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Found 4 results

  1. General Information: Please note that this is a project in its development stage and there might be some bugs! Feel free to report feedback and suggestions to this project here: Report Bugs/Issues here: Information: Basicly this system will allow players to interact with terrain/map objects.</br> If the object has a entry in a scavenge class within the configurations the player can loot this object</br> and has a chance to get a item from that depending on the class.</br> So far the players can: - Search throu wrecks. - Get woodstocks from trees. - Get water from different sources if he has a empty bottle/container to fill. - Search throu trash-bins/piles. - Get cinderblogs from different sources if he has a sledge hammer on his body. (Requires Exile Extended Items Mod) - Pickup fruits and apples from trees (Requires LordRampantHumps Items Pack Mod). This framework is simply customizable and you can add new interaction classes easily just by adding the required information to the configfiles. CfgExileHoldActions.cpp This file contains the information for each holdaction icon. If you want to create your own icon you can add a new class to this file and add the required information to get your icon working with the scavange system. You can find more information and examples in the file. CfgExileScavenge.cpp This file contains the information for each scavange class. If you want to create your own interaction to terrain/map objects you can do that by adding a new class for your interaction and fill it with the required information. You can find more information and examples in the file. CfgScavengeRecipes.cpp This file comes in action if you create a crafting scavange class that will require a item/weapon/tool to get a item back from the source. Take a look at the Waters and Cinderblogs classes within CfgExileScavenge.cpp to get a example for creating such a class. In short words this file contains crafting recipes that will be used for crafting scavange classes. You can find more information and examples in the file. Requirements: Exile Mod 1.0.3: Base Exile Mod. Optionals: LordRampantHumps Items Pack: New Exile cusumables. Exile Extended Items: New Exile Items. Uncomment the classes on the end of the CfgExileScavenge.cpp files to get some actions that use these mod items if you use these Mods! Installation/Updates: Latest Version: Thanks and Credits: Credits to Larrow for the base script: Credits to @Kurewe for the first port and rewrite for the exile mod. Credits to @oldmatechoc for a base rewrite and port for the exile mod. Credits to @yukihito23 for additons and expansions of the system. Credits to NiiRoZz for plenty amount of help, expansions and optimizations of the system. Credits to Salutesh for a complete rewrite and buildup of the framework and system.
  2. NaHaJr

    loots not spawning help needed

    i cant get loot to spawn on Chernarus by default or these settings. help needed
  3. Dunsparth

    Loot table problem

    Hello i'm having a problem with my loot tables, i followed a guide i found here on the forums and created chernarusLootBuildings.hpp & chernarusLootTables.hpp under my exile_server_config.pbo i edited my config.cpp & now i'm getting an error saying Don't really know what to do can someone help me?
  4. Sneak [FC]

    Arma 3 Exile Looting System

    The Arma 3 Exile looting system is the only downfall of the mod. If the looting system was more like Epoch for example, the mod would be 10x better. By the time I'm done writing and posting this thread I'm hoping that loot will have spawned near me and I can get a start but as of now I have nothing. When playing Arma 3 Exile or Epoch PvP, one of the most important things is to never stop moving. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the Exile looting system forces you to do; stay in one area for an extended period of time. Because of this, it greatly increases frustration and the difficulty alone to get started without a random player coming along that doesn't care if you're a "bambi" or not, they will kill you, then you have to respawn, and wait for loot again, possibly die in the process, etc. Rinse and Repeat. As I said this is the greatest downfall of the Exile mod and I hope that the developers take this thread into consideration.