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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, Can anyone help identify what the problem is here. We have blue map markers showing on the map where players are / were a few minutes ago, also there are green markers that show the players names as well as all the base markers on the map for everybody to see. The markers for yourself and others don't update, sometimes there are 2 or 3 markers for the same person on the map at the same time. This first appeared after installing EXAD, UAV Hacker, Bounty script and Bury Corpse script. ( i know I shouldn't had done them all in one go but for me it was looking fine in the test server. I then removed all the scripts, as there were complaints of massive FPS drops from the players so I thought it may have been EXAD then reports came in showing the map looked like below. Does anyone know what may have caused all the markers to show? Thanks
  2. geekm0nkey

    [Release] PVP Map Markers

    This mod creates a circle marker around all players online that meet the criteria (explained below). The marker radius and refresh time are adjustable. The purpose of this mod is to encourage PVP action on your server especially during low pop times. There is now a config.sqf in the root of the PBO with adjustable options. Here is a list of features. Markers only appear when players are actively holding a weapon, not in a territory, not in safe zone and not in a vehicle. Markers change color depending upon number of pop tabs on player. Blue = < 10k, Yellow = > 10k and Green = > 50k Adjustable markers update timer, default is 5 minutes. Adjustable marker radius defaults to 300 meters. Adjustable minimum and maximum players online to trigger markers. Adjustable marker icon. Adjustable marker text. Ability to exclude players from being marked. Happy PVP'ing SCREENSHOT: (note this is how i see myself, players do not see player marker inside the circle!) INSTALLATION: Download the file - pvpmapmarkers.pbo or pvpmapmarkers_dow.pbo (Ducks of War version) [USE ONE OR THE OTHER NOT BOTH!] Just drop the PBO file into your @ExileServer/addons folder, and your done.. UnPBO the file if you want to make any changes. Config file will be in the root of the PBO folder after it has been uncompressed. Disclaimer....!!!.... This has been somewhat tested.. There may have been conditions and situations I've overlooked. Anyone care to help be my guest.. SOURCE CODE: ( for those untrusting types... ) UPDATE #1: Added some RPT logging. UPDATE #2: New user markers are created 10 seconds after connection. Markers are removed immediately upon disconnect. Markers are removed 30 seconds after death. Lots of logging to RPT for those who like logs. Added config.sqf for user options. User customize-able delay and radius for the markers (see config.sqf file) User customize-able minimum and maximum player online trigger. UPDATE #3: Adjustable marker icon. Adjustable marker text. Change math that is used to calculate random placement of marker. Added toast messages to let players know when they are marked. UPDATE #4: Added a ducks of war version, changes are... Update marker every 30 seconds, must have a duck on person or in vehicle they are in. Otherwise they will not be marked. Goes without saying, you need to have Ducks of War installed and working before this version will work. UPDATE #5: Added ability to exclude players from being marked. FUTURE? Someone suggested I modify the code, to create a marker only when you have fired a weapon, and make it last say only for 2.5 minutes, or until you fire again.. Add code to activate markers only when a minimum and maximum number of players are online. ADDED!
  3. DOWNLOAD UPDATE: MAY 2018 - Download link updated Hey Exilemod ! I am finally releasing my new Tanoa traders as promised, alongside my website where I will be releasing more traders shortly. Starting with Malden ! TANOA SILVER EDITION: Tanoa Siver Edition focuses on a Trader hub rather than a scattered jungle approach. There are boat and aircraft locations on each individual island as well as spawn points. The main island has two mixer locations (one being at the trader hub), and the only spec-ops trader on the entire map. The contamination zone has been moved to the western island and a guard has been placed at the bridge to keep out looters 1x Trader City Hub 1x Contamination Island 1x Spec Trader Location 3x Side Island Spawn 3x Main Island Spawn 4x Boat Trader Location 4x Aircraft Trader Locations
  4. Leonardo Twinkle

    Map Markers

    This is my problem ive added markers to my map and for some reason they do not show up at all, besides the normal Exile markers. Ive done everything possible on Exile Forums. My item number is correct, but what i dont get is when i open my map in editor i can see everyone of the markers, So what could be the problem.
  5. dadirusso


    Hi guys! Anyone can help me with adding markers on map? I wanna drow them for notice player that there are a bridge. I've build my personal bridge for Tanoa, but I have problems with markers .
  6. FallenActual94

    Need Help. adding death markers to map

    Hey guys thanks to everyone here in the exile mod fourms my servers coming along smoothly and I just wanted to thank everyone for the help but I have one more question to ask where the heck to do turn on death markers I.E. when you die you can see your body on the map marked with the red skull? I have infistar installed so idk if its blocking it or its just a setting somewhere i dont know to turn on.
  7. Hello all, sorry I cant figure this out at all. Looking at my mission.sqm I dont see the Class Markers Section that I think I need to find? All I want to do is add a couple of additional spawn points to Tanoa. My MISSION.SQM - Could someone point me in the right direction please
  8. Hello How would i go about using a custom marker i have made for a waste trader? It is in Exile style. I have different areas for waste traders so require a different marker.
  9. Hi there. Im not able to bring Text to my Custom Map Markers and Zones. Heres is an example of the Zone and the Marker Code from the mission file: ZONE: class Item58 { dataType = "Marker"; position[]={2527.283, 0, 6708.063}; name="ExileMarker58"; text=""; markerType="ELLIPSE"; type= empty; colorName="ColorYellow"; fillName="Cross"; alpha = 0.7; a=900; b=900; drawBorder = 0; id = 158; atlOffset = 0; }; TEXT: class Item61 { dataType = "Marker"; position[]={2528.283, 0, 6709.063}; name="ExileMarker61"; text="MY CUSTOM TEXT"; type= "mil_dot"; colorName="ColorBlack"; fillName="Vertical"; alpha = 0; a=1.3; b=1.3; id = 161; atlOffset = 0; }; any ideas whats wrong? plz
  10. riddler251

    Arma 3 stock map markers

    So, I am finally almost done with my tanoa mission file and I need to setup the map markers. I know that you do this under markers and I can get the spawn points, safezones, and exile specific map markers. However, I am setting up several map markers from actual Arma 3, such as Helicopter or Objective markers. I cannot seem to find the code I need to use to place these in my mission.sqm. Would I place them under the class Markers or under the class CfgMarkers? this is code I pulled from the wiki. class CfgMarkers { class Flag { name = "Marker description"; icon = "\ca\ui\data\markers\marker1.paa"; color[] = {1, 0, 0, 1}; size = 32; shadow = true; scope = private; }; }; I assume that if I use the above that I need to put in a coord somewhere also how do I determine the sub class? They use Flag in the example. Again, I have used 3 of the stock markers they are: "Pier", "Helicopter", and "Objective". Note: I tried using the method described in the stickied guide, but when I copied my mission.sqm to add them if destroyed all my other configurations and changed the format into an unreadable format. Edit: Just realize I posted this in the wrong place, can an admin move this please. I thought I was in the Traders & Safezones forum.
  11. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    How do i add custom markers and spawn point

    hi all, how do i install custom spawns and markers to my map or has someone got some i can use...? i am on Altis regards Tom
  12. crckdns

    Tiny family markers on map

    Hey there, I'm not sure if it's client or server side, but since I can only see the client side, I'm posting it here. Server is running 0.89 on Tanoa. I've created a family and wanted to add a family marker on the map.. but what I get while adding.. see the attachment. They are so tiny, you can't read anything written on them. The question is, is it just this server or is there a bug in the exile package? I've asked the admins, they didn't even care to looking into it..
  13. speedweasel

    Map markers need work

    Currently, the player map markers/icons do not change if a player is travelling in a vehicle. Recommend the icons change to a helicopter if the player is in a helicopter, or a car if the player is in a car, etc. A3Wasteland does this pretty well. Recommend that Exile adopt a system like theirs.