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Found 10 results

  1. oSoDirty

    Easy Safezone Messages

    I have noticed that a fair amount of people (including myself) have been looking for a way to add/edit safezone messages. The default messages are defined in the config.bin and cannot be altered. However I have come up with a simple solution. So here it is: If you have already overwritten your ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone.sqf (R3F Logistics requires this so if your using it you already have this done.) If this is the case simply locate the overwitten file in your mission pbo and look for: and change it to this: Just edit the added line to fit your needs. Repack, restart and enjoy. If you do not have the file overwritten then copy and paste this: into notepad++, edit the added line to fit your needs, and save it as ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone.sqf Place it in the root of your mission pbo. Now in your mission pbo open config.cpp locate this: and change to this: And that is all. Repack your mission pbo, reboot your server and enjoy!
  2. Monkeynutz

    Monkey's Welcome Toasts

    Monkey's Welcome Toasts This is a script that allows for welcome messages when a player first joins the server in the form of Exile Toasts. Download from my GitHub: You can customize the way they look and the text in the toasts super easily by changing the variables set at the very beginning of the script. All you have to do is change them to be your server name, community tags, website links, teamspeak IP and donation link if you have one. You can also change the colors easily by getting the Hex code of the colors you want for the text and the RGBA color format in ArmA for the toast color too and it will carry through the whole script. The script is set up to display a new message after a certain amount of time so it's not spammy. The player name and server's map is picked up automatically so there is no need to edit those! There are a set that are important and have a different color configuration to the rest of the messages!
  3. kidesh

    Kill messages

    So I tried to add some kill messages but to no avail. Now the reason I wanted to do this was when a player on my server was killed by another player in a vehicle it would say player was kill by NPC. Has anyone got kill messages that work or know how to change the normal kill messages to work correct?
  4. [FYCA] BillytheDog

    Not getting restart messages

    Hi, Is there a problem with the restart messages? i have checked the settings and they are correct as we have had them before, is this a bug? I didn't want to post config but happy for you to have it if you need it. Thanks Rob
  5. DavieReid88

    GR8 Kill Messages

    Was wondering if anyone knew how to get GR8's kill messages working on there server? I know hes been banned from here and his stuff deleted (If it even is his stuff), but ive seen it on some servers and wouldn't mind it on mines, I have downloaded and followed a few tutorials from here but cannot get it working, anyone know how or have it on there server? Be much appreciated.
  6. py3rcon Version: 0.2.1 | Authors: indepth666 (Basic protocol design), ole1986 (CLI) DOWNLOAD : GITHUB : LAST COMMITS py3rcon is a Python3 client for Battleye Rcon protocol. It's designed with ARMA2 and ARMA3 in mind but may also work with other implemenation of the protocol. How to use? Configuration example can be found in configexample.json. Usage: ./ <configfile> PLEASE NOTE: Since version 1.58.1* of Arma 3 it is REQUIRED to add the line RConPort <port> into the beserver.cfg Otherwise Rcon will possible not work. Configuration explained PLEASE NOTE: The configuration is stored JSON file. This format usually does not allow comments. Config entry | Example | Description ----------------------- | -------------- | ----------- logfile | pyrcon.log | File name of the pyrcon log loglevel | 10 | Loglevel (10 = show debug info, 20 = exclude debug info, 30 = display only error and warnings) server : host | | Hostname of the armaX server server : port | 2402 | Port of the armaX server server : rcon_password | yourPW | Rcon password commands | commands.json | Commands configuration file in JSON format (rconcommand module) whitelist | whitelist.json | stores the whitelisted players used by rconwhitelist module restart : interval | 240 | Restart interval in minutes restart : delay | 15 | Wait x seconds until shutdown after players have been kicked restart : exitonrestart | true | End the application when restart interval has reached GUI Use the following command to display the GUI. To run the py3rcon GUI on WINDOWS an unofficial version of curses is REQUIRED: Download Link: PLEASE NOTE: When using the --gui argument, schedules like repeating messages and restart become disabled Usage: ./ --gui <configfile> #---------------------------# #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------# | Refresh Players | | | | Manage Whitelist | | | | Restart Mission... | | | | Kick All | | | | Shutdown Server | | | | Restart Server (v1.65) | | | | Exit | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | #---------------------------# #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------# #- Enter command --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------# | | #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------# #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------# | 2016-12-01 21:20:11,927 INFO [Server: xxxxxxxxxxx.xx:10501]: Authenticated | | 2016-12-01 21:20:11,986 INFO [Server: xxxxxxxxxxx.xx:10501]: RCon admin #0 (xx.xx0.xx1.97:54410) logged in | | 2016-12-01 21:20:12,018 INFO [Server: xxxxxxxxxxx.xx:10501]: Players on server: | | [#] [IP Address]:[Port] [Ping] [GUID] [Name] | | -------------------------------------------------- | | (0 players in total) | #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#
  7. Korwiin

    Restart Timer - Static times?

    Hello gentleman, Does anyone know if this can be set to static server times? I use a linux server with cron jobs to restart arma3 every 6 hours at the 12's and 6s. This works good with a RESTART_TIME_IN_M=360 except for when I manually restart arma3 in between those cron jobs, then the next scheduled reboot will be unannounced. Thanks for the help and the great software. Korwiin
  8. *****EDIT 15/ July 2016***** ---> As of v0.9.8, this code no longer works. Currently, players killed by a RyanZombie generate a suicide notice in the kill feed. I've modified the ExileServer_object_player_event_onMpKilled.sqf file to generate "Eaten by a Zombie," kill feed messages when it's *likely* a player was eaten by a zombie. (I don't think there is a fool-proof way to determine a zombie kill but I'm happy to be proven wrong.) Overwrite the ExileServer_object_player_event_onMpKilled function using the CustomCode {} feature in your mission config.cpp file. This is standard practice; Google "CustomCode Exile" for details. ExileServer_object_player_event_onMpKilled.sqf: ps. Note, this file includes my proximity and weapon hint features. These name the nearest location and the weapon used in the kill feed for all PvP kills. You may or may not want to include this...
  9. HI. So I am trying to get my messages of a restart via infiSTAR. This is my code in the EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp /* shows RESTART IN X MINS */ USE_RESTART_TIMER = true; /* show time left to next restart */ RESTART_TIME_IN_M = 240; /* restart time in minutes (default: 180min == 3 hours) */ SHOW_TIMER_IN_MIN[] = {1,2,3,5,10,15,30}; /* minutes before restart, when message is shown */ USE_RESTART_TIMER_SHUTDOWN = false; /* #shutdown the server after RESTART_TIME_IN_M minutes */ I thought this would work but nothing happens.
  10. DjIch1

    Safezones are not safe

    Hey, i set up an exile server witht the steps from this guide: But for some reason im not getting a message when i enter or leave a safezone and i can get damage in safezones. I already checked the config and tried it with a stock mpmissions folder and @exileserver folder but i have still the same problem. But Vehicles do get unlocked if the are placed in the safezone. What's wrong?