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Found 5 results

  1. Monkeynutz

    Monkey's Welcome Toasts

    Monkey's Welcome Toasts This is a script that allows for welcome messages when a player first joins the server in the form of Exile Toasts. Download from my GitHub: You can customize the way they look and the text in the toasts super easily by changing the variables set at the very beginning of the script. All you have to do is change them to be your server name, community tags, website links, teamspeak IP and donation link if you have one. You can also change the colors easily by getting the Hex code of the colors you want for the text and the RGBA color format in ArmA for the toast color too and it will carry through the whole script. The script is set up to display a new message after a certain amount of time so it's not spammy. The player name and server's map is picked up automatically so there is no need to edit those! There are a set that are important and have a different color configuration to the rest of the messages!
  2. Is BEC the only option for sending restart warnings for restart schedules? Every other option I've found seems to be based on server up-time.
  3. StevieP

    Chicken Dinner

    Hello folks, just a bit of fun but i was wondering about how easy it would be to add a broadcast "toast" message when an animal was killed OR at the point when you are gutting it would be better. I.E you kill a chicken/rooster and start gutting and up pops a toast "Winner winner chicken dinner!" I like the new toast message style in 1.0.3 for when you enter and leave trader zones so that would be a cool font/style to use. Anyone? i'm not amazing at Arma code but i can imagine it wouldn't be too hard to slip in a toast message into the gutting process.
  4. Hey guys this is my first post and sorry in advance if im sounding like a noob Im looking for a couple of things, and I can't seem to find them... (fyi im using infistar) 1. Where do I change/find the welcome message (welcome to the server, enjoy) when you first spawn in the game. 2.Where do I change/remove the message thats telling me to drink in real life... Im a grown man, I will dehydrate if i want to. Many thanks in advance!!!! Love your mod!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!!!! PS Sorry if i've posted this in the wrong place I wasnt sure
  5. Terd Fergasen

    Turn off kill/death messages

    Does anyone know of a way to disable kill/death messages? I prefer people to not know who killed who.