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Found 4 results

  1. Darrakus


    [DE/EN]ExileZ|TOW/LIFT|AI|MISSION|REVIVE|1.0.2|Hosted by GHC wellcome y have found our server what y need to know is for some reasons our ip changes ervery 24H but y can join us on or come in our ts and ask for help on problems
  2. uKz JakeFx

    uKz Gaming Exile Chenarus

    Hi. first id like to thank you for reading this, secondly id just like to say i have just purchased an Arma 3 server and we are currently scripting all the mods and the bits&bobs in, we are a friendlly clan that has over 6000 hours on arma and have been through and played on many servers so we know how players like to be treated and how they like a server to run so here is our plan The mods and features are/will be: MODS: - Exile - All in Arma terrain pack - Advanced Movement - Tryk Clothing - CUP Units - CUP Weapons - CUP Vehicles - CBA_3 FEATURES - Chenarus - 5k Poptabs start - prices changed - Server Events - Towing - DMS Missions and 1 Large missions worth about 50k - Donner Perks - Base Raids-Grinding Locks/Safe Hacking - 30 Slot TeamSpeak - 30 player Slots - ZCP Capture Points - Black Market Traders - Boat Traders - Helpful Admins - High Loot PLEASE NOTE THE SERVER IS STILL UNDER WORK IF YOU LOOSE ANY GEAR YOU WILL RECEIVE ALL THE GEAR AND PROGRESS YOU LOST + EXTRA! WE ARE OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS AND WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK Server Name: uKz Gaming Exile Altis[Missons]PVP]High Loot]Base Raids] Server Ip: TeamSpeak Ip: Steam ID:
  3. derspecht84


    Unser Arma III Exile Server alle 4 stunden Startet der Server neu Installierte Scripts + Missons DMS New Missons + HeliCrashes Random auf der Karte mit loot + Lift and Tow abschleppen + HOLLOW'S VEHICLE PACK viele neue Fahrzeuge können bei den traider gekauft werden
  4. Rabid Panda


    New Exile Altis PVE and PURE Exile PVP Namalsk servers for you!!! A long standing member of the Arma community, has been in the Arma2 Arma3 server business for over 2 years. We run off of a nice dedicated server so we no longer rent from server hosts. This gives us a cost effective way of bring our players a smooth and reliable gaming experience! We have a PVP and a PVE server for our gamers, admins are active and can help you get started if your new to the game! HAVE FUN!!!! Check out our clan site at