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Found 88 results

  1. Hi, Can anyone help identify what the problem is here. We have blue map markers showing on the map where players are / were a few minutes ago, also there are green markers that show the players names as well as all the base markers on the map for everybody to see. The markers for yourself and others don't update, sometimes there are 2 or 3 markers for the same person on the map at the same time. This first appeared after installing EXAD, UAV Hacker, Bounty script and Bury Corpse script. ( i know I shouldn't had done them all in one go but for me it was looking fine in the test server. I then removed all the scripts, as there were complaints of massive FPS drops from the players so I thought it may have been EXAD then reports came in showing the map looked like below. Does anyone know what may have caused all the markers to show? Thanks
  2. [XIII]Bujinkan

    Tembelan mission pbo

    Hello All! I have been given so much help from the Arma community, I thought I would give back something. It's not much, but it's my first custom map/mission. There were no functional mission files available to Tembelan, so I had to learn how to create one of my own. Thankfully, many people out there have shared enough wisdom to have any kind of server you wish. My hats off to those who have shared, helped, guided, or contributed in some way. Many of you have taught me a lot. Thanks. Here's my first github, and mission file: PS edit- This mission requires Tembelan Island Mod. I have Reworked the mission file and now have nothing but dudes and signs for easy integration.
  3. geekm0nkey

    [Release] PVP Map Markers

    This mod creates a circle marker around all players online that meet the criteria (explained below). The marker radius and refresh time are adjustable. The purpose of this mod is to encourage PVP action on your server especially during low pop times. There is now a config.sqf in the root of the PBO with adjustable options. Here is a list of features. Markers only appear when players are actively holding a weapon, not in a territory, not in safe zone and not in a vehicle. Markers change color depending upon number of pop tabs on player. Blue = < 10k, Yellow = > 10k and Green = > 50k Adjustable markers update timer, default is 5 minutes. Adjustable marker radius defaults to 300 meters. Adjustable minimum and maximum players online to trigger markers. Adjustable marker icon. Adjustable marker text. Ability to exclude players from being marked. Happy PVP'ing SCREENSHOT: (note this is how i see myself, players do not see player marker inside the circle!) INSTALLATION: Download the file - pvpmapmarkers.pbo or pvpmapmarkers_dow.pbo (Ducks of War version) [USE ONE OR THE OTHER NOT BOTH!] Just drop the PBO file into your @ExileServer/addons folder, and your done.. UnPBO the file if you want to make any changes. Config file will be in the root of the PBO folder after it has been uncompressed. Disclaimer....!!!.... This has been somewhat tested.. There may have been conditions and situations I've overlooked. Anyone care to help be my guest.. SOURCE CODE: ( for those untrusting types... ) UPDATE #1: Added some RPT logging. UPDATE #2: New user markers are created 10 seconds after connection. Markers are removed immediately upon disconnect. Markers are removed 30 seconds after death. Lots of logging to RPT for those who like logs. Added config.sqf for user options. User customize-able delay and radius for the markers (see config.sqf file) User customize-able minimum and maximum player online trigger. UPDATE #3: Adjustable marker icon. Adjustable marker text. Change math that is used to calculate random placement of marker. Added toast messages to let players know when they are marked. UPDATE #4: Added a ducks of war version, changes are... Update marker every 30 seconds, must have a duck on person or in vehicle they are in. Otherwise they will not be marked. Goes without saying, you need to have Ducks of War installed and working before this version will work. UPDATE #5: Added ability to exclude players from being marked. FUTURE? Someone suggested I modify the code, to create a marker only when you have fired a weapon, and make it last say only for 2.5 minutes, or until you fire again.. Add code to activate markers only when a minimum and maximum number of players are online. ADDED!
  4. tinboye

    [Release] Exile Isla Abramia

    # Exile.IslaAbramia Mission and Server files w/ Easy Traders and Loot Spawn Building Positions. Default Loot Tables This is a shared effort and credit will be given. Required Mods ============== - ExileMod - - Cup Core - or - Isla Abramia: or Information ============== The Exile_Server_Config.pbo has already been edited for this map. You will only need to edit the config.cpp if you want rcon, turn off halo, adj weather etc. Building Loot Positions are already added but not tested for floating loot, if you notice any loot floating let me know in forum with the coordinates so i may correct. LootTables are default and you will need to use to compile loot if your using other mods. The Map Markers and Single Trader with objects and trader data was provided by cantkillphantom - Easy trader was provided by Red Ned - and and incorported into this release by myself. I have made the mission files so they are easy to edit. simply edit the hpp files included: - config.cpp - CfgRemoteExec.hpp - CfgExileCustomCode.hpp - CfgMusicPlaylist.hpp - CfgMusic.hpp - CfgSounds.hpp - CfgFunctions.hpp - CfgRscTitles.hpp - CfgHints.cpp - CfgNetworkMessages.hpp CfgMusicPlaylist.hpp you can add class names of custom music tracks, or remove default exile tracks if not wanted. CfgMusic.hpp you can add your own tracks, I have left examples of 3, so you can see how the format would be. For example, if you wanted a new intro song. you would make your ogg music file. call it introSong1.ogg and copy it into the Music folder. then edit CfgMusicPlaylist.hpp Ambient[] = {"ExileTrack03","ExileTrack04"}; Combat[] = {"ExileTrack06","ExileTrack07"}; Intro[] = {"ExileTrack02","ExileTrack03","intro1"}; duplicate for combat and ambient if wanted, just note, that if you add music to your mission file, it will become very large. I have tested this and it does load, it does snow when you are over snow texture.
  5. Hey modders, server owners, and anyone who might be able to help, Not sure if this is the right place to be venting my problems, however, I have tried everything in my power at this point, and I literally created this account to post this here because I have been trying to create a custom Exile map for a server and have encountered some issues. So where do I begin? Well, my friend and I want to start up our own Tanoa Exile server and I want to make the map for it. y'know with traders, static missions, pvp zones, loottables, mods included (like CUP) and all that good stuff. In essence, I'm trying to build this map from the ground up. I have all the required plugins and the up to date server that is the same version as my exile mod. I have familiarized myself with the EDEN editor, Notepad ++, .pbo unpackers, and where my mpmissions folders are located and all that. My problems started when I went to place a trader down. So here's my problem: Trader placed down- no problems there. Access the trader menu when testing in game- no issues. Trader is selling 0 items- big issue. Not glitched items, not unable to buy items, literally nothing shows up its just the trader menu and a blank dropdown box. attempted solutions: 1. Watching an ungodly amount of videos, reading a hefty amount of forum threads, googling till my fingers bled. It was all either too vague and not my exact problem, or outdated and no longer working as intended. 2. Saving and replacing my initPlayerlocal.sqf files and initServer.sqf files AFTER placing the trader. No luck 3. Using red_ned's "Easy Trader setup" which can be found here. - Did EVERYTHING that was detailed in the .txt instructions. Still no luck. (none of this was binarized) I feel like i'm missing something here? I'll link a mediafire to my unpacked .pbo mission file from C:\Users\USER\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Giant\mpmissions\Tanoatest.Tanoa so you can load it up and try it for yourself here. Feel free to move this thread if it's in the wrong spot. Could use a bit of help. I have discord and steam if anyone would prefer to convo about it. Thanks.
  6. CplFull

    Bariga map

    Hello everyone, Is Exile compatible with Bariga map? I have been trying for 3 days now and is a No Go. I keep on getting " No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.Bariga' " then when it loads I am in the Tanoa map. Can anyone help. Thank you CplFull Semper Fi
  7. Colle

    Map Marker Events?

    Hello All, I was wondering if it would be possible to make "dynamic" map markers. For example in dms missions is it possible to make a marker show up like "Claimed by (player)" When that certain player kills an AI at said mission, This would be pretty cool as we are hosting a PvE Exile server and this would help alot!
  8. fifthmanstanding

    Briefing Doesn't Initialize After Death?

    Hi, I have a custom mission briefing that is initialized in the mission folder and displays server rules etc;. Upon loading in it displays fine. After a player dies and respawns, however, it does not and is no longer present on the map screen. How can I make it permanent or force it to reload upon respawn? Not much use in having a rules section if no one can see them after their first death. I'm not so much of a good good coder boy, but I was wondering if it's the difference between "null =[] execVM " vs "[] execVM " in the init.sqf. Thanks in advanced for any help. Pastebin to briefing file: Initialization script is: null =[] execVM "briefing.sqf"; from the init.sqf in mission file. Before death: After Death:
  9. Plunsh

    Lost Isles

    Dear guys, today started our new session on our exile server! All mods you need to join our server besides Exile. Where to download Exile? Here is the link for Exile 1.0.3 : IP: Name: Lost Isles Exile |Missions|CustomLoot|ResitrctedZone|DayzStyle|Additional Mods:- JSRS- Advanced Rappelling- Urban RappellingYou´ll have to download the rest to join the server.Have fun!Official Trailer:
  10. General_Jacob

    Host a Cup Terrains Map?

    Hey guys, Pretty simply I wanted to know if anyone knows a good amount about hosting one of the Cup Terrains Maps. I specifically really liked Bukovina for a small project I wanted to do, but I got the no entry bin\config.bin/cfgWorlds error and a bunch of others regarding my map grid. I took the server apart at the moment, but when its back together and running tomorrow ill post the actual RPT. I was just hoping someone who knows more than I do could provide a bit of guidance on that issue as I am aware its not completely uncommon. From the searching I did it seems my issue is most likely due to the addons part of the mission.sqm but I couldnt get it to work. All help would be seriously appreciated. Thanks!
  11. General_Jacob

    Marking Buildings on Map

    Hey Guys, Like the title says I have been trying for awhile to mark the buildings I have added to my server on the in game map. Because there are so many I do not want to manually place the markers, so I have been playing with a few different codes that theoretically come close but havent solved the problem. If anyone could help or has ideas I would be seriously appreciative. Heres one of the codes I've been trying to work out somehow:\ I get the idea but not the exact implementation.
  12. Hello, I am trying to create a server with esseker "v0.8" map but i am not able to make the mission (Exile.Essker.pbo), something is always missing or I can´t simply join the server after connecting. Can someone help me pls? I need to know what mods/addons I need to use and the mission with the safezones and loot already included.
  13. I recently started playing around with the Exile 3DEN editor and love it! Super awesome tool! But I have a question. I love the Altis map and many of the elements of the Tanoa map (such as the buildings and heavy dense foliage and trees), but do not want to set up a Tanoa map Exile server. The Tanoa map seems to have *issues* and doesn't seem very well suited for survival based mods like Exile and Epoch anyway. So I thought I might give myself a big project to work on using the 3DEN tools and make several southern areas of the Altis map look more Tanoa-like with the buildings and trees and such. I can find several of the buildings and rock formations from Tanoa items, but I cannot find any of the trees and dense foliage objects. As a matter of fact, I also cannot find any objects for the trees that are normally on the Altis map either. Is there any future updates planned for the 3DEN tools to add in these missing objects or is there a way I can add these in? I know where many object IDs can be found from here: , but is there a way to add them into the list of objects in 3DEN editor for Exile?
  14. MiffedLyric559

    How do i make custom missions?

    Hey! Ok so i need some help on making my own custom Tanoa mission for exile. I have watched plenty of vids on it but none of them teach you how exactly you do it. I'm stuck with the mission.sqm Where do i put stuff and what do i need to remove. Arma 3 editor changes the format so its useless. Also all traders etc are saved in mission.sqm but as far as i know only stuff that is supposed to be there is markers? Hope someone can help me with this, and sorry if it already has been answered.
  15. red_ned

    Napf loot position

    I have uploaded an automated Napf loot position starting file for anyone who wants it. It is automatically generated and not very tested as I am now doing them all again by hand but if you have nothing then this is something at least. enjoy ned
  16. I've searched the forums and google to no avail. You can change the difficulty of stock Arma 3 to Easy/Regular to allow spotted AI to show up on the map. Exile only has ExileRegular and ExileHardcore; neither have this feature enabled. I've played on Exile servers where the AI's last known position gets marked on the map. I've seen that it can be done and would like to know how to add this feature to my server. No "workaround solutions", thank you.
  17. Hello all, I have created this mission file for the new map Malden, I have created it so that if people want to save time they can by downloading this. I have personally made this so that it has a black market trader and has a Construction trader. (These can all be modified, if you need help I will be happy to help you!) This works with the newest Exile 1.0.3 update What is needed to install this: Arma 3 Steam Arma Link Running Exile 1.0.3 Server Exile Mod Download Extract Malden Open file Navigate to "MPMissions" Upload Exile.Malden to "MPMissions" Then navigate to "ExileServer/addons" Replace "exile_server_config" In "config.cfg" replace this following code: How to modify use PBO manager and open the PBO's Use notepad++ and open the config files EDIT AWAY (DONT DO SOMETHING IF YOU ARE UNSURE PLEASE ASK) What it includes: Spawn Points Loot spawns Custom buildings Custom Loot buildings Concrete mixers ATM'S are lockers (THIS CAN BE MODIFIED, USING CODE BELOW) Office Traders Cleaned code (More Performance) Easy to edit! What it doesn't include: Boat traders around the map Russian Roulette Concrete mixers around the map other than the traders Screenshots Download link Enjoy - ECN Gaming If people are getting no loot in areas, download the new mission file update and use that, or you can download it and move over the "fixes" folder to your mission file, then copy over the code from "config.cpp/customcode" This will fix the issue of loot spawns in barracks please note: This is created by myself and some of the loot spawns have been found in the Exile forums that can be found. I take credit for the buildings and traders, please give credit where its due Thanks to @matix0110 / @JJW for the cleanup IF THERE IS ANY ISSUES PLEASE CONTACT ME ON MY DISCORD: OR USE PM!
  18. So I down loaded this new map from .. I'm comparing the downloaded file to the Tonoa PBO and it does not have anything in it... Not sure how to make this new map work... Thanks in advanced
  19. I need to know how to get started, but I find myself wasting time on tutorials that are wrong or people say there is another way. I love Taviana and I think we need need one, full post apocalyptic setting. I have put my notice in at work so have two months free to do it. Any help would be welcome and your name will be in the credits of the map Regards Liqu1d
  20. aNNDREH

    Hilfe bei Map Gebäude Türen

    Hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem. Und zwar wenn ich auf der Map South Zogoria Türen öffnen will gehen nicht alle auf. Das Symbol der Tür kommt. Aber es passiert dann nichts. Manche gehen manche nicht, ziemlich merkwürdig. Auf einen anderen Server habe ich genau das gleiche Haus getestet am gleichen Ort dort geht die Tür auf. Laut Map Mod brauch ich nur CUP Terrains Core. Auch die Serverfiles sind alle in Ordnung. Wenn ich eine andere Map hoste gehen alle Türen. So nun habe ich CUP Terrains Map und Cwa geladen um zu sehen ob es daran liegt, leider kein Erfolg. Die Map an sich neu heruntergeladen und diese nochmal rein gehauen. Immer noch genau das gleiche. Loot spawnt aufjedenfall drin Aber an der Tür scheitert es, ich habe auch mal länger gewartet weil manchmal die Türen trz ziemlich spät aufgehen. Aber selbst nach 10 Minuten sollte es ja mal langsam aufgehen. Es ist auch nicht so das nur die Standard A3 Gebäude aufgehen. Es gibt auch Häuser die von der Cherno Map sind und aufgehen und manche wieder rum nicht. EBM habe ich 3.3 und hatte diesen Türen fix den es mal gab drin und wieder raus gemacht, wieder mal kein Erfolg. Mir fallen auch keine anderen Ideen mehr ein, an was es scheitern könnte. Wäre euch sehr verbunden, wenn jemand noch eine Idee hat oder sogar eine Lösung für dsa Problem hat. Laut Rpt lädt auch alles richtig. Die Mods sind alle In Ordnung.
  21. Dezusa !

    Isla Duala

    Good day, so im new to Exile, i gat a dedicated server for some days ago and i'm running a exile Maldin on it. But i want to run a Isla Duala Exile. I been trying to look for some help but i only get error when i do what i see on the forum. i bean on this for more than 8 hours and getting tired of looking. Do any one have a Exile Isla dual pbo file i can start from ? Thanks.
  22. mikekozowsky

    vehicle as part of map

    Yellow, i was just wondering how to make vehicles spawn as a map object in my server. Cuz i want them to be a part of my trader, but just putting them in whit the editor doesn't seem to work. Help plz
  23. gmctyphoon92

    Esseker Map Additions

    Hey everyone, *NGC* GMCtyphoon92 here from NoKturnal Gaming Community I am releasing my custom map content to be run server side for the Esseker map. Put the .pbo in your @ExileServer / addons folder and it will fire up. Adds many Buildings for Military areas as well as Industrial Areas. I will also release my loot tables if anyone needs them. Link for my dropbox.
  24. MickScandalous

    Adding/Modifying Recipes

    **EDIT** with the posted function I get a map now, the "picturedItem" doesnt show as anything though Im trying to create a Recipe for a map using this function based off of the example in the config, it appears and I have the option but when i try it says not enough inventory even if i empty it all out except the Magazines...Please help class Map: Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe { name = "Map"; pictureItem = "ItemMap"; returnedItems[] = { {1, "ItemMap"} }; components[] = { {1, Exile_Item_Magazine01}, {1, Exile_Item_Magazine02}, {1, Exile_Item_Magazine03}, {1, Exile_Item_Magazine04}, }; };
  25. Hi i want to install a custom map on my server and that map is taunus. Now the server provider does not have that map avaliable in the 1 click installs so i will have to install manually, which i dont mind doing. But i cant seem to find a good guide on how to installa custom map, can anyone point me in the right direction please with this? Thanks