actually override file that you will need to place in your override folder in your mission folder. If you do not have an override folder just create one. If you find more buildings that do not spawn loot even after using the position creator mod, just add that building class name to line 19 and you will be golden. This by no means is my fix and all create goes to NiiRoZz from the Chernarus Redux team. I only tested it to see if it worked. THREAD UPDATED 10/01/17 TO INCLUDE ALL MEDICAL TENTS, IF I MISSED ONE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL UPDATE. THANK YOU ALSO MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE LOOT POSITIONS FOR THE NEW BUILDINGS ADDED TO SERVER_CONFIG\CONFIG.CPP IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE THAT, THEN YOU WILL NEED TO ADD THEM BY MAKING THEM YOURSELF.
  2. Hi! First of all, I'm a new to the A3Exile configuration and this is my first attempt at configuring Exile server so, please, bear with me. I have couple of issues with setting up loot on Chernarus Redux: Lots of custom Redux buildings spawn loot in the air ( ; Industrial garages spawning military-grade loot ( These custom military tents not spawning loot ( Survivor camp in Chernogorsk and military base in Kamenka not spawning loot at all ( Things I've done so far to resolve the problem: Added custom code and override file to my mission folder ( Added Chernarus Redux Loot Positions ( Changed override file in the override folder to Kupilion's version ( However I still get the same issues. Some custom areas like Balota airfield are spawning loot just fine (except the damn tents), most of the houses from DS Houses are spawning loot either on the ground or the table but some of the buildings are spawning loot god knows where (multi-room industrials or apartment buildings). Could someone help me with that?
  3. Im having some issues after updating to Exile 1.04, i had loot spawning on Charnarus Redux map before 1.04(server was off since December 2017, so i updated mods and exile) after updating loot stopped spawning, i went through and i think i added everything that i added before in 1.03 to make loot spawn but its still not spawning. Also having an issue with ExAd XM8 Apps, all of the icons are in the same spot at the top left of the xm8(just off screen and all images for buttons combined) i also updated this to the latest version to see if that would fix it but it didnt. If you need my description/config files let me know. If anyone can help me out i would appreciate it. (I might also be looking for someone to help develop the server, i run popular Dayz Standalone servers atm called Trump’s Wall)
  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to set loot spawn points where there are no buildings? Just based on map coordinates? I've been using Patrix87's loot position creator but it needs a building. What I'm doing is creating several camps that have no buildings. Just walls, fences, tables, chairs, etc. No buildings. But I want loot to spawn on the tables and in the compound at different locations. Is this possible? I haven't come across a way to do it yet. Thanks!
  5. Numbat177

    Custom loot no longer spawning

    I am needing help with custom loot spawns reverting back to original vanilla settings on hosted server. After running customised loot settings on our server for over a month, I am now finding loot has reverted back to the vanilla loot classes and locations, nothing I am trying has fixed. I don’t know if pertinent, noted this started after the recent CBA, Arma and CUP updates. And I possibly should add that even though I have worked to update files, they were originally sourced from… Tested so far: Re-ran LootCompiler with raised loot tables and settings, to spawn premium loot and more of it. Ran Stream update on server (just in case). Re-installed Exile and ALL mods (including CUP), as well as their BIkeys, on server to ensure no corrupted or erroneous files, etc. Double checked all mods called correctly in server command line. Tweaked both the mission.pbo’s CfgExileLootSettings and exile_server_config.pbo’s GarbageCollector. Ensured lifetime of spawned loot, in both files, matched. Rolled back both mission.pbo and exile_server_config.pbo to previous ‘known’ working version, actually went back thru my change log folders and tried several. Removed NATO_Rus_Weapons, PROJECT UNCUT & CUP items from loot tables, reran complier etc. Re-tested above after removing NATO_Rus_Weapons, MiddleEastWarfare & PROJECT UNCUT mods from server command line. Replaced mods and re-built loottables, from scratch. Re-worked mission.pbo. Cross referenced EVERY file with older (August ‘17) pbo. Tidied up things as best as I could and removed what I believe is outdated scripting. ***Tested 3rd Jan*** I noticed there were buildings listed in the original CfgBuildings I have not noted on Al Rayak i.e. a pub! So thought that may have been issue with loot reverting to vanilla (don’t know why loot worked beforehand though, if that was the issue). So off I went creating new loot positions in Eden, I have probably overlooked 1 or 2 buildings (definitely one). Since overwriting CfgBuildings, loot is spawning at the designated new positions and at the desired levels (yay it’s talking to mission config!). Unfortunately the tell-tale “somethings messed up” thermal buddies are spawning everywhere, when they have been completely removed from LootTables altogether! It is not spawning the designated loot types for locations, as set in LootTables; I have medical, food and drink items spawning in UpperCivilian, Tourist and Military areas, after having removed them completely from the pertinent loot table sections, yet they still spawn. Also noticing shotguns and pistols etc. spawning in Shop buildings where, yet again, I don’t have them listed in that section. The bigger issue... mod loot is still not spawning! I went through and removed, once again, mas mod items... then the adfu mod items, to no avail, loot is still all over the place. I am hopeful I am getting closer to solving the issue or (fingers crossed) help someone with superior knowledge of this sorta thing go... “Aha!” Hey, at least I’m trying! Does anyone out there have any hints, tips... complete answers? Please?? ***Updated files 3rd Jan*** Rpt log: exile_server_config config.cpp: mission.pbo config.cpp: Just in case... LootItemGroups.h: LootTables.h:
  6. VintageApparel

    No Loot Spawning In Chernarus?

    my server is working fine, only issue i ran into is there is not loot spawning at all on the map. I tried changing the loot tables but it still will not spawn? Any idea what is going on? Nothing is coming up on the logs.
  7. Ok... So I've been running a CUP TERRAINS - Chernarus Map. I've fixed the loot spawn location as shown on the forums to accommodate A2 building spawn locations which works perfectly. However, Loot will not spawn on A2 or A3 Buildings that are placed via Editor. This is my question, why, for example does loot spawn in a hanger which is part of the CUP TERRAINS permanent hanger work. However the NEW hanger I placed next to it, same model, same building name, does NOT spawn loot? It is blowing my mind, any insight or help would be appreciated. I thought it was based on the building's "class" and locations correct? or do we have to also apply the buildings physically location somewhere as well?
  8. Kill Witches, Get Bitches

    Es spawnt kein loot weiß nicht weiter

    Hey, auf unserem Server spawnt kein loot ich weiß nicht was ich machen soll... need help
  9. Disregard, found the answer. Mod can delete post if they want Thanks all