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Found 7 results

  1. Good evening everyone. A bunch of people asked me how to get Exile on Chernarus or any other map running, so I decided to make a quick tutorial. To start you need to download All In Arma Terrain Pack, I suggest to use the lite version for your server. AiA Lite Armaholic Download 1. If you finished downloading it just paste it inside your Arma 3 Server folder. 2. Copy its bikey inside the "keys" folder inside your Server directory. If there isnt a key inside they the download use this one: AiA Bikey Your "keys" folder should look like this: 3. Get a Chernarus Missionfile. If you know how to, create one on your own and paste it inside your "mpmissions" folder in your server directory. If not use the one I created: exile.Chernarus.pbo. 4. Let the server load the mission file. Here for head to your config.cfg. By default it can be found inside your "@ExileServer" folder. Edit this part: class Missions { class Exile { template = Exile.Altis; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore }; };To this: class Missions { class Exile { template = Exile.Chernarus; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore }; };5. Set your servers start parameters. Where you define them depends on how you start your server. I suggest using FireDaemon to manage your lifecycle and scheduling. (costs $US49.00 but its definetly worth it) If you completely dont know how to start your server use a .bat with the following content: Following these steps should make your server run. This works for any other map than Chernarus. The only difference is that you'll need a mission file. If there arent any published on the forums you can ask me to make on for you. Have fun! Other usefull stuff: Hollow loot positions:
  2. Redphoenix420

    Exile Chernarus Mission File

    Hello. Happy holidays! Been trying to start a server for some time now, and am in need of a mission file hoping the community would be so kind as to lend a hand. I did use a chernarus Pbo I found.... But the AIA is now obsolete and has switched to CUPterrains. I do have all the CUP addons but this mission file calls for AIA so I cannot continue. My rpt log is not happy without it(AIA) My host has suggested asking on exile forums for a premade mission file as so I will not be having these issues. Following mods I'm running are...All the CUP addons, Occupations, Advanced towing, Advanced rappelling, CBA A3, Extended base mod, Defents Mission System, Zupas Capture Points. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, RedPhoenix
  3. Hello all, I have created this mission file for the new map Malden, I have created it so that if people want to save time they can by downloading this. I have personally made this so that it has a black market trader and has a Construction trader. (These can all be modified, if you need help I will be happy to help you!) This works with the newest Exile 1.0.3 update What is needed to install this: Arma 3 Steam Arma Link Running Exile 1.0.3 Server Exile Mod Download Extract Malden Open file Navigate to "MPMissions" Upload Exile.Malden to "MPMissions" Then navigate to "ExileServer/addons" Replace "exile_server_config" In "config.cfg" replace this following code: How to modify use PBO manager and open the PBO's Use notepad++ and open the config files EDIT AWAY (DONT DO SOMETHING IF YOU ARE UNSURE PLEASE ASK) What it includes: Spawn Points Loot spawns Custom buildings Custom Loot buildings Concrete mixers ATM'S are lockers (THIS CAN BE MODIFIED, USING CODE BELOW) Office Traders Cleaned code (More Performance) Easy to edit! What it doesn't include: Boat traders around the map Russian Roulette Concrete mixers around the map other than the traders Screenshots Download link Enjoy - ECN Gaming If people are getting no loot in areas, download the new mission file update and use that, or you can download it and move over the "fixes" folder to your mission file, then copy over the code from "config.cpp/customcode" This will fix the issue of loot spawns in barracks please note: This is created by myself and some of the loot spawns have been found in the Exile forums that can be found. I take credit for the buildings and traders, please give credit where its due Thanks to @matix0110 / @JJW for the cleanup IF THERE IS ANY ISSUES PLEASE CONTACT ME ON MY DISCORD: OR USE PM!
  4. hey all im looking for good working chernarus files for my server can you guys help me out?
  5. / Melonendk / SIlver /

    Serverside: Missionfile error?

    Hello, me and my m8 have tried to setup this arma 3 exile server with esseker map, we are using Cup core because Allinterrainpack is outdated. The server is online, and running with all mods we checked the logs already. But when we join the server it stucks on loading screen, where it says random stuff in left corner. We tried with diffrent mission files, but no luck so far. We found this in the log 22:09:28 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Esseker\config.cpp, line 1875: '/CfgExileArsenal/arifle_mas_m4_m203.price': Missing ';' prior '}' 22:09:28 Starting mission: 22:09:28 Mission file: Exile (__cur_mp) 22:09:28 Mission world: Esseker 22:09:28 Mission directory: mpmissions\__cur_mp.Esseker\ And here is the whole code Please help!
  6. Wardbeek

    Mission file error in config.cpp

    I have a problem i keep getting this error: ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\config.cpp, line 6845: Config: '"' encountered instead of ',' My RPT log Config.cpp Please help me i can't find out how to fix this error.
  7. niiiixxxxxx

    Esseker Missionfile 0 roles

    Hey there, i wanted to create a Esseker server , so i got the mission file that was posted here and began to customize it. It works so far, but the problem now is, that no one can join the server because there are 0 roles created. TiA for any help towards this problem... below is the part of the log that concerns this problem. 23:42:33 Initializing Steam server - Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303 23:42:33 Warning Message: Cannot load mission 23:42:33 Type is not VehicleType Side !!! 23:42:33 Side 778989417 23:42:33 Mission Exile.Esseker: Number of roles (0) is different from 'description.ext::Header::maxPlayer' (100) 23:42:33 Mission Exile.Esseker: 'description.ext::Header::minPlayer' (1) is too high - there is 0 roles 23:42:33 Starting mission: 23:42:33 Mission file: Exile (__cur_mp) 23:42:33 Mission world: Esseker 23:42:33 Mission directory: mpmissions\__cur_mp.Esseker\ Can't find real path "esseker\data\roads\roads.shp": "No such file or directory" 23:42:34 No more slot to add connection at 011030 (1163.1,10169.8) 23:42:34 No more slot to add connection at 079983 (7988.0,5502.1) 23:42:34 No more slot to add connection at 098983 (9860.6,5529.4) 23:42:34 No more slot to add connection at 100986 (10100.0,5863.9) 23:42:34 No more slot to add connection at 117007 (11794.2,7876.3) 23:42:34 No more slot to add connection at 120007 (12009.3,7960.6) 23:42:34 No more slot to add connection at 120007 (12009.3,7960.6)