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Found 26 results

  1. Monkeynutz

    [Release] Satan's Bridge For Malden

    Here is a simple Awesome looking bridge by [GADD]lords8n coplete with road markers for the map by [GADD]Monkeynutz. Instructions are in the Thanks for the help @MGTDB on the dynamic sim edits. Lights are now Dynamic and there is also a version for people to use that comes without lights. Enjoy! Edit - 16/05/2018: Edited OP to say thanks to Dave! And also made a few edits to the Git worth Mentioning. - Fixed config file so it no longer requires Exile - Fixed init file so it actually works now - Must have buggered it in last upload as i upload from different files not the pbo it's supposed to be cuz i'm like that.
  2. aussie battler

    Malden Barracks: no loot [SOLVED]

    Hey Just wondering if anyone has got loot to spawn in the barracks on Malden? I tried to do the standard loot positions & my own loot positions but no loot spawns in the barracks... The only thing I can think of is maybe because the building is a camo variant its class name is slightly different? I brought it up in the editor and it says camo the same class name.
  3. Shadowsong

    TRAPPED on Malden | Exile

    To all Heroes and Bandits ....Welcome... You need the following mods (all available in Steam Workshop) to join us ingame: Exile Enhanced Movement Advanced Towing CBA_A3 Extended Base Mod KA Weapons Pack NIArms All-in-One ( Project Infinite TRYK Zombies and Demons We have friendly active admins playing. The server runs BattlEye & infiSTAR anti-hacks. Our admins do NOT use infiSTAR tools ingame and they will play after server rules like any other player on the server. Nobody will interfere with your gameplay unless you request help. Server Features: Zombies 15,000 Pop Tabs (In Locker) Black Market Trader Halo or Ground Spawn option on Respawn Paint (Custom paint for buildings and vehicles) DMS ZCP Missions Vehicle Crashes and loot crates Change View Distance (XM8 More) Remote CCTV Camera (XM8 More) Vehicle Health Point Bars (XM8 More) Private Chat (XM8 More) Crafting Guide (XM8 INFO Apps) Server Info (XM8 INFO Apps) Enigma Revive (Need Defibrillator) vote day or night Terrain Protection = 25 days until base is deleted if not paid Vehicles = 14 days until deletion if not used Stolen Flag = 9 days until base wiped We are looking forward for you to join us. If you have any problems connecting, please join us in Teamspeak. We will help you in any way we can.
  4. So I added a carrier with an on-board aircraft trader into my map... The problem is that once an item is purchased it places you on the beach instead of on the deck of the carrier. So everything is working but that..... any ideas? P.S. hope this is the right spot for this question...
  5. B.A.D.

    Kill All Humans Exile Malden

    Server has scripted custom skilled AI and tons of map additions. Start Gear is Custom also. Mods: -Exile (obviously), -Zombies & Demons, -CBA_A3, -Cup Weapons, -Units, -Vehicles -Maps Core Scripts: -Deploy Bike -Base Payment Notifications -Sell Crates at Traders (R3F) -Igiload -Virtual Garage -Adjustable View Distance -Custom Status Bar -Ejecting Bodies from Vehicles when dead -Towing,Lifting with balanced Classes, Advanced Slingloading Addons: -VEMF Mission System,Custom AI -DMS Mission System,Custom AI (with selfmade Missions) -ExileZ 2 Map is full of stuff me and my wonderful fiancée added,feel free to enjoy the dark atmosphere the server was made for. Last but not least theres something very very special on the server only some people will manage to find out.check the biggest dms mission on the server to get a clue well thats it
  6. Hello all, I have created this mission file for the new map Malden, I have created it so that if people want to save time they can by downloading this. I have personally made this so that it has a black market trader and has a Construction trader. (These can all be modified, if you need help I will be happy to help you!) This works with the newest Exile 1.0.3 update What is needed to install this: Arma 3 Steam Arma Link Running Exile 1.0.3 Server Exile Mod Download Extract Malden Open file Navigate to "MPMissions" Upload Exile.Malden to "MPMissions" Then navigate to "ExileServer/addons" Replace "exile_server_config" In "config.cfg" replace this following code: How to modify use PBO manager and open the PBO's Use notepad++ and open the config files EDIT AWAY (DONT DO SOMETHING IF YOU ARE UNSURE PLEASE ASK) What it includes: Spawn Points Loot spawns Custom buildings Custom Loot buildings Concrete mixers ATM'S are lockers (THIS CAN BE MODIFIED, USING CODE BELOW) Office Traders Cleaned code (More Performance) Easy to edit! What it doesn't include: Boat traders around the map Russian Roulette Concrete mixers around the map other than the traders Screenshots Download link Enjoy - ECN Gaming If people are getting no loot in areas, download the new mission file update and use that, or you can download it and move over the "fixes" folder to your mission file, then copy over the code from "config.cpp/customcode" This will fix the issue of loot spawns in barracks please note: This is created by myself and some of the loot spawns have been found in the Exile forums that can be found. I take credit for the buildings and traders, please give credit where its due Thanks to @matix0110 / @JJW for the cleanup IF THERE IS ANY ISSUES PLEASE CONTACT ME ON MY DISCORD: OR USE PM!
  7. I bought a server. If you have read my other posts and hate idiots stop now. Anyway, I installed Exile and can get the game running with no mods fine. I wanted to get it running Malden, but whenever I use Exile.Malden.pbo Arma crashes. If I switch back to Tanoa it runs. I am stumped by why and really need some help. So far the first issue was this information when I tried to start the server "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMarkers.ExileTraderZoneIcon'. 13:12:36 Mission Exile.Malden read from bank. 13:12:38 Roles assigned. 13:12:38 Reading mission ... 13:12:38 No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMarkers.ExileTraderZoneIcon'." So I installed AL audio driver (I think that is what it was called) then I realized I didn't have the @Exile folder in the right place, moved it and tried to start the server, Arma Crashed. So I changed the map to Tanoa, Exile ran fine, then switched back to Malden and Arma crashed again. I cannot figure out why so could really do with some help. Pointers in the right direction is helpful but if you have fixed this then I would really appreciate the help. Thanks for looking MinkiSan
  8. looonytoonz

    Looking for a server to play on? Why not check us out. Just a few guys having fun... Usually low pop, low stress and of course friendly "generous" admins.
  9. Hey @exilemod! Here is my Malden bridge that can be used with or without my Custom Malden Traders This download includes a connecting bridge that accompanies the Malden Silver Edition traders. The bridge connects the island to the main land. We have also place sections on the bridge that allow access via boats. DOWNLOAD AND SCREENSHOTS
  10. RSJFL

    MadMax Apocalypse Zombie

    Harcore Apocalipsis zombi Descubre una autentica experiencia apocaliptica Harcore Apocalipsis zombi es un servidor basado en el mod Exile y otros addons para asegurar fielmente una jugabilidad, atmosfera y diversion, que aseguren la mejor y mas inmersiva experiencia que puedas encontrar, haciendo incapié en reproducir lo mas fielmente posible como seria en realidad. Para ello se han incluido multitud de skins para tu personaje así como vehículos caracteristicos de un mundo postapocaliptico. Muy esporadicamente puede spawnear algun tipo de vehiculo militar en sitios poco habituales y que seran para aquellos que mas exploren. Nombre completo del servidor: [ES] Hardcore Mad Max & Apocalypse Zombie | Malden | SurvivalSpain Grupo Steam: SurvivalSpain Admin(s); JFL, Current Mods: CBA_A3; KA Weapons; CUP_Terrains_Core; Exile; Ryanzombies; Extended_Base_Mod; Extended_Items_Exile; Friths RuinK; Fox_SurvivalCars; Z-HUNTERS Echanced Movement Sabs Ultralight Estaciones: Malden tiene un ambiente duro durante las estaciones cálidas, pero cuando llega el invierno Malden se convierte en un nuevo animal! A medida que la temperatura baja, los supervivientes deben encontrar refugio contra el frio, casas, viejas y bosques profundos seran lugares perfectos para hacer refugios y establecer un campamento para mantenerse cálido. También puedes encontrar antiguos heatpacks en Hospitales para ayudarle en tus viajes! Toda la ropa ingame se ha visto rediseñada para dar a cada pieza de ropa un valor de calor. Algunas prendas de vestir serán desde muy, moderadamente o poco cálidas, que van desde las chaquetas pesadas, Parkas a los suéteres más ligeros y jeans. Los sombreros también ayudarán a luchar contra el frío (un buen ejemplo de la Ushanka). Muchos ejercitos solían tener camuflaje de invierno y ropas de abrigo, tenían una multitud de chalecos y cascos para ayudar a mantenerlo oculto y protegido del frío y las balas. Muchos sobrevivientes también se refugian en el Campamento de Sobrevivientes para acurrucarse junto al fuego acogedor para mantenerse calientes. (Gracias especiales a John / Reborn por esto) Gameplay Las tablas de loot han sido completamente reelaboradas para incluir una serie de nuevas categorías para edificios tales como granjas y casas de campo que tienen su propia tabla, lo que significa que todas las tablas son diferentes y requieren que vayas a ciertos lugares para recibir ciertos artículos . El loot civil tendrá cantidades limitadas de alimento, de bebida y de equipo civil; asi como algun tipo de escopetas y pistolas. Loot industrial tendrá muchas herramientas, suministros de construcción, jerrys de combustible. Practicamente todo en nuestro servidor se utiliza o utilizará para algo, no hay artículos desperdiciados aquí! El loot militar es de tres tipos, ligero, mediano y pesado segun el tipo de edificio, lo que proporcionara distinto grado de equipo militar. Asegurate de no tirar nada, pues cada herramienta tendra un uso distinto. Caso aparte son los vehiculos, ahora necesitaras varias herramientas distintas para reparar segun que, y ademas, necesitaras encontrar todo tipo de recambios para repararlos tales como motores, rotores, parabrisas, fuel tanks etc. En general la cantidad de loot será baja, lo que obligara a moverse constantemente en busca de los recursos necesarios. Problema a parte es el de la gasolina. Solo se puede conseguir drenandola de los vehiculos del mapa, en el mayor de los casos pequeñas cantidades. Tambien la podras conseguir drenandola de aeronaves de la ONU caidas accidentalmente, aqui ya en mayores cantidades aunque a veces tendras que enfrentarte a su escolta. La ultima opcion es aventurarse a la isla NW, donde la ONU cuenta con una base de vigilancia con vehiculos cisterna para sus aviones y helicopteros, y robarla. Claro que no sera una mision sencilla. Para acentuar el modo survival del servidor, deberas cuidar la temperatura de tu personaje abrigandote, haciendo fogatas o metiendote en vehiculos (y mejor si tienen el motor encendido), bebiendo o consumiendo cafe, cerveza o heatpacks tambien subiras de temperatura. Este sera, de entrada, el mayor de tus problemas si no quieres morir congelado. Recuperar la salud de tu personaje sera tambien una maxima. Por defecto se recupera sola cuando comida y bebida estan por encima del 70%, pero su ritmo es muy lento. Algunas medicinas la restituyen mucho mas rapidamente pero en tambien podras descansar ante una hoguera aunque llevara algo de tiempo. La comida y bebida ahora es mas escasa, aunque las necesidades aumentan a una velocidad mas lenta, a la larga puede llegar a ser un problema. La mejor manera de alimentarse es cazando, cortar la carne y cocinarla cuando puedas antes de consumirla. Es el alimento mas eficaz y la que mas cantidad produce. Tambien puedes cocinar el animal directamente en una hoguera, es mas rapido pero solo proporciona alimento hasta el restart, el no consumido desaparece. En general, la comida cocinada aumenta su capacidad nutritiva, si no la cocinas paliaras el hambre a costa de tu salud. Esto es importante pues observaras que no veras animales vivos tan frecuentemente como los veias antes. Te costara mas encontrar armas, pero aqui no seran, en principio, tan importantes como en otros servidores. Por lo menos con respecto a los zombis pues en nuestro servidor no funcionan de la forma habitual y aqui siendo sigiloso puedes esquivarlos: Caso aparte son las hordas. Si tienes la mala suerte de toparte con una de ellas corre y salta muros si no quieres que una mega masa de zombis rapidos acaben contigo. Y cuidado, que esta horda tarda en desaparecer y si no encuentra victima suele tomar un camino aleatorio y te puedes topar tu con una... Funciones, scripts y características El server es PvE, pero el PvP está permitido. para que no haya abuso de PvP, asesinar otro jugador causa una perdida importante de respeto. Asi que asesina solo en caso de necesidad y cuando realmente compense. Sistema de loot completamente revisado y adaptado al entorno extremo. Mundo totalmente persistente: Un dia de juego se corresponde con 4 sesiones del servidor de 4 horas cada una. Un dia comienza a las 4 AM y termina a las 8 AM, reiniciandose de nuevo y continuando desde las 8 AM a las 12 PM y así hasta alcanzar las 8 PM, momento en que comenzará un nuevo dia a las 4 AM de nuevo. Habra 4 estaciones con diferente climatologia: Primavera, verano, otoño e invierno. Infecciones: Vigila tus heridas, limpialas con agua limpia y visprine. Niveles de jugador: Todo lo que el jugador haga es afectado por su nivel, asi. jugadores con alto nivel de respeto aguantan mas sin comida o bebida, corren mas, son mas resistentes a la temperatura etc. En caso de tormenta EVR, tomar cobertura en algún edificio para minimizar sus efectos. Existe una mascara antiEVR que también los minimiza. Desabilita temporalmente los vehículos. En caso de tormenta eléctrica busca cobertura o huye, los rayos pueden destruir edificios, vehículos y también acabar con tu propia vida. Vigila tu temperatura corporal: Usa ropa de abrigo, enciende hogueras, toma heatpack o entra en algun vehiculo cubierto. Pagas: Los jugadores cobran una paga cada cierto tiempo de juego, que se incrementa cuando ganas reputacion. No hay autorefuel, el combustible solo se puede conseguir llenando una jerrycane desde otro vehiculo o fuente del mapa (gasolineras, depositos etc). La fuente de combustible varia con el tiempo. Todos los vehiculos son persistentes. Los encontraras en carreteras, pueblos, ciudades, casas, helipuertos. Para reparar vehiculos son necesarios multiples items: Motores, rotores, depositos de fuel, parabrisas etc. Algunos son particularmente dificiles de encontrar, por lo que podras craftearlos buscando planos e items correspodientes. Spawn aleatoria de IA amiga o enemiga. Estate siempre vigilante. Otros eventos y misiones Helicrash: Helicopteros caidos con carga util, protegidos por un numero indeterminado de IA Avioncrash: Aviones caidos donde conseguir combustible. Si consigues Airpatrol: Misiones de rescate sobre aviones derribados. Bombardeos aereos: Sobre centros militares e industriales. Alborotadores: Fugitivos que toman el control de pueblos y ciudades con el fin de saquearlas en su personal provecho. Isla NW: Se trata de una isla militarizada en la que encontraras un loot altisimo guardado en varios bunkers en el complejo principal, asi como varios vehiculos cisterna y vehiculos aereos. La base esta defendida por IA. Planifica bien la mision y efectua previos reconocimientos si no quieres fracasar. Cualquiera de estas misiones no se suelen marcar en el mapa, deberas encontrarlas explorando, obtener su posicion registrando cuerpos de zombis e IA muertas o bien hackeando con un portatil en las proximidades de una torre de comunicacion.
  11. xnight

    Malden Map

    Does anyone know why these red circles are all over the top of the map etc and how to fix it? Cheers, James
  12. kuplion

    [FPS] Exile Malden

    ## Exile on Malden!! If you're looking for a well run, fun, and fair Malden server, check out FriendlyPlayerShooting. We've been hosting Arma servers for nearly 5 years, starting waaaaay back with Arma2: DayZ Mod, then DayZ SA, and most recently Arma3 ExileMod. We're an easy going bunch of guys who admin fair and take a bullet well. ## FEATURES: Roaming AI / AI Vehicles Multiple Missions PVP Capture Points Crash Sites With loot Guarded Random Loot Crates 10K Starting Poptabs SpawnZone Cooldowns (15 minutes) Sell crates at WasteDump Trader Full bounty system. Set bounties, take out contracts, hunt down your target! Custom Kill Feed (shows Weapon, Scope, and a rough location - Great for PVP!) Attach Chemlights to your body (Great for when you don't have NVG!) Claim Vehicles with a Code Lock (Anything that's not already owned!) Custom Randomised Spawn Uniform Loadout (Never spawn with the same clothes again. Randomised each spawn!!) Radiation Zone replaced with Infected Zone, with hardcore zombies and top tier loot (No gasmasks needed, just balls of steel!!) Ship Wrecks spawn randomly each restart with up to 50000 Poptabs (and other loot). Grab a boat/sub and go do some plundering!! Building Height Restrictions (30m) NO MORE COCK TOWERS!! Territory Payment Due Date notifications so you never miss a payment Accelerated Night Time so you get several days/nights per server restart ## FIXES: Fixes for weapon attachment duping (No more infinite scopes!!!) Vehicle Protection (from Arma bugs on server restart) Several custom scripts to fix Arma/Exile issues like wonky/exploding crates and vehicles Fixed Weapon Attachment Compatibility ## QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVEMENTS: Increased Toast time so you can actually read them Customisable Stats Bar (and XM8 config app) Custom View Distance (via XM8 app) Streaming / Recording Toggle - Hides GUI (via XM8 app) ## SERVER PING AND RESTART TIMES: Three hour restarts = 12, 3, 6, 9, 12.. GMT Server locks 15 minutes before each restart to prevent data loss The ping limit is 250
  13. [Crazy] MrPromo

    [GER] Exile Hardcore Survive_X

    You can find the Server on A3Launcher, or the standard ARMA 3 Launcher! [GER] Exile Hardcore Survive_X|Revive|Bounties|Malden Für unseren Server wird CMGC_Exile_Mod_Pack_v1.0 zu finden auf Steam! ______________________________ Restarts every 3 Hours _______________________________ Es gibt nur einen Food, Waste Dump, Air, und Boot Trader! Alles andere muß man sich erarbeiten Der Server ist zurzeit auf 20 Player beschränkt kann aber jederzeit angehoben werden! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mods: DMS Ocupation DMS @Enhanced Movement @Advanced Urban Rappelling @CBA_A3 @JSRS SOUNDMOD @Extended_Base_Mod ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scripts: Recipes Enigma Revive Claim Non Presistant Vehicle Vector Building Care Code Server Info Bountis Most Wanted Advanced Repair und vieles mehr ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screen Shots: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alle Mod's für den Server findet ihr auf dem A3Launcher oder auf Steam zum Download einfach Abonnieren, Downloaden und ab geht die Party! Jeder ist Wilkommen
  14. David1197™

    BTTR Malden --- new gameplay

    Join our community NOW We are in growth and we become great! Many projects, more and more Servers with time, great gameplay and good ideas! JOIN NOW to check our creations! Play with you´re Friends, find new friends, play against you´re friends or play against other people. All is possible, it's your decision! And I want to say one thing. I will add my own MOD in some time! Look forward to this surprise!!! Read the informations below for a better overview! Mods: (need to download before) (Best way to join is A3 Launcher to download automatically) Exile FFAA Mod Ryanzombies Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Rappelling Enhanced Movement Advanced Towing CDAH Mod Pack HVP Extended_Items_Exile (EIE) CUPTerrainsCore Other Addons: (included in Missionfile/Serverside, mission automatically download on every join) DMS Missions AntiCheat and Hack (Infistar) Statsbar R3F Vectorbuilding And some more But this is not all. We also join in different changes: New mapparts Military Industrial Bot base and battle ship Custom additions Eastereggs Complete revised Loottables new loot included (FFAA, CDAH, EIE) new lootspots new types of loot inside buildings logical loot with better chance FFAA Mod some new Vehicles new choppers new planes new planes to transport vehicles new boats new boat to transport vehicles 6 new craftable cars some new clothings some new weapons Extended Items Exile (EIE) I think this is one of the biggest thing on our server. With these we got many new Items to craft nearly everything! new buildings to store loot new blueprints to craft safe, codelock, ... many new items for crafting! Claim Vehicle You can add a codelock to vehicles with has not a codelock. R3F You can load crates in vehicles (logical). Also added new Trucks for loading Vehicles in there (logical). You can move crates and bikes. Sell Crates You can sell crates with content at Wastedump trader. CDAH Modpack With these you can craft the new vehicles (HVP and FFAA) Nearly add recipes for crafting ammo and some other things XM8 Apps You can see the rules in there You can change your viewdistance Also includ a craftbook for easy look on recipes (Repair Made //it´s up there but functions will included later) Statsbar It shows all important information about you we overwrite old icons with new and add some informations showing restart --->>>2 Entrys are empty and for future incoming mod Zombies We have Hordes which spawn random near triggers if players in the near of the trigger. Zombies are balanced and we have different types and loot Missions All missions are revised Balance difficult (also Bots) Better and logical loot Some random settings about gear and vehicles Bot Base/Bot Boat These 2 projects are currently in production. The base is included but the mission spawn yet. To balance it perfectly i need some more days. But you can loot there and ist really good Stuff Gamebalance 3k on start Trader prices was balanced and items revised. remove all overpowered weapons from trader, you only can get them in militarys, radiation military, some missions, Bot Base, eastereggs and some more Increase base options (price, objects to build, range). Some overrides for Arma Update and Exile Balanced nonpersistent vehicle spawn New and better airdrops Custom settings for Basepay, remove, reset objects and so on. You found everything ingame in your XM8 under XM8 Apps -> Rules High spawnrate for pistols at spawn for protect against zombies Plans for the future: Finish Botbase and the secret battleship, Add new Missions Many map updates (new military, industrial, some trader revises, some other and easter eggs ) My own Modification (Mod) It is currently in work. You will find some informations ingame, if you open your eyes Pre - Alpha is running on Testserver and it is working. Foundation is finish, now I include/create more and more features and the overlay (design) for the menu. Bugfixes <3 and some more
  15. berserker_x86

    [JP] JNYX ExileMod PVPMalden

    Server located in Japan with an English speaking admin (just me: @berserker_x86). Most of our players are from Japan and SEA. Feel free to join! Please check our website for more info English: Japanese:
  16. xcplnathan

    FragWithUs Hardcore Exile Malden

    FragWithUs Exile FragWithUs Exile Hardcore Malden Mods Exile (latest) Find these + a workshop collection that the server uses at Features Custom Vehicle Rearm w/Persistent Vehicle Ammo Persistent Time ZCP - Capture Points Extended Base Mod (without addon) AI Missions/Invasions Hardcore first-person Heli crashes R3F Logistics Military Vehicles/LAV And lots more! Tweaks We run various tweaks to some of the mechanics of exile for a more hardcore experience such as: 1. You require a GPS in order to see yourself, and your fellow group members on the map. They cant see you without it: To view waypoints you also require a GPS. 2. You are not able to see who killed you, what they killed you with and how far away they killed you. You may only see that you died to a player/AI We have lots of various QOL improvements that are not worth mentioning, but all add up for a better 'authentic' exile experience Support We have friendly active admins ready to help and give support when needed! If you need support/want to report a bug, or just some people to play with come join our teamspeak:
  17. xcplnathan

    FragWithUs Hardcore Exile Malden

    FragWithUs Exile FragWithUs Exile Hardcore Malden Mods Exile (latest) Features Custom Vehicle Rearm w/Persistent Vehicle Ammo Persistent Time ZCP - Capture Points Extended Base Mod (without addon) AI Missions/Invasions Hardcore first-person Heli crashes R3F Logistics Military Vehicles/LAV And lots more! Tweaks We run various tweaks to some of the mechanics of exile for a more hardcore experience such as: 1. You require a GPS in order to see yourself, and your fellow group members on the map. They cant see you without it: To view waypoints you also require a GPS. 2. You are not able to see who killed you, what they killed you with and how far away they killed you. You may only see that you died to a player/AI We have lots of various QOL improvements that are not worth mentioning, but all add up for a better 'authentic' exile experience Support We have friendly active admins ready to help and give support when needed! If you need support/want to report a bug, or just some people to play with come join our teamspeak: Videos Although these videos are from our Tanoa server, it shows you what you can expect from our server! Thank you to everyone who has spent time and made this videos, they are awesome.
  18. mikekozowsky

    [SOLVED] Server won't load infistar

    Hi there, im trying to install infistar on my server but i get this in my console: 21:15:37 CallExtension 'armalog' could not be found 21:15:37 "<> Can not load infiSTAR" 21:15:37 "<> f65519f97c67" 21:15:37 "<> 00356140a52390a266c3a564934ed02c" 21:15:37 "<> GRN | Malden 2035 | 25k Start | Missions | +More" 21:15:37 "<> " 21:15:37 "SC/BIS_fnc_log: [preInit] a3_infiSTAR_Exile_fnc_preInit (0.999451 ms)" I know for a fact that the config file is setup right, so that can't be it.
  19. mikekozowsky

    loot buildings

    Hi there, i cant get server to start whit added buildings! this is what i get: 12:03:51 SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features won't be accessible! 12:03:51 Source set 12:03:52 Initializing stats manager. 12:03:52 Stats config disabled. 12:03:52 sessionID: e8d9bdec4b75413ceec8eedb7cbaa2c0b99e81a1 12:04:09 Unsupported language English in stringtable 12:04:09 Unsupported language English in stringtable 12:04:09 Unsupported language English in stringtable ErrorMessage: File exile_server_config\config.cpp, line 2047: /CfgBuildings/Land_i_Shop_02_b_blue_F/Land_Church_01_V2_F/Land_i_Shop_02_b_yellow_F/Land_FuelStation_01_workshop_F/Land_i_House_Big_02_b_yellow_F/Land_FuelStation_01_roof_malevil_F/Land_i_House_Small_01_b_pink_F/Land_i_House_Big_01_b_blue_F/Land_i_House_Big_02_b_pink_F/Land_i_House_Big_01_b_brown_F/Land_i_House_Big_01_b_pink_F/: Missing '}' Help plzzz!
  20. mikekozowsky

    keep getting kicked!

    Hi there, Im having some issues whit my server. Im trying to get Malden to work and if got everything working just fine expect for the fact that i keep being kicked! This is what it says in the loggs: 15:03:44 "ExileServer - Player Sebastian (UID 76561198092036423) connected!" 15:03:46 "ExileServer - Starting session for 'Sebastian' with ID 'jolcljqt'..." 15:03:46 "ExileServer - Dispatching hasPlayerRequest for session 'jolcljqt'..." 15:04:56 Client: Remote object 4:0 not found 15:04:56 "SC/BIS_fnc_log: HandleDisconnect : 4b9de040# 626898: coveralls.p3d" How do i fix???
  21. I've gone through and added the new buildings for tomorrow's update and Malden map to my CfgBuildings class. Here is the list of new buildings. The commented out classes are the existing classes with the new versions listed below. These are for CivillianUpperClass, CivillianLowerClass, Shop, and VehicleService. If anybody finds others, please let me know. Here is the entire CfgBuildings section of my exile_server_config.pbo ---> All new entries have had "//Arma 1.73" appended to the class name to make finding them easier. I didn't go through and create unique spawn locations, just copied the existing ones and kept as much variation as I could. Enjoy!
  22. My clan and I are looking for a Malden North American server - anyone have plans to launch one today/in the near future? Thanks!
  23. Hellstyrant Exile Malden

    Exile Malden, wut? FAQ I don't have any money to start with? What gives? We already let you start with a pistol, what do you want? Why cant I find any good loot? Do you think you should spawn with a pile of SPMGs at your feet? Go look. Where are the good loot spawns? Why do you want me to play the game for you? Why can't I buy x item? You're in exile on a prison island where people buy and sell things with pop tabs. Go find one. Mods/Scripts/Features: Exile! Hived! Completely custom trader zones! Zambies! Admins who give a shit! AI patrols - friendly and hostile! Extended Base Mod! Base Painting! Vector Building! Enigma Revive! Fixed attachment sorting at traders! Chop wood to your vehicle! Custom territory flags! Respect based spawn loadout! Virtual Garage! Safe hacking - with EBM containers hackable as well! Halo Jump! Load crates to vehicle and sell from crates at Waste Dump! Towing and Lifting! Enhanced Movement! (Optional)Enhanced Soundscape! (Optional)JSRS! (Optional)DynaSounds 2! Probably more shit I forgot to write! Probably more shit to come!
  24. TroyT

    Malden Server Setup

    I'm setting up a Malden map on a server that is already set up for Altis. It's a fresh auto-install from the GSP that hosts our dedi. What do I have to change to make it load a Malden map properly? The server seems to start fine with the exception of this error: 1:50:27 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.Malden'. my exileconfig.cfg: My Arma3.cfg: When looking at the server in the vanilla server browser it shows the map as Malden 2035. It says the required build is 1.70.141838, but I had defined the required build to match the Dev Branch in one of the config files above. I have BE and verify sig turned off for now. The server shows up with the big red X. What do I need to change?
  25. 1Vincent Van Goat

    GOAT Exile Malden

    Seeing the many possibilities which a new map such as Malden can offer we here at GOAT have launched the very first Exile server for the map to mark our return to the Exile hosting scene. At GOAT we have customised our servers to the max, while retaining the survival aspect of Exile. Unlike many other customised servers who give many “benefits” to their players, such as very high start cash amounts and low shop prices among other things, we have chosen not to do such things as we believe having a customised server does not mean we need to compromise on gameplay experience. That being said, we have an extremely friendly group of admins, of whom one is always available on the server or our discord if you ever encounter any issues or just want to ask a question. Furthermore, we run events every second day on our servers, EU and NA, which vary from plane races to Pawnee death matches to actual death matches in purpose built arenas. Some of our 25+ scripts include: Ai Missions, Customised Traders, Spawn Bike, A wide range of XM8 Apps, A way to mute ambient sounds, Grinding And Hacking and capture points. The reason for choosing this combination is simple, Quality. Niarms, for example, is praised widely for its accurate ballistics modelling along with great sounds and weapon quality while MAS Vehicles takes the best vehicles from ARMA 2 and makes them even better, updating them to ARMA 3 standards and beyond.