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Found 2 results

  1. Here is a gem of a terrain that I am surprised more people aren't running on their server. Koplic is a 73sq km terrain that uses all arma 3 assests. What that means is it doesn't need all in arma, or anything else running. It has a great balance of buildings, military, and forest areas making it an excellent terrain choice for exile. Also, tree's work, meaning you can build bases The terriain is not without problems however, and there are no bridges on the terrain by default. (this was easily solved by exiles ability to add in structures, I think I got most of the bridges) I also added in fuel feeds because the others didn't seem to be working quite right. This mission file is set up for vendors to have mas and tryk loot; you can remove them from the config.cpp if you would like. There are 3 blue safe zones with trader buildings and 1 red debug safe zone. Your normal exile_server_config.pbo for altis will work just fine as this map uses all arma 3 buildings an example server is temporary running this at The example server is running Koplic, MAS Weapons, MAS Vehicles, TRYK Uniforms 350% loot, 5x building (10 wood planks per 2 wood), and missions. Note, this is my testing server, so it can go down whenever I feel like it, or change maps, or have the db wiped, you get the idea. However, I really like this map, so if enough people are playing on it I will not wipe the db and run it like a normal server and get another server for testing stuff Just open this image with winrar for the mission.pbo file for Koplic. (the 2 'missions' that are running on the map image below are from a different server side mod)
  2. Hey guys! Yesterday i've started to configure my new Arma3 exile server...i wanted to add a new map since altis is not that nice... I've had success with installing the normal chernarus, but my main goal is to get chernarus winter my question: HOW CAN I INSTALL CHERNARUS WINTER? I have tried it the same way as chernarus normal, however i am missing some parts like the mission pbo...can someone tell me how to make them? Or even better, does someone have already pbos for this? Same is with the keys...i have found some on the internet, but i am not sure if they are correct... I hope some could help me...:D Sry for this bad english btw...the server is running on a dedecated server of g portal, if that is important. Thanks for incoming help, EXPAndMore