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Found 16 results

  1. DieElite

    [Exile] (ChernarusRedux) Server

    Ihr sucht einen interessanten Server? Dann seit ihr bei uns ganz richtig! Auf dem Server spielt ihr ums überleben. Sei es das ihr euch gegenseitig bekriegt oder einfach ein paar Zombies umhaut durch den Mod Exile Mod habt ihr die Möglichkeit Waffen, Rüstung, und vieles mehr zu finden um es auch zu verkaufen, um euch Geld zu beschaffen. durch den Mod Extended Base könnt ihr eure eigene Base bauen nur seit auf der hut sie könnter von anderen Spieler Überand werden . wie oben erwähnt könnt ihr in gewissen gebieten auch zombies töten die euch dann selbstverständlich auch Loot bringen dazu kommt das das wir Missionen haben das heist auf der karte wird euch einen Missions ort angezeitg, wenn ihr euch dort hinbegebt klatscht einfach alles um was ihr seht an Gegner dort bekommt ihr natürlich massig Loot und auch Autos die ihr im weiteren Spielverlauf gebrauchen könntet. , wenn euch das hier angesprochen hat schaut der gerne mal auf unserm Server vorbei. IP: Was ihr noch benötigt ist Arma3Sync arma sync link: oder Steam Workshop Dort findet ihr alle mods, die ihr benötigt um auf dem server spielen zu können. Gepsielt wird auf der Map Malden
  2. Jacko [Exile Network]

    Barracuda Gaming | 50K Start |

    We are a new up and coming community, looking for friendly and new players to join us. We have a fully modded server hosted on our own dedicated server box in france. This is so people from all around euorpe and the UK can have good connection. we have a 1gb port so even poeple in america get 80-100 ping (it is playable). some of out mods: -TRYK - CUP -Exile -FFAA -Zombies and daemons -Extended base Mod and lots more ! Hope to see you in the altis soon!
  3. KyleGD

    Freedom Seeds Exile

    Freedom Seeds On Lythium! Welcome to Freedom Seeds Exile! We are a small community just looking to mess around and shoot some friends! We have quite a few mods, but you can download those from A3Launcher. Search us "FreedomSeedsExile" to find us! If you have any issues, hop on our discord and ask some questions. Always a friendly face around! Features! Roaming AI. Both vehicles and squads! Many missions, including building supplies and vehicle steals! PvP Mission Capture points! Guarded vehicle crash sites with loot! 25k Starting tabs! Sell crates at waste dump trader! Custom Kill Feed (shows Weapon and a rough location!) Claim Vehicles with a Code Lock! Respect based bambi loadouts! Exile Server Notification bot. Make sure to register and never miss another notification! Accelerated night cycle. No more hour long nights! Custom view distance XM8 App! 3 hour periodic restarts! Fixes! Fixed most weapon attachment compatibility! No more vehicles spawning on each other in the trader! See you soon, KyleFS
  4. TheCactusMan

    Server won't load map

    So basically, I've recently purchased a server off of Host Havoc, because I wouldn't be able to host it myself. I've looked through countless forum posts and videos on how to set up an Exile Server, and I can't figure out how to load in the map for the life of me. I'm attempting to run the Chernarus Isles map, and I have the mods downloaded and everything. My config files for the server look like this: class Missions { class Exile { template = ChernIslesTest1.Chernarus_Isles; difficulty = "ExileRegular"; // ExileRegular or ExileHardcore }; }; With the mission being a custom one I created in the editor, using 3DEN and Exile Mod. I've tried to put my server on the Arma 3 launcher, and it shows up without a map. I tried to figure out how to fix this, and I thought it was in my command line, which looks like this: -ip= -port=2302 -noPause -noSound -exThreads=7 "-cfg=A3DS\basic.cfg" -ranking="" -par="" "-config=A3DS\server.cfg" "-profiles=A3DS" "-servermod=" "-mod=@Exile;@Advanced_Rappelling;@Advanced_Sling_Loading;@Advanced_Towing;@Arma_Enhanced_Movement;@CBA_A3;@Chernarus_Isles;@CUP_Terrains_Complete;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@CUP_Units;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Weapons;@Extended_Base_Mod;@RHS_AFRF;@RHS_GREF;@RHS_SAF;@RHS_USAF;@Specialist_Military_Arms_(SMA)_Version 2.7.1;@TRYK_[TRYK's_Multi-play_Uniforms];@Extended_Items_Exile;@Extended_Survival_Pack;@Exile_Expansion" -malloc=system -enableHT -world=empty -maxMem=6144 I can't figure out exactly what I'm doing wrong and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. ToastyZA

    [ZA] Exile | RHS | Scripts

    Hello fellow Exiled, We are running a modded Exile server using the RHS mods, Dual Arms, Extended Base/Fortifications along side a few custom scripts made by this wonderful community. Come check out the server and see if you can survive!
  6. metta.

    Virtue Exile | Chernarus Redux

    Virtue Exile is a new and upcoming Community offering a fun and exciting Exile experience. With weekly updates, the server is constantly changing to what you, the player wants. With incredible FPS, amazing custom locations and intense missions, it is the perfect server for you and possibly your group. With friendly and active Admins, we are always there if you have any questions. It's your experience that's important to us. So come on in. Here are some Features that may tickle your fancy: Custom Missions Custom Locations Wages +Loot +FPS Anti Theft Safezones Halo Jump Vector Building Vehicle Deploy +XM8 Apps Base / Vehicle Painting 25K Start Balanced ... a lot more!
  7. Hi I while ago i was playing arma 3 and then i took a break and now comming back i cant join 75% of servers and on some i get you were kicked and some i get you were banned. please help. if it does help one time before i quit for a while I killed an admin on a server and gained like a million xp for it and got insta kicked but they let me back on. they were cool guys and we were messing around it wasnt just me being a dick. Steam id: 76561198065246816:
  8. R. Wolfe


    Download the Required Mods Here Chernarus Map Zombies AI Missions 50K Tabs Start ExAd XM8 Addons Modded Vehicles Custom Territory Ranges XM8 App & Discord Supported infiSTAR Anti-Cheat Protected Active Admins Active Development Custom Items (Coming Very Soon!) and More!
  9. Tom Squirrel

    Revolution Gaming Network

    A Exile Server That Has A Active Dev Team And Is Looking For Players
  10. Tom Squirrel

    Revolution Gaming Network

    A Exile Server That Has A Active Dev Team And Is Looking For Players
  11. Original

    [HoU] Iran's Local Exile

    This is Iran's Local server and it's main language is Persian. Some of our features: High FPS Server Zombies AI Missions using DMS DayZ style heli-crashes New factions for players (U.S. Marine) Active staff Using InfiSTAR admin tools and anti-hack Player rewards Roaming AI
  12. brysi73

    Vice Gaming Network | Tanoa

    Step into the immersive world of Exile! With our server you can be fighting zombies one minute and then be taken by AI!
  13. R. Whitlow

    McCreddies Exile Altis

    Here on McCreddie's Exile Server you can expect to have a great time. Here we encourage you to PVP since we have militarized the server. We have a bit of mods running to ensure players don't get bored. We are a new server and looking for some wonderful people to join us. You can find a list of mods on our TeamSpeak but I will list them below also. Hope to see you there! List of Mods: CUP Weapons--CUP Units--CUP Vehicles--Zombies and Demons by Ryan--CBA A3--NATO Rus Weapons--NATO Rus Vehicles--ITSOF Vehicle MAS--UKSF Vehicle MAS--USSOCOM Vehicle MAS--USMC Vehicle MAS--HAFM EC635--3CB BAF Weapons--Extended Base Mod--Exile 0.9.61 (Obviously xD).
  14. NiXeroZ

    Script Restriction #34

    Hey Guys I'm new in the Arma 3/Exile Server hosting and want to make a server with my friends. I installed also the RHS Mod (USAF and AFRF) I set up everything and everything is working (local), but when I put the files on the server BattleEye kicks everybody with the Reason: and in the script.log file shows: What can I do to fix it? Thanks in advance NiXeroZ
  15. virginyeti

    jaegerhaus exile squad recruiting

    hey guys just looking for a good group of guys to play with, or anyone that maybe have the same wants in an exile experience... I'm not trying to advertise a server here but I have found an amazing one and the admins seem cool/helpful so far. and this is where I would like to continue to play. But I would like to have some reliable team mates to join with. if your interested in grouping up please let me know...or hell if you just wanna come see how awesome these dudes did an esseker exile server you should Lynix based server I push 50-80 fps ALWAYS and for me that's epic most servers are like 17-27 bluh...anyways if you would like to join me and raid some peoples just let me know :).... don't know if i'll get in trouble for this but heres the mod list to join the server so you can see if its something you would even enjoy..... their TS is