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Found 8 results

  1. Grant7O2O

    Grant's Exile Zombie's Server

    Grant's Exile server is a Tanoa Zombies server, with lots of zombies, guns, heavily armed vehicles, and a special trader on the USS Freedom! It is easy to install, (all the mods are on the workshop, except Exile, of course) and has high FPS Mods Required: Exile 1.0.3 Temp Fix for Exile Miniguns Zombies and Demons Extended Base Mod Nato & Russian Vehicles Nato & Russian Weapons Here's a link to subscribe to all the workshop mods except Exile! I am a single server owner, and am open to lots of suggestions, please Join my TS and talk to me if you have any suggestions, comments, or problems... And together we can make this community great!!!
  2. LeTs

    T51 Exile Tanoa

    T51 Was built as a project to help me learn to script and it's getting there. the server is now how I wanted it, however I am always adding new things and tweaking. this server is paid up one year in advance so there is no risk of it shutting down! . The server has, 13 Custom military bases throughout the map, Extended Base mod, Mas weapons & Exile Mini gun fix, the loot is low as it is a survival server! We also have Roaming AI, loot crates throughout map, Missions, and much more
  3. Kibbz

    Fail Gaming Exile Survival

    Fail Gaming's Exile server is all about Survival. We've played on a bunch of servers and noticed how "Easy" all of them were configured. The ability to obtain end-game status within an hour of playing seems unpractical to Fail Gaming. We are configuring our Exile server to require some work, reviving the Survival aspect of the game. Tabs won't be to easy to get, forcing players to rely on the DMS/VEMF mission systems for offensive items, as well as scavenging towns for supplies. Only the most established players will be able to use the traders, as traders are a luxury in an apocalyptic world. We have Teamspeak and Discord available for the public, where responsible and experienced admins are readily available. We are based on the East Coast of North America. Are you good enough to survive? Put your gaming skills to the test at Fail Gaming! Features: MAS Weapons, MAS Vehicles, Extended Base Mod, Roaming AI (Occupation), DMS, VEMF Reloaded, Towing
  4. marcelunzen

    Infected Zone

    Bitte meldet euch wenn ihr nicht joinen könnt auf der Team speak Adresse es lohnt sich
  5. [O4CE] Johnjohns

    O4CE Exile Altis PVP

    Omega Force Gaming Exile Mod Servers bring a unique militarized approach to the Exile Mod genre. Our players have access to many vehicles and weapons not encountered in traditional Exile. Brief Overview of Features: Fully Militarized (Hundreds of Vehicles and Weapons to Choose From) Indestructible Bases Virtual Garage (For Safe Storage of Your Vehicles) Revive Using Defibrillators Teleport Between Safezones Heavly Customized DMS Missions Heavily Customized Roaming AI Customized PVP Capture Points Ebase Scratchie Lottery Lots of Funny Jokes Set View Distance Deploy Bike Server Mod Requirements: Latest Exile Mod Version RHS: United States Armed Forces RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation MAS Weapons MAS Vehicles TRYK Uniforms
  6. Hefti

    old-poppers Namalsk

    Hey Everyone, Today we announce our new Server:|Exile|Namalsk|mas.weap&veh|ASDG_JR| In the past we tried many different Exile Servers but none of them seem to fit us. Sometimes there were admins, abusing their powers by using godmode and stuff, or the servers were not configured very well so you had everything in about 2 Hours. So we decided to start our own project. We are trying to get back to the origin of Exile, the prisoners Island (not that Zombie stuff). As you can see we play on the Island of Namalsk, which we think is predestinated as an prison island. We use the DMS Mission System, which is custom edited by us to have missions that fit for prisoners. Additional to DMS we use the occupation addon to have roaming ai with cars, boats and by foot which are the guards on the island. Watch out, they are many and they are high skilled. Our carpool was optimized to the scenario, so we kicked out strider, ifrits, and so on and added some of the mas vehicles. Weapons are customized to, we just use mas weapons (except pistols) which have a maximum calibre of 7.62mm. We only give 7% of the sales price for selled loot, and the prices for weapons and care are pretty high. We do this to get the people looting and doing missions and not just sit in their bases or camping the trader. We just use a few xm8 apps: the BRAma Cookbook, colorcorrection, Playerstats and the base locator to let u see if building there is allowed. Our server uses a 6hour restart loop and we have a day and night circle running there (because 24/7 daytime sucks). To us: We are a funny group of midaged Gamers (25-40) from Germany and Switzerland we play for fun and are looking for guys who share our passion for after work gaming. What we expect from players: We dont want that classical Arma Kiddy behaviour at our server. That means flaming, insulting, crying and so on. So if your behave is mature you are welcome. We want quality not quantity if you know what i mean. And of course we dont want cheaters, therefore we have infistar installed which is used only to prevent problems, not to give admins an advantage! Mods that are required: mas Weapons mas Vehicles asdg_jr Namalsk optional you can use Dragonfyre eden (Sound mod) Our Server Launch is on Sunday 17.4.2016 at 18:00 UTC+1 Hope to see some guys visiting us. pls leave some comment or review down here. Greetings Hefti
  7. SLIMDOG_187


    Killa Clan Kaze Gaming Community Server, Zombie Horde Survival
  8. DjNateNaste

    Island Budds ExileZ [USEAST]

    IBPL(Island Budds & Poop losers) strives to bring you the most realistic DayZ Exile server as possible. In doing this we take time in configuring our server to run as stable and efficient as possible. While adding in new Mods and Add-ons we vigorously test our servers before adding final content. In our server you will find a more DayZ "Like" gameplay with tons of Mission, Roaming AI, Base Building, Hold Capture Points for those that just want to drift off from the regular and most of all ZOMBIES! We will continue to strive for excellence in bringing you the best DayZ survival experience in Exile. Rules: - You will not exploit, duplicate, abuse, glitch, hack any mechanism on the server. - You will report any exploitation, abuse, hacking, glitches, errors and/or bugs encountered on the server to the appropriate party. - You understand that failure to report any breach in the rules of the server of another player makes you just as responsible as the offender. - No building in military zones, in towns, across roads, or close to trader areas. Must be atleast 300 meters away. - No camping outside safezones, stealing vehicles inside savezones, or harassing people inside safezones - No racism, arguing over sidechat, talking in sidechat, or general harassment Sincerely,Island Budds / Poop Losers All Feedback Is Appreciated Please Let us know about any issues in the comments section found Below: