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Found 9 results

  1. Bloodshot_pico

    Many Map Files To Come!

    Many Map Files To Come! Slowly Rolling out updates. ^^' Custom Traders, Loot Tables/Spawns! So around the Exile forums I have seen threads that have been removed due to people either stealing something from someone else or some other reason, but I know there's a bunch of people looking for map files along with Traders and maybe loot tables. And I've always wanted to make a bunch of mission files for Exile and just give them to the community because why not? I enjoy helping and it's good for me to keep this stuff in my head so I never forget. People might find this tedious or boring or just don't want to do it and I can understand that but well, basically hopefully I can keep everything updated and running so there can be more options to people! Enjoy the mission files along with traders and loot tables. How Do I Create These? So I never used to be able to understand how to do all of this like many. I just learned and gave up so on so forth, but the tools you need are provided via the Exile Team themselves. If it wasn't for the mpmissions folder within their ExileServer download then no custom map would have been able to have been made into a mission.pbo but they gave everyone the base for what needed to be done. I've just looked into their work via the mission files and altered them to work for any other map. The only files I edit are the mission.sqm, initServer.sqf and initPlayerLocal.sqf. For the loot tables I will explain that when I get to that point. Map Files: Info! All of these mission files have 100 player slots (I think? ) so all you have to do is change them yourself. And if you want more, for whatever reason then you can add more. If you're wanting some custom traders or different map markers etc. Message me and I see what I can do for you. Also if you have any suggestions for map missions I should create then list them down below. I've had a short break from ArmA as the map things were getting a little too much along with not being able to figure something out via server side so I kind of gave up but I'm back and hopefully will get some of these done soon. ~Bloodshot_pico Licensing: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. CREDITS: Adam Kadmon and Odizzzzle from AWG ( - Providing Isla Duala Loot Tables - @Adam Kadmon & @odizzzzle
  2. Chris780

    NightZ RP - Exile Role Playing

    We are an old community starting up again after 2 years since we closed our previous server [Survival Warfare Roleplay]. Yes, we do not have a big player base at the moment but this is normal procedure for every new server, we are looking for a comitted player base that can help contribute to an apocalyptic roleplay community by creating unique characters and adapting to the storyline as we venture out to find the cure. The outbreak began 10 Years, 3 Months, and 12 Days ago. At least that's when it hit the News. At the time the speculation was that a reaction from the Chernoybl disaster was causing a severe skin irritation. Obviously 10 years later we learn that is clearly not the case. The outbreak is thought to began in Ukraine then spread quickly into Chernogorsk, Russia, followed by the Middle East and Europe. Within 24 hours of the first news coverage of the illness, all flights coming into North and South America were grounded. The United Kingdom quickly called upon its Allies in the United States to supply assistance via the CDC and USAMRIID. The United States responded and agreed to assist it's fellow allies. It is believed that upon the transfer of data and culture samples the virus became active in the contental United States. After the epidemic reached an uncountable death toll of at least one million, the United States, United Kingdom(Canada), Russia, and China bounded the Collation of Emergent Resources to respond to the deadly attack. Throughout the short research the USAMRIID found Russian Resources and geography more suitable to fight and cure the disease. US, Chinese and UK forces began to spread across the Asian land in search of a cure.
  3. TerryTerenceThomasToranceFordham

    Chernarus Redux Loot Spawning Problem

    Hello, I have looked everywhere to try and fix the loot spawning problem. In exile_server_config/config.cpp i replaced CfgBuildings and CfgLoot with #include "chernarusLootBuildings.cpp" #include "CfgExileLootServer.hpp" And placed the files in the same PBO. All the loot is spawning however ONLY in custom placed buildings. On Chernarus Redux the buildings (that are uneditable) on the map, never spawn loot. Both are named the same and are the same buildings however the server still wont spawn loot in the non custom placed buildings. Help.
  4. Hey guys! I tried to use Open Chernarus Project (without JBAD) on my exile Napf server. It works fine without issues. I tried to find loot positions for this mod, but I didnt find them.. Can anyone share it with me? Thanks guys
  5. Good morning, I recently stared hosting a server rented through GTX Gaming and I have successfully installed various mods on the server no problem however I am trying to make the server a high military loot spawn server with CUP, TRYK, and NI ARMS items spawning around the map of chernarus and be able to sell and buy each item at the trader however after days of testing loot tables with the loot complier provided by and trying to use pre made ones found around the interwebs I have not been able to get any successful results if someone would be willing to take the time and talk me through adding the items properly or has a pre set script I can just copy and paste with theses 3 mods that would be awesome!
  6. Hello there, I have few questions about some sort of things that I cannot resolve after did researching here on forum and even finding answers.. But seems not work. FIRST QUESTION 1) Few days ago I've rented dedicated game server at one of hosting providers which I won't advertise. It's not topic about it. They have forum which probably got answers to my question but problem is, that they're all in German language, so... no clue And after setting up some mods / BEFilters to prevent kicking / adjusting few configs and so on.. I came across problem with restarting the server within six hours (6h).. In web configurator from hosting provider I changed and added proper lines to utilize this restarts.. Below is screenshot to prove it. After this it didn't worked. So after doing some research in FTP files and on forum topics I came across file - "@ExileServer/addons/exile_server_config.pbo/config.cpp". I changed the proper file "config.cpp" and adjusted the line "restartTimer[] = {6, 0};". It didn't worked. So going on I changed the "serverPassword=""" to fit in this file and "config.cfg". Still it doesn't work. Server keeps restarting within 3 hours even after saving this / uploading. I have no clue how to solve it SECOND QUESTION 2) On the other hand after playing few missions/random events in Exile using DMS / ZCP Missions / AI Roaming in Regular difficulty, I decided to change it to Veteran. So, after changing this in web configurator from hosting provider at file "server.cfg" which refers to "arma3/config/server.cfg" the line |difficulty = "Regular";| to |difficulty = "Veteran";| and restarting.. It did worked. But because of my friend and mostly people need I deciced to change the Veteran to use ThirdPersonView. After searching in cfg files in mpmissions / Exile / ExileServer / config and so on I couldn't find it. So I managed to find it in ArmA3 Profile on server side just like it works on client side. So I opened "/arma3/config/Users/arma3/arma3.ArmA3Profile" and changed variable from 0 to 1 at line |3rdPersonView=1;|. And this is how it looks in my file "arma3.ArmA3Profile". After restarting Veteran indeed works. There is no Enemy / Friendly markers and so on but... 3rdPersonView doesn't work... And again.. I have no clue why this isn't working THIRD-FOURTH QUESTION 3-4) And the last two questions are: Is there any possibility to change loot tables (like utilize some stuff to don't spawn or less) in more convenient way than #hashing each line of code? And the last question is... I don't remember Thank You for reading all this stuff and answering my probably dumb questions. Have a nice day/night, Aimovoria.
  7. So I recently bought an exile server and wanted to add mods to so I added RHS and needed to add their gear to loot spawns and the traders well when I did all that it said (Used loot table compiler) the server loads the mission and the server it's stuck on a loop and I don't know what to do so please help thanks. exile.server.config = Exile.Tanoa =
  8. Kuro Raijin

    0.9.6 Loot Not Working :(

    Hello, I've updated the database etc and the server starts and works O.K. However, I can't get the loot to work... I've tried new tables, old ones, everything, but no luck, any ideas please ? I must be missing something in files outside of the exile_server_config maybe for loot to work? Traders are empty too but I think I know how to fix them? not a big deal if I can't run the server due to loot not working ! Thanks, Kuro
  9. Hello community, My name is Valauk, a map Editor and streamer from Australia, and this is my passion project. Over the past couple of months i have been trying to find that perfect sever to play and with severs shutting down to under performance of other severs myself and some community members have decided to start and host a passion project sever. One of the issues we have encountered so far is the lack of loot class's being shared that supports maps such as Chernarus, Esseker and all other maps supported with AiA or CuP. Below you can find the tables that i have complied so far, there may be some buildings missing and i will add these as i discover them, also in the future i will be checking map assets files for structures that are not on Chernarus by default and adding those. Thanks goes to Spear for updateing the original tool by Eichi, maca for their loot position script and Johnson11B2P for his teleport function. Thanks to maca123 for his M3Editior. Valauk out