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Found 101 results

  1. SpodGamesTV

    SpodGames Community Exile

    On our server, we offer so much possibilities and ways to play exile how you want to play it. Installed Mods: Enhanced Movement BW Mod Extended Survival Pack Extended Base Mod CBA Zombies and Demons Dual_Arms Installed Scripts/Features: Edited Map Car Parking & Helicopter Parking Over 50 different types of AI-Missions with rewards. (Underwater Missions, Land, Air and much more...) Loot Crates infiSTAR Anti-Hacking Protection ExADClient (Custom Virtual Garage) New and Improved AI (Is able to repair vehicles and drive them) AI Raid-Attacks on bases and random groups of players Convoys (Land and Air) Revive System Tow & Load System Mining System Custom View-Distance Changer. Adjust the View-Distance to get the maximum perfomance out of your PC. Customizeable Status-Bar and more.... This server is also very good for Coop Players. There are so much things to do, that there will be no boredom at any point. But we recommand players to use the A3Launcher. Because otherwise you will get kicked from the server with the reason of missing Mods. Updates for the server will be strongly testet on our testserver before implementing them on our public server. The SpodGames Community hopes to see you ingame.
  2. sceneraider

    how to force mods on

    is there a way to require players to have the proper mods installed to join the server? ive noticed people are able to join my server without all the mods that are installed.
  3. Hey guys So I'm having a problem with the starting parameters for my server. I'm just trying to host a small server for my friends and I and for some reason I can only load one mod at a time. For context I'm using a LGSM server install on an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The mods are loaded in the root directory of my Arma server install and no matter how I set up my content I can only load one mod. Here is an example -mods=@RHSAFRF;@CBA_A3 this only loads RHSAFRF and if I set it up this way -mods=@CBA_A3;@RHSAFRF this only loads CBA_A3. What could the issue be?
  4. chall41

    [Open Beta] [Spectre]

    This is a server that's nearly finished at the moment we need players to come on and try it. As the players feedback will be the finishing touches to it. To make it a good Experience for all. Hope to see you all on there soon. Thank you SPECTRE
  5. shootex20

    Exile Chernarus Redux

    Welcome to Shootex&Allu's Server, we're a friendly group looking to expand our player base I've previously ran server before I originally use to run Arma 2 Epoch Servers, & a couple years ago Arma 3 Exile Servers. Why should you join us? Well for starters, my goal is to provide you with the best server possible, I'm constantly updating, and monitoring. I've got some great mods, who are friendly and are willing to help out when you need it as well and our goal is fun. My server is still work in progress and I'm constantly updating and adjusting things! What is required to play with us? This is our Steam Modlist (This is everything you need to play with us!), --> What's so great? REF Logistics A3XAI Occupation AI system DMS Mission system High loot Friendly group Zombies (soon to be adding zombie missions as well) Come give us a try -->
  6. Ghostrider-DBD

    Class Extraction Tool Updated v0.42

    One of the big challenges facing server owners is pulling class names for new mods and formatting them appropriately for traders or loot tables. To address this problem, I developed set of small tools that: well pull the class names for uniforms, vests, weapons, magazines, aircraft, boats, etc. The tool will: The tool will discard any class names that are in a blacklist, which might include all default arma and exile vehicles; It include only class names that have a certain root; if you set GRG_Root = "CUP", for example, only classnames beginning with CUP will be included. You can configure it to include only classnames that meet the above requirements and do not already a defined price in the arsenal which is handy for identifying classnames from an update of a mod. - Note that this requires that you add a description.ext to the mission folder containing the tool and that you include your config.hpp from your mission folder. The tool copies its output to the clipboard to to recover it just Alt-Tab out of Arma, select your favorite text editor and paste the results. The tool outputs classnames grouped by category (e.g., cars, trucks, tanks, planes, helicopters, boats) in 3 formats: lists for your traders, preconfigured for your aresnel, and preconfigured for loot table compilers. Note that you still need to edit the respect level and price; the tool saves you endless typing and formatting to get all those price lists set up. Downloads: License: Installation / Use: see the github. This is released to the community with no promise that it will work for your application and no promise of support. If you find the tools helpful please like the tool.
  7. LangeBlonds

    Le Jour de Rupture

    Team MLG "Major Lynx Gaming" après 4 année de bon et loyaux service vous présente son serv : Le Jour de Rupture Le Serveur Full FR, Full Simulation, Full Survival. Serveur Full Script ( plus de 40 ) Serveur Full FR ( traduit à 99% ) Serveur Full Craft ( Arme, Tenue, Objet, Voiture ) plus de 350 items réel sans compter les véhicules, armes,chargeur Récolte de fruit dans les arbres ( une variété d'arbre, une variété de fruits, 6 au total) récolte de raisin dans les vignes pour farmé le pinard !!! ^^ et bien plus a venir !! Récolte d'objet dans les poubelles, carcasse, tas de détritue, pneu dans les tas de pneu. Pêche en Mer !! Perturbation Climatique ( Nuage toxique, Bombe nuke, Pluit de météorite) Script MLG ^^. Oui tout est maisons. Présence de Zombie dans une petite zone Infecté où à lieu un incidents, et des crache d'hélico sur l'ile. Vendeur de License pour le craft!!! Vente de permis, non obligatoire pour l'instant Vote a la volé PVE PVP Toute les heures !!! Mission DMS, Statique ou Aléatoire ( tenues et armes Militaire, avec de belle surprise) Prise de ville, Patrouille véhiculé. Le tout en gendarme, avec un gros butin. Renfort hélico sur patrouille véhiculé avec interception des massages radio. Les Fichier étant crypter, Temps de chargement Arma 3 Estimé de 4 à 7 minutes. Ceci n'est pas une blague ^^ Le reste je vous invite a venir le découvrir par vous même. Mods : Enjoy !!!
  8. ecortes

    Iron Front in Exile.

    Good Morning Exile community, I've tried to add the following weapons to my Exile server config.cpp. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Pistols /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class hgun_ACPC2_F { quality = 1; price = 50; }; class hgun_P07_F { quality = 1; price = 50; }; class hgun_Pistol_heavy_01_F { quality = 2; price = 80; }; class hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_F { quality = 2; price = 80; }; class hgun_Pistol_Signal_F { quality = 1; price = 100; }; class hgun_Rook40_F { quality = 1; price = 50; }; class Weapon_LIB_M1896 { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_Colt_M1911 { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_FLARE_PISTOL { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_M1895 { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_P08 { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_P38 { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_TT33 { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; class Weapon_LIB_WaltherPPK { quality = 1; cost = 250; }; and here class Pistols { name = "Pistols"; icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\handgun_ca.paa"; items[] = { "hgun_ACPC2_F", "hgun_P07_F", "hgun_Pistol_heavy_01_F", "hgun_Pistol_heavy_02_F", "hgun_Pistol_Signal_F", "hgun_Rook40_F", "Exile_Weapon_Colt1911", "Exile_Weapon_Makarov", "Exile_Weapon_Taurus", "Exile_Weapon_TaurusGold", //Apex "hgun_Pistol_01_F", "hgun_P07_khk_F", "Exile_Weapon_SA61", "Weapon_LIB_M1896", "Weapon_LIB_Colt_M1911", "Weapon_LIB_FLARE_PISTOL", "Weapon_LIB_M1895", "Weapon_LIB_P08", "Weapon_LIB_P38", "Weapon_LIB_TT33", "Weapon_LIB_WaltherPPK" The pistols show at the trader but with no image (icon) and are all 0 poptabs. I try to click on it and it shows my "load/carry weight" go red. I've tried just adding one, and also just adding the Iron Front Pistols....still nothing works. This also happens for some CUP weapons and most of the RHS stuff. Is this a common issue? Can this be fixed? Or is this something to do with the mods. Thank you in advance.
  9. KinqPac

    [GER] Team nexTic - Exile Altis

    Exile Altis Server - Informationen Der Server bietet folgendes an: Towing System (ermöglicht Fahrzeuge mit einem Seil zu transportieren) Revive System (ermöglicht Spieler innerhalb von 2 Minuten mit einem Defi wiederzubeleben) Extended Base Mod (ermöglicht viele Erweiterungen Basen zu bauen) Missionen und random Ais Raid Gruppe (Wer innerhalb einer gewissen Zeit immer noch an der gleichen Position steht, wird eine Gruppe mit Ais diese Person bekämpfen wollen) Helikopter-Taxi (Der Helikopter nimmt verschiede Positionen zur Landung an, damit Spieler von dort aus spielen können) Most Wanted Bounty System (ermöglicht euch ein Kopfgeld auszusetzen) Infistar XM8 Apps a3_dms, a3_exile_occupation, a3xai, enigma_exile_revive, AdvancedTowing, Extended_Base_Mod Um auf den Server connecten zu können benötigt ihr: Extended Base Mod (Im Workshop auf Steam verfügbar) Wir besitzen auch einen Teamspeak³ Server. Dort könnt ihr mit euren Freunden oder mit der Community entspannt zocken. Wir wünschen euch noch viel Spaß beim spielen. Euer nexTic Team
  10. PrimusNetworks are proud to announce ourselves to the Exile Community! PrimusNetworks is a UK based game server provider established in February of 2017, and since then we have excelled in what we do. Our current focus is building our ARMA 3 Exile Infrastructure and expanding as a company. Our growth massively exceeded expectations, and so far, we haven't had a single unhappy customer! Use code: EXILEFORUM for 15% off your first month! Throughout the past few months, we have decided to refrain from posting on the forums, and other forms of social media as we wanted to establish a presence in the community, and ensure our service and support was of an extremely high quality. As a team we have decided that now is the best time to begin accepting more wonderful customers, and appealing to a wider audience. Now.. you're probably wondering about all the juicy details about us and what we have to offer so lets get onto it! What makes us different? At PrimusNetworks we don't just copy what the competition do, that would be pointless. Many people nowadays, struggle, or simply don't have the time to develop/configure and install scripts to their ARMA 3 Server - That's where we come in. We DO NOT sell scripts, but we do install them for an affordable price. Simply pay us a fee, to cover the labour costs, from 3 plans (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and we will happily install & build your server for you. This can consist of building custom missions, supporting custom maps and much more. We also offer a "Scripting Maintenance" plan that covers updates, optimisation, installing more addons down the line and much more for the extremely affordable price of £11.99 per month. We also believe in great ease-of-use, hence why we developed our fantastic control panel, which will be mentioned further down this topic. Our Reviews: To see what others think of us, take a look at our TrustPilot page! Our Nodes At PrimusNetworks we currently utilise high clock speed CPU Servers. ARMA is a CPU intensive application and so a high-end CPU is required. Our nodes typically consist of i7 6700K (4.2 GHz) CPU's, 64GB DDR4 ECC RAM, ONLY SSD Drives and AT LEAST A 500Mpbs uplink. We currently host our servers in London, UK & Miami, USA. We plan to expand to the following in the near future: West Coast USA Central USA France Australia Canada (To be announced) Asia (To be announced) Support Our team are all gamers, that at some point, ran our own servers. We understand how important support is. This is why at Primus Networks regardless of the day, time or event if you encounter an issue, have a concern, or have a request - Our support team are on hand 24/7 to assist you. Our Key Values We believe that if we can follow a number of key points as a host, we can provide the best service to you as a customer, so here are the values we pride ourselves on. Customer Support - 24/7 Support, with high quality responses and fast resolution times Quality of Service- 24/7 Uptime with no lag, hosted on high-end machinery Ease-Of-Use - A fantastic control panel with a huge variety of features, and a bespoke installation service Affordability - While maintaining high standards, we have affordable services Features & Our Control Panel Development Service Huge variety of 1 click installs Instant server setup (less than 45 seconds) No overselling. Full FTP Access Live console Free extDB3 Conversion Migration from host-to-host, free of charge Live console Take a look at a live demo of our ARMA 3 Exile control panel by our CEO, George! We look forward to providing an excellent service to all of our customers. If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a reply on this post, or contact our dedicated support team directly.
  11. Mr. Groot

    Dayz Exile OldSchool

    Bonjour à tous, Je me présente, Leon Kennedy, fondateur et administrateur du serveur Dayz Exile. J’ai crée ce serveur afin de retrouver la fougue que j’ai ressenti lorsque j’ai joué à Dayz Mod sur Arma II. C’était un projet très intéressant et vraiment plein de potentiel. Hélas, je n’ai pas retrouvé cette envie lorsque la version Standalone est sortie, j’ai donc décidé de créer un serveur qui se veut au plus proche de Dayz Mod, je vous présente donc Dayz Exile Oldschool. Sommaire I. Background du serveur : Une vie après la mort. II. Présentation du Staff III. Présentation du serveur : Mods & Scripts IV. Nous rejoindre I. Background du serveur : Une vie après la mort. Chernarus, Début d’Automne 2012, Capitale de Novigrad. J’ai froid. Voilà bientôt trois heures que je surveille ma grande avenue de mon perchoir à moineaux, mon œil vissé au viseur de mon M107, sans qu’aucune silhouette ne daigne faire son apparition. Au loin, les longues frondaisons des forêts de pins s’agitent dans l’obscurité. Régulièrement, je m’autorise à remettre mes gants trop épais pour quelques minutes, histoire de réchauffer mes doigts gercés par le vent glacial s’engouffrant par la fenêtre. Je boirais bien un café chaud… Mon thermos est aussi gelé que mon visage. La route de Solnichniy est déserte, seuls quelques vieux journaux charriés par la bourrasque créent un peu d’animation au milieu des vitrines brisées, des carcasses brûlées et de la zone commerciale abandonnée. Le silence. C’est ce que je déteste le plus. Cette impression de vivre dans un monde vide, d’être seul au monde, cet avant-goût du tombeau. Il ne reste plus rien des 3,000,000 de Chernarussians et je suis le dernier de cette cité… Enfin je crois. Nous sommes six à vivre dans cet ancien bâtiment des assurances de Westland. A partager chaleur, nourriture, munitions et tours de garde. Il y a encore cinq jours, nous étions huit… Mais dles deux autres se sont fait attraper lors d’une patrouille en extérieur, alors qu’ils cherchaient d’autres survivants. Nous avons entendu leurs hurlements jusqu’ici. Depuis que nous restons cloîtrés dans ce bâtiment décrépit, à nous morfondre à longueur de journée en constatant que les provisions ne cessent de diminuer. Bientôt, il faudra ressortir traverser l’avenue pour se rendre jusqu’à l’ancien supermarché Walmart et se refaire le plein de vivres. Sans véhicule. Notre seul moyen de transport a rendu l’âme en même temps que ses conducteurs, ne nous laissant que nos pieds pour parcourir les quelques centaines de mètres nécessaires à notre survie. Il est dur d’être vivant au milieu d’un monde mort. Nul ne sait précisément comment ça a commencé, nul ne sait pourquoi ça a commencé. Toujours est-il que les morts se sont levés et se sont multipliées. Avant même que nous n’ayons eu le temps de lever le petit doigt, des hordes de cadavres animés nous entouraient, affamées, attirées par la vie comme un papillon de nuit par une flamme. Nos familles, nos amis, tous sont devenus les victimes de cette épidémie, avant de passer à leur tour dans le camp de nos bourreaux et de nous chasser comme du gibier. Quelle ironie ! C’est le mort-vivant qui se trouve désormais au sommet de la chaîne alimentaire, bien décidé à déchirer nos entrailles et à se repaître de notre chair… Au pire, à nous infliger une morsure maudite, un baiser cannibale faisant de nous des êtres sans vie, mais toujours en activité. Une expérience ? Des Ovnis ? l’Armée ? Le Jugement dernier ? A quoi bon chercher une explication dans cet univers où la mort n’est même plus synonyme de repos. Nous ne pouvons que lutter et espérer parvenir à sortir de ce cauchemar. Même si nous n’avons plus d’électricité pour allumer un poste de télévision et que nos téléphones 3G sont déchargés depuis un bail, nous continuons à suivre les actualités sur un petit transistor à piles. Nous avons compris que l’épidémie se propage progressivement partout mais qu’il reste de nombreux Etats indemnes. Remplis de personnes n’ayant pas la moindre idée de ce que nous vivons, ici, reclus, pour échapper à des cadavres anthropophages. Chaque jour, nous rêvons de réussir de nous échapper, à quitter les limites de Chernarus. Mais nos moyens ne sont pas suffisants, les ennemis particulièrement nombreux et rien ne prouve que les villes environnantes ne sont pas encore plus contaminées. Alors, nous espérons la venue de l’armée, mais pour l’instant, la seule chose à laquelle nous avons eu le droit, c’est un colis de provisions largué par avion. Une immense boîte en bois, parmi plusieurs dizaines, lâchées par parachute et remplis de produits et vivres. Une aide lancée sans doute au hasard, pour soutenir des victimes éventuelles. Car personne ne sait que nous sommes ici, dans le froid, à attendre et réfléchir sans cesse pour ne pas devenir fous. La suite est illisible… II. Présentation du Staff Temporaire Fondateur : Leon Kennedy (Développeur & Mappeur) Administrateur : - III. Présentation du serveur : Mods & Scripts La liste des mods sera fixe. Je suis actuellement en train de développer d’autres surprises qui ne nécessite pas d’implanter d’autres mods. Il y en a déjà suffisamment, mais voici la liste des mods : CBA3 CUP Terrains Core Chernarus 2035 Ravage Tryk Quelques autres disponibles dans la section “nous rejoindre” Pour ce qui est des scripts présents sur le serveur, je préfère en discuter de vive voix afin d’avoir des explications complètes. N’hésitez pas à venir sur le discord du serveur. J’ai également crée mon propre mod avec des bâtiments customs, des animations customs, des items customs. Je vous laisserai donc le plaisir de découvrir tout cela en jeu si le plaisir vous en dit. IV. Nous rejoindre La liste des mods : Le discord : IP du serveur : Nous vous attendez pas à voir des véhicules militaires, des lances missiles et autre… Il n’y a rien de tout ça. Ce serveur se veut équitable (Un joueur qui vient d’arriver a tout à fait la possibilité d’abattre un ancien joueur), pas de boutique, pas d’aide parce que vous êtes ami, streamer ou autre. Tout est possible et rien n’est offert. La difficulté du serveur se veut accrue et tout ce que vous aurez, vous l’aurez mérité. Je reste à votre disposition pour la moindre demande. Bon jeu à vous ! Amicalement, Leon

    ExileEU Free Beer:

    Exile EU host fun servers with admin that do not abuse their we are too old to even be bothered with that type shit we play for fun & have a laugh whilst doing so. Our servers are not home servers and have a true 1GBs upload & Download throughput as well as not being a shared box like with hosting companies, our servers are also powerful and located in Datacenters so your experience should be a good one.
  13. So I am trying to run a Chernarus Exile server, I put my mods into the root directory of my ARMA 3 server. And set it up so it should read them. Although when I check the logs it says it can't find them.

    ExileEU Free Nuts ChernarusRedux

    Exile EU host fun servers with admin that do not abuse their we are too old to even be bothered with that type shit we play for fun & have a laugh whilst doing so. Our servers are not home servers and have a true 1GBs upload & Download throughput as well as not being a shared box like with hosting companies, our servers are also powerful and located in Datacenters so your experience should be a good one.

    ExileEU Free Beer:Altis

    Exile EU host fun servers with admin that do not abuse their we are too old to even be bothered with that type shit we play for fun & have a laugh whilst doing so. Our servers are not home servers and have a true 1GBs upload & Download throughput as well as not being a shared box like with hosting companies, our servers are also powerful and located in Datacenters so your experience should be a good one.
  16. Plunsh

    Lost Isles

    Dear guys, today started our new session on our exile server! All mods you need to join our server besides Exile. Where to download Exile? Here is the link for Exile 1.0.3 : IP: Name: Lost Isles Exile |Missions|CustomLoot|ResitrctedZone|DayzStyle|Additional Mods:- JSRS- Advanced Rappelling- Urban RappellingYou´ll have to download the rest to join the server.Have fun!Official Trailer:
  17. Am I missing something, I have turned on radar in the config however I still don't see vehicles show up on the radar when flying around. I have tried ctrl r and r thinking maybe it was shut off but that doesn't do it either. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks
  18. Heyo, I am the Director of an Australian Gaming Community named [ADogs] Aussie Dogs. I am currently the only developer on the team and we have so many projects going that I am starting to require help from others, this is where you come in! We are looking for an Arma 3 developer to assist in growing our Arma 3 Servers! I am rather new to the Arma 3 Server Development scene and have only a small amount of knowledge. I mainly deal with website related development. Now before I go on, I'll give you a little information about our community: The [ADogs] Aussie Dogs Community is looking to become a diverse and all accepting gaming community, having multiple servers on different games, all customised and all unique. We currently have enough donations to sustain the continued development and running of our servers for the foreseeable future. Some of the unique things we will focus on doing are listed below: No Corruption within Staff Non-Toxic, friendly community Issuing public warnings, bans and information on suspicious or confirmed individuals (For example, we currently have a "Hall of Shame" where we put all our bans and warnings, for the public to see) Staff should almost be like regular players, there will be no Staff Offices or In-Game Staff Perks (Other than of course development rooms) Customised Content Customised and Connected Website Presence Now more about this developer position: This position currently being offered is a development position for our Arma 3 Server('s). I would like this developer to have experience with running and creating their own scripts/servers/missions on Arma 3. We currently put most of our developments to a vote before deciding to implement them into our server, for example, if the community wants zombies, that's what we will add, but if they don't, then we won't. You may not always be working on the most fun of projects but you will always be praised for helping this amazing community grow! How do I sign up/How do I ask more questions about this position or the community? Well it's quite simple, just come over and join our TeamSpeak 3 Server! Find me [ADogs] -=Jaffa Cakes=- [Director] and poke me saying you'd like to apply and find out more information. If I'm not online at the moment of you joining then also feel free to add my Steam Account and message me! | I am happy to accept multiple people into the development team, so don't worry if you see other people also applying for the position, you should still have a go! Also, if possible, please comment below that you are interested in joining! Thanks, Jaffa Cakes Director of [ADogs] Aussie Dogs
  19. Eiskorn

    Server gestartet aber Oflline?

    Hallo aus Bochum, ich habe ein problem. Ich habe mir mir ein paar Kollegen einen Exile server zu gelegt und der hat auch funktioniert. Ich habe mehrere Mods eingefügt ( -mod=@Exile;@Tanoa;@CBA_A3;@CUP Terrains - Core;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@Extended_Base_Mod;@Zombies and Demons; ) und auch schon die Keys in den key odner gepackt. Zudem habe ich eine neue Missions datei erstellt und Trader ect. eingefügt. Ich habe für den anfang Battleeye und BEC aus gemacht. Wenn ich den server starte finde ich ihn aber nicht. Über steam nicht über und über den Arma 3 launcher auch nicht. Nur über den A3 Launcher wird er mir offline angezeigt und dort steht das nur Exile drauf ist und der Server den voreingestellten namen hat also nicht den den ich ihn gegeben habe. Das ich meine server.cfg: // // Arma 3 Exile Config // // GLOBAL SETTINGS hostname = "Delta-Projekt"; password = "159"; passwordAdmin = ""; serverCommandPassword = ""; logFile = "server_console.log"; // WELCOME MESSAGE ("message of the day") // It can be several lines, separated by comma // Empty messages "" will not be displayed at all but are only for increasing the interval motd[]={ "Welcome to Detla-Projekt!", "Join TS at:", "Viel Glück!" }; motdInterval = 5; // JOINING RULES maxPlayers = 30; kickDuplicate = 1; verifySignatures = 0; equalModRequired = 0; allowedFilePatching = 0; //requiredBuild = 12345 // VOTING voteMissionPlayers = 200; voteThreshold = 1; // INGAME SETTINGS disableVoN = 0; vonCodec = 1; vonCodecQuality = 30; persistent = 1; timeStampFormat = "short"; BattlEye = 0; allowedLoadFileExtensions[] = {:}; allowedPreprocessFileExtensions[] = {"sqf"}; allowedHTMLLoadExtensions[] = {"html"}; //allowedHTMLLoadURIs = {}; disconnectTimeout = 5; // SCRIPTING ISSUES onUserConnected = ""; onUserDisconnected = ""; doubleIdDetected = ""; //regularCheck = "{}"; // SIGNATURE VERIFICATION onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; onHackedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; onDifferentData = ""; // MISSIONS CYCLE class Missions { class Exile { template = Exile.Tanoa; // Exile.Namalsk, Exile.Tanoa // do NOT use custom difficulties! // Use either ExileRegular or ExileHardcore // or you will break Exile! difficulty = "ExileRegular"; }; }; missionWhitelist[] = { "Exile.Altis", "Exile.Namalsk", "Exile.Tanoa" }; Meine server Parameter: -serverMod=@ExileServer -mod=@Exile;@Tanoa;@CBA_A3;@CUP Terrains - Core;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@Extended_Base_Mod;@Zombies and Demons; -autoInit und das ist die IP Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen.
  20. Greenhand

    [SB] Southwest Badlands!

    Welcome to Southwest Badlands! Brand new server with tons of potential. Jump on and see what its about! Admins 24/7 1. Militarized Loot- 2. Extended Base Mod- 3. All CUP Mods- 4. CBA- 5. DMS Missions-6. ZCP Missions- 7. Exile Occupation- 8. ExAd Core- 9. ExAd XM8- 10. ExAd View Distance- 11. ExAd Statsbar- 12. Enigma Deploy Bike- 13. ETG Heli Crash Script- 14. Custom Traders- 15. Custom Missions- 16. Respect Based Loadouts- 17. Base Kits- 18. 20k Poptab Start- CHRISTMAS BONUS!! HURRY ON
  21. General_Jacob

    Serverside Mod Placement Question (noob)

    Hello again friends, I have modded a map with slight changes in editor such as creation of traders and all that, I repacked the edited mission into my mission pbo in replacement of the old one, but when I run my server I get errors that certain objects are missing over and over. I have a feeling that my mods are in the wrong place and wanted to double check where they are supposed to go in my server folders. Specifics would be really great. I added them to my auto start batch but I think my folders are not placed properly. I did quite a bit of searching on what would cause this error but could not piece it together exactly myself. I solved the error for a few pieces but it keeps giving me new ones. Specific examples would be really great so I can wrap my head around how things work. Thanks in advance for your patience. If its helpful, this is at the bottom of my RPT 1:23:02 Cannot register unknown string STR_3DEN_CAMERA_NAME 1:23:02 Cannot register unknown string STR_DIFF_SCENE_ONLY 1:23:02 Cannot register unknown string STR_DIFF_SCENE_AND_MAP 1:23:02 Initializing stats manager. 1:23:02 Stats config disabled. 1:23:02 sessionID: 193b2d1514ccc9e3a52f11b0eef56660a6af50d7
  22. DeliciousSupreme

    A3 launcher Is bugging me

    Help me, I have a problem joining servers on A3 launcher, especially Exile servers. Every time the A3 launcher starts Arma, it stops and says Addon 'A3_Data_F_Loadorder' requires addon 'A3_Structures_F_Signs_Companies' And I don't know what to do or why it says that, please help guiding me and fix the problem
  23. brawnkoh

    Frenzied Mod Pack

    Firstly, I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I'm fairly new to Exile, and about a month ago I started making some skins for hunters/striders etc. Unfortunately, I realized it was pointless since I didn't want my mission file to turn into a huge download. Over the course of that time I was given rights to use quite a few vehicles from I3lueVein (many more will be added in the near future). Some of the models were complete, and others still need some work before they can be added to the mod. Shout out to him for allowing me to use his models. All in all, it's led me to where we're at today with Frenzied Mod Pack. It's a collection of vehicles, and vehicle skins, which are compatible with Exile. Currently the mod consists of 9 vehicles (standard bv_wheels vehicles), each with 25+ skins, as well as several skins for the Hunter/Strider. The mod is on both Steam, and A3 Launcher. Once you download it, there's a server key included in the download. I'll be adding more vehicles as the configs are completed for the models (there's quite a few). Current Vehicle List: - AMG - Beamer M5 - Crown Vic - Fe *cough* Perrari 458 - GTR Spec V - Ben Dover - Monster Truck (More like just a jacked up truck) - Caressa GT - Mercy Installation: 1. Download the mod from steam 2. Upload to your server directory as @FMP 3. Add the frenzied.bikey to your /keys/ folder 4. Add the vehicles and prices to your config.cpp (or add 1 of each vehicle as base, and reference the skins using skins [] = in config.cpp) 5. Edit server commandline to run FMP as a client side mod -mod=@FMP (or the name you picked as an install directory) 6. Adjust prices to your liking Config.cpp classes Config.cpp Prices Steam Link: Couple of Screenshots
  24. Rob Graham

    Immersive Exile

    We are the Immersive Gaming Community. We feature a high performance Tanoa server with various mods such as: Better Basebuilding, Zombies and advanced movement. But thats not all! We also remapped Tanoa, so its overgrown now. Other features: 300+ new cars, 700+ new weapons, Ai-shuttle service to other islands, rebalanced loot, custom missions, Active Staff! Sounds great? JOIN TODAY!! Looks even better? JOIN NOW!!
  25. [=PUG=]webbie

    Whats the Cargo Mod called?

    Hi exilers, Im chasing the name of the mod that when you walk up to a cargo box\atv\hatchback you can get the option for load into eg.Ural or whatever. Im aware of igiload but i dont think thats it, I see the mod used on a fair few servers and the text usually comes up in yellow for load and blue for unload. Any assistance appreciated. Thx in advance.