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Found 13 results

  1. Extended Survival Pack (Mod) This mod is an expansion pack for the exile mod. This expansion pack is only for EXILE MOD! Exile mod 1.0.4 'Pineapple' Compatible It contains 165 items, 4 objects, mapmarkers, vehicles, base textures and many vehicle skins a fishing script and farming scripts. There are lists for all items classnames, objects classnames, mapmarkers classnames, base paint path (textures), vehicle classnames, crafting recipes, flaggen classnames, and vehicles skin path (textures) in the mod file. (scripts and lists) Feel free to use the Mod. But do not split it in parts or take pieces out of the Mod and change them. Please do not use these textures and models in any other mod pack unless you get my permission. Copyright [ServerAtze] ARMA PUBLIC LICENSE SHARE ALIKE (APL-SA) Support the Creator DONATE You want to test this mod, here is a server IP: Download Steam Workshop Download Armaholic Listed in A3 Launcher crafting recipes list preview images item classnames list objects classnames list marker classnames list flaggen classnames list vehicles classnames list vehicles skin path list base paint path list trader item prices list Super Advanced Repair System very to recommend. If you do not like the Exile standard repair system. Events and scripts Farming scripts: DOWNLOAD Weed farming Mushrooms farming Mining Fishing script: DOWNLOAD Have Fun
  2. The Exile Expansion Project aims at customizing and expanding the gameplay content and possibilities of the Exile Mod with various additions. So far the mod includes assets and configurations for the following content: Mod Content: 3 Flag Textures 12 New Map Markers (Eden Editor Asset Browser Support) 6 New Gameobjects (Eden Editor Asset Browser Support) 5 Different Sign Textures 18 Hold-Action Icons 12 Statusbar Icons 9 Exile Toast-Notifcation Icons 6 Exile XM8 App Icons So you may ask yourself what can you do with the Exile Expansion Mod so far? Using new types of map marker icons: Using new types of Exile Toast notifications with icon display: Use the Exile Expansion Container Loot System and also the holdAction icons and function: Use the Exile Expansion Statusbar Icons: Latest update informations about Exile Expansion CLS: - Support for Exile Mod 1.0.3. - Rewriten functions. - Full customizable and easy to configure! - Added optional override for ExileServer_system_lootManager_spawnLootInBuilding to replace the dafault Exile loot spawn with a full container loot spawn system. The system uses the Exile loot tables and building positions to spawn interactable containers with the loot inside like the custom spawn system does. - Added new configurations for new type of hold action icons (Exile Expansion Client Mod update). Latest update informations about Exile Expansion Client Mod: - Added 3 new container objects (Loot Container). - Added one new XM8 App icon (Virtual Garage). - Added Eden Editor asset browser support for all mod map markers. - Added new unit Exile Expansion Drones Trader. Example for Drones trader setup: - Added new sign objects for drones trader. - Added new sign object for trader zones. You can find all objects, units and markers of the Exile Expansion Mod in the Eden Editor Asset Browser! Extra Images of concept proofs: More is coming soon and regular updates are planed! If you need some examples how to use the new content just let me know! Download: Steam Workshop: or download the Mod with the A3Launcher. Installation: Please Note! If you want to use the Exile Expansion Mod for your server then every client/player needs this Mod and they have to load it like the normal Exile Mod. The server also have to load the mod normal, not as server mod. This is the correct load order: Add the provided key to your servers keys directory! This is just an expansion for the Exile Mod! You still have to use the normal Exile Mod 1.0.3 in combination!
  3. [HG]RaVeN103

    Added 2 Exile

    Hello Exilers, i am currently working on new signs / flags / icons / textures for the traders, missions, vehicles, uniforms and UI. Here my first release at Steam Workshop I hope you enjoy it... Added 2 Exile Update April 14th More coming soon
  4. derfeldarzt

    Making own Marker Type !

    Hey Guys im just digging for Days in the Exile_Client_Code to create a own Marker Type . The Idea is to setup multiple PVP Areas on a PVE Server with 3rd Person View restriction and maybe adding 10 Respect Points every 5 Min . to get People in there . What im try to do is making a own Marker Type so i dont have to use Trigger Points and i could just set a Map Marker with a Type = "ExilePVPZone"; But i just dont get it where i can excatly get the Variable on true ExilePlayerinPVPZone . I used the Safezone Codes to change them but like i said i couldnt find the right way to make it work . The ExileClient_system_map_initialize.sqf inPVPZone.sqf isPVPZoneinRange.sqf onEnterPVPZone.sqf Mybe someone can me give a hint what i did wrong its my first try to editing something (for me) bigger. The View Restriction would look like this
  5. Stoll

    Delete marker with trigger

    Hey there, I know it has to be very simple, but I'm stuck on this atm. Maybe someone can give me a push in the right direction. I want to place a global marker and want to delete it again with a trigger, when a player activates the trigger. So that's what I got so far: _marker = createMarker ["BOX", _object]; _marker setMarkerType "hd_start"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _trigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", "getMarkerPos _marker"]; _trigger setTriggerArea [5, 5, 0, false]; _trigger setTriggerActivation ["ANY", "PRESENT", true]; _trigger setTriggerStatements ["this", "deleteMarker _marker", ""]; I'm pretty sure that the error(s) are in these 2 lines: _trigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", "getMarkerPos _marker"]; _trigger setTriggerStatements ["this", "deleteMarker _marker", ""]; I'm not sure what to put in as string code for deactivation. Trigger should be deleted as well of course, after the marker is deleted. Thanks in advance.
  6. I was wondering if it is possible to hide the mission marker, circle, AI count and text for a specific DMS mission. The goal is to make it so that the mission could only be found by players stumbling onto it, but the quest would still complete as normal once the players eliminated the AI. But I only want to do this with specific missions and not globally, so I need to do it with code in the actual mission sqf (e.g beertransport.sqf). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Colle

    Map Marker Events?

    Hello All, I was wondering if it would be possible to make "dynamic" map markers. For example in dms missions is it possible to make a marker show up like "Claimed by (player)" When that certain player kills an AI at said mission, This would be pretty cool as we are hosting a PvE Exile server and this would help alot!
  8. Wardbeek

    Mission.sqm errors (SOLVED)

    I have set up my server with MSKE The issue is resolved.
  9. Screamer

    Admin marker position

    Hi I'm trying to write script showing admin (me) marker for all players on map. For some reason _test = getPos player; return my cords but when I'm trying to use in createMarker then nothing happened private["_test"]; _test = getPos player; _markerS = createMarker ["_markerS", _test]; _markerS setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _markerS setMarkerType "mil_destroy"; _markerS setMarkerText 'Admin Convoy'; Where I have error ??? Please help
  10. Admiral EliteSuicide

    [GELÖST]Exile Server - Marker ausstellen

    Hey Leute, Ich suche verzweifelt nach einer Lösung: Und zwar geht es um die Map Marker, sobald ein Zombie/Spieler/NPC in der Nähe/Sichtweite eines anderen Spielers ist, werden diese auf der Karte angezeigt. Nun zu meiner Frage, wie kann Ich diese Markierungen ausstellen ? PS: Ich habe die Schwierigkeit schon auf ExileHardcore gestellt, aber nichts hat sich verändert. Ich bedanke mich schon mal im vorraus bei euch !
  11. TBsThug


    [SOLVED] Thanks for the help guys, I made the custom one and it works. HAPPY IS ME TODAY Since Apex has been out I can not get rid of the players map markers. This map is a PVP and if players can see the other players, well I might as well make it a PVE. I dont want to do that (Just venting sorry) btw I am running Exile Tanoa. If I change to veteran the 3rd person goes away. Has anyone else ran into this and does anyone know how to fix?
  12. Hi guys! I would like to disable my gps point on the map, and if u got a gps on inventory, activate that point. Is that posible? thx in advance
  13. Fr33kill

    group marker

    i just want to know if there is any possible way to make me and my groupmates visible to each other on the map i know its a server setting or a script but i want to know if you guys know something that could help me