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Found 178 results

  1. Face´s orignal A3xai script had code for Ai to call in for reinforcement and heli would arrive and depending on your config, deploy paratroops or shoot. ( This is NOT the same as the patrols dropping paratroopers when investigating a player ) Kuplions version are missing the code for this feature. So no paratroops and depending on if a headless client is connected, the reinforcement heli will just hover until it flies away again. After countless of hours messing with files and testing I now know that there is a bug when the HC takes over a reinforcement group and that bug goes all the way back to Face´s original version. I have found a workaround for this and enabled air reinforcement deploying paratroops + loot inside vehicles. How to add reinforcement paratroopers : How to add loot in vehicles : Below is for people using a headless client for a3xai ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are using a HC the quickest "bushfix" is to NOT let the HC handle the air reinforcement. "bushfix" = open a3xai pbo, go to a3xai/init and find variables.sqf and remove the "air_reinforce" from the line :A3XAI_HCAllowedTypes = ["static", "dynamic", "random", "air", "land", "staticcustom", "aircustom", "landcustom", save and repack. The server will then handle air reinforcements. It will still NOT deploy paratroopers but the reinforcement heli will shoot instead of acting like a retard. If you want to continue to have the HC to handle air reinforcements and also have the ability to deploy paratroppers you can workaround this by set deploychance = 1.0 and then adjust the airReinforcementSpawnChance to 0.50 then there is 50/50 if a reinforcement heli arrives and IF it arrives it WILL deploy paratroopers. Cheers Porkeld
  2. TheJoker < Boriz >

    Chernarus Redux : Loot Positions ( CfgBuildings )

    I Updated the Loot Positions for the CfgBuildings, there should be any building integrated. CfgBuildings *edit ( refreshed pastebin link )
  3. General Information: Please note that this is a project in its development stage and there might be some bugs! Feel free to report feedback and suggestions to this project here: Report Bugs/Issues here: Information: Basicly this system will allow players to interact with terrain/map objects.</br> If the object has a entry in a scavenge class within the configurations the player can loot this object</br> and has a chance to get a item from that depending on the class.</br> So far the players can: - Search throu wrecks. - Get woodstocks from trees. - Get water from different sources if he has a empty bottle/container to fill. - Search throu trash-bins/piles. - Get cinderblogs from different sources if he has a sledge hammer on his body. (Requires Exile Extended Items Mod) - Pickup fruits and apples from trees (Requires LordRampantHumps Items Pack Mod). This framework is simply customizable and you can add new interaction classes easily just by adding the required information to the configfiles. CfgExileHoldActions.cpp This file contains the information for each holdaction icon. If you want to create your own icon you can add a new class to this file and add the required information to get your icon working with the scavange system. You can find more information and examples in the file. CfgExileScavenge.cpp This file contains the information for each scavange class. If you want to create your own interaction to terrain/map objects you can do that by adding a new class for your interaction and fill it with the required information. You can find more information and examples in the file. CfgScavengeRecipes.cpp This file comes in action if you create a crafting scavange class that will require a item/weapon/tool to get a item back from the source. Take a look at the Waters and Cinderblogs classes within CfgExileScavenge.cpp to get a example for creating such a class. In short words this file contains crafting recipes that will be used for crafting scavange classes. You can find more information and examples in the file. Requirements: Exile Mod 1.0.3: Base Exile Mod. Optionals: LordRampantHumps Items Pack: New Exile cusumables. Exile Extended Items: New Exile Items. Uncomment the classes on the end of the CfgExileScavenge.cpp files to get some actions that use these mod items if you use these Mods! Installation/Updates: Latest Version: Thanks and Credits: Credits to Larrow for the base script: Credits to @Kurewe for the first port and rewrite for the exile mod. Credits to @oldmatechoc for a base rewrite and port for the exile mod. Credits to @yukihito23 for additons and expansions of the system. Credits to NiiRoZz for plenty amount of help, expansions and optimizations of the system. Credits to Salutesh for a complete rewrite and buildup of the framework and system.
  4. MechSlayer

    Change loot spawn rate

    So i got my server up and working, but I have a problem. When someone is looting, after they finish looting (5-10 mins), the loot respawns right behind them. How can I decrease the spawn rate? Or it's a bug?
  5. aNNDREH

    Wolfsrudel Cherno Redux

    Server Features - Wiederbelebung - Advanced Waste Dump - Fast Building - Base Respawn - Halo / Ground Spawn - Respect Loadouts - Shipwrecks - Loot Vehicle - Salvage Vehicle - Paintshop - Repair / Rearm Shop - Trader Plus - Blackmarket - Vector Buidling - Claim Vehicles - Crates Logistic - 4 Events - Announce Pay - Login Rewards - Dual Arms - Enhanced Movement - Customs Missions - Gear Crates - Heli Crashes - Abandon Territory - Radioactive Island with Mission "Area 51" ......... Join the server and convince yourself
  6. HexicGaming

    Crash Loot

    This is a simple script that will allow you to recover the gear that is in a destroyed vehicle. This is my first post like this on here, and i'm hoping this brings joy to server owners. credit to @MGTDB for the hints on getting this to work ExileClient_object_container_pack ExileServer_object_container_packContainer CfgExileCustomCode mission config.cpp add this at the end of class Car, class Air, and class Boat (optional)
  7. I was setting up a Chernarus Exile server but now im switching to Tanoa so thought i would share these Traders and Military base. Hope You Like Bash: (No Screenshot) Stary: Klen: (Has The Dragons Teeth & Heli Pads Removed) North West: Traders Wordspace. Add these into your initPlayerLocal.sqf
  8. speedweasel

    ALiVE AI in Exile

    I'm re-posting a DM here that contains some advice on getting ALiVE AI working with Exile. I've been running ALiVE AI on my Exile Chernarus server for the last month and while there are some compromises and drawbacks, the overall player experience eclipses DMS and A3XAI. Hi, I am using the following modules: Alive Required Virtual AI System (Profile) Military AI Skill Military AI commander Military Placement Module Civilian Placement Module Military Logistics I'm also running the Zeus module so I can spectate and debug the AI. I recommend you do this while developing your mission. You can take the Zeus module out before you 'go live.' In order to add loot, respect and poptabs to AI you'll need to add some event handler code to the end of your description.ext file: class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class Man { init = "_this call (compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'ai_init.sqf')"; }; }; This code will apply to every 'man' class of object your server spawns. Once you've added this code above, create a new file called ai_init.sqf in the root of your Exile mission folder (right next to description.ext.) Add the following code to the ai_init.sqf file to give the AI, respect, loot and poptabs. It also registers AI deaths and displays the Exile 'killed' message on your screen: private "_this"; _this = _this select 0; if (side _this == east) then { _poptabs = round random 200; _this setVariable ["ExileMoney",_poptabs,true]; _this addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled",'if (isServer) then {_this call DMS_fnc_OnKilled;};']; _this setVariable ["DMS_AI_Side", "Bandit"]; _this setVariable ["DMS_AI_Type", "Soldier"]; _this setVariable [ "DMS_AI_Respect", missionNamespace getVariable [format ["DMS_%1_%2_RepGain","Bandit","Soldier"],0] ]; }; This assumes all your AI are all OPFOR (east). The code above uses functions from the DMS AI mission system which most server admins run. If you don't want DMS missions running on your server you can edit the DMS config file to turn off all missions and loot drops, etc but you still need DMS running on your server to use the above code. As for AI killing each other. I had the same problem for hours and hours. I've tried every permutation of config settings but all of my OPFOR (OPF_F and OPF_G_F) were spawning in as INDEPENDENT groups and shooting each other (you can use Zeus to confirm this. They are dressed as OPF but show up in green groups). Eventually I swapped to CUP units and the problem stopped. Today I'm running three factions on my Chernarus server; CUP_O_RU, CUP_O_ChDKZ & CUP_I_NAPA and everything works perfectly. It turns out that Exile *does* interfere with the way Alive spawns vanilla Arma 3 OPFOR units. It makes them all spawn in as INDEPENDENT groups. I haven't found the code that does this yet but I have run the same Alive mission with and without Exile loaded and it runs perfectly without Exile. I'm continuing to search Exile's code... So, currently you'll need to use CUP Units (or possibly another mod) to get around the problem of Alive units killing each other. Other things you might want to consider: Use ALIVE blacklists to remove all AA groups and units otherwise they will routinely shoot down player helicopters (google alive blacklists, it's pretty easy) If factions are using vehicles, check the 'Ambient Vehicle' setting at the bottom of the Military Placement Module settings Blacklist all of your trader zones using the Blacklist Marker field in your Military and Civilian Placement Modules Alive units will spawn with weapons that have attachments. This lets players dupe attachments like optics, suppressors. Some units also have thermal and launchers. There is no way around this other than creating your own factions using the Alive ORBAT editor. That's a big job. I run a community server and I trust my players so it's no big deal but larger, public servers will have duping problems. Use the minimum filter settings for Objective Size and Objective Priority in your Military and Civilian Placement Modules. If you have unfiltered objectives the AI commander will place units in the tiniest buildings in the middle of nowhere. Good luck with your mission. Let me know how you go. speed.
  9. Bulleit

    Bigfoot's Shipwrecks

    Summary Here's a mod that will spawn random shipwrecks around the map, each with its own loot crate. This is a very extended version of the water_crates.sqf script that has been floating around. This does NOT include AI (yet...). Some enhancements are: Shipwreck with configurable class spawns near loot crate. Configurable loot which supports guaranteed loot crate items with optional percentage to spawn, random loot crate items with optional percentage to spawn, random loot class selection (e.g spawn one of three types of underwater goggles), random poptab generation based on seed distribution, and percentage chance of spawning loot. Configurable Exile toast and chat notification sent to all players when a player reaches the shipwreck/lootcrate (to encourage PvP piracy). Configurable spawn center and distance. Configurable loot crate class. Marker cleanup after players arrive near loot crate. All configurable settings are here: Disclaimer: Loot crate inventory cannot be accessed underwater. You'll need Igiload, R3F, or default Exile crate mounting with SDV able to mount these crates in order to bring them to the shore. I am new to Arma modding, so this code can certainly be improved. All code criticism is welcome, and there are many features that (you!) can add. I've been running this for several weeks on my server without issue. Our server sells Rubber Ducks (literally, yellow rubber ducks) for a huge number of poptabs. If yours doesn't, you may want to remove those from the default loot options in config.sqf. Credits (if you should be listed here, let me know and I'll add you!) Earliest known script variation: Darth_Rogue, Chisel, deadeye, and Robio. Based on modified script by @Tuna. @Taylor Swift for very helpful mod template. @second_coming for Occupation mod from which I learned techniques. @StokesMagee - my scripting Mr. Miyagi Source and Install Instructions Source code and pre-packaged PBO can be found here: Current latest release: 1.0.3 Read the README.txt! Drop BigfootsShipwrecks_Server.pbo in your @ExileServer/addons/ folder. Many settings can be modified in BigfootsShipwrecks_Server/config.sqf. OPTIONAL: Exile Supply Box mounting on SDV and boats! You will need a way to load or mount the Exile_Container_SupplyBox on SDVs, since inventory cannot be accessed underwater in ARMA. It is also convenient if they can be loaded on boats. This can be done with R3F, Igiload, or by modifyng the built-in Exile towing. Here is how I do it without R3F or Igiload. In mpmissions/config.cpp, modify class cfgVehicleTransport so it uses boats and SDVs: class CfgVehicleTransport { class Exile_Container_SupplyBox { vehicles[] = { "Exile_Car_Van_Abstract", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Abstract", "Exile_Car_Zamak_Abstract", "Exile_Car_HEMMT_Abstract", "Exile_Car_Tempest_Abstract", "Exile_Boat_RHIB_Abstract", // Added: this is necessary "Exile_Boat_RHIB", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract", // Added: this is necessary "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_CSAT", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Digital", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Orange", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Blue", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Black", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_SDV_Abstract", // Added: this is necessary "Exile_Boat_SDV_CSAT", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_SDV_Digital", // Added: not sure if necessary "Exile_Boat_SDV_Grey" // Added: not sure if necessary }; class Exile_Car_Van_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0, -1.1, 0.2}; cargoIndizes[] = {2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}; detachPosition[] = {0, -4.4}; }; class Exile_Car_Offroad_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0, -1.6, 0.4}; cargoIndizes[] = {1, 2, 3, 4}; detachPosition[] = {0, -4}; }; class Exile_Car_Zamak_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0.03, 0.3, 0}; cargoIndizes[] = {2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}; detachPosition[] = {0.03, -4.8}; }; class Exile_Car_HEMMT_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0.05, -0.1, 0.3}; cargoIndizes[] = {1, 2, 8, 9}; detachPosition[] = {0.05, -6.1}; }; class Exile_Car_Tempest_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0.08, -0.85, 0.4}; cargoIndizes[] = {1, 6, 7, 9}; detachPosition[] = {0.08, -6}; }; // Added: Contains positioning for supply boxes loaded in RHIB. class Exile_Boat_RHIB_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0, 1.5, 0.4}; cargoIndizes[] = {1, 2, 3, 4}; detachPosition[] = {0, 5}; }; // Added: Contains positioning for supply boxes loaded in Rubber Boats. class Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0, 0.5, 0.25}; cargoIndizes[] = {1, 2, 3, 4}; detachPosition[] = {0, 6}; }; // Added: Contains positioning for supply boxes loaded in SDV. class Exile_Boat_SDV_Abstract { attachPosition[] = {0, -1, 0.5}; cargoIndizes[] = {1, 2, 3, 4}; detachPosition[] = {0, 8}; }; // Added: Applies positioning defined above to specific vehicles. class Exile_Boat_RHIB: Exile_Boat_RHIB_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_CSAT: Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Digital: Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Orange: Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Blue: Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_RubberDuck_Black: Exile_Boat_Rubberboat_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_SDV_CSAT: Exile_Boat_SDV_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_SDV_Digital: Exile_Boat_SDV_Abstract {}; class Exile_Boat_SDV_Grey: Exile_Boat_SDV_Abstract {}; }; };
  10. I felt like doing something, so I made a Chernarus Redux mission pbo from scratch. The traders are custom made with Air through Office traders at each location. The contamination zone is at Devil's Castle. I did not place concrete mixers or roulette tables however. If you want these just add them through Eden. You can simply just place the Exile.ChernarusRedux.pbo in your mpmissions folder and the exile_server_config in your ExileServer\addons folder and you will be up and running. The loot postions has been updated to latest release and tested. Enjoy! Exile.ChernarusRedux.pbo exile_server_config.pbo
  11. aNNDREH

    Wolfsrudel Exile Saint Kapaulio

    Map● Saint KapaulioMods● Exile Mod 1.0.4● CBA_A3● Extended Base Mod● CUP Vehicles● CUP Weapons● CUP Units● NIArms AllinOne● Saint Kapaulio● CUP Terrains CoreFeatures● Reviven● Fischen ● Message of the Day (Tipps/Infos)● Virtuale Garage● Kisten in Fahrzeugen laden● Schiffswracks● Gear Crates● Schwarzmarkt● Base Respawn● Halo oder Ground Spawn● Roaming Ai● ZCP Missionen● Login Bonus● DMS Missionen● Radioaktive Zone● Airdrop● Deploy Quad● Suicide Animation● Tiere schlachten & ausnehmen● Statusbar veränderbar● Claim Fahrzeuge● Static Mission● New Trader System● PVP ohne Panzer & Jets● Loot in Bot Vehiclesund vieles mehr
  12. Quick question. Do I have to place positions for EACH building or is "house" based? Like I configure one building and all other buildings of this type will have the same loot position?
  13. Monztuh_Angel

    Monztuh's World of Exile! PvE

    Welcome to the "World of Exile!" Altis PvE server! Our goal is to deliver a comfortable, yet challenging game mode for all new and veteran Arma players with a friendly atmosphere. The features we have are: Town Invasions, Capture Points(ZCP), DMS Missions, Occupied Military Bases (ai), XM8 Mobile App server code along with multiple in-game apps, Sling loading, Towing, Urban Rappeling, RHS and CUP mods. We also have Server Events such as "1-Shot" where we have players all partake in a Roulette chance to win poptabs up to 500,000 given to the last survivor, shooting tournaments and more to come! We hope you enjoy the server and feel free to contact one of the Server Admins, Monztuh_Angel, stevesquared, eRepairz, or elfwh if you have any questions or need help. A server made for The People, by The People! Join the Discord!
  14. Magn

    JG - Exile Chernarus

    We have the following features on our server Loot+ FPS+ 64-Bit Virtual Garage XP System Missions Custom Missions Capture Points Semi-Militarized Grinding (Requires 5 batteries per door) Virtual Garage Hacking Safe Hacking Halo Jumping (Must be above 100m) Adjustable View Distance Slider Black Market Missile Warnings for air vehicles Vector Building Thermal (Binos only) Revive Deployable Quad through XM8 (Requires 1x Duct Tape) Re-Arming Crate Loading & selling Base Spawning (10 minute cooldown) Mods needed to join our server
  15. cmorrisbyz1

    OV Exile ChernarusRedux

    For More Info On How To Join The Server Visit! Thanks from the OV Staff team!
  16. Hey guys, i noticed alot of people are searching for loot table for there mods... as most of you know @red_ned made a nice topic where alot of us share the Trader Files Maybe it will be nice for all of us to drop our loottable compiler group files on here like @Popolaman look file bellow for RHS groups Cup: Hopefully some of you guys like what im trying to set up and are willing to share ^^, Just share your files in a post bellow. if you dont got anywhere to upload, u can also do that on my websites forum. have a nice day and enjoy!
  17. So I have pretty much learned everything I know from the Exile Forums. From loot tables to adding custom content. I know this is not much , but I thought I'd share some of my work and hopefully help some folks. I have Created Custom LootItem Groups for both RHSAFRF and RHSUSAF . All you need to do is add the name of the loot item groups to the LootTables.config and Merge the Loot Item Groups form my files with your LootItemGroups.cpp from you compiler. Then Compile and the rest is cake. Since I cannot attach the text files here I will just raw paste it for you. I am fairly unfamiliar with Forum posts and format so if anyone can help format it properly that would be awesome.. Most Credit goes to @GamerJesus and @red_ned for providing the lists of class names. I then added the LootItem Groups format to all of the uniforms, weapons, ammo , and attachments. Please let me know if you need assistance creating a file like this Id be happy to help.
  18. SeanJSOS

    [SG] Exile Chernarus

    Spartan Gaming aims to give you the best experience for your Exile needs! We like to listen to our community and take all your suggestions into consideration. Community communication is #1 priority to us. Our Admin team is here to give you dedicated support for any situation. We offer a fun, unique server with many custom features. All there to make your gaming sessions the most fun as possible, and made with performance in mind. This is a PVP server. That means loot is not scarce making it easy to get into the action. You do not need to worry about what you can buy from traders, there is no respect restriction. List of server features: Wages Daily Rewards Base Painting XP System Unlock perks by earning XP Custom weapons skins Vehicle/Base Painting (VIP Only) Loadout Trader (Allows saving/purchasing of whole loadouts that you personally save) Vehicle Tuning Shop (Allows extreme vehicle customization. Such as Chrome, 2 Tone & RGB paint. Neon under-glow) Crate loading and selling Base Spawning (15 Minutes Cooldown/Removes Bambi Status) Deploy a quad/kart at any time (Requires Extension Cord) Towing & Custom Air Lifting Inmate Market (Sell items with your own prices) Reviving (Custom made for our server) Vehicle Rearming Vehicle Claiming Trader 3D Preview with a search feature Select a kit when you spawn Kits are based on respect No Thermal Vector Building Capture Points Unique Missions Huge static mission on an isolated island (Massive Rewards) Hacking (Safes/Virtual Garages) Virtual Garage Grinding Doors Eject from aircrafts (Above 100m) Always on parachute Lock vehicles from the inside Sea Crates Helicopter Crashes 24/7 Day Time 30m Base Height limit Advanced Urban Rappelling SafeZonePlus (Protects your vehicles from thieves) Black Market Traders "9" to Disable Environment Sounds Custom Kill Messages (You can toggle them on/off)
  19. Kuchenplatte Exile Abramia

    Cheers Survivors, W0000t is it real? Yes, its Abramia. Much Features and Stuff....common Check it out
  20. Rabid Panda

    Nexus Exile Chernarus

    New PVP server for you! Hello all. I have been in the Arma community as a server owner for years. I have over 2000hrs on Arma3 Exile and about 1000 on Arma2. Started back in the old DayZ....Dayz... (see what I did there?). Looking for a new home for your clan, or tired of crowded servers. Just pop in here and relax. I run a chill, friendly server, with no drama. If drama is your thing, go play COD or find yourself another server. Come on in and stake your territory! We have tons, of mods. x64 server private host server, with high FPS and loot! All the EXAD mods, custom traders. I've also added CUP TRYK, HPV and much much more. Build height restricted so no penis towers.. sorry ladies. Come check us out!
  21. Wir [DE888] Startet sein erstes Event, am Samstag den 02.06. um 20:00 Uhr. Es werden 2bis 3 Gruppen / Clans , von je ca. 3/3/3 oder 4/4/4 oder 5/5/5 Spielern in den QUBE an gespawnt. Je nach Mitspieler. Ausrüstung: jede Gruppe erhält - 1 SPEZIAL- Anzug (Farblich unterschiedlich je Gruppe) - Westen und - eine Kiste mit Handfeuerwaffen, Pistolen, Revolver und dazugehörige Munition. Ziel jeder Gruppe: alle Gegner zu finden/ Killen und als einzige Gruppe zu überleben. Gewonnen: hat die Gruppe die als Letztes im QUBE überlebt, egal ob einer oder alle. Preis: für jede Gruppe/Clan Wahlweise: - 1 BauKiste - 50K oder - 5000 Respekt Punkte je Spieler. Solte eine Gruppe aus unterschiedlichen Gruppen/Clan Spielern bestehen. ist nur wahlweise 50K oder 5000 Respektpunkte je Spieler möglich.
  22. Yung teriyaki

    Need help with getting lootspawns to work

    Hey guys ! So recently i decided to start my own server and i chose that isla abramia would be a cool map to use so i used this mission file exactly the map should have lootspawns already working but theyre not .... all the files are there and in the config he has put include's to at the cfgbuildings and the cfgloottables bits these point out towards two files with the same name, this isnt working out on my server and loot is not spawning do i change something in any of the other files ? or did i forget something ? the help would be greatly appreciated ! Edit here are my config.cpp and latest log ! Im getting a completly new error now .... EDIT 2 Fixed the error but loot still isnt spawning
  23. Hey, iam working on a very simple helicrash script. the chopper crash sites are spawned in by an pbo, which is working quite good. the only problem is that there is no loot spawning at all. the chopper spawned in by the pbo has the classname Exitem_UH1YWreck so i went into the serverconfigs's cpp and added class Exitem_UH1YWreck { table = "Military"; positions[] = {{-1.17383, 8.0918, -2.79785}, {2.92285, -9.17188, -2.77692}, {3.7041, 0.40918, -2.84418}, {-0.260742, -9.69434, -2.67627}, {2.69434, 7.49609, -2.72632}, {1.69922, 10.1006, -2.71313}, {6.04102, 1.19434, -2.90607}, {4.15332, -3.63574, -2.86328}, {0.224609, 4.14941, -2.80768}, {-1.55957, 1.5957, -2.79156}, {-3.49121, 5.05664, -2.82739}, {2.37891, -5.42676, -2.78564}, {-4.07129, -2.78711, -2.71198}, {-1.16895, -6.24023, -2.71613}, {6.19141, -1.70313, -2.93707}, {2.27148, 3.82129, -2.76392}, {-0.84082, -0.824219, -2.7915}, {-4.71973, 1.80469, -2.78058}, {2.14648, -1.65723, -2.79163}}; }; below the military section .. what am i doing wrong ? it works as soon as i take an vanilla wreck for some reason. I tried to play around with the positions seen above for example set the z-coordinate to 0 but nothing and nothing and nothing happens
  24. Patrix87

    Exilemod Loot Position Creator

    Hi, I present you Exilemod Loot Position Creator. It's a tool used to create loot position for exilemod. That tool is different than the other in the following ways : It will generate a file that you can directly include in your cfgBuildings It displays a live floating ball in front of you to help you precisely place the loot positions. It uses a new function to detect surfaces so the position is never going through a surface. It is a mod and you can subscribe to it on Steam. Last update add the auto-generate feature for single building and entire map*. *When generating position for the entire map you will need to add the parent class manually in the file and to clean the file a bit before putting it on your server. If you like it you can donate via PayPal at Thanks !
  25. chiconanni

    Loot problems

    First of all, sorry for my bad english.. lol Ok, here's the deal. Ive been running a server on havoc and everything works fine. Turns out that i quit paying and wanna to run in a dedi-box. I replicated all the files to my dedi-box and almost everything works fine, except loot.. tables are working, files are loading but no loot is on the ground. Here is my server rpt. Thx in advance for any help.