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Found 12 results

  1. LysyProboszcz

    Problem with LootTable

    Hello. At the beginning I apologize for my English, I use the translator. I would like to describe my problem with the loottable compilation. For the clean exile_server_config/config.cpp file, I paste what loot Table Compiler 1.03b gave me, but unfortunately loot doeas not appear at all. I noticed a certain irregularity as far as I can call it that. Loot Table Compiler me the CfgExileLootServer.hpp file, from this file I copy everything and paste it in the right place in config.cpp but in this config.cpp file the original record regarding the percentage of the loot has dot in it and a comma after compilation. Could this be a problem? i add a link to my GitHub repository with these files for the conversation. GitHub - My repositories P.s I hope you will understand me.
  2. So I have pretty much learned everything I know from the Exile Forums. From loot tables to adding custom content. I know this is not much , but I thought I'd share some of my work and hopefully help some folks. I have Created Custom LootItem Groups for both RHSAFRF and RHSUSAF . All you need to do is add the name of the loot item groups to the LootTables.config and Merge the Loot Item Groups form my files with your LootItemGroups.cpp from you compiler. Then Compile and the rest is cake. Since I cannot attach the text files here I will just raw paste it for you. I am fairly unfamiliar with Forum posts and format so if anyone can help format it properly that would be awesome.. Most Credit goes to @GamerJesus and @red_ned for providing the lists of class names. I then added the LootItem Groups format to all of the uniforms, weapons, ammo , and attachments. Please let me know if you need assistance creating a file like this Id be happy to help.
  3. TruckerPreben

    Extended base mod loot table

    Hello everyone.. Im new to the whole arma 3 exile server setup. I want to add the Extended base mod items to the loot table, but i dont know how to do that. Im not good at codeing at all.. and if someone har whilling to help with a redo on my loottable. ofc payed for the time used on it. i tried the loot compiler. from another forum. but if i use that i will only get the cup mods. i want both a3, cup and ebm in the loot table. /TruckerPreben
  4. Syntace'HD+

    New Loottable wont work - Tanoa

    Hi guys, today we created a new LootTable with the Exile Compiler. We put the file we got from the ExileCompiler in the "exile_server_config.pbo/config". The file looks good. The problem we have now: The Server is not loading our config. We still have stuff spawning which we deleted from Groups. Anyone knows why the Server is not loading our new config? Or why the Server is overwriting it? OR do we have to add it somewhere else? Or do we have to overwrite sth else? This is our current LootTable how we put it in the "exile_server_config.pbo/config" Thankyou.
  5. This is what I created lately. If anyone is interested in these let me know. My ulterior motives were that most of the buildings on Chernarus aren't enterable. This lets the loot spawn in the entrances of a lot of buildings so it isnt too borring to loot in villages like Kamenka or other villages where you dont have that much enterable buildings.
  6. mikekozowsky

    loot table f*cked

    Hi there, for some reason my loot is alll fcked. So loot is spawning, but i added mod loot but it doesn't spawn. But the normal gear does spawn. Even when i deleted all the regular gear and only the mod gear is in it still spawns normal gear but not the mod loot. Here is my exile_server_config: I can't see whats wrong. Help plzzzzzz, Sebastian
  7. mikekozowsky

    Added mod loot not spawning

    Hi there, im a having some issues whit loot spawns, specificly mod loot. the rest spawns just fine. If added NiArms and CUP Weapons and both never spawn. Here are my files: If you know anyway of getting it to spawn i will be very gratefull!
  8. mikekozowsky

    Cannot add NiArms to loot table??

    Hello there, if been having some problems whit my loot table. i am trying to add NiArms Complete and if added every class name to my loot table, if use the generator etc. but i cannot get it to spawn, ive been trying for like 5-6 hours now so i figured i would ask what im doing wrong. Here is my config.cpp out of my exile_server_config.pbo: I am willing to give a small payment by paypal. ~Sebastian
  9. Please tell me if this is how the breakdown of the loot table works: LootItemGroups.h (going to use the Vehicle group from the Industrial loot section for the example) > Vehicle 4, Exile_Item_FuelCanisterFull // (sum=10) = 4*100/10 = 40% 5, Exile_Item_FuelCanisterEmpty // (sum-10) = 5*100/10 = 50% 1, Exile_Item_DuctTape // (sum10) = 1*100/10 = 10% LootTables.h /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Construction Sites, Warehouses, Research etc. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// > Industrial // sum 23 / 99.97% with all groups (4%,13%,21%,26%,34%) 1, Restraints // 1 items / (1*100)divided by sum (23) = 4.34% (spawn chance that this group will get picked) 3, RoadFlares // 4 items / (3*100)divided by sum (23) = 13.04% (spawn chance that this group will get picked) 5, Vehicle // 3 items / (5*100)divided by sum (23) = 21.73% (spawn chance that this group will get picked) // Exile_Item_DuctTape = 10% (spawn chance inside the group) (02.173%) (actual percetage ) // Exile_Item_FuelCanisterEmpty = 40% (spawn chance inside the group) (08.592%) (actual percetage ) // Exile_Item_FuelCanisterFull = 50% (spawn chance inside the group) (10.865%) (actual percetage ) // Vehicle grouping = 100% (spawn chance inside the group) (21.73% total) 6, Trash // 7 items / (6*100)divided by sum (23) = 26.08% (spawn chance that this group will get picked) 8, IndustrialItems // = 34.78% (spawn chance that this group will get picked) The logic being that the Vehicle group has a 21.73% chances of spawning something that is inside of this group in "Industrial sites". That being said Duct Tape, Fuel (empty and full) have their own percentage chance of being "chosen/picked" to be spawned loot. Therefore "Exile_Item_DuctTape" (for example) has a 10% chance of being picked for the "Vehicle group" (loot) or an overall percentage of 02% that it will actually show up inside an industrial-named-site in-game?
  10. sgtlarson

    I cant load modded loot table

    Hello, I modded my files exactly how the other forum shows to do but when I upload my New Loot table the server wont start any ideas? loot table: loot items group table: Thanks for any help
  11. hi guys, i added the new CUP Weapons 1.4 (from Steam-Workshop) to our exile server which runs on chernarus (CUP Terrain 1.0.1). for the loottable i used this LootTable.h (which i found somewhere here on the forums) and made this config code out of it with the lootcompiler: then i replaced code in the config.cpp of my exile_server_config.pbo: but everytime i startup the server with this config thers no loo spawing at all. do i miss something here? thanks in advance on a sidenote: i tried and coded a vss vintorez (part of cup) via DB on a char of a friend and it did work - he got the vintorez after relog . so cup must be working ..
  12. Hello, when we use the loot table compiler from the downloads section, I see all the groups and things like Trash, Food, ect; If I want to change the rarity of an item within one of those groups, can I put it along side, or do I have to remove for example, Food, and input each individual food item, or will it over write it? I essentially want to make ToilerPaper a rare item, so I would assume that appears with Trash (because). Would I have to find where Trash is defined, and input each individual item, or can I just put toilerpaper at the top with the custom rarity and still leave Trash up there?